Otome Game Review: Uta no Prince-sama♪ REPEAT

So a few years ago Broccoli released a game called Uta no Prince Sama. However not realizing how popular it would get, they didn’t give a damn about the artwork and released it with graphics that were half finished with backgrounds that looked like a tyedye T-shirt from 1960. So then after they released 2 fandisks where the art was a million times better and suddenly felt horrible about the crap that was the original UtaPri game. With that in mind, they decided to re-release UtaPri adding REPEAT at the end with completely redrawn character sprites and CGs, as well as adding some bonus omake extra stories. And so Uta no Prince Sama REPEAT was born. Our story takes place in Saotome Gakuen where students go to become either idol singers or song writers. Our heroine, Nanami Haruka has enrolled to become an idol song writer, and lucky for her, she gets to be paired with one of 6 hot men to make her dreams come true. Sadly, the school principal Shining Saotome has made a drastic rule that you are not allowed to fall in love.

Ittoki Otoya – Otoya appeared like the super genki dude in the anime and that’s all I knew about him. However the game delves deeper into his past and turns out he’s actually an orphan who was raised most of his life at an orphanage. His real mother dumped him with his aunt and then went off to die in a plane crash. Not to soon after both Otoya’s aunt & uncle died and he never knew about who his real father was so he was sent to live at the orphanage. Other than that though, he’s actually pretty upbeat and when he hears bad news he emos for a bit but then tries his best to move on. This is especially easy if he’s like (ಥ_ಥ) and then Haruka holds his hand suddenly he’s like キタ━━━━⊂⌒っ´∀`)っ━━━━ !! After his midterm performance of his song, he’s so excited that he goes to kiss Haruka but SHE PUSHES HIM AWAY AND RUNS OFF щ(ºДºщ). My rage must have passed on to my PSP cause then it froze right then and there rofl. Otoya is like a tank with his love for Haruka so he won’t give up and during the Christmas party he confesses his love to Haruka and tells Saotome to fuck off. He says that it’s stupid that he has to sing songs about love and sheit but he can’t have a relationship himself. Saotome is so pissed off that how DARE someone stand up to him like that but seeing Otoya’s determination, he decides to make a deal with him. If he wins the best debut song at the end of the school year, then he will let their relationship go and will repeal the no-love rule.

However if he loses, he will ban them from the idol world forever and they will never be able to work at any other agency again. In addition, he also makes Otoya do crazy things like climb up the school building without any harnesses or safety items. Otoya fails like 48 times and Haruka’s like omg man stop it you’re gonna kill yourself and he’s like I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE. When Haruka tells him that if they break up then he’ll be a normal idol and won’t have to worry in the future about their relationship. Otoya repeats that he won’t do that, and says without Haruka’s love his life is meaningless and he doesn’t care about being an idol if that’s the case. She decides there’s nothing stopping his determination love tank and so she runs up the roof and cheers him on while he finally climbs up and glomps her as he makes his way on to the top. So then Otoya gets really clingy about Haruka and even pulls her off SongStation when he hears that she jokingly says she’ll write songs for HAYATO. Other students get jealous and pull pranks on them because they get to be all ichaicha but they don’t. So then in the MajiLove ending, Otoya gives a huge speech about how you should be honest with your feelings and you should be allowed to date whoever you want even if you’re an idol. Lol see in theory, that makes sense and maybe this is true for like America? but Japan? LOL no.

Oh well this isn’t reality so he can enjoy his lalaland. He of course wins the idol contest thing and  so Saotome repeals the anti-love rule. Saotome then admits that he was in love with a woman but he chose his idol career over her and so she disappeared from his life. That woman is actually Otoya’s mom and I’m convinced that Otoya is actually Saotome’s secret love child 😆 I mean they’re both kinda tan! So then Saotome gives them tickets to take a trip together and so they go to the beach and make out by the sea at night. In the after story they reminisce around the school at how they ate their first bento together,  and then they end up making out on the roof. In the Love ending, which you get if you have less than 80 love points, he writes a letter to Haruka which he confesses her love and asks her to read it in front of him. After they make out behind the curtains (to make up for her stupid runaway during the midyear exam) he feels that  he’s just GOTTA SING and so Haruka plays piano for him while he sings his heart out. In the after story it’s a flashback to how everyone gave him a surprise birthday party in April. In the Friendship end, Tokiya asks Haruka to dance at the Xmas ball with him making Otoya jealous and getting Saotome to approve his invitation for her to go to class S 😆 So then needless to say, both Otoya & Tokiya win the idol contest at the end and so Saotome tells them to become an idol unit W1.

In the after episode, there was an epic scene where Otoya & Tokiya had to do a radio show with Tokiya dressed as a trap. The title of the show was “My wife is a delinquent”  and it had a tsundere trap Tokiya looking for his bento that Otoya had taken by mistake. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ So then a few days later when Otoya sees Haruka & Tokiya alone working on some music he gets all jelly and runs off bawwing to the rooftop. Haruka goes after him and he confesses that he’s in love with her and wants to go out with her. Haruka accepts his proposal to date in secret and when they come back to Tokiya he’s like “god FINALLY I was getting tired of you two (ಠ_ಠ).” Lol Tokiya is so awesome xDDD. For some reason the friendship after story was my favorite one lol. So anyway Otoya was adorable he definitely had his ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ moments and his kiss scenes were (*´д`*)ハァハァ  but when he got all jealous and posessive I was just like 🙄 Oh come on Otoyan they’re just freaking TALKING stop freaking out over it. His backstory was great, very upset that they didn’t include it in the anime – along with the fact that the first time Haruka met him was when he saved her from a train pervert. Apparently Otoya fell in love at first sight with a bumbling Haruka falling on her fanny in the snow during the start of the school year. ( ≖‿≖)

