Otome Game Review: Spiral Memoria ~The Summer I Meet Myself~

In my continuing streak of boredom, I decided to buy Spiral Memoria off the English store due to it being on sale. I read that it was bad, but I was like eh my expectations are pretty low – how bad can it be? Ominous Voice: It was bad. The story is about a heroine named Miku who appears to have lost her memories and is now trying to find out the truth about herself.

I too enjoy romantic hugs in the middle of a secret government science laboratory

Okouchi Sosuke – Out of nowhere this dude just shows up in front of Miku asking her out on a date so from the start it felt like the entire first chunk of the game was missing. I guess they really wanted us to get that amnesia feel that the heroine was going through! So anyway they go on this date, and then she runs into some guy who apparently knew her in middle school before her accident. He’s 20 years old and says she should be 20 as well but she claims she’s still 17 and in high school. Something doesn’t add up so when she tries to ask her parents on what’s going on – they avoid the subject all together and ignore her. Since this is really weird, Miku decides to go to Osaka, the place she lived in before the accident. Sosuke, who is so madly in love with her, decides to just hop on a bus with her and travel in the middle of the night to Osaka. So now we got 2 runaway teens, and they end up staying in some random hotel and sleeping in the same bed together lol. The next day though a bunch of agents kidnap her and bring her back to the lab where she belongs cause ayy suddenly we get some poor man’s Code Realize and turns out Miku is a clone! And the real Miku is actually a vegetable at this lab but clone-Miku was created in order to harvest parts to put into the “real Miku”. Knowing that she was just a spare part, clone-Miku feels like shit and is like damn why am I even alive. The guy who created her has a huge science lab fetish for her though and doesn’t want to chop her up like a lab animal. Just then Sosuke bursts into the lab, yells out fire or something and helps Miku escape. And then they magically run off together and makeout in a classroom (?? even though I thought they were running to his uncle’s secret house). OKAY. In the normal end she’s like durr I wanna be a spare part see ya dude and then cries after he leaves her. Lol well I can see how much he truly cared about her if he just…runs off like that lmao. (・ัω・ั)

Man I miss Kishio in otome games

Minakata Hayato – Hayato is the artist that was also Miku’s school mate in middle school – well real Miku’s. But because we’re short on time and plot in this game, he meets clone-Miku and immediately falls in love with her. He helps her to go to Osaka and even has her stay over his family’s incredibly crowded 2 bedroom apartment. He has like 4 siblings and everytime he’s over it becomes a racket. While they’re having a fun time touring Osaka, as usual Miku obviously can’t remember anything and eventually the government workers show up and kidnap her back to the lab. We get the usual info dump about how she’s just a spare tire but the plot twist in this route is Hayato and her father help rescue her out. Even though the parents were the ones who agreed to creating a clone for parts in the first place I guess they realized it’s REALLY UNETHICAL AND BAD. So then dad drops clone-Miku with Hayato and says musume yoroshiku and drives off into the sunset. And so uh Miku goes to live with Hayato’s family in Osaka and for some reason the government doesn’t come after them? Or maybe they do but ayy we ain’t got no time to tie up loose ends.


Yukawa Kazuma – Kazuma is the scientist who made Miku – and although I forgot to mention that Miku is like this hyper special clone that somehow grew from age 0 – 17 in 3 years?? They never quite explained how the freak they did any of this and it felt like some poor man’s code realize where they implant a “soul into the body” so it also felt like some weird Evangelion ripoff. Anyway the point being here, Kazuma has gone mad and is in love with his scientific specimen, meanwhile Miku has pretty much fallen in love with him for no reason other than “nice older guy” trope lol. And so obviously when it’s time to slice and dice her up for the real Miku’s body parts, Kazuma doesn’t want to go through with it. When Miku discovers the truth she doesn’t want to return to her fake parents anymore and the lab government dudes are trying to catch her and bring her back. Kazuma then grabs her and takes her to run away together and they end up driving off a cliff and somehow surviving and running away to live in some turbo-inaka where nobody knows who they are. Kazuma ends up making a living off helping the 100 year old people there with medical problems since he’s a doctor. In the bad end, Miku’s like “damn I got nothing to live for except my creator” mindset since what else is she gonna do, and ends up living in some secret hidden away lab room in the hospital with no windows like some uguu lab of love with Kazuma. It’s honestly amazing tho he’s able to leave the room and nobody even thinks to arrest him for potentially kidnapping an organ donor specimen or to even check how there’s this random room just hidden away in the hospital basement lmao.

