Otome Game Review: Arabians Doubt

It’s been 8 years and Quin Rose has gone bankrupt but I ran out of games and I realized I never played the FD of this game so here we are!  Aileen reached her money goal and thought she was free but her mom owned her ass by telling her the entire time she was gathering money they had secretly had royal guards making sure nobody attacked her. They tell her that her position as Gilkhatar’s princess is not going to change and by her not becoming the ruler, someone else will and will almost certainly try to kill her to get her out of “way”. Her parents decide to go on a long honeymoon (aka run away from their responsibilities) with no plans to return and tell her to “do as she pleases” but she knows she can’t just abandon her kingdom. On top of that we get a new character, Jared, who is her arranged fiance and continuously cockblocks every single route. Also now we get a name and face for Aileen’s ex boyfriend Theodore.

Tyrone Bale – Tyrone is his usual meathead self but apparently has some pent up rage about the fact that Aileen dated Theodore to the point that he wants to kill him. After spending some time and drinking together, they both realize they’ve fallen in love with each other and Tyrone confesses his feelings to her. The highlight of the route was when she came to his place to wake him up, gets pulled into bed while he’s half asleep and he starts making out with her until she punches him awake and he’s like “wow how did this happen?” 😂 Anyway honestly I felt like I sat through a whole lot of nothing until every once in a while they’d throw in some cute scene out of context. Also somehow they go from wrapping his bandages on a wound to banging like?? And then he gets randomly jealous thinking she loves someone else despite everything that happened above what.

Even though Aileen is like umm why would I bang you if we weren’t lovers and I loved you ?? ಠ_ಠ Best End: Aileen and Tyrone fight off her assassins (cause apparently the underlying plot is she’s been targeted this whole time while her parents ran off.) Ultimately they decide to have Stuart rule the northern part while Tyrone rules the southern part with Aileen.Tyrone also then asks to marry Aileen and become “king so he can be a family with her”. (Also insert jokes about how he said he’d be her slave if she insisted HAHAHA😂😂)  King & Queen End: Tyrone tells Aileen to just become the official queen rather than a temporary sit-in, but Aileen wants him to become king so she can quietly run off on her own lol. In the end she has to accept being Queen and Tyrone says he’ll work harder to become a better person more fit to be her King. Revenge End: Tyrone is killed so Aileen goes on a revenge spree to kill his murderers. One-sided-love end: Aileen ends up in a 1-sided love cause Tyrone never comes to see her anymore. Daily Life End: Aileen enjoys her single life just bffing it up with servant Cheika and ignoring all the mans.

Stuart Sink – Stuart is back to being a tsuntsundere and now that he’s “no longer her fiance candidate” he refuses to help her unless she provides him some kind of reward. Despite being super tsun, Aileen still has good memories when they were kids, and tries to find the good in him hidden behind that icey wall he constantly puts up. One day though he suddenly asks her on a surprise lunch date to which Aileen’s eyes almost pop out of her head. On their date he still acts obnoxious but on their way back when she accidentally bumps into someone he catches her and puts his arm around her claiming only he can look out after her (/ω\). After this they spend time trying to stop the people trying to murder her (which appears to be Stuart’s crazy dad) along with Tyrone, who unfortunately realizes he’s now a 3rd wheel. (´;ω;`) He even acts like a bro to give Stuart and Aileen a lot of alone time together. It’s super effective because Stuart finally admits to Aileen how much he loves her and how much he hates Theodore for at one point going out with her. He often acts like he’s all shy but then somehow he turns on the horny switch and goes from tsundere to like Jinguugji Ren from UtaPri 🤣🤣.

