Otome Game Review: My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! ~The Pirate Who Summons Trouble~

Our heroine Catarina Claes just freed herself from the bad end by friendzoning everyone in the anime and decides to go on a cruise with her step-bro Keith in the place of her parents on one of the Quido cruise ships along with other people form her country. Unfortunately she doesn’t realize she is now involved in some international intrigue over oil and wealth and pirates, that’s apparently part of a fandisk now being played by her friend IRL. 🤣🤣


Geordo Stuart – Well the game is obviously going to be biased towards Georgo since the 2nd season of the anime snuck in several kiss scenes – since my man is done holding back. Unfortunately for him, Catarina is still Bakarina and denser than a brick so despite his multiple attempts to woo her and get her to understand his feelings, her ultimate conclusion is “Why would he like me when he clearly loves Maria?” Clearly. 🤣 And so we got some overarching pirates take over the ship and lock everyone up in different rooms plot but nobody cares about that because the whole time we’re exposed to Catarina cockblocking Geordo with her denseness while Keith and Mary constantly cockblock anytime the 2 of them get some alone time together. It’s finally when Geordo’s had enough of this shit, kisses her, and basically knocks her out for a day until she finally gets the picture. And so finally in the ending, they get married and the bonus CG is from their wedding night. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keith Claes – Keith Hime is the same as usual caring for his nee-san just like a mom because if he doesn’t Catarina ends up eating so much she has to spend a day at the infirmary – before going on another hungry bear rampage. It’s when they’re exploring the ship and Keith supports Catarina from falling she realizes oh my god those MANLY ARMS 😍 And so suddenly he’s no longer her lil step bro and he’s this ikeman she’s conveniently had near her for all these years. Just like with Geordo, and basically everyone else in this game, Keith has of course been in love with Catarina since they were kids – in fact he even reminded me that he fell in love with her the moment she broke down the door to his room with an axe. 🤣 And so after the whole ship incident, Catarina breaks off her engagement to Georgo (and the poor guy goes on to get NTR’ed in the next 5 routes.) She then tells her parents she wants to marry Keith instead but her mom’s immediate reaction is “wow Keith do you really wanna marry our faildaughter?” 🤣 Keith of course is happy that he no longer has to get NTRed by Geordo and they get officially engaged.

Alan Stuart – Alan starts off all fidgety around Catarina as usual so we get tons of really cute lovecom moments between the two of them at the start of the route. UNFORTUNATELY the annoying as hell side characters from the last route (who I coined WEED MAN because he was so mad he had no magic he took a life of selling “herbs”) decide to rail in their ugly heads in this route. In addition to him we got a Misogynist side chara who hated all women because his step mom and sister were huge bitches to him and walked all over his dad’s wallet lmao. Ok well Lilliana was actually kinda funny because anytime Catarina and Alan had a cute moment she’d peek from behind the corner like “ayy you can do it gurl don’t mind me ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)” But yea turns out she was politically married to weed man but she was legit in love with him and he didn’t know this and he was a miserable drug selling fuckboy until all the shit hit the fan on the not so nice boat. Due to this Alan and Catarina moments suddenly vanish until literally the very end of the final chapter where Alan reminds Catarina that he too has been in love with her since she was like 8 years old. ┐(´д`)┌ Catarina is like oh okay ya sure I’ll roll with it and breaks off her engagement with Geordo once again. 😂😭

