Otome Game Review: Majestic Majolical

Lapis Idocrase is a rich faildaughter witch from the demon world sent to earth to take an exam which requires her to collect gems from humans filled with positive emotions towards her. Unfortunately being the fail daughter she is, she makes the mistake of falling in love with her targets. Spoilers after the jump.

Kashimori Mitsuki – I thought Mitsuki’s route would have a problem with some bitch fanclub because that’s the reason all the girls in school avoid him. (Apparently just looking at him sends their ovaries exploding 😂.) Lapis doesn’t care though and she hangs out with him a lot and then after like 2 hours of this game play, suddenly both are in love, locked up in the school building at night and making out and confessing to each other. At this point Lapis forgets all about her assignment of collecting gem powers from Mitsuki until both Hauyne and Jasper remind her she’s not to “fall in love with her target”. So yea the whole route was really anticlimatic and nothing really happened except them going on different dates (;^ω^). I guess the most exciting thing is they randomly got to bang before he told her he has to move away the following year (and also she will be gone cause her exam will be over.)

Best End: There was some drama for like 10 minutes that Lapis would fail her exam but then thanks to deus ex machina Hauyne, Lapis is able to just get away with repeating a year as her only punishment. Instead she returns to human world and continues going to human school and dating Mitsuki. ┐(´д`)┌ In the Rival End: Shiki, Mitsuki’s frienemy, drugs and kidnapsLapis and locks her up in his uguu dungeon with chains on her neck. ಠ_ಠ Bad end: Lapis doesn’t poke Mitsuki’s face for gems enough times and is never able to see him again. Dependency End: Mitsuki becomes seriously depressed and his PTSD is triggered from his parents’ death. He gets into a fight with his grandpa and thinks he’s killed him, but thanks to Lapis they save grandpa and get him treated in time. Despite telling him he isn’t dead, Mitsuki starts rambling how he sees dead people so the only solution apparently is for Lapis to basically live with him in his house for a while and bang him like every night. 😂

Kosaka Shiki – Well unfortunately Shiki’s route began with me rather watch paint dry after that gross uguu dungeon lockup ending in Mitsuki’s route. Since he and Mitsuki basically share a route, most of Shiki’s route was basically skipped up until the end where he basically kept flirting and hitting on Lapis (and I was rolling my eyes into the distance.) He then reveals his true self when he sees her talking to Mitsuki and just drags her behind a building and starts making out with her. Lapis takes the opportunity to grab a gem at least. 😂 Hauyne warns Lapis based on the yandere gem he finds in her bottle. (The gem literally means “I love you so much I want to kill you” lmao.) He then gets all gross and creepy and sexually assaults her while rambling about his obsession and jealous with Mitsuki. ಠ_ಠ After that he’s like “oh no I’m sorry I’ve never done that to anyone else before!” ಠ_ಠ Suddenly they are both in love and then they go to Hauyne for approval, but Hauyne shows them both their “future” which is basically Shiki being the fucking crazy psychopath wifebeater that he is. After Shiki begs, Hauyne then attempts to “fix” Shiki’s psychopath personality by showing him an illusion of Lapis suffering every time he acts like a jealous douchebag.

Please stop casting Kaji Yuki as a haraguro or a shota I beg of you

Best End: Despite everything, Lapis ends up staying on earth with Shiki ಠ_ಠ. Supposedly he’s cured of being a wifebeater, BUT I don’t believe that shit so yea screw this ending and this entire route. Rival end: Shiki goes ape shit as usual trying to strangle Lapis when she tells him she’s going to leave the school. Fortunately Mitsuki comes in the nick of time and knocks him away and then they begin fist brawling in the classroom. ಠ_ಠ Shiki beats the living shit out of Mitsuki and pushes him out the window that he has to get hospitalized. But when the cops come to question Lapis and Mitsuki, both of them lie to protect Shiki and say that Mitsuki just “accidentally slipped”. ಠ_ಠ……… Instead Lapis just breaks up with Shiki and goes with Mitsuki instead and that’s that. That ending was so fucking angering like this douchebag got away with literal VIOLENT ASSAULT and ATTMPTED MURDER. Bad end: Shiki goes cray as usual and strangles Lapis at a love hotel. 🤦 Dependency end: For some reason Lapis randomly goes yandere for Shiki and he’s like FUCK YEA just as KEIKAKU.

