Visual Novel Review: Yumeyu Senkyo Romanesque -Chronicles of Refugia-

Lured in by Kazuki Yone’s illustrations, I decided to check out this indy game on Steam as it was available in both Japanese an English.

Before I go into things, no this is not an otome game. I know that we’re kinda used to her doing artwork for otomes, but this is just a regular story novel and has no romantic elements (well it can if you use your imagination in Noah’s route lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)✨).

Many years into the technological future, in a world where global warming has forced many people and races to coexist in the main lands together. The main story of this game focuses on Alice, who’s a werewolf and is sent by her brother to become the new lease owner of a small island (with many names) to make it a tourist attraction to get more money. Basically, she’s sent to colonize the island for humans and boot out any non-humans who don’t cooperate. In the story we see in this release Alice struggles to cooperate with the oni tribe whose females have all left to live with humans, while the few remaining males ended up staying behind and following a leader. The leader them decided that actually it’s best for them to give in and just move out to the mainland for the safety of their group. However one of the children in the tribe is against leaving the island and their home, and gets into a strife with Alice.

In the character story, we get a small story featuring Noah, a vampire who’s also a hunter by profession. His job is to hunt crossbreeds, the offspring of 2 different species of non-humans because they frequently become violent and will randomly attack others. However one of the prey he was hunting for 15 years, he stumbled upon being “reborn” at the island’s torii gate. Since the prey, aka you, now acts more like a human, Noah starts to take a liking to them and changes his mind from hunter to protector. (n*´ω`*n) And of course in this route you have the option of picking your character’s gender and if you don’t like Noah you can always just go hang out with Alice lol. I picked Noah though because hell yea brooding but sweet, tea making vampire man route 😂. Anyway its was freaking cute and when I didn’t get a CG the first time I went back and picked all the choices where you basically only stay with him and never wander off on your own, and avoid Alice/the doctor at all costs. That gave me what felt like the full route for him and I quite enjoyed it.

And finally there’s a small extra story where you can take a tour of the island as the doctor named Arisu (insert hiragana and katakana Alice jokes here because yes we have Alice and Arisu LMAO). Arisu is one of the few rare humans on the island and he’s a doctor but he has a perpetual “I am done with life” look on his face I mean just look at him. He basically works for Alice at her casino helping take care of any medical issues but he just wants to live quietly and do his thing and not get involved in any of this non-human bullshit. Anyway I really liked him as a character, I could totally imagine Sugita Tomokazu voicing him. 😂

What I would do to play an otome game with a heroine like Alice (well I suppose Taisho Alice works too 😂)

Now while I did enjoy the bit that I played – I will be honest, this game is basically a demo. It was very incomplete and I didn’t really read in detail on what I bought I just kinda saw Yone’s art and pressed the buy now button. 😂 So it’s my fault for not doing more research but I also kinda wish companies wouldn’t release incomplete games only to add DLCs with more stories later on.😔 I enjoyed the stories and cast, though in the main story I kinda got bored of all the island turf war economics and I was only really interested in the dynamics between Alice and Ming and Alice and Cain (otome game brain kicking in here lol.) For a self insert route, Noah’s route was actually OKAY because at least the insert protag had a backstory and was actively part of the flow of the story rather than just a camera into someone else’s problems.

So if you like Yone’s art and enjoy chill short visual novels definitely give this one a look. If you’re looking for a full fledged deep story VN then you will find yourself disappointed.