Anyway turns out Stuart’s loyal servant Dows was a traitor to him from the start deployed by his father…so Stuart just kills him lol. Best End: Stuart’s evil dad finally gets arrested and imprisoned for his treacherous crimes. Aileen lets the 2 witnesses escape because she felt sympathy for them which angers Stuart but he gets over it after bragging to Tyrone about him and Aileen eventually marrying – and then the 2 of them banging in his room lol. Stuart also manages to find her parents who have run away all this time cause he knows she doesn’t want to rule and neither does he. He then asks her to marry him and be by his side and of course Aileen won’t refuse since she’s loved him all this time. Governor Ending: Stuart focuses on the north side of the country to make sure that Aileen and the throne are safe but he refuses to become king, for now. Illusion End: Aileen gets stabbed and dies in Stuart’s arms. Public Safety Corruption End: The royal palace gets filled with people trying to assassinate Aileen so Stuart becomes her personal bodyguard. Stuart was the reason I even picked up this game so I’m glad he had some nice moments but I feel like they’ve made him go from tsundere to doS in this one lol.

Lille Sluman – I have no idea why Aileen feels the need to pretend to want to marry Jared and lie to Lille’s face but it just kinda wrecks the atmosphere between them from the start. This of course causes a misunderstanding where Lille is mad that he missed his chance to be with her – even though he obviously hasn’t. He grabs her by her face one day rambling indirectly about this but all it does is terrify Aileen and just make things go backwards even further. 😔 And then hilarity ensues because he admits that now only has he loved her since the beginning of the bet with her parents – but apparently had she lost the bet she would have had to marry him. BUT ALSO IN ONE OF CURTIS’ ENDS IN THE FIRST GAME SHE DEFINITELY MARRIES HIM AND CONTINUES BANGING CURTIS ON THE SIDE DGHLKSJDG.I had a feeling about this bad end but LOL THEY JUST CONFIRMED IT 😂😂 Jesus christ, I almost felt sorry for him. He then starts to openly hit on her but even though Aileen is like durr I don’t know how I feel about him? At first, she immediately is like “oh yes actually I like this” lol. Unfortunately I couldn’t even enjoy this bit because literally 50% of the route is spent with Jared hijacking it so we barely even get any scenes with Lille to begin with. ( ´_ゝ`)

And then when they finally get a scene where they literally bang in the training room..we don’t get a single CG LOL. \(^o^)/ At the end of the insanely long and distracted route, it just feels like he’s some lover on the side rather than dedicated to her tbh. Best End: Aileen decides to become queen but then just abandon her responsibilities and run away like Simba in the Lion King. And on the night of her becoming queen Lille bed intrudes into her room so they can bang all night. The fact that he wasn’t even around half of the route and then just throwing this forced sexy times just made this route a huge drag. Also once again in this route Aileen has dreams about Alicia lol because Quin Rose just wanted to yuri-up their heroines by making them reincarnations of their lovers in their past lives. Training End: Aileen just trains with Lille. Queen End: Lille won’t let Aileen run away and tells her they can start making “heirs to the throne” but then he says he hates kids (;^ω^)… but he would rather she poop out his babies than any other man so WELP. Gr8.  Sensei End: Lille decides to hide all his feelings for Aileen and just treat her as a student.

Curtis Nile – Lille’s route irritated me so much I was sick of doing routes of characters I don’t really like and getting mediocre results so I decided to jump right to my favorite….Curtis. I heard his route wasn’t that good so my expectations weren’t high but at this point I was desperate for anything after Lille lol. Fortunately since this is Curtis, anyone that tries to assassinate Aileen instantly gets killed by him so she’s got a pretty good bodyguard! 😂 He also gets extremely jealous of Jared (as most of the guys in this game) but his rage vibes just bounce off Jared like a basketball lol. AND HONESTLY IT WASN’T TOO BAD OF A ROUTE IF YOU IGNORE THE FACT THAT HE LITERALLY JUST…ATE HER EYELASH AFTER PICKING IT OFF HER FACE LMAO WTF QUIN ROSE.Fortunately the rest of the route still had its cute moments like when he randomly comes in her room one night to give her a long hug at by which point she was already admitting to herself that she was in love with him. (*´ェ`*) He continues to sneak into her palace daily and take her out on dates and stuff but Aileen doesn’t care cause inside she’s happy lol. He admits he took a job in another country to get away from Aileen but then while being away from her, he realized how much he misses her. Aileen realizing the feeling is mutual kisses him and when he realizes they’re both got the hots for each other, they end up going to his place to bang that night. (́◉◞౪◟◉) Even after this he’s a deredere cupcake to her, blushing like a nerd when she tells him to shut up and shoves and apple in his mouth lmao. 😂 It was so cute I’m glad that despite the last 3 routes being rather disappointing Curtis was still…Curtis. Aileen has to keep him from murdering Jared out of jealousy pretty much the entire route lol.