Hijirikawa Masato – Masato is like a man yamato Nadeshiko. He’s a rich bocchama who is to take over the Hijirikawa business and so he was raised very strictly by his crazy dad who every single employee and company fear. Masato also has a loli imouto who’s 5 years old and the one light of his miserable restricted life. He’s very reserved so when faced with any kind of romantic situation Masato starts blushing and stuttering which is one of his charm points. He gets the best “first meeting” with Haruka when she trips like the bumbling idiot that she is, and lands right on his lips /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Masato picks up on her stupidity and after their date with Mai at the amusement park, he walks her home holding her hand so that she doesn’t fall on her fanny again. Masato’s meeting with Haruka dates back to snowy day in March when he was so sick of his dad’s bullshit that he  ran away from home. He then saw a girl singing in front of an orphanage (in the anime it was twinkle twinkle little star rofl..thank god they didn’t specify the song here..). Hearing her song gave him confidence to try and stand up to his idiotic father and even though he was all suicidal, this “girl” brought life back into him. Turns out that girl is none other than Haruka, and he figured it was her when he heard her playing that song on the piano one day in the music room. Unable to contain himself Masato glomped her but didn’t reveal his story to her until later.  Masato also hates milk but when he drinks it for a week with some super Saotome Melonpan, he apparently has a massive growth spurt and so he and Ren (who are apparently childhood friends) end up with their butlers fighting over the quantities in the school cafeteria.

Soo despite his nazi dad controlling his life, Masato gets his nice grandpa to let him go to the Saotome Gakuen for a year to prove that he’s more than just a “heir” to his father. With Haruka’s support he has his father watch their Romeo & Juliet play and Masato almost loses it and barfs out all of his true feelings during that instead of Romeo’s lines 😆 Haruka’s like (;´・ω・)…エ? and before he almost kisses her Saotome threatens to expel them so Haruka pushes him away and the play ends. Things get awkward when Haruka overhears that Masato has a fiance and after they they end up avoiding each other and she gets messages from his servant Jii that he wants to practice his songs alone until further notice. Haruka demands to see him and so she has a song writing competition that she wins and so she goes to Masato’s room to talk to him. Unfortunately for her she runs into a horny Ren who pushes her down on the bed and just as fate would have it Masato walks in! 人生オワタ\(^o^)/ He sees this and runs off so Haruka tells Ren to GTFO and runs after him. When she finds him in the classroom Masato’s jealousy has reached its limit and he pushes Haruka against the wall and pulls her necktie off. He tells her that this is the same thing she did with Ren so it’s ok right? (*´д`*)ハァハァ Ahem, Haruka starts bawwing saying that he’s not being himself  and he tells them they should stay apart to cool off sigh. Haruka can’t focus on her song writing so for the Christmas ball she asks Masato to go with her. He refuses, but she finds that he goes to it alone and she asks him to dance. He refuses AGAIN and runs outside but Haruka’s like GODDAMIT and chases after him again crying begging him to wait.

Masato gives in and says that he’s been in love with her ever since that snowy day and tells her the whole back story about when he first laid eyes on her. He tells her that as idols they cannot be in love but she says she refuses to forget her feelings for him, even if they are one sided. Just then Haruka runs off and then Masato chases her (lol this is getting silly 😆 ) and he hugs her from behind once again professing his undying love to her and begging her not to leave him. They decide to keep their feelings a secret for now and focus on his idol debut. When Masato misses some important Hijirikawa organizational meeting, his dad comes to school raging demanding that he go home. Saotome gets annoyed that he’s being ignored and has his dudes take the dad away プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. After they complete their song, for Valentine’s day Masato gives Haruka a ring as a proposal so that when they can finally date, he wants her to marry him. She gives him a scarf that she made. Just then shit hits the fan and Masatao’s grandpa dies. He returns home and comes back right before it’s his turn to perform and the final idol audition. In the MajiLove ending, he of course wins the competition and his father accepts his career as an idol singer. In the epilogue, Masato admits to Saotome that he and Haruka are deeply in love and Saotome lets them date as long as they keep it a secret – because the Hijirikawa’s are a big client of his. Afterwards Haruka & Masato spend some time alone together making out and possibly scoring. At least that’s the impressiong I got (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ).

In the afterstory grandpa keeps cockblocking them until Masato records a commercial to prove to gramps that he doesn’t need his babysitting services anymore. In the Love ending, Masato gets an actual lip touching kiss CG ε=\_○ノ イヤッホーゥ! and they keep their relationship a secret as before. In the after story Masato regrets not dancing with Haruka at the winter ball so they both dress up and decide to dance in Haruka’s new apartment. Since Haruka’s still a bumbling idiot, she trips and they both fall with Masato landing his hand RIGHT ON HER BOOB. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ That’s all I remember from that after story as it was rather epic. In the friendship end, Ren is determined to take Haruka from Masato and so instead she gets a 3P end with the both of them 😆 In the afterstory they go on a 3P date until Masato is finally able to be alone with Haruka (thanks to crazy grannies and a time sale) and he confesses that he loves her. Haruka says she loves him too and right after they kiss Ren comes out and admits defeat saying if she ever gets tired of Masato to come to him instead xD;. Lol well I certainly liked Masato a lot more here than I did in the anime or in MUSIC. He wasn’t as “poetic” as he was in that one but I admit there were points when Ren’s invitations to come to the dark side were rather tempting cause Masato was being too whiny for my tastes. Like stop running away god damnit lol xD;. At least Haruka showed awesomeness by chasing after that fool, even if she was still a bumbling idiot.

Shinomiya Natsuki – Natsuki is a duo-personality Gemini where he will be a sweet gentle huggable teddy bear but if his glasses are removed he turns into a yandere brute who will blow up your ovaries. For some reason in Natsuki’s route Ringo allowed everyone to pick partners normally and so Natsuki chose Haruka because he felt that her music was beautiful. Natsuki says his specialty is cooking but on day 1 he poisons Ringo with his cookies and then later on when he and Haruka go on a picnic, he poisons her with his lunch to the point that she gets completely KO’ed. Natsuki used to be a genius violinist but he had “suddenly disappeared” from the music world. One reason was because he felt that his violin wasn’t good enough and because people praised him for his half assed playing (or so he thought) he decided to quit and become an idol singer instead. In regards to his duo personality, Satsuki, he only comes out when Natsuki’s heart is weak and he mentally “escapes” and Satsuki takes over. Soo..during the school festival when Natsuki finally decided to confess his feelings to Haruka, who was in love with him anyway, Saotome shot up some fireworks that said “no love allowed!” and Haruka without thinking pushed Natsuki away. This hurt him really badly and so he instantly runs off mentally, and Satsuki takes over, pushes her against the fence and makes out with her. (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Haruka manages to push him away and then runs off. From that day on Satsuki’s been taking over and making poor Sho’s life a living hell to the point that he begged to stay with Otoya & Tokiya.

