Albatross18 Game Diary

bihioA few things have happened since I came back to A18. One thing is in the last 5 days I’ve gotten 5 Hole in Ones. In Japan that took me 5 months to accomplish. ^^; I don’t know if this is some kind of omen but I guess this has helped me not hate this server as much as before. While all of us were playing some VS the other day we decided to come up with some positive things for A18 since negative ones can be thought up with the snap of a finger 😛

So here’s the list we came up with:

  1. no extra vpn to log into
  2. feather (no nerfing on A18)
  3. cant ban us for just playing…
  4. if i wanna buy astros, i can use paypal, and not worry about stupid 3D SSL
  5. U-U-Quma-Quma (I have a Quma caddy lol)
  6. we can say SEX! 😆
  7. no more “NICE ON” and “NICE PAR” games. stop saying “pangya” every time i hit pangya it’s no big deal Japan!
  8. no foreign currency fees
  9. not having to type emoticons in Japanese, soo sick of changing from JP to english
  10. you get better at hitting tomas ’cause, you have to be careful (no more pangya miss tomas/spikes in S3)
  11. Shuffle bonus on for tourneys and VS games. (Japan had it off)
  12. Japan scratch card rate has been lowered, but the prices are still the same, so technically A18 now has lower prices.
  13. No nasty ass S&M nudidity self designs (ugh so sick of seeing those on demure Hana-chan)
  14. No random booting from the game (unless it crashes.)
  15. Despite servers on A18 being pretty full, not that much lag vs playing on an empty JP server

I think there were more but part of my chat didn’t save so I don’t have any. If anyone has some I forgot feel free to contribute 🙂

In other news after 90,000 pang on papel lottery I’ve decided to take a break until this whole double pang/double exp event blows over. So many people on now that the chances of getting a rare are ridiculously low. I’ll just save up my money and wait till the cows come home.  Still trying to get Arin’s…

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  1. Point 8 is still valid in my case… but I can agree with the rest. That being said I can’t find other positive things even if I try ;(.

  2. abi> how can you not agree with #2?? In A18 the feather effect doesn’t disappear with the power shot on, like on Japan 😯

    Jamie> arent you busy playing Personas? 😛

  3. Erm… I said that I agree with the rest, its just that #8 its not a pro for me cause I don’t get paid in $. The only person I know that don’t agree with #2 is Misuzu, she wrote a comment about it in your “back to A18” post ^_-.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’ve experience three before… but maybe I’m a special case. xD

    Actually, I think it’s really neat to see this kind of thing. I mean we beat up on Albatross all the time, but they still are a server where people can have play and have fun. You just need to go through steps on how to do that now. xD

  5. Kanashimi> I think you are special case too, that’s just bizarre! 😯 I think putting Ecards, items and events aside A18 is missing basic things like splitting servers by “type” (tourney, vs, chat) rather than by level “rookies/beginners etc”. Also keeping track of tourney records (i.e. best speeder, best chip in). Fixing guild chat, getting the guild notice to work properly. It’s basic things like that which kind annoy me the most (in addition to NOT blocking certain countries IPs to stop the hackers..)

  6. That’s pretty sad to hear you something like that…Aren’t you sad by the fact that you can’t play Japan Pangya anymore ? I’m am.

    I didn’t do something bad, put a lot of money in it, and…still ban because I was in the “wrong category” (foreigners).

    So, I think it’s pretty unfair to “ban certain countries to stop the hackers” because in those countries there is people who don’t cheat :/

    Well, about me :
    I agree with the 1 >_> ! Because I couldn’t even go in Internet. Killed my conexion.
    3 of course. 7 Oh yeah…for me it was more “NICE IN”. About the 12 I’m not sure…in fact I put the same amount of money to get the same number of rares on both.

    Well, you know, I must to thank you because I was near to give up Pangya but when I read that you played on Albatross18 now. I just wanted to do the same thing. After all, I had Hana’s magical girl set and all…

    And I do not forget my account on Pangya Europe (I’m french~) where I’m AMA E with a godd stuff.
    Hoping to see you on da greens Hinano~

  7. Mainlless> More like, I spent some money KNOWING that this VPN wouldn’t last forever. I was ready for it, I knew one day or another we’d get banned. So instead of moping around and being emo, I’m trying to start a positive “Pangya” atmosphere for myself because I do like the game, despite having to play on an inferior server.

    I have a Pangya Europe account but I’m like a rookie on it and I sorta abandoned it since I spent a lot of money on A18 ^^; Feel free to add me if you ever come back 🙂 (Although I think the messenger is messed up or something I keep seeing people online who arent online @@)

  8. I think that messenger was messed up a little bit in Japan too, remember the silent sessions before photoshoot (and other occasions)? “In other news” I managed to get another feather, this time for Fat Bob :/ I guess I’ll wait a bit longer till they vanish from the lottery and sell it for a decent pang. So the feather hunting continues…

  9. LOL I’ve been trying every night and I haven’t gotten anything yet.. T_T

    If I don’t get any feathers by Thursday I’m gonna just stop and wait till this event blows over. I earn like 30k every night and everynight I blow it on the lottery =v=;

  10. …and I got another one for “gos loli” Kooh, damn any time soon and I will have all feathers for all character EXCEPT for Kaz and Arin…

  11. Nice blog you have here. Good to see you’re taking the positives from the vpn ban.

    As a side-note, look for (tense)Eire if you ever want a relaxed versus game, and I think I may have a few spare feathers which I’d be perfectly willing to sell you at a reduced rate if you can’t win them.

    (Just tell me the cheapest you see in a psquare and i’ll take off a third of the price :D)

  12. Finally People See the GOOD things about a18 Now I cant Lie There are some things wrong with A18 But Dont Blame the Players Blame Ogp I say once we get s4 they should give it back to Ntreeve and have them keep it
    If you ever wanna play a Nice Game Look for Blazegreg on Dolf1 (Papel is Sucky to me) See ya on the Greens

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