Best End: Uh neither Aileen or Curtis wanna be ruler so Aileen just continues to be a temporary queen – in – standing for now until Curtis suggests they run away like her parents did lol. Actually Curits wants to elope but Aileen is just can’t you just marry me normally?? Of course Curtis doesn’t wanna do that because he doesn’t wanna go with the formalities or meet with her parents LOL. In the end he agrees to marry her as long as he remains out of public eye and she ends up showing herself as a “solo wedding ceremony” lol. Anyway after that’s over Curtis gets down to business for their “honeymoon” ( ͡⚆ ͜ʖ ͡⚆). Kidnapping End: Aileen goes to sleep after banging Curtis and wakes up in some jungle….cause he decided to just force elope with her after all. \(^o^)/ He basically tells her Hakuna Matata and that both his guild and her throne will just get taken over by someone eventually anyway. Aileen keeps trying to run away but yea like she’s never gonna outrun Curtis and so he keeps catching her like a cat & mouse game and bringing her back to his jungle shack. Cohabiting End: Curtis gets pissed when Jared decides to just live at the palace for no reason and is on the verge of killing him. Void End: Curtis stops visiting Aileen and she misses him. Toast End: Aileen catches Almeda getting drunk at the bar and thinks he’s stalking Chezkja. After talking to him turns out it’s a misunderstanding and they end up having a drink together.

Roberto Cromwell – Roberto starts visiting Aileen at the palace almost every day so they end up hanging out together a lot. But then for some reason he gets weirdly aggressive and horny and just keeps randomly grabbing Aileen and making out with her at every chance he gets. ಠ_ಠ Aileen is totally okay with this even though most of the time her reaction is ??? On top of that you constantly have Lille cockblocking and being annoying. I think Roberto’s route really sealed the whole annoyance I had with this game in which “why didn’t it just continue from where the last game left off, why did it reset their relationship if it feels like they’re already lovers anyway?” Best End: Roberto gets into a fight with Jared over Aileen but instead of fighting they handle it like manly men – and end up gambling much to her dismay. ( ´_ゝ`) As usual Aileen rambles about wanting to be “normal” and feels she can do this with Roberto and he just fuels her laziness telling her she should just quit if being a ruler is boring her.

Roberto also takes her to where her parents have run off to. Emergency End: IDK why Roberto becomes a weird creepy yandere and gets pissed because Aileen visits his casino but leaves before seeing him. He then decides to bang her in a dark alley and she just goes along with it like she could honestly kick the ass of any of these guys from training in the last game wtf? The stupidest part is the only reason you get this end is one choice where you instead of catching your breath to tell Roberto something, you have Aileen barf it all out while panting from running. Really. He apologizes a few days later and Aileen forgives him but I’m just rolling my eyes, way to ruin Roberto in this game lol. Starry Sky End: Aileen decides not to get close to Roberto and keeps her distance by not going into his room. Temptation End: Roberto temps  Aileen with some sexy times and gets a real kiss CG better than in his best end. ( ´_ゝ`) I don’t know honestly there was probably more that happened but I could barely focus on how shitty most of this game was.