After some days Satsuki asks if Haruka wants to “practice”. Haruka is terrified of him but she agrees. Satsuki gets irritated as usual and yells at Haruka saying she doesn’t understand Natsuki’s feelings. He pushes her down on the floor of the sound room asking her why she rejected Natsuki’s feelings. Before she can answer Ringo sensei comes to the rescue but not wanting to hurt Natsuki further Haruka claims it was all an accident. Sho is sick of Natsuki prancing around and being a dick so he gets into a fight with him (although after 1 hit he’s pretty much down) but he asks Satsuki to listen to what Haruka has to say. Haruka then admits that she’s in love with Natsuki and the only reason she pushed him away is because of the whole no love rule and she wants to make Natsuki into an idol and not fail midway. Natsuki returns and then they hug and make a promise to go to the winter ball together. However the night of the ball, Natsuki chickens out and runs away again, having Satsuki show up telling Haruka that Natsuki won’t be coming. Haruka says she’ll wait anyway but as the clock strikes 12 Natsuki doesn’t show up. Crying she starts going home but then is glomped by a very apologetic Natsuki. He says he’s sorry for running away and says he loves her a lot and he saw her feelings through “Satsuki” and just couldn’t stand being away from her any longer. (*´ω`*) So after that Natsuki gets all ichaicha with Haruka to everyone’s annoyance but they’re afraid to say anything for fear of Satsuki coming out and breaking their necks.

Suddenly Natsuki starts panicking that everyone is getting better than he is and losing  confidence and ONCE AGAIN runs away and Satsuki comes out. He rages at Haruka saying it’s all her fault and then tells her that in the past, Natsuki had a stupid cunt music teacher who stole the song he wrote for her – and sold it off as her own and made profit from it. That’s when Natsuki stopped trusting anyone, and created his dual personality who he named Satsuki, after the name of the song he wrote. He mentally suppressed his memories of that stupid cunt teacher which is why he could never remember the past or remember the time when Satsuki would take over. Satsuki realizes that Haruka will be there for Natsuki and protect him in Satsuki’s place and admits it’s time for him to go. He also then admits that he’s fallen in love with Haruka, his first love, and asks her to never forget him. (ಥ_ಥ)さっちゃん!! After he disappears Satsuki feels like he’s got a massive void in his heart but Haruka says she’ll support him to her utmost. He then gets a letter passed to Sho from Satsuki in which he tells Natsuki to move on with Haruka and do his best. In the MajiveLove end, Natsuki wins the idol audition and for his “prize” he asks for Haruka and Saotome easily allows them to date because he realizes if he doesn’t, Natsuki will become unstable and go crazy again. Some years later after they graduated they move into Saotome’s agency apartment together and spend time getting ichaicha. In the meantime, Satsuki’s personality has “merged” with Natsuki’s so whenever Natsuki feels randy, that persona takes over. Aaand so during Haruka making dinner one evening, Natsuki decides he wants to have Haruka as his “dinner” instead (/ρ\)いやーん.

In the after story Haruka & Natsuki go on a picnic and when they fall asleep, Haruka wakes up first and takes off his glasses. She wants to see what his reaction is but when he wakes up he can’t see anything and he starts bumping into trees asking Haruka to return his glasses. This goes on until he switches into “Wild Natsuki” (aka Satsuki) mode and tells her that she’s gonna have to get punished for doing that (*´д`*)ハァハァ . Needless to say many ovaries were exploded on tumblr that day. In the Love End, after Natsuki wins the audition, he and Haruka do some hard core making out on the school rooftop. Dem tongues. (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ) In the after story they just look at their graduation album and flashback to the cafe they did for the school festival and Natsuki spilling hot tea all over poor Sho. In the best friends ending, Satsuki doesn’t disappear and passes out during the winter ball. Sho then asks Haruka to be his partner because his partner was a total cumslut and ran off to debut at some other agency. So the 2 of them work on Natsuki’s song and he finally wakes up the day before his audition. After he wins the audition he and Sho become a unit but it’s now more like a 4P end because Satsuki’s still around /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. In the after story Sho tells Satsuki not to disappear as they try to teach Natsuki to cook better so that their 4P happy orgy can continue forever and ever 😆 Ahh I just love Natsuki. He made me (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ  and ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ a million times and when he turned into Satsuki (or Wild Natsuki) near the end (;´Д`)ハァハァ/lァ/lァ/ヽァ/ヽァ ノ \ア ノ \ア / \ ア / \ ア…..I did like him ever since I played MUSIC so I’m glad that the route pretty much met my hopes & expectations of the character. It’s a pity in the anime he was made into a complete annoying retard who was only used as the butt of Sho-chan Ijime jokes.

Kurusu Sho – It’s really strange that I loved Shimono Hiro in beastmaster & prince but upon hearing Sho I wanted to chuck my headphones out the window. I know it’s part of his character and I think he did the role well but it’;s just like OMG SHO STFU ALREADY ヽ(`Д´#)ノ. Despite his annoyingness he really did grow on me because he had a sweet story. When Haruka first meets him, she catches his hat blown by the wind and thinks he’s a middle school here to see off his older brother or sister to school 😆 Sho of course can’t stand it when people think he’s a shota and raged at her and then made her his royal servant – because he’s obsessed with calling himself a prince due to his favorite TV show as a child. For some reason Haruka’s brain capacity (along with Natsuki’s) diminished in this route in order to make Sho seem less stupid than he is and so she agreed! For the first 2 or 3 chapters of the game she actually called him Prince but eventually that somehow morphed into Sho-kun. Strange since in other routes she was so shy about calling the guys by their first name or being called by her first name but here lol no problem. So then after the pool losing, xdressing incident which normally just died after 1 day …in this route Sho actually ended up debuting as a trap idol. However he got lonely without Haruka and she got ronery without him so he quit his trap job and decided to go back to his original plan of being a boku-idol. Sho’s hobby is Karate and while he used to play the violin, he quit because he realized Natsuki’s a violin genius that he could never beat. Sho’s idol is Ryuuya-sensei who was once the “Fighting Prince” that became an idol singer but he quit when his partner died in some accident 3 years earlier. What the anime didn’t tell us is that Sho actually has a twin brother!