Hauyne – Hauyne is Lapis’ brother so he doesn’t have a route just a short ending. Basically Lapis fails her gem assignment and Hauyne comforts her. Since she fails her exam he offers her a job to be his research assistant instead. 😂  He offers for her to take the  magic research lab exam and change her  career.

Mibu Shinnosuke – Shinnosuke is the younger Mibu brother and goes to the same school that Lapis is temporarily transferred to. He’s a huge brocon for his brother and gets all tsuntsun towards any girl who he thinks is hitting on his big bro. So basically he’s just a  tsundere brocon, and as the route progresses he begins to get all deredere for Lapis. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Because the first kanji in his name is “Kokoro”, Lapis affectionately calls him Koko. So the reason he’s a huge brocon is because his mother was crazy obsessed with him and would start making up lies about Soutaro and abuse him along with their other older brother. After a while both Soutaro and Koko basically began avoiding their family as much as possible, even with the older brother raging at Soutaro “leave” on a daily basis. Soutaro continues to stay to protect Koko, because otherwise the mother would go psychotic towards him if he were to leave. After hearing his sad story, Lapis gives him headpats. (*’ω’*) For some odd reason Koko begins to misunderstand and think that Lapis has a crush on Soutaro when it’s not the case at all. She tries explaining to him but he just won’t listen until she literally pins him down to the floor telling him she doesn’t have a crush on his brother….but on him. 😂

Koko confesses that he’s glad she loves him and not his brother and admits that he’s in love with her too. (*´з`) Best End: Koko emos about his brother and family problems and tells her to ~wait for him~. Unfortunately Lapis can’t wait and has to return back home and wipe his memory. Several years later she comes back to the human world to find him again, and finds him and MAGICALLY he falls in love at first sight with her! Wow power of love! Amnesia resolved! Miracle!!!!!! 🙃🙃 In the rival end, Koko gets mad at his bro for taking on the family burden and instead he…runs off to study overseas and leaves Lapis to get comforted by Soutaro instead. ?_? Dependency end: Koko goes full yandere asking Lapis to never leave him to return home. Lapis then lets him do whatever he wants with her including sex lol (we were making all the Shimono chars fucc jokes but I guess it happened in the yandere end lol.)

Surely nobody will walk in while this is going on

Mibu Soutaro – Soutaro is the school nurse and when Lapis runs into him he’s sleeping on the job. 😂  He’s pretty zen to the point that the gemstones Lapis picks off his face are colorless. Apparently this is rare cheese in the witch world because it’s rare for humans to have 0 emotions to produce such gemstones. He reveals that his mother died when he was younger and his step mother, who is also Koko’s birth mother hates him. She wants her 2 sons to be the ones to be the family heirs and that’s why she wants Soutaro to GTFO. Of course Koko loves his oniichan and that’s why he constantly has fights with his mom. Soutaro planned to basically stick around the house until Koko grew up and live on his own. Anyway dude’s so depressed he’s totally ok with getting with an underage high school girl and making out with her in his office. 😂  In most other otome games there’d be the whole “we cannot you’re my student and I’m a sensei” kind of deal but nah no breaks here, he’s just like “omg I have emotions and feelings of love *makes out*”.

I legit cannot remember this scene

One day when they’re out suddenly Soutaro gets a fever so Lapis takes him back to her house to rest. For some reason the fever makes him horny and he ends up basically doing it with Lapis. Here I thought Shimono was gonna be the one who fuccs but turns out it was his brother all along!! But yea I guess this is because apparently he’s frail and is actually going to die soon of some disease and doesn’t mind that he was “useful” to Lapis’ assignment. The final gem she plucks from him is red to prove that he loved her and then he passes out into a coma. Lapis thinks it’s because she took too many gems from him, but her brothers explain that he just has “anime weak body” disease and he kept it a secret from everyone and didn’t get it treated. This is why he refused to go to the hospital when Lapis offered. This makes no sense to me because I thought Japanese companies required their staff every year to get a physical exam so surely some doctor would have caught this??