Jared Balthazar – Jared is like a giant cockblock the entire game which is so weird because I would think they’d make the ex-boyfriend that role but nope…let’s add a rando to do it instead. Well I guess he’s not a complete rando, he’s a prominent merchant from another city and he’s her second cousin (ew). Well fortunately by the time he confesses his love for Aileen she’s already fallen in love with him so I guess that worked out. But then there’s a huge misunderstanding when Jared comes back to his room to find Aileen just talking to Theodor and assumes that she’s just been playing with his feelings the whole time! ಠ_ಠ After making out with Aileen until she can’t stand up he finally listens to her be like “Theodor was telling me how much you’re in love with me you doofus”. Sigh. After he finally is satisfied and rambles many times how much he loves her they end up banging lol. But then despite banging her several times in this route he’s like “nah I don’t wanna marry you lmao”. So then turns out Jared was in cahoots with Joshua (of course) and was trying to use Aileen by wooing her. He bed intrudes into her room the next day and when she tries to call her servants for help they don’t hear her because he uses magic to “seal” them off. Aileen then gets mad and reveals she knows that he’s a traitor and asks what his goal tonight is and tells him to gtfo. Aileen attempts to fight him off, but he’s much stronger than her and the moment he starts making out with her in bed she just ~gives in~.

I was kinda raging in this part but at least I found out later it was all an act. The worst part is she was even crying asking him why he’s doing this and he just continues to lie in her face acting like he loves her. Turns out he then sold gun powder to Stuart who then not too soon after starts blasting at the palace but during the whole thing Jared is like YEA ILL FIGHT ALONGSIDE OF YOU! Wtf. Well turns out Jared just pretended to follow Joshua cause he kidnapped Theodor and once Jared and Aileen basically corner him, Joshua cannot do anything but comply with them. After kicking Joshua’s ass, Jared admits he was lying to her and told her he won’t marry her because he didn’t want Joshua to think that Jared was on her side. He then tells her he’s still in love with her and wants to rekindle everything, and even though Aileen acts like she wants him out of her life all her internal thoughts are YES BABY TAKE ME sigh lol. Best End: Jared asks Aileen to marry him and when she agrees, he magically teleports her parents right to the spot back at the palace. 🤣🤣🤣 He tells Aileen it was always his dream to live in Gilkhatar and he’s glad he can do it with his loved one. Assistant End: Aileen continues her duties as a stand in queen, and Jared is bored and hangs around offering to help her for once. Aileen still loves him and wants to try to confess her feelings but her pride keeps them at bay. Fast Ride End: Jared sacrifices himself to fight off Aileen’s attackers telling her to run away and she runs with her 2 servants. Return End: Jared returns to his country by request of his mother.

Shark Brandon – Shark’s route seems to focus on his little brother finally recovering, but in  weird irony, his brother’s character design looks more like he’s Aileen’s brother than Shark’s. 😂  From literally the beginning of the route Shark nearly blurts out that he has a crush on Aileen but lol of course this FD has to completely reset everything. Since he’s a doctor at least he’s nice enough to give her free massages! Unfortunately similarly to the other guys in the game, he has the hots for Aileen, but Aileen is an indecisive O/C idiot in this game and the whole time I’m just waiting for her to finally be like “oh yea I like him too!” On top of that you constantly have his little brother Maze cockblocking most of the scenario. So then one night she comes to his doctor’s office and basically finally confesses indirectly that she loves him and he’s so happy he starts making out – completely forgetting that his room is directly connected to Maze’s room..and he can pretty much hear everything. 😂 But then Shark says he’s closed the pipe off so Maze can’t hear anything 😂. The reason is because Maze has gotten better health wise so he figured he doesn’t need his emergency “help me” yell pipe (cause they don’t have emergency call buttons in this time period I guess.)

Anyway after this they bang in his room cause Aileen complains that his office desk is too hard on her old lady hips. ( ̄▽ ̄) The next morning while he’s bringing her breakfast she decides to put on his frilly shirt for shits & giggles and since she’s pretty much naked underneath, when he comes back it just makes him horny again LMAO. Needless to say they end up banging yet again lmao. Shark tells her he wants to marry her but as usual Aileen has to be an annoying turd in this route and game and refuses him – and then back to Maze cockblocking. Bonus points for Jared cockblocking last minute because of course. So then Jared and Shark face off in a stupid merchant contest which unfortunately in the cgs just looks like a “stare at Aileen’s boobs” contest. Since this is Shark’s route of course he wins and in the best end, he just visits her to hear her complaints at the palace about having to run everything instead of her parents. And then it just drags on ending with Aileen and Shark having a picnic…k. NTR End: Shark gets annoyed with Aileen’s bullshit and rejection of his proposal that he treats her coldly no matter how much she tries to seduce him, but still agrees to bang her so this is some weird sex friend ending ಠ_ಠ. Instead, his brother Maze ends up hitting on her saying he can do better than his brother and treat her right LOL. Just then Shark walks in on them and is horrified in mohave a passive aggressive tea party. Shark, Aileen and Jared (lol)have a passive aggressive tea party. Breakup End: Aileen and Shark get into a fight over fashion and never talk again. Honestly the only good scene that I liked in this route was where she wore Shark’s shirt lol, everything else was Maze cockblock fest and forgettable.

