Game Review: Super Mario x Rabbids Kingdom

I bought this game during a Christmas sale but it was stuck behind my otome game backlog from 2018 and I finally was able to play and finish it. It’s a game that is a crossover between Super Mario Brothers and a french Idiotic Rabbit character series. Warning for game story spoilers!

The story begins when some genius gadget maker, who also happens to be a fan of the Super Mario series, has a little accident causing her newest invention, a pair of goggles to somehow summon these Rabbids through a laundry machine. Suddenly all her Mario memorabilia, and her goggles get sucked up into this laundry machine which brings everyone (except the inventor who left the room at the time) to Super Mario World. Unfortunately the goggles land on a rabbit who’s scared of everything and anytime he looks at something scary, he uses the goggles and zaps a rabbid into becoming some kind of super mario hybrid.

So with your team of Mario, Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi you start your adventure, gathering weapons, killing bad rabbids and finding keys and locks to defeat the ultimate boss – aka Bowser Jr. and his dad lol. The game is basically a puzzle/strat game and you need to do turn based battles that involve shooting the enemy with special laser guns or knocking them over by running into them etc.

As you get further into the game you will also unlock the rest of the characters, Rabbid Mario, Rabbid Luigi and Normal & Rabbid Yoshi.

Eventually once you catch the scared bun, you have to escort him out of danger, and he has no attacks, only moving. So it’s up to you to use once again strategy to distract enemy on to your main team and to heal him if he gets hurt.

There’s also a bunch of side puzzles that unlock things in the museum like pictures or something as well as bonus weapons for your party.

Eventually you will reach Bowser Jr. who gives in and stops being an ass because his dad’s coming home soon and if Super mario world is in chaos daddy will be mad of course. But dad just happens to come home earlier than expected and well things don’t go as planned.

This was actually the hardest battle in the game for me because Bowser on Steroids had tons of adds as well as he would heal himself at least 3 times and do tons of damage. It was a struggle defeating him and took me several tries. Once you defeat it though it’s all good and this portion of the game story comes to an end.

Once you complete this, another story unlocks with Donkey Kong. This time, your team of Donkey Kong and Rabbid Peach get sucked into Donkey Kong country, also invaded by the rabbids. There you meet up with Cranky Kong and the 3 of you are on a mission to stop Rabbid Kong from eating Digital Steroid laced bananas and causing havoc. This also is a requirement for you to get all the parts of the laundry machine to return to super mario world.

It’s a heartwarming story of exciting battles

Passionate love

and NTR.

Lol just kidding it’s all in good fun, and while I mostly skipped the puzzles this time around because I just got really tired of them, I still enjoyed the story cut scenes and the ending! ^_^

So overall it was definitely a fun game, even if the puzzles got exhausting at time, the humor of the dialogue in the cut scenes really made up for it. There’s definitely more to do in game like vs. mode, getting higher scores, unlocking all the items and stuff…..but my main goal was to complete both stories so as far as I see it, I’m done with the game. I definitely recommend to everyone especially if you like the Super Mario Bros. series. At first I thought all the rabbits were really stupid (which they are but anyway lol) but in the end I think Rabbid Peach really grew on me and I ended up liking her as my favorite character in the game. She also got some mad selfie skills. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)📷✨ Below is a gallery of some of my memorable screenshots!