His twin brother loves his oniitan (I guess being the younger twin) but he is also ridden with guilt because he’s the stronger twin but Sho is the weaker twin. Kaoru feels that he took all the “strength” from Sho in the womb and that’s why Sho was born with a weak heart condition and so he’s completely against Sho doing any physical activity like karate or like being an idol. Additionally he wants Haruka to break up with Sho (cause apparently they began to date secretly and for some stupid reason Saotome allowed this) because she causes his heart to beat too fast (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ  and this puts dangerous pressure on it. The route gets ridiculous when Saotome brings the freaking Statue of Liberty from NY and Sho has to take off Natsuki’s glasses but that’s the end of it and the rest of the route just becomes about Sho’s heart condition. In January Natsuki thinks its a brilliant idea to go swimming and so Haruka ends up drowning like an idiot so Sho gives her CPR but again too much pressure on his heart and he passes out. He ends up bed ridden which brings the best scene of the route where he pulls her on top of him and kisses her. (*´д`*)ハァハァ  If only they kept this kind of thing up – but sadly that was the peak and things kinda went downhill from here. Despite Kaoru begging Haruka to tell Sho to stop his idol career she was all like “nooo I will support him!” Like ok fine in Otome Game land I’ll forgive your stupidity but in reality Kaoru shoulda slapped her stupid face and forced his family to bring Sho to a heart surgeon. I mean it wasn’t until Saotome stepped in and was like alright bitches you get heart surgery and be a top idol or else ( ಠ益ಠ ).

When he comes back from America from his exam he tells Haruka he has a 50% chance to survive the surgery and they both decide he should go for it…until one day she catches him jogging in the rain to further make himself realize that his body is weaker than everyone else’s and that he sucks compared to Natsuki /emoemoemo whatever. 🙄 So anyway MajiLove end, Sho wins the idol audition and flies to America to get the surgery. Three months goes by without ANY CONTACT (what the fuck honestly) and then Haruka gets a phone call saying he’s coming back to Japan and the surgery was a success. Really? You decided to wait 3 months? Wth (ಠ_ಠ). Oh well since Haruka’s completely fucking brainless in this route everybodyisokwiththis.jpg If that wasn’t ironic enough, since Haruka wants to see him right away he jumps on an earlier flight than scheduled and then the flight he was supposed to be own crashed into the freaking ocean. Σ(Д`|||ノ)ノ (But everyone survived so that’s ok I guess?) Sho comes back and she meets him at the airport where he kisses her and blushes like a fool. In the after story his mom sends a yukata to Haruka telling Sho to go hump behind the shrine at the summer festival or something 😆 They talk about having babies and then make out on Haruka’s bed. In the Love ending same stuff happens but Haruka flies to America to visit Sho and then gets cockblocked by Kaoru and Natsuki. In the after story they just reminisce on stuff from their high school days and then they kiss and blush like idiots. Hi we’re 12.

In the Best Friends end Sho’s heart problems magically disappear because instead of being dokidoki he’s too busy fending off Natsuki the Cockblocker who became Haruka’s partner because his partner got expelled for breaking some rules. So then Sho thinks that Haruka and Sho go to the amusement park and some Yakuza attack them…I thought Natsuki was gonna beat them up as Satsuki but I guess the stupidity of this route affected Satsuki too since Sho beat them up and then took the yakuza dude’s sunglasses and shoved them on Natsuki’s face. It was strangely fitting. (ಠ_ಠ) In the after story Sho gets jealous thinking Haruka is dating Natsuki but turns out it was a huge misunderstanding and then he confesses his love to Haruka and Natsuki’s like I WANNA JOIN IN TOO. Yea some fake 3P end I dunno. Mehhhhh. I feel like Sho’s route got to the climax too fast and they didn’t know what to do with it. Sho and Haruka were apparently dating by the middle of the route and his illness story was good but the endings felt predictable and ….anti climatic. Even the  after stories were rather meh and for some reason Shimono sounded like he recorded all his lines while recovering from the flu or something. (´・ω・`;) Yea I dunno meh…I feel like if they took the route in a different direction it might have been better but I think all the cockblocking + Sho’s immaturity (and downsizing brains of Haruka & Natsuki) kinda ruined it for me.

Jinguuji Ren – Ren is the local manwhore but fortunately the cockblocking came from him directly rather than his stupid fangirls. I must admit while he aggravated me most of the route and Haruka’s whole “Oh the likes of me is not good enough for Jinguuji-sama~!” she does deserve props for putting up with his crap for an entire year. That’s right he was an asshat THE ENTIRE YEAR until I guess his sexual frustration reached its limit and he exploded all his feelings in the endings 😆 The first thing Ren does is make it loud and clear to Haruka that he don’t give a shit about being an idol and he’s only here because his family forced him into it. He doesn’t want to bother “trying his best” and everything he does is half assed because he feels like he doesn’t matter anyway. Instead of working on the music with Haruka, he goes off with his whores and tells Haruka her music is a child’s tinkering. Any normal person (i.e. Me) would tell him to go fuck himself and switch partners but Haruka’s determined to be the very best like no one ever was and write a perfect song for him. He’s got a complex with both his brothers and with Masato. His oldest brothers take over the family business so he’s “useless” to the family while he thinks that Masato has everything handed to him on a silver platter (BOY IS HE WRONG LAWL.) Saotome gets sick and tired of seeing the 2 bickering so he ties Haruka to a rock (wtf really) and chains their hands together with cuffs. He tells them if they want to save Haruka they need to cooperate and when Ren and Masato are ready to slice their hands off Saotome stops the charade and says he’s glad everyone is getting along now.