Theodor Low – The reason Theodor even shows up is turns out he’s Jared’s servant! Aileen is surprised to find out that Theodor isn’t a weakling like he used to be when she tries to surprise him and ends up getting ground slammed lol. Turns out he went to the bar just to see Aileen and pretended to drink with her even though he hates drinking and it immediately puts him to sleep. After finding out Aileen wants to keep visiting Jared in the servant headquarters, but is surprised instead to find Jared – the cockblock – there instead. He then admits he initially hired Theodor to murder Aileen but of course Theodor refuses since he had previously dated Aileen. Turns out Jared was just trolling him to make sure he isn’t a bad guy before asking him to just be his servant lol. But of course! A few days later Aileen and Theodor go drinking and Aileen can’t help but fall in love with his drunk babbles once more. Theodor then admits that actually Jared pretended to want to marry Aileen all for Theodor’s sake…cause he never stopped loving Aileen and never went and had other lovers after they broke up. He also admits he was a spy sent by Lille originally but Aileen wants to rekindle things. And so the two of them decide to rekindle their love – the end. Lol weirdly short not even an epilogue!

There was also a dumb mini game but I scoured the web for a CG pack so I wouldn’t have to play Super Aileen Brothers

Extremely forgettable game that halfway through I was just trying to finish it up to see how Theodor would be and it really wasn’t worth it lol. So instead I’m just gonna complain for no reason because I don’t really know what else to say about this “FD”. First, the game starts off from the normal end where Aileen reaches her monetary goal but doesn’t end up with anyone so it’s not a direct fandisk for some reason. So because of this Aileen has to kinda “fall in love” with the guy again but it feels weirdly rushed and anticlimatic. Also despite it taking place past the normal ends, all the guys are pretty much in love with her from the start anyway…so why not just have it be a continuation of the first game?? None of the guys in the game want to be king all of sudden like wtf? They spend half the game just banging Aileen and telling her to run away from her responsibilities while she wavers between Hakuna Matata & “noo but I can’t just abandon muh kingdom!” Most of the scenario was as interesting as watching paint dry because they were trying way too hard to have a plot instead of doing what an FD is supposed to do – romantic character interaction SMH. They would just shove in random makeout scenes out of nowhere with no good lead in and it wouldn’t fit the mood at all. No idea why QuinRose thought it was a good idea to reuse bgms from Alice series when this game had bgms of its own. And finally, I had pretty much no expectations for the artwork in this game, because lol QuinRose, but I would have forgiven the artwork if the scenes were written well. Unfortunately the writing and the art were both terrible so the bad art stood out more than it should have. In fact it felt like it was actually significantly worse than the original game so probably the usual QR bullshit of freelancer tracer artists.

I hate how in a lot of the CGs Aileen’s eyes look so soulless and dead lol (don’t even get me started on anatomy I’ve given up that with quin rose games ages ago 🙄)

