Tartaros might actually be released in English…

On my google search today I stumbled upon an article that said

It is said that the game will be brought in the global market in 2010.

Taking this lightly I’m like lol what are the chances. So I decided to google up Wemade Korean site and instead I stumbled upon this:

Omg! I didn’t know there was a Wemade USA e_e Apparently they’re the company that picked up that Digimon MMO. Says they were established in May 2008 (which is about when Tartaros KR came out). Their official company profile states:

Our parent company, WeMade Entertainment Co., Ltd., was established in 2000 and is poised to release several new MMOGs in Asia in 2009 including Tartaros and Avalon. With over 500 employees in Seoul bringing you great games, we have a strong track record of success in the East that we’re extending to the rest of the world.

I guess the release of an English Tartaros isn’t so unlikely anymore but I really don’t want to start over after putting $300 into the game. I don’t care about Korean or English voice actors. I literally only play Cromodo because of my obsession with Namikawa Daisuke. I’m tempted to contact them and ask them if they plan to release Tartaros but I also don’t think I want to know. English Tartaros means that it will be filled with idiots, who then may start to invade Japan Tartaros for better updates, Japan bans us all – Pangya all over again sigh.

On the other hand, English Prius online is nowhere to be found (the english branch of the Korean company is like dead) so I guess just because there’s an English subsidiary doesn’t mean they will pick up all the Korean games. Sorry not really looking forward to it. I try to avoid English community MMOs like the plague because unlike the Japanese, most Americans (and Brazillians) can’t behave themselves in online games.

P.S. It looks like the next country to release Tartaros will actually be Thailand.


5 thoughts on “Tartaros might actually be released in English…”

  1. yea I did mention the digimon game above lol
    its true I guess they woulda released it a while ago but for example in Taiwan tartaros, they didn’t dub any of the voices – they left the default Korean voices but only translated the text.

  2. They.. Actually opened one game. Digimon Battle Online. Wemade has been in business for a while. I get the feeling that America would’ve gotten it by now, if they were going to release it at all. Then again, there’s a lot of voice acting work that has to be put into the game…

  3. Yea I guess I can kinda see that but after spending liek $300 on the JP server it would really hurt to start over somewhere I couldnt play on Japan anymore 😦

  4. See, I’ve got mixed feelings about this. When I first started playing, I was like “Please make an English-language release so I can fully understand what the heck I’m doing!!!” 2 months later, I was more, “If they never come out with a North American release, I’m 100% okay with this, I’m good here.” But part of me /would/ like to enjoy the game with some of the other people on Twitter (as they only play Pangya/Grand Chase/Trickster and whatever other game I’m completely unwilling to try). The more, the merrier. I’d love to be able to whine about Berto and have a good 10 people being like “omg I know right” and know what I’m actually talking about.

    Does Japan already have any sort of IP ban already in place for countries like Taiwan and/or Korea (or now, Thailand apparently)? Those countries have their own version of TTR, and if they’re free to register and play here, I wouldn’t quite worry about an IP ban on North American players as long as we keep doing what we’re doing and not standing out, not using English in public and all that (*coughnottellingSharurunwe’reanAmericanguildcough*). Then that way, hopefully they’ll go, “well, there’s a TartarosUS now, but nobody from the US plays here anyway so we don’t really need to go through the trouble of setting up an IP ban.”

    If some of the other guys (…and like one or two girls) I follow/who follow me on twitter tried out TartarosUS (should this ever happen), I wouldn’t mind logging on from time to time to level there, even if I play on JP primarily. Unless I wasn’t allowed to play on JP anymore, I wouldn’t see it as “starting over” on another server, since the earlier maps are tons more fun anyway lol.

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