Haruka is so terrified she collapses and cries in Ren’s arms. (About one of the few nice things he’s done for her.) After this Ren decides he wants to beat Masato in music since that’s all he has on him and actually starts practicing and working on the audition song with Haruka. He tells Haruka that his mother died soon as he was born and because she had him so late, some people spread rumors saying Ren was a bastard child. His dad also hated him and so Ren was raised without any parental love and his stupid brother didn’t protect him (and now feel like complete asshats abuot it.) One evening Haruka catches Ren making out with one of his whores and seeing this she runs off depressed. Ren sees her run off and is like FFFUUU (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ and then they end up avoiding each other and he tells her to continue practicing the song on her own. Ren’s butler George (Enjouji) tells Haruka he wishes Ren would grow the fuck up already and the reason he’s at this school is because he dropped out of high school 2 years in and became a delinquin. His brothers wanted him to not rot away (since by that time his father was dead) and so they forced him to go to Saotome Gakuen to make something of himself – especially since he had a talent for singing. Ren’s older brother asks if Haruka is interested in going to study abroad in America to refine her song writing and then come work directly for the Jinguuji group’s musical branch. Haruka undecided tries to tell Ren that she will be there to support him when he’s lonely but he acts like he don’t need anyone or anyone’s pity and shuts off from her.

Needless to say when she tells him that she’s going to America instead of stopping her, he just says “oh congrats! Good luck dude!” Haruka is depressed cause like every other dude in the game would have clung to her and told her not to go so with feelings of sadness she decides Ren doesn’t give a shit about her so it’s time to move on. The day before the Christmas ball, Haruka finishes Ren’s song and gives it to him. He listens to it and is so moved that he asks her to go to the ball with him – but instead of going to the dance party with everyone he takes her to an empty school auditorium stage.  There he has made dinner for her (all on his own instead of using his richness to buy it all) and even made her a crappy cake (*´ω`*). Daww rofl. They both dance on the stage (so that none of his whores would cockblock) and after dinner he puts a necklace on her that he also made himself. (Damn he’s just multi-talented isn’t he?) When Haruka admits that she’s going abroad because of his brother’s recommendation, Ren’s like NOOOO YOU STAY WOMAN. Needless to say the next day Haruka apologizes to the brother & Saotome saying she wants to continue working on her song with Ren in Japan. Ren once again starts properly practicing with her and one day Haruka is so excited about them completing the song that she blurts out that she loves him. Ren’s like Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ and says he cannot accept her feelings. Ouch sigh. Haruka’s like “ooh shit noo I didn’t mean that please forget it” and says she just wants to work with him as a partner and debut him as an idol.

Just then Ren’s bro causes more drama asking Haruka to write a song for a commercial but she’s so overwhelmed with her feelings for Ren that she can’t concentrate and misses the deadline. Overstressed & overwork she passes out with a fever and for once fucking Ren comes over with some okayu and spoon feeds it to her instead of being a dick about everything. In the MajiLove ending, Ren wins the audition and Haruka realizes from the lyrics to his song that he loves her and afraid to be rejected or blurt out her feelings, she runs off to an empty classroom to cool her head off. Ren’s like “god wtf I finally confessed to you woman ( ̄□ ̄;)!!” and chases her down. He hugs her saying that he’s madly in love with her  since August but he kept hiding it so that they would focus on her dream of being a songwriter and not having it be ruined by Saotome’s no-dating rule. All that sexual frustration just bursts to the surface and they makes out in the classroom. Saotome shows up to cockblock but lets it go because Ren’s song is so awesome and it will be used for a commercial so having Ren be fired for something so stupid would make Saotome look really bad. So yea all is forgiven and so afterwards Ren takes Haruka to his room where they do the mattress mambo for some lasting school memories (/ρ\)いやーん. They celebrate Haruka’s birthday x months later where he says someday he hopes she will be his waifu.

In the after story Haruka trips like a bumbling idiot at her birthday dance and the whole time keeps cockblocking herself and Ren with her stupidity..until finally he’s able to give her a pair ring that her bought for her as a birthday present. In the Love end Ren reconciles with his brother  and then confesses to Haruka in a janitor closet as they make out with some lovely brooms behind them. In the after story he just tells her that he fell for her back in August and kept trying hard to hide his feelings. In the Best Friends end Saotome hears Masato playing the piano simultaneously as Ren playing his porn sax  during the Christmas Ball and says they have to now be a unit. They both discuss how they were jealous of each other and then they start arguing over where they should take Haruka on their 3P date. In the after story they make up their minds, go on their 3P date and then both find out they’ve been cast together in a manzai drama. Masato starts nandeyanening and then after they both practice a scene Haruka’s so excited she blurts out to Ren that she loves him. Ren’s like (〃▽〃)ポッ and admits he loves her too so Masato acts like a bro and leaves them alone in the classroom. WELL THAT WAS ANTICLIMATIC. Seriously aside from the maji love end everything was just so BLAH. I feel like with Mr. Porn Sax they could have done so much more but they spent most of his route having him be an ass and reject Haruka and then in the after stories it was just let’s reminisce and talk about stuff that happened blah blah blah. I haven’t read the “extra” memory stories but I’d imagine they would be interesting for Ren since most of his feelings were hidden and are probably all written in there. I heard he’s better in the fandisk so I guess I’ll just have to keep my hopes high for that.