Anyway my expectations weren’t high, I knew this had bad reviews and that’s why initially I didn’t bother playing it. I feel like even though the game was disappointing, in some routes it felt like it just made things worse? Like Aileen’s personality in this game was so jarringly different and annoying, I can see why a lot of Amazon reviewers were angry. (I remember one of them saying she was cool in the first game but in this one she’s just a complete imbecile and I am sad to agree with this.) Also she should have trained and been able to kick ass of ANY guy in this game so the fact that she lets them do whatever they want is awful – and oppositely, the fact that she treats Shark like a sex friend instead of just telling him her feelings was even more grating lol. (Don’t even get me started on the fact that his little bro had an implied romantic ending w t f.) Then there’s that scene where Curtis literally EATS Aileen’s eyelash for no fucking reason. Excuse me what? Is this Moshikami? 😂 Just felt like the whole game was throwing in some bullshit plot, having Aileen act like an idiot while the guys fawned over her from the start but apparently jumping into bed with the guy before even any kind of love confession happened made it feel like some trashy $1 bargain bin romance novel.

Ultimately I think Arabians Lost is a good game (despite the crazy grueling system) but if you enjoyed AL, definitely don’t bother with this FD. It adds absolutely nothing interesting and ruins the heroine. The only routes I even remotely enjoyed was Stuart and Curtis and everyone else was terribly written or completely forgettable.

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  1. gensou menage is pretty simple I think you’ll be ok with it?
    just stay away from any games with a complex sci-fi/time travel plot or any japanese historical games cause they tend to use a lot of old timey lingo.
    variable barricade is pretty straight forward too and same for brothers conflict.
    I think any “modern day” games are usually easy to follow

  2. hi! sorry for the comment not being related to the review, but i’ve got a question i’ve wanted to ask you: i’m studying japanese at college and i feel like i’m still really weak at kanji and reading longer texts in general. since i love otomes, i thought they would be a good way to get used to reading more, but i’m afraid i’ll accidentally buy some with writing that’s gonna be too heavy and i’ll get discouraged, and import isn’t cheap so i’m kinda scared to risk it… do you have any games in mind that you would recommend for learning/practicing reading like this that aren’t too complicated, or ones to avoid? i’ve had my eyes on gensou manege because i love the setting but i would really appreciate your advice as i guess, a senpai, if you wouldn’t mind m(。≧Д≦。)m

  3. Yeah that’s why I didn’t know if commenting or not, like “it was so boring she couldn’t concentrate or she couldn’t concentrate and that’s why she found it boring” finally I decided it must be the first and that’s why I just nitpicked about those 3 things that I found just too wrong to not mention.

    Personally I felt it was less that Theodor’s route was halfassed…for no reason, I don’t really want to admit this because I’m die hard CurtisxAileen (like 90% of the ppl that played AL) But I could see how giving Theodor a proper route would have ended up making him out to be like a perfect partner for Aileen? If QR knows that most players like Curtis the best as a company I wouldn’t like to enrage them over showing this newcomer guy being a more fitting partner for the Heroine when I believe it would cost me in the long run (since they like to do cameos), so if as a writer I still want to show him I would just find a compromise there which is why he doesn’t have a route proper imo.

    I want to believe that I would have taken it maturely but I also recently saw my twitter story and I’m inclined to think otherwise now as embarrassing as that is, I’m content whit Theodor having this little half route and Aileen finally getting to marry Curtis as she wanted, even if it was a solo wedding because that was as far as he would compromise.

    But yeah I get how having to read this when you just came for fluff with the characters you already like would be annoying instead (personally I was cackling at several scenes with Jared because I enjoy seeing characters being petty to each other like in the dinner scene)

  4. ah thanks for the heads up about the story details I honestly couldn’t focus because I really disliked the way they handled the character interaction in this game.

    I’m still on the boat that QR loves yuri, they shove yuri in so many of their games so even if plot wise what you said is true, it just seems like an excuse to me for them for the heroines to indirectly yuri it up lmao

    It’s also been like 8 years since I played AL, but I definitely enjoyed the character interaction there….and seeing how the amazon reviews (and people watching my stream) felt the same way I know it’s not “just me” who felt this way. I know you’re a huge fan of the continent series so you’re probably more forgiving for the shortcomings, while I just play it on a surface level of “is this game satisfying me as an otome game?” And while I do agree that Jared did come cockblock for the purpose of Aileen and Theodor, the fact that it was just a constant cockblock in the rest of the game and the fact that in the end Theodor gets this tiny half assed route just felt like a huge disappointment to me lol.