Or this one. Or the entire route honestly.

Best End: Soutaro gets a surgery for whatever this ailment is and after Lapsi quickly goes back to turn in her exam results, she quickly returns back to earth to wait for Soutaro to get better. She then decides to permanently stay on earth to be with him after he  is released from the hospital. Rival End: For some reason Soutaro vanishes and suddenly nobody else can remember he exists, including Koko. Wtf. So then she just ends up getting with Koko who has amnesia of his own brother lmao OKAY then. ಠ_ಠ Dependency End: Soutaro continues to be in unconscious way past his surgery and Lapis stays on earth constantly by his side. Eventually Soutaro awakens and has amnesia (yay reused plot devices) but he manages to only remember Lapis, how convenient! Anyway honestly Soutaro’s route was really weird to me and how like nobody cared that a teacher was basically hitting on the student and magically they never got caught being together in public or making out in the nurse’s office?? Also I’ma be real here, I really didn’t like his voice actor. They shoulda cast Suwabe or Nakamura here.

Man they really ran out of ideas for this ending

Euc and Lase End – Basically Lapis screws up her assignment and returns to her witch landia empty handed as her 2 brothers berate her for the umpteenth time. And so instead she becomes their maid?? Wtf. ಠ_ಠ

Fuck yea tsunderes

Tsukiishi Ruu – Ruu is an idol but for some reason he immediately takes interest in Lapis and starts hitting on her despite having a TON of fangirls. Even though Lapis knows it, I guess she must have a thing for idols cause she cannot say no. (;^ω^) Jasper warns Lapis to change her target and not to go after Ruu but doesn’t specify why at first. One day he randomly sneaks into Lapis’ school and somehow ambushes her at the nurse’s office without getting caught by anyone. He continues to sweet talk her and ask her to spend time with him, and despite knowing he’s probably playing around with her feelings, she continues to let him take her for a ride. She comes over his place one day and takes a nap with him and when he wakes up he tells her this is the first time he didn’t have a nightmare and after that he confesses he loves her and they kiss. And by this point I’m just like ?????? ain’t no way this is real right? Jasper then reveals to her that Ruu is actually the 2nd prince of Lapis’ enemy country, real name Rune,  and if she gets involved with him, it could lead to war. He also reveals that Rune has black magic that manipulates feelings and it’s possible he manipulated Lapis into falling for him. When she goes to talk to him about it, he admits the truth and says he just wanted to take her hostage since he knew she was a rich ojousama. After Lapis starts crying saying she loved him even if it was all a lie, Jasper brusts in and comes to her rescue.

But then Rune reveals that Jasper was actually a spy for his kingdom but then he betrayed Rune and ended up staying with Lapis. They beat the shit out of Rune and but in order to avoid a war between their countries, they hide him in their house on earth until he gets better. One day he reveals to Lapis that the reason he was after her gemstones is to extract powerful magic from them in order to heal his ill older brother back home. He’s allowed to leave their house to go to his idol job but he can’t escape or call his country for help because Jasper sealed off his magic powers. m9(^Д^)プギャー!! He then goes FULL DERE for her when they go to the aquarium together, and afterwards they walk on the beach and he just starts making out with her and can’t explain why.  Nice, Lapis, you tamed the haraguro tsundere. And so after he performs at her school festival, he gets so dere for her he calls her immediately to come home to him and they end up doing the mattress mambo. After that he tells her to just take his gems because he’s definitely got feelings for love for her and she will totes pass the exam with that. Anyway thank you for the lewd KimuRyo sounds game. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Is that a kingdom hearts key or