Ichinose Tokiya – Well I just KNEW Tokiya would be my favorite and surely indeed he was! So the idol HAYATO is the reason Haruka even decided to become a song writer, someday hoping to write songs for him….and boy did she luck out when Saotome randomly burst into the classroom and made her and Tokiya partners. At first she thinks that he’s Hayato but he insists that he’s Hayato’s younger twin brother. Tokiya is very goal oriented and determined to become an idol singer no matter what. I guess his cool persona has some fangirls who fucking piss me off by tricking Haruka and locking her in a storage closet. When Tokiya comes to get her out, they both get locked in and instead of doing something randy, they…work on his song 😆 When Saotome bursts in to get them out, his aftershock make a bookshelf fall on top of them so Tokiya gets on top of Haruka to protect her and has the shelf fall on top of him. How he survived that, I’ll never know. On a few occasions Tokiya dresses up as Hayato to try to get Haruka to be honest with him since she’s always sincere in front of him but is too afraid in front of Tokiya. He even does this to test her loyalty to him to see if she’d let Hayato sing a song that she wrote for Tokiya. Haruka of course is very loyal to Tokiya so he prolly feels like an idiot for doubting her afterwards. Because he has to balance his Idol career as Hayato and Tokiya at the same time, he gets sick and so Haruka takes him to his room and takes care of him. (*´ω`*)

That’s when he’s so sick he can’t mentally control his thoughts and starts babbling out Hayato’s lines like calling her Haruka-chan and ending his sentences with “nya~”. He ends up hugging her like a body pillow and sleeping with her all night xDDD. In September Saotome does his usual shenanigans by abducting Haruka and tying her to a cross like jesus or something telling Tokiya that if he doesn’t fight him, the bomb below her feet will blow up. Tokiya fights him until he can’t stand anymore and the bomb blows up…the principal’s office cause Saotome purposely wired it that way プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  Again due to his work, he doesn’t show up at the school festival and so Haruka is forced to play and sing his song on her own. He shows up late feeling horrible about it hugging her saying he’s really sorry. He admits that he is Hayato and Haruka’s like “lol yea I figured” because she felt that his and Hayato’s singing style was the same. Before he can spill the beans about how much he loves her, Ryuuya cockblocks them. They go to the Christmas Ball together and that’s where Tokiya says they need to be apart because they’re both in love with each other but he’s choosing his career over his feelings. He offers for her to stop being partners but Haruka refuses saying that even if her love has to be one-sided, she wants to turn those feelings into music and debut him as an idol. Things get rocky when he keep complaining about how her song arrangements are not good enough when he’s actually the problem. He gets REALLY jealous when one day Otoya comes in and looks at Haruka’s song and sings it for shits and giggles but that’s like a stab in the back to Tokiya. (He has like a major complex with Otoya because he’s got that genkiness that Tokiya doesn’t have.)

Haruka gets to the point of tears saying she’ll do her best to make the song better and when Tokiya sees her crying face it melts the ice block he built around his heart and he hugs her apologizing for being an asshat. He says he doesn’t want her to overwork herself and he silences her own apologies with a kiss. イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 The next day Tokiya tells her to forget what happened but then he realizes that “killing his feelings” is basically how Hayato was created and he says from now on he won’t suppress them and instead pour his heart out into SONG!  He admits to Haruka that being Hayato is like hell on earth to him because it’s the complete opposite fake persona of himself. He wanted to die at some point but then Saotome brought him to this school telling him to try and debut as “Ichinose Tokiya” instead. After they complete the song, Tokiya goes on Song Station as Hayato, then speaks in his real voice saying he’s not Hayato, Hayato is fake, grabs Haruka’s and “screw you guys I’m going home” as he runs off stage.  After this thanks to Saotome he doesn’t get completely rejected from the idol world and then Ryuuya helps him go around and bow their heads to apologize for his shameful act. Saotome gives them a chance to prove their talent at the idol audition which of course Tokiya ends up winning. In the Maji Love end, Saotome repeals the no dating rule and Haruka asks Tokiya to take her to his room. How daring rofl. They watch the stars from the bathroom glass roof (?) and then bumbling idiot Haruka ™ trips and  accidentally turns the water on making herself wet. Tokiya gives her his white shirt to change into and says “oh well your clothes aren’t dry so why don’t you spend the night”. (●ゝω・●)

Haruka doesn’t have much a choice as he grabs her princess style, carries her into the bedroom and they make lovin’ all night. In the after story Tokiya decides that Haruka will be his dakimakura stress relief machine because he’s just overworked from his new idol career. In the Love end after winning the audition he apologizes to everyone about his ragequit of Hayato. Saotome agrees to allow them to date as long as they hide it and so they end up doing randy things in the recording room. In the after story Haruka just tells Tokiya about how Hayato inspired her to have more courage and Tokiya gets jealous saying that it wasn’t Hayato but it was HIM, Ichinose Tokiya xP. In the Best Friends ending, Tokiya is NOT PLEASED at Otoya’s massive cockblocking of Haruka and himself and he accidentally blurts out that he’s Hayato. So then when Otoya & Haruka come to the studio to watch Hayato’s program, some dude there thinks Otoya’s a back dancer and throws him on stage. The director’s so impressed he asks Otoya to be a regular on Hayato’s program as “Hayato’s rival”. And so in the after story this whole rival thing continues and Otoya and Tokiya argue over the fact that Tokiya should sing more like himself than “Hayato” but Tokiya says that he has to act like Hayato as that is part of the job. AND SO there was no confession blah! This is like the only route where in the best friends end the other guy didn’t confess. Why is the Tokiya the only one who gets shafted!? ( ಠ益ಠ ) Needless to say all the after stories for Tokiya felt rather anti climatic compared to the Love & Maji Love ends and I wasn’t really too happy with the BFF end because it made Otoya seem like a really annoying cockblocker :? Otherwise fuck yea I loved Tokiya he was so hot (*´д`*)ハァハァ  and his 意地悪 personality that creeps up when he’s alone with Haruka is たまんねぇ(/ρ\)いやーん.

Aijima Cecil – It’s time for Man-Kuppuru! It’s funny the game never explained why the hell Haruka named it KUPPURU (even Toriumi was like wtf?) but the anime said its because he’s black and fluffy therefore BLFLUFFY. So anyway this was the crack route where pretty much anything goes. Haruka doesn’t partner up with any of the other mans and instead ends up being Tomo’s partner – who then has to quit school because of family problems and so Haruka is left all ronery except for her cat KUPPURU which she found in the rain.  She’s so sad and forever alone that she writes music with Kuppurus’ meows for advice.  So then for shits & giggles Saotome summonso the FUCKING SATAN who can only be defeated with the power of MUSIC! So then when the nuko kisses Haruka he magically turns into an arabian prince named Cecil! His asshole cousins hated him because he was half Japanese cheese and so they cursed him and turned him into a cat. He tells Haruka that he has the blood of the musical MUSE inside of him which they can defeat Satan with and now they must obtain the 7 magical musical instruments and make some hard ass kicking song. Before Haruka can say yes or YES, he gives her a massive kiss and “seals” their contract so that way when he turns into a cat, she can still “hear his thoughts” instead of just meows. Thing is Haruka’s a stupid wanky beitch and keeps needing to be saved and instead of kissing him to turn him into human, the poor guy forces himself to turn into human and drains his life span. The Satan’s curse takes over the world and everyone’s singing talents & musical instruments begin disappearing. Not only that but all our hot mens above have been brainwashed by Satan and their inner personalities have been pretty much brought to light. 😆 So now Haruka has to go around, listen to their problems and at their weakest moments, she and Cecil use their magical muse powers and purify the guys and take them on their RPG Musical team.