Nicol Ascart – Nicol’s route took a really bizarre turn that I did not expect. We had the pirate thing as usual which I glazed over but then everyone got washed ashore and separated, including Nicol and Catarina. On top of that, Catarina found some kind of cursed necklace with a witch’s spirit that’s been raging for 1000 years. Apparently this witch’s boyfriend promised to page her with her magical ring when he went off on his ship, but his servants replaced it with a toy ring that had no effects. And so he died in sadness and she thought he dumped her so because he happened to look like Geordo, the witch decided to take over Catarina’s body and NTR Geordo with Nicol who just so happened to be conveniently nearby. 🤣🤣 Additionally to this, just like in S2 of the anime, Nicol finds out that his dad NTRed his mom from someone else and Sofia tells him it’s A-OK to NTR Catarina away from Geordo. In fact she’s basically like JUST DO IT ONIISAMA ✓. 🤩 And so after Catarina’s out of body experience ends, she realizes she’s got some feelings for Nicol and when Nicol confesses he then immediately is like “umm forget I said that, I just wanted to say it, but let’s just be childhood friends like before.” ಠ_ಠ It’s so sad, but fortunately since this is an otome game you get to interject him and tell him that no in fact you also are in love with him. And so as usual, Catarina dumps Geordo and goes with Nicol, as Sofia continues to ship them in the background.

Rozyon Lyndgren – Sorry I forgot how to spell all the names properly so I’m sure I butchered it but his nickname is Rozy so that’s what we’re rolling with. Basically Rozy is on the ship with Silva pretending to be pirates/ship crew in order to stop the plot of the Quido prime minister to capture Maria for her magic powers. They basically scare all the passengers into thinking they’re pirates and make them stay in their own rooms for their safety while taking care of all the plot shit behind the scenes. Anyway glazing over “lol random side plot” the deal with Rozy is he’s an inventor, like one of those genius kids. He thought he was a failure and had an invention block until he met Catarina. He gave her some gummy bears he made and since Catarina’s a black hole stomach she was like OH MAN OISHIIIII. Just seeing some 8 year old loli tell him that his candy tastes good suddenly made him fall in love with her (btw he was like 15 at the time what the fuck😩) and made his inspiration for creations come back. I mean in a way he’s the perfect guy for her because he even invented like a gardening stool that can lift up & down just for her so she wouldn’t have back pain when hunching over. Otherwise though, the entire route is him just spewing his unrequited love on to Dense-a-rina and also ruining his image with that all-back hairstyle of his (Should have kept it with bangs tbh.) And so after confessing to her, Catarina returns back home and Rozy visits her to do a 6 month business trip and spend time with her (and also I still don’t really get when/how she also fell in love with him but I assume it was the gardening chair tbh.) Oh I forgot to mention, Rozy is a hyper-bocchan – he’s literally the cousin of the Quido king. 😂


Silva Bastide – Silva is the pirate man but as Rozy’s route revealed he’s not actually a pirate. It turns out he was living in some snow bound land country with his family until they let an asshole in to save him from the cold. The asshole then took advantage of his family’s kindness and instead brought back his henchmen to destroy Silva’s village and then use him in human traficking transaction. He was sold to some pedobear scientist who basically collected shotas and did experiments on them to make them “stronger”. Because of this Silva has weird glowing purple eyes when he fights and he’s like stronger than the average bear. When he turned 13 he had the strength to escape the pedo dungeon and that’s when he ran into Rozy (who was 15 at the time), who then took him and adopted him as a “younger brother” in his family. What I liked the most about Silva’s route is from the start he seemed really chill for a “pirate” and the first time he met Catarina she saw all his abuse scars from childhood and was like “wow a cosplayer!” 😂😭

(っ’-‘)╮ =͟͟͞͞♡)`ω’* )シュキ♡

The other reason I liked Silva is unlike the other 5 guys in this game, Silva didn’t have a “I’ve loved Catarina since she was 8” disposition which frankly can get really boring and tiring after seeing the same type of plot 5 routes in a row. So while it wasn’t perfect, the romantic development between Catarina and Silva was definitely my favorite. Either that or I’m just biased towards Namikawa Daisuke, NGL. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) And so after it turns out the pedrobear came back to try to get Silva, he brings a bunch of roided shotas to fight him. Unfortunately they’re not match for an adult man with the same bullshit flowing through his veins – and also apparently he’s no match for Catarina literally throwing a toy snake in his face. 🤣🤣🤣 And so pedrobear is defeated, Catarina suddenly realizes that hot “secret otome game route” character is legit hot enough to give her some dokis and she can no longer resist sexy not-actually-pirate man. They both return to their respective countries, and some time later Silva comes back now as Silva Lyndgren, officially adopted into Rozy’s family so that he can have the proper status to ask Catarina’s parents for her hand in marriage. ❤️ And hell yea he gets 2 paragraphs in my post because I’m biased and damn his route was my favorite lmao.