A couple days later while Rune is out working his idol things, Jasper comes back telling Lapis that Rune’s older brother is not sick at all because he had snuck into their kingdom as a spy to check on him. When Lapis tells this to Rune, he flips out saying there’s no way his ANIUE WOULD EVER BETRAY HIM!! And then he stops being all cute and starts rambling how Lapis doesn’t actually like him, and that he just put a spell on both of them and that all their feelings are a lie that will wear off soon. ಠ_ಠ SIGH. He also then whips out a knife and holds Lapis at knife point telling Jasper to unseal his magic or he’ll kill her. ಠ_ಠ Love = 0, Brocon = 1. After getting his powers back and cutting Lapis’ neck he runs off into the night. 🤦🤦🤦 Lapis goes to his house and finds a ton of gems that he’s harvested – because apparently he can do so with his voice. He sent the gems to his brother who told him to get more so he continued singing and gathering gems despite knowing that his kingdom didn’t want him. Unfortunately the gems never got to be larger and deeper in color like Lapis’ did and he felt like he was basically useless to his kingdom anda his ANIUE. His freaking aniue told him to just go die in a fire so he’s basically been battling depression while being an idol on earth. (´・ω・`) She also shows him the gems she got from him at the beginning vs now and that proves that their feelings towards each other are  real. Anyway they make out and then go back to her house to fucc. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆)

Fuck yea best ending

So then news comes that ANIUE has died and now they might need Rune to come back and take over the kingdom after all – but Rune has decided not to return. He then bursts through some black void hole like Kool Aid man with some kingdom hearts key which Lapis uses to permanently disable his magic. Now with his magic powers gone he stays on earth and is a regular human idol named Ruu. Lapis stays on earth with him and several years later they get married. Since he’s the only one who got the wedding end I guess OTP!? 😂 Rival End: After Rune leaves Lapis, Shell slides into her DMs for the rebound telling her he loved her forever and ever!! Lapis rejects him but then someone goes and kidnaps Rune, arresting and executing for being a “spy” involving himself with her. Lapis gets depressed and stays in her house for a long time getting held back so Shell intentionally gets held back with her so he could do the assignment with her all over again. Dependency End: Rune kills his family in Loincourt realizing he’s stronger than all of them and becomes the new ruler. He comes covered in blood to her bedroom one night and  tells her that he did it for her so that they could have a country to themselves. Lapis agrees and basically while he is technically the king on the outside, Lapis is the one running things because he does everything as she tells him. Cause at the end of the day she gives him “rewards with attention” lmao. I like this do-S jousama end. (́◉◞౪◟◉)  I like how Rune got everything: wedding, tsundere, yandere, do-S jouusama ends like we got the whole package here!

Someone on the casting staff is a Dance with the Devils Lindo fan

Chalcedony – Oniichan is gross, the end. I got nothing else to say about this. It’s like he’s basically Lindo from Dance with the Devils all over again, Hatano Wataru voice included. 😂

Fuck yea tsunderes again

Shell Celestite – Shell is a turbo tsundere, even more than Koko because unlike Koko, Shell has an extremely obvious crush on Lapis from the start. He’s also Jasper’s cousin apparently.  It’s to the point that he actually intentionally chose to go to the same town as her for their assignment because his grades were so good and allowed him to choose. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Because of Jasper’s warning about Ruu, Lapis decides to give up on him as her target before she finds out the truth about him. Because she feels lost and not sure how to start over, she asks Shell for help as a friend, but he suddenly confesses that he’s helping her not as a friend but because he loves her. (/ω\) Shell then tells her the best way to get a lot of gems is to get them from multiple people – aka be like somewhat of an idol. It’s a lot easier and faster than trying to get 1 person to fall in love with you. Unfortunately Shell quickly realizes that he really doesn’t like the idea of her flirting with other guys even though that’s the fastest method. 😂

Tsundere but also lewd

One day when she’s trying on a school festival outfit in the nurse’s office, Shell walks in and trips and has his hand land on her tiddy. Suddenly this makes Lapis realize that actually she has a crush on him too! ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) She starts getting upset when she sees him with another clingy girl that he’s currently using for his assignment. When she sees him almost kissing that girl on their double date she runs home crying. Shell comes to her house to tell her he didn’t kiss that girl and they indirectly realize they’re both in love with each other. However, Shell realizes if they officially confess their feelings they will stop giving a shit about their assignment and instead he gives her a hickey on her chest instead as “reservation” ?? ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) OKAY SURE LOL. But then they ran out of ideas and decided to make Rune the bad guy of this route and he ends up facing off with Shell. ┐(´д`)┌  After that farce, Lapis completes her assignment and they return back to their world.