Cecil starts getting annoyed because she’s nice to all the other dudes but keeps rejecting his feelings even though he’s told her that he loved her at least 4-5 times per month. By the time November comes Haruka’s a bit more forgiving and lets him use her as a hug pillow because he forgot that he wasn’t in his cat form. (//ˇ◡ˇ//) She even gives him a hug back and Cecil’s so shocked and surprised to receive affection from her he blushes and gets all deredere. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Because of his constant forced transformations Cecil gets really sick and turns back into a cat. To make things worse, Ringo becomes hot & manly and kisses Haruka, breaking the contract between her & Cecil so now she can only hear Cecil’s meows. But since Haruka’s song is so amazing it breaks Cecil’s curse , he turns into a human, they make out and complete their song. They then use this song to defeat Satan an then Saotome turns back to normal. Saotome grows some weird obsession with Cecil’s exoticness and tells him that he must stay at the school and audition for the idol debut. Cecil doesn’t mind since he wants to make Haruka’s dream come true but then he gets a letter from his country saying they want to bring him back because they saw him singing on Song Station (when he just randomly ran on stage lol.) On the day of the audition dudes from his country come to get him but Ringo helps them run and go perform. Cecil of course wins the audition and after he kisses Haruka, the musical Muse magically transfers into her body and she now becomes the Muse herself. In the Maji Love End she’s flown to Cecil’s country where he becomes the guardian prince for Muse Haruka who’s now become the country’s music slave and has to keep creating songs and having people come pray to her and sheit lol. Fortunately at least during her breaks she can get to have some sexy time with Cecil. (oゝω・o)

In the after story they come to visit Japan for a bit and Cecil turns into a weeaboo excited by Japanese things such as あ~れぇ~!(dude spinning girl in yukata while removing her obi lol). In the love end Cecil comes back to Haruka after 3 years when he’s settled all his matters in Agnaples (his country.) In the after story they make out to make up for lost time. In the Best Friend end, Cecil’s not given up on Haruka and he even gets to kiss her (which is more than I can say for the other best friend ends…) until Saotome bursts through the window saying he wants Cecil to be an idol. Apparently Cecil got stuck in Japan cause his country blocked anyone from coming or going. Cecil gets annoyed saying he wants sexy time with Haruka but Saotome tells him to stop being Tsundere as he grabs Cecil, who grabs Haruka and the 3 of them burst out of the 7th floor apartment window. ( ̄□ ̄;)!! In the after story all the mans in the game go on a picnic with Cecil and then climb trees like they’re 10 years old. Well I admit while I didn’t really like Haruka being taken to random weird arabian country, the Maji Love end was probably the hottest one. The other 2 ends were rather meh and all of the after stories were underwhelming (which could also attribute to his low popularity.) The worst part about Cecil was how they made Toriumi Kousuke MEOW. Instead of using a god damn sound effect they had him make these noises that sounded like a creaky door and every time it came up I would quickly press the O button to stop it and move on to the next line. PLEASE NEVER MEOW AGAIN SIR. While the route was lol, I couldn’t say I really cared for Cecil all that much. His route DID make me  like him slightly more but his non stop I love you’s and his multi-lingual way of speaking (seriously he spoke French, English and whatever that Agnaples made up language was) just made him even weirder in my eyes. I do admit, I LOL’ed when in the Best Friends end, Saotome defeated Satan, with his BARE HANDS. プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Class S wins, no contest 😆

Gosh I sure loved this game. I think I secretly love games with mini games even though I rage about them all the time 😆 Actually the mini games in UtaPri were DEAD EASY. I started out using a guide for things like tests but eventually I would just guess my way into A & S ranks. Maybe because I played piano for 10 years that most of the music questions were  just “common sense” to me and thanks to me playing UtaPri MUSIC before this….I pretty much S ranked my way from the first try on every single song. While all the routes were self contained they didn’t feel long at all. Each “month” took me approximately 30 minutes so had I not had a full time job I could pretty much finish 1 guy per day (which I did during the weekends :lol:). Some routes weren’t as great as others but I have a positive feeling overall. Since this is a remake I can see why some people didn’t like the original as the CGs in that were hideous in comparison. Playing the remake from the first time was a really nice feeling though. The art was great, music was of course lovely and the romance scenes made me ゚+o。ドキュ―(*゚ω゚*)―ン。o+゚ multiple times. Favorite character is OBVIOUSLY TOKIYAAAAAA followed closely by Natsuki. (Natsuki woulda been #1 maybe if he wasn’t dumbafied in Sho’s route =_=; ). Least favorite were Sho & Ren. Well I liked Ren but he seemed better in everyone’s routes but his own orz. Sho’s screaming made my ears bleed even though he had a really touching route but hearing both Kaji Yuki & Shimono Hiro yelling for hours was like   ((((ノ`皿´)ノ ⌒┫:・┫┻┠’. ウルサアアアィッィ! Also how come only Cecil, Natsuki and Masato got actual kiss CGs lol. The rest of the guys just got “faces being close” and stuff, which is so funny since most of their kiss sound effects were really hot (。≖ˇ‿,ˇ≖。 ). System wise it was pretty clean but the dumbest thing was of course the memories which you could only access while you were IN a route…rather than in an omake. Why :s Anyway moving on to the fandisks now. I’m super excited, except for the fact that the I have to deal with the old sprites which I’m not used to since I only played this & MUSIC which had the new sprites.