    I’m playing twin world right now btw, and I’m liking it a lot more. It does have a few irritations here and there (particularly humpty and dumpty in their egg forms) but I’m overall enjoying the flow of the game more than Arabians Doubt…so I think the game just didn’t really roll my way. I still love Arabians Lost though and I wish the FD just focused more on romance/fluff between characters instead of trying to extend some plotline that didn’t really need to be extended in my opinion.

  5. Didn’t know if comment or not but these 3 things are bothering me a lot so I will just mention them.

    Theodore and Jared are from the country of merchants “Poadore” (same as Yuu from the previous game and Teneropy from W&M) Jared is a noble but even before knowing Aileen Theodore has always been a commercial spy (there’s many all around the continent so that the merchants know what to sell and buy everywhere) Lille basically called him out in front of a crowd and he had to run back to Poadore because his cover was blown and you don’t want to be known as a spy in Gilkatar and that’s why he had to break up with Aileen (Also that was how he learned she was a princess, he only thought she was some rich family daughter) Jared simply hired him later because he respected that he never sold any info he got on Aileen even when he couldn’t get a job anymore.

    Aileen is like lvl 5 (curiously that still places her kinda high over the rest of the population but way lower than the other characters she interacts with) and everyone else is lvl 99 she could hardly beat anyone’s ass (and this was by her own choosing because before the bet she wanted to be normal and normal people don’t need it) She during her skirmish with Jared is a little mad at herself because of this.

    Lastly the bit of Alicia, nothing about lovers here, the goddess are all part of the main goddess Bernandy and they are basically sisters so this also applies to their reincarnations, in this case Alicia’s incarnation as the founder of Symphonia was going around the continent trying to get the other goddesses to basically incarnate because of reasons, but it’s for their sake since they are cursed since Bernandy tried to kill herself.

    That took way more space than expected.

    Yeah the eyelash thing was weird, but I get it it’s their way to remind us how socially inept Curtis actually is, he only gets away with it because he can kill anyone who points it out carelessly.

    Personally I didn’t find odd everyone acting like they don’t want to be king anymore because they now know and like Aileen so is less “I don’t want to be king” and more “I want Aileen to be Queen”.

    And well Jared of course acted like he owned the place since he was invited by Aileen herself as a fiance candidate because she wanted to meet Theodore (and he wanted her to meet Theodore as well because he cares for his underlings) so they could both get better closure than their hasty break up.

    I also liked the bit about how Aileen was an overachiever (and that’s why Stuart fell in love with her) before her wish to be normal came about, I like that explanation better than simply “we are childhood friends so of course this was going to happen”

    I’m glad you could enjoy your favorites regardless, that’s the most important point.

  6. loool rando off the street! i guess the inconsistency is really jarring eh— a real pity about the O/Cness…

  7. I don’t know of any AL manga except some doujins here and there. I think Fujimaru only did the Alice series.
    Aileen was good in Arabians Lost but in this game they musta hired some rando off the street to write it cause they had absolutely no clue what she’s actually like :S

    If you liked the first game def stay away, you’d be surprised how O/C everyone in here is lol

  8. thanks!
    ahh, quinrose? i haven’t heard that in a while! i actually have a bunch of the quinrose alice manga(but only those with the pairing i like LAWL) ! i’d love to buy arabians lost manga if they had any…i have one of manga that has combined oneshots of quinrose’s series…

    uhh anyway, i got distracted hahaha! -thumps table with fist- where are the sweet moments! fandisk doesn’t need super good plot, but i want my sweet moments! boooo! the thing with quinrose is that i actually like most of their characters/archetypes. i like their colour use too, and art is okaaayy for me, hahaha! but yeah, it’s too bad their plot writing aint so good hahaha, because the characters sure appeal to me, and aileen is a female lead more appealing to me than alice, though alice is still pretty good too!

    also, yasss curtis GANG! though like i said before, i do like most the others too haha! also what, curtis eating an EYELASH? Boy, that thing aint edible!

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