Music Game Review: Taiko no Tatsujin ~Rhythm Festival~

So finally this game was on sale so I decided to pick it up and give it a shot because who doesn’t love some taiko drumming?

Similar to V-Version there’s a cute story mode and you can unlock more chapters as you level your drum level. The story concludes when your drum level is 90, however you can keep leveling up your drum level to unlock outfits and other items in game.

In addition to the usual “play a song in the library” there’s 2 party game features. Fortunately it’s not horrific like the party games in the last Taiko switch game. These were actually fun. The first game you have a “toy war” and you can buy different toys in the shop to help you “battle” as you play songs. You can play the songs freely or you can do the missions for yet another mini story mode.

The next one is a rock band style one where you can play with 3 computers or other people and each one of you has your own notes to hit at certain parts. If you’re playing alone you can always pick the easier “part” to play though I struggled on the final song for some reason. (;^ω^) Just like with the Toy War there’s missions and a story mode where you get to play at Budokan Kadokan.

So with those 2 modes it made it a lot more fun to grind drum levels than just playing songs. The game also now features Taiko Pass which is a subscription service that allows you to play a bunch of songs in the library for about $5 a month (cheaper if you pick longer subscription period.) There’s even a free 7 day trial if you aren’t sure whether it’s for you. I tried it out, but unfortunately I found it to be pretty lacking. It had a lot of newer songs or songs from the same genre (i.e. like 7 One Piece or Naruto songs in the anime section for example). The game music section was seriously lacking (Where’s my Tales of Arise or Abyss songs!?) So overall, the Taiko Pass isn’t worth it for me now – but as far as I know they add new songs weekly so maybe in a few months I can give it another shot again.

So overall I actually enjoyed the game simply because it had so many different little story modes. The rock band one was a bit of copy pasta between each one but you really get to know all the different characters of Taiko no Tatsujin aside seeing them always dancing in your songs. For example I didn’t even know the dog was named John Wada and his wife, a worm, was Mimizu Wada 😂  If you’re a Taiko no Tatsujin fan, definitely give this one a spin especially if you were disappointed by the previous switch game.


2 thoughts on “Music Game Review: Taiko no Tatsujin ~Rhythm Festival~”

  1. yea even if you aren’t good at it, there’s still easy/normal modes and a practice mode to help you learn.
    if you don’t care about score there’s various “help features” that let you play like making the don/ka buttons all the same so you can practice getting the “rhythm” of a song down.

    And if you aren’t good with buttons you can use Switch’s touch screen feature. I sometimes find that touch screen playing is a little easier for me than focusing on button pressing actually. It simulates how you do it in a real arcade with an actual taiko drum lol.

  2. This sounds like it’s so much fun! And the art is really cute too. I’ve never been very good at Taiko drum games, but I kind of want to try this anyway.

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