Best End: Now that their assignment is over, they confess their feelings and become a couple….and they end up screwing every time she’s supposed to study cause when she gets the answers wrong her punishment is lewd things from Shell. (́◉◞౪◟◉) LMAO damn. Rival End: Rune is mad that Lapis “led him on by his heart strings” and bed intrudes into her room rambling for her to only look at him. And so we get the uguu cage of love end Toma style 😂 Dependency end: Shell takes a hard hit in the battle against Rune and ends up being in a coma back in the magic world. Lapis stays by his side the whole time and keeps seeing a dream where they confess their love to each other. She then goes yandere for Shell, gets a medicine from Hauyne that allows her to jump into his dream and basically the 2 of them sleep in their dreamland for the rest of their life.


Jasper Beryl – Jasper is Lapis’ butler who takes care of her both in witch landia and on earth. He was originally without a route but the switch port gave him one. As we found out in Ruu’s route, he was formerly a spy for Ruu’s kingdom but decided to stay with Lapis as her butler. In this route, Lapis basically has a crush on Jasper since the beginning of the game. Jasper tells Lapis at the beginning that he is unfit for her and doesn’t see her romantically because he is determined to serve her family and rank wise would not be appropriate. One night she awakens from him kissing her on the cheek but he refuses to admit it and just walks out of the room telling her to get some rest. There’s this whole big misunderstanding that the person Jasper looked up to (and his reason for hating Lapis’ kingdom initially) was because a woman he looked up to like a sister, died there. Lapis is convinced this woman was Jasper’s crush and is constantly comparing herself to a non existent person. She then finds a jelly bean jar and accidentally shatters it and is in despair but Jasper says it’s fine, and now the most important thing in his life is his ojousama~.

One day she runs into a lady who reveals that that “older sister” person was actually her birth mother, Lucil and her father was a man in Japan named Aoi. Both of them died from a some unknown physical ailment at a young age soon after Lapis was born. The lady reveals herself to be Aoi’s sister Miyuki. Lapis runs back home and is like “omg nobody told me I wasn’t all your real sister” to her brothers. The 2 older bros and Jasper are like omg how did you find out!!!! So then Carsedoni reveals that Lucil had some yandere bff princess Roseaura who wanted her to be by her side the whole time so she forced her to come back to stay with her back in the magic world. She even offered to take care of her baby (Lapis) after she was born as long as Lucil was with her.  Lucil agreed to stay but got depressed when she found out her baby daddy Aoi died back in the human world since he had a terminal illness. She died of depression or something right after giving birth to Lapis and Lapis’ current father agreed to adopt her into their family. Because Lucil had such powerful magic, Lapis genetically inherited a lot of it despite being half human. Now that Jasper has nothing to hide, he’s extra nice to Lapis and tells her how that jelly beans jar was given to him by Lucil for his birthday. He even sleeps in bed with her that night and says he loves Lapis the way she is (but it feels platonic.)

After the school festival a few days later, Lapis and Jasper walk on the beach together and she tries to confess her feelings to him, but he stops her and tells her he will tell her when the time is right. Lapis also visits her father’s grave with his sister Miyuki the next day. Just when things seem nice, Carsedoni accuses Jasper of being a spy so the only ally they have to rely on is Rune who has magical convenient teleporting exposition powers. 😂  Realizing Jasper may be separated from his ojousama, he finally confesses his love to her in some weird beach log cabin and they make out…and then they immediately fucc. ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆) And then they basically spend the next few days banging in this cabin while being on the run. After Lapis gets a fever, Jasper is forced to reveal their location to Hauyne so he can treat her. Jasper is then put on trial but exposition fairy Rune flies in as the crown prince (after going back home while they were fuccing in the cabin) and saves the day rendering Jasper innocent of all crimes. \(^o^)/ After what happens though, Jasper feels he needs to leave the kingdom anyway but tells Lapis that when she graduates he’ll come for her and they can live together. Best End: Time passes, thanks to Rune, there’s now peace between the 2 countries. Lapis goes back to her mother’s last name and is now known as Lapis Sunstone. She then joins Jasper and they live together quietly away from the kingdom. The two of them are planning their wedding so Lapis can become Lapis Sunstone Beryl (what a mouthful lmao.)