The route where they gave up both on art and writing

Okazaki Rin – Well if you think the other routes were “unfinished” this one takes the award for most WTF IS THE POINT of this route. First of all, unlike the other routes where you do run into the other characters, Rin never appears in any other route except his own. It’s almost as if last minute they needed to add 1 more route and just kinda shoveled him in there. Secondly, like with Miku, Rin is a clone. Up until his route, I was under the impression Miku was the ONLY successful clone according to Kazuma, but nope, here we are with yet another successful clone. Well, I guess you can say that relatively, because actually his body is pretty much on the end of its life cycle because he was made with “older technology”. He’s also this super tragic dude because the original Rin gave his cells to science and then when he died at a young age his parents decided to make a clone of their son to raise as a replacement. Unfortunately the entire family is cursed and his parents died in some accident JUST as clone-Rin was born. And so clone-Rin was basically raised by the researchers as well as the family’s butler Tachibana. Also in this route apparently Miku’s memories were warped that she didn’t remember at all being raised in the research facility but Rin knew her lmao yay amnesia tropes! And so when it’s time to throw Miku under the donor surgery, Kazuma as usual doesn’t want to sacrifice his precious experiment and tells her to run away and she’s like noo I must run with Rin cause now we clone BFFs!!!!! They run to his house, and obviously the researchers go look there first thing so Tachibana tells Rin and Miku to just….run away on their own. Right, 2 cloned humans running away with 1 on the brink of death is gonna fly well. And so Miku and Rin (suddenly I feel like I’m talking about vocaloids??😂) run off to the beach where Rin basically collapses and dies in her arms. THE END. LMAO O K A Y. I didn’t even bother doing the bad ends because the true end is a sack of shite. ಠ_ಠ

I enjoyed the tour of Osaka in Hayato’s route 😂

To be honest I thought the premise was actually not so bad?? I thought the whole idea about cloning and science and stuff was really neat and the heroine finding out about herself was interesting to see. That said, the CGs were half assed (they were absolutely not done by the character designer – RIn’s route being the worst offender.) Most of the endings felt like they were full of loose ends and once again, Rin’s being the worst offender where it just felt straight up unfinished???? The characters also fell in love with Miku incredibly fast (Sosuke) or absolutely had no feelings for her (Rin.) Kazuma and Hayato were probably the only ones where it felt “justified” so those were probably the only “okay” routes and the closest one to a somewhat “legit” endings was probably Kazuma’s. It’s actually quite a shame that it was some half assed Code Realize ripoff but I guess since it’s originally a mobile game there’s not much hope for things like this. The one thing I can say was decent was the localization. I started the first route in Japanese but decided to play the other 3 in English to see if there was issues and surprisingly I only saw maybe 1-2 typos or grammar issues. The rest was completely fine and it’s a shame a crap game like this gets a good localization, while blockbuster console releases are left with you-know-what 😂 Overall as other reviews have said out there, don’t recommend, and it wasn’t even worth buying on a $10 off sale lmao.

Also I still can’t stop thinking about Miku and Rin, was the writer a vocaloid fan?? That cannot be a coincidence LOL


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  1. i mean my expectations for mobile game ports are 6 feet under to begin with but it seems like they put some effort into some of the story/art/voice acting but then maybe their budget ran out lol

  2. o.o wat da … the history in this game is like a friend showing you his/her favorite movie but skipping only to the ´´good´´ parts , lol they really want you to feel like the heroine so they avoid that pesky things like background and past , talk about extreme self inserting XD first time that I feel like the heroine. This reminds me the kaguya/menou game when the history goes to shit because I guess the writer took a smoke break and their memory is just like a goldfish

  3. there was something similar in yunohana spring too which was a console release – shoved in random childhood friend character that had no appearances in any other route lol

  4. And I was wondering why she met herself since it sounded as if she’d had a doppelgaenger. Guess I know now.

    Also I’m not sure why it’s a thing but in some mobages [even those with pc/console ports] there are routes with characters that appear only in their own and nowhere else. Like, I know it’s short but it almost sounds like a total AU.

  5. yea to be honest I bought the game cause of Matsuoka and he literally had the worst route lol m9(^Д^)プギャー!!

  6. Aahhh… That’s disappointing… The tagline “The Summer I Meet Myself” is actually very interesting…
    Also after reading your review, the boys in this game feels kinda disconnect to the girl story (except the scientist i think). Usually both heroine and the love interest have their own problem that connected together so both will be the star of their own route but in this game it seems like just miku and his helper lol so yeah… (Damn that good tagline)

    And i expected more from an otoge who has Matsuoka Yoshitsugu in it…

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