There’s no girl ends but there’s like yay we’re all BFFS scene in the normal ending

Ehhh overall I didn’t really come with great expectations especially because S2 of the anime didn’t really impress me other than progress with Geordo. That said I actually enjoyed the interaction between Catarina and whoever’s route I was on. I even enjoyed everyone’s silly banter in the common route (which was sadly only 2 chapters long.) What really kinda ruined the overall feel for me were all the ANNOYING side characters. The entire point of these pointless plotlines for me is to “move along the relationship between Catarina and the guy whose route I am on.” Unfortunately it just felt like from chapters 4 to most of 7 we were stuck with this dumb side plot about international intrigue between Catarina’s home nation and Quido (however you spell that I forget.) It ended up overshadowing the plot and by the time we were ready to move on to the romance, boom, credits are rolling with a brief post credits epilogue. (´・ω・`) I am assuming Otomate didn’t want to stray too far from the canon to make fans angry so they kept Catarina dense basically the whole way down except with Silva they finally were like nah fuck it, let’s just do our usual otome game shit lol. I wish they kinda put that attitude to all the other routes without being afraid of stepping on some toes. Ultimately the game is supposed to be an AU scenario anyway and in no way is anyone going to ever think it’s canon (except the dingus on Amazon who gave this game a 1 star review because they were mad that Catarina actually got to romance someone.)


My favorite routes ended up being Geordo and Silva because they had the plot on the side rather than having it “overtake” what I ultimately came into this game for: To see some romantic development for Catarina. I think if you don’t really care about that as much and you just wanna see Catarina be dense and stuff her face the whole time, then this might be the game for you. If you are looking for a stand alone otome game and have no familiarity with the series though, I would absolutely not recommend this. The game does a very poor job of getting you to know much about these characters and it basically goes with the assumption that you’ve at least watched Season 1 of the anime. If you like Namikawa Daisuke though you should play this game because MM YEsss Silva was a good route. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 👍


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  1. it’s definitely longer than 10 hours that’s for sure unless you don’t wait for characters to finish talking and read really fast maybe it’s faster. on average most otome games are 30-60 hours for me and I consider myself a fast reader but I wait for all the characters to finish talking

  2. How long is this game?
    I have too many backlog, including Yuru Camp VN, so I don’t know if I want to play this first if it’s actually long (over 10 hrs)

  3. You could buy it, however there’s no language switch. It’s not a localized game so therefore there will be no English language options. Most Japanese games do not come with a language switch (at least for visual novels/otome games)

  4. Silly question but I really want to play this game but I can’t read Japanese. Is there an English option for the story? I know it was released only regionally in Japan but since the switch isn’t region locked I could buy it, if I could switch the language.

  5. Otomate is still in charge and they wouldn’t put yuri/yaoi in their games anymore after the massive backlash they got from a side character in one of their other games having “potentially gay feelings” for one of the main LIs.

    I think Otomate and most Japan company games tend to stick to a “group” for all their games (aka Otome is only Female x Male and Galge is only Male x Female and Yuri is only Female x Female etc) Japan gets really mad when you mix genres in 1 game because they feel like it’s giving them false advertising. Western games tend to just throw everything in.

  6. To be honest I was expecting to let sapphic Katarina stans to get the change to let Katarina end up with the girls character. I’m disappointed 😞. Well I’m going to choose Geordo route

  7. yea exactly like I wanna enjoy the time between Catarina and her guy!! but no, it’s time for weed man and kuso GGE adventures for 5 chapters instead xD

  8. I’m waiting for your review since I’m currently playing this game and now on Nicol’s route. I have same reaction with you. and the side characters’ cock blocking between Catarina and whoever route I’m in really annoys me. I feel like the romance is a bit lacking but it is a good game overall.

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