Probably the only decent CG in the whole route lol

It’s really weird how meaty and plot-ful Jasper’s route was – considering he was ONLY added for the switch version. Without his route Lapis and the game itself seems so shallow but his route, even if retconned, really feels like it helps bring the entire game together. That said because there’s so much background on Lapis and her  family, it felt like there wasn’t enough development with Jasper. I honestly don’t even know at what point he fell in love with her, but soon as he confessed and them jumping in the sack was really weird to me. Also I guess because it was released as an addon route, the CGs in the route were super different from the CGs in the other routes. Because of that a lot of them looked weird and out of place and kinda ruined some of the nice scenes in for me. (;^ω^) So while I wasn’t huge on Jasper as a character due to honestly a lack of development, I actually really liked this route and I feel like it’s really necessary for this game. It’s probably more necessary than the entire first 2 discs combined. 😂

Oniichan, no.

Well, I didn’t have high expectations, and it wasn’t that great of a game but it wasn’t terrible either. At least in my case, I could enjoy it for the crazy meme yandere(dependency)/rival endings even if I didn’t like the character. I just wish they put more effort into Koko’s route cause I liked him as a character (tsundere bias) but at least I got my tsundere fill with Ruu and Shell. Honestly Ruu, Shell and Jasper’s routes were the best routes in the game and the others were basically forgettable to me at how repetitive they were. I checked and the writer for the game wrote a bunch of those terrible R-18 otome games I reviewed (that will never see the light of day again). I guess that explains some of the wonky plots and the jump-in-the-sack-soon-as-we-confess scenarios. Don’t get me wrong I love me some implied sexy times but not when they are out of place and completely unexpected. Not all of them were like that but Jasper and Shell particularly had me like ( ゚д゚) lmao.

They could probably make an entire fandisc with routes for these 4 lol…but no thanks

I wasn’t a huge fan of the art style. It was fitting for the gem theme but a lot of the eye designs made the characters look like they were running on 2 hours of sleep after a hangover. The gem pick system was cool but I find it kinda dumb that if you pick too many gems you get the cray ending LMAO. It’s like the game punishes you for wanting to poke the bishie when normally it should reward you! I’m glad I followed a guide or I would have gone straight for the crazy ends without realizing it. I think if you are on a budget, I would just suggest getting the 3rd disc with Ruu and Shell but since Jasper’s route is so important to the story I highly recommend the switch port. Overall though, I wouldn’t recommend getting a game only for 3 routes. It’s not particularly deep or involved (except for Jasper’s route which was crazy long compared to the others) and at least half of the game was forgettable for me for being so repetitive in the plot. I think it’s a game I might have enjoyed more 10 years ago, so if you’re new to otome this might actually be a fun trip. Unfortunately for me a lot of the game just wasn’t that great so even though I enjoyed the last 3 routes, it’s not a game I’d really say I’d want to go back and buy again  – at least not unless it was on a discount sale. (;^ω^)


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  1. It honestly can be a hit or miss based on your tolerances. If you’re new to otome it’s not so terrible but if you want a deep involved story that isn’t repetitive then most of the game kinda sucks barring the last 3 routes. I definitely came in with the mindset that this game wasn’t going to be great but it was still entertaining to a degree for me. If you’re on a budget though, then yea I wouldn’t really recommend it.

  2. I was waiting for your review to see if this game any good but so I jumped to the final thoughts and was disappointed because I was excited to get this game guess I will play something else then

  3. yea other than the eyes I think it was fine – with the exception of Jasper’s route because there’s no way the original artist did those new CGs lmao

  4. Lol! I got a kick out of reading your impressions of the art style! Yeah the eyes do make the characters look kind of sleepy. I actually kind of like the art style, I really like the way the hair is drawn, even though the characters do look like they need a nap.

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