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  1. yea repeat is a remake of the original with better graphics and addon scenarios so yes you should play repeat and not bother with the original

  2. Waa, thanks for this review *-*
    I started playing UtaPri today o/
    UtaPri and UtaPri Repeat are the same game? Like, the same story and so?
    I’m playing regular UtaPri, not the Repeat one. Should I chance?
    I love Shou and Natsuki *______*

  3. i want to play this now… also i lol’d hard at defeating SATAN with the power of MUSIC

  4. Thanks for reviewing. I was wondering if you can tell me how to pick any of the S-class guys in the game? Am I supposed to finish all the A-class guys first? Because I don’t see the option to pick them…

  5. lol. I’m a damn huge fan of utapri even before the fandisks and repeat was released. xD The mini-games in the original are damn hard I feel like I’m playing pro-level in easy lvl 3 Dx<—no joke, ladies.

    Btw, all this ハぁハぁ stuff really made me lol so much. Must be because i just finished playing dangan ronpa and monokuma is so sjkhdoaisfgash xDD

    Comparing Cecil to Bilal(WoF), i really felt irritated on how slow he speaks! D:< Bilal was also some arabian-like prince but he speaks a bit faster than him even with a weird accent.

    Lastly, nice review. I lol-ed all the time and made me want to play the game again. the ハぁハぁ comments remind me very much of monokuma's voice adding the lol-ing xD Thanks for the review.

  6. ゆきさん> ありがとう! *<(。´∀`)ノ【∮*+゜*。Merry Xmas。* ゚+*∮】

  7. 記事とは関係なくて( TДT)ゴメンヨー!


  8. LOL I know right, Ren was so ebil to ME *cough* I mean to Haruka. Trust me he was so much better in the Fandisk, with my limited knowledge of Japanese he was way nicer and sexier in the FD. I can’t wait to read your review on Aria and Serenade once you’re done =D Especially looking forward to reading Hyuuga, Ringo’s and Saotome’s routes rofl.

  9. well since Natsuki & Satsuki “merge” at the end I just see them as “one” now I guess xDDD But I do like randy Natsuki more than “im gay for shochan” Natsuki 😕 Ringo lol man I can’t wait to play Sweet Serenade (*´д`*)ハァハァ

  10. Bah, I don’t like Natsuki. BUT SATSUKIIIIII /shot
    And looking forward to Kaoru (dunno idf he has a path in the S-Class fandisk, never checked that….) AND RINGO GOSH RINGOOOOO.

    You’d be the first one to amke actual reviews about the fandisks in the English otome game blogging world. Well, same goes for repeat, I guess, so thanks so much~

  11. Jean> doki doki moments are really inspiring… xDDD

    Hinano> thanks God when we watch anime there are subs xD why there is no subs for games? It’s unfair!
    I don’t know, just can’t see Sho with anybody except Natsuki. Last days I’m really into yaoi in UtaPri, haha, even writing a fic about Tokiya and Otoya lol
    I just want to go through Tokiya’s root, and then I don’t care xD No, also Natsuki’s root. And then I don’t care lol
    btw, wtf is Cecil, I still can’t catch the idea behind him. Were 6 boys not enough?..

  12. Nataly> Good luck with your quest xD I used to want to understand anime years ago so I started learning Japanese as well so nothing wrong with that 😆 I think Sho is ok for otome but yea doesn’t help that he’s a shota who Natsuki keeps glomping so they pretty much set him up for yaoi lol. I saved Tokiya for last (well b4 Cecil) since he’s the best x3

    Jean> Ren WAS a beitch in the game. I was shocked since he was so sexy in MUSIC lmfao. I hope he will be better in the fandisk hahah xD. I have a 5 day weekend so I should hopefully finish Amazing Aria at least during that time!

    9:19> Lmfao XD Sho actually had some sick moments too since his heart but I guess only Tokiya got the CG for it. I dunno why they didn’t draw them kissing but I guess I’ve become more tolerant for that as long as I hear some hot sfx hahahah xD

  13. Hehe Nataly, thank God I’m not the only one haha. I really do want to learn how to read especially so I can have my doki doki moments when I play otome games *_*

  14. Jean,
    I am ridiculous I know but I do plan to learn japanese next year =D

    You’re not alone, believe me;) I’m studying Japanese for the same reason LOL

  15. WTF kiss CG fail. If there’s noise draw their lips TOUCHING. Otherwise they’re just voice acting at each other’s mouth. What kind of bulls foreplay is that? lol seriously.

    Ah, Tokiya. I’m such a sucker for dudes with sick episodes.

  16. YAY! Was waiting for your review on this =D I don’t have a tumblr account but I did stalk..ahem take a look at your pics there and they were hilarious lolz.

    I LOVED Tokiya and Natsuki’s route! Oh and Masa’s was not too bad.Otoya was so shojo-esque drama and Cecil was like eh? o.O
    Although Ren is my fave Uta character he was such a beeyotch in this game =.= BUT Sweet Serenade I enjoyed!! I LOVED the FDs. Sho..just turns me off. I’m sorry I’m not attracted to characters like him no offence to Sho fans! >_>

    Although my japanese isn’t perfect as in I can’t really read so I depend on hearing them most of the time ;_: and with trusty walkthroughs I do manage to finish my otome games xD I am ridiculous I know but I do plan to learn japanese next year =D

    I’m on UtaPri high now so….DOKI DOKI DE KOWARESOU SEN PERCENT LOVE!! =X Hinano-san please review the FDs too! =D

    Anybody preordering UtaPri debut? =X

  17. Ichinose Tokiya – Well I just KNEW Tokiya would be my favorite and surely indeed he was!

    yeaaaaaah!! I can’t wait to play UtaPri with hot Tokiya!!!

    Favorite character is OBVIOUSLY TOKIYAAAAAA followed closely by Natsuki.

    I guess I’ll have the same favourite ones O_o cool=))

    Least favorite were Sho & Ren.

    I still think Sho is for yaoi, but not otome…

    but hearing both Kaji Yuki & Shimono Hiro yelling for hours was like

    lol lol lol!! Thanks for warning, I will be prepared;)

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