Game Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Finding myself extremely bored with terrible otome games I went back to my roots and decided to play the World of Light (which somehow reminds me of the 2.0 FFXIV opening) of Smash Brothers Ultimate.

First let me talk a little bit about Smash Brothers itself. It’s a long series of well, fighting games where you can basically be a nintendo (or sega, or square enix) character and duke it out.

Obviously you can only play so much before you are bored of just fighting in the same few stages with the characters you’ve unlocked. The way you unlock characters in normal vs mode is really odd too because as you’re fighting randomly, a random character appears to challenge you and if you so happen to be on a character you aren’t used to playing (like say you wanted to try out Peach but you normally use Pikachu) you are now stuck fighting the locked character on a character you aren’t used to. If you fail, god knows when they show up again. So with all of this I got kinda bored and decided to try the spirit adventure – aka what basically the “point” of this game is and the main “story.”

The story is basically a bunch of these Smash Brothers characters have been taken over by the evil lords of light and darkness and made clones to fight against you. So the only way to save Eorzea the Smash Brothers World is to free the fighters, defeat the clones and defeat the 2 bosses. And so you begin the game with Kirby, who I still can’t properly use, and you make your way around the map unlocking characters. Eventually I stumbled upon what would be one of my best fighters: Donkey Kong.

It was just my luck but I so happened to unlock a lot of support spirits that gave physical attack buffs. And so thanks to that, suddenly all the struggles I had with the game vanished. I also finally figured out what to do with all those snacks and money and leveled up my spirits and basically brawled my way to the ending. On the way I also picked up some moves with Peach, Isabelle and Cloud Strife.

So once you clear out all the maps, get all the fighters etc it’s time to fight the final bosses. In order to ensure you get the BEST end you must keep the balance between light & dark (aka make sure one doesn’t take over the other in the background of your screen.) The hardest part for me was where you have to constantly jump up because if you don’t the moving screen will kill you.

I’m pretty terrible when it comes to moving screens so I ended up having my husband basically fight the final bosses lol. We picked the floatiest team which was Isabelle, Bowser Jr. and Pikachu. Well Pikachu doesn’t fly but my husband pretty much played with him exclusively. Ultimately based on who died first and who lived we finished the game with good ‘ol balloon swing Isabelle. xD

So once you finish and defeat them the credits roll which look like something out of my middle school miracle of life movie. Or perhaps the end of Evangelion?😂

Literally identical!! 😂There’s one more mode you can play like a mini story mode for each “fighter” though all it does is unlock a special ending photo I guess? For example like this:

Anyways while I had a rocky start and sucked bad, eventually I got good (aka unlocked fighters that are easier for me to play with) and was able to make it through the game. Some stages were hell and I just made my husband play them lmao. There’s events every couple weeks to win various spirits but I think once I completed the true ending, I kinda feel like I’m done with the game. I missed a couple fighters somewhere in the world of darkness but  I can’t be bothered to come back for them because the reward is just some silly screenshot. Some of them are cute but eh wasn’t really worth the annoying puzzles for me.

I do have to say the game is not novice friendly at all. This was my first Smash game and I really struggled getting into it and had to change my controls to remove the jump buttons from being all over the place. I think if you are struggling you should change the controls and go into practice mode to practice things  like jumping on and off and catching edges in case you get knocked off. Staying ON the stage is actually a huge hurdle for beginners so I recommend “floaty/flying” characters like Peach, Isabelle, Duck Hunt Dog or Bowser Jr. Characters like Cloud Strife look cool and do great damage but if you get knocked off you ain’t getting back on. Not sure if there’s a demo or not, but I still can say I recommend this game, if anything, the story mode was pretty enjoyable and gets much easier the more you unlock and the more support spirits you have to help you out with hard enemies and stages.

Isabelle, the true MVP

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  1. I know it is totally unrelated but this current article but comments are disabled, so I write that here. I just wanted to say your Air review was really good and I totally agree with your points. I finished it today, having watched the anime years ago, and it was a good read with a lot of flaws. I loved your thoughts about it. Keep up the good work!

  2. oh shit, Malboro is going to be moved to the same data center as balmung. ngggn the temption to just jump ship 😦 Still, my fc decided to wait and see how things turn out, and I do like this fc quite a bit so we’ll see. Looks like you get one month to decide to move out or not for free.

    Things on the primal data center are very different from what you are describing on aether though lol, like, I won’t say ppl wipe don’t wipe for dumb things, god knows my WoD and dunscaith runs are a complete chaos most of the time (funnily enough people tend to be more competent on endgame content though??), but at least there aren’t too much drama going on and most of the time we do manage to clear the thing, plus, more than often the peeps do want to learn how the mechs works if you tell em.

    Japanese server does sounds like heaven though.

  3. yea Balmung is like a curse to us on Aether, almost every time I see some complete buffoon in DF, lo & behold: BALMUNG.
    So honestly maybe once Aether is purged of the sickness (pun intended) DF/PF will improve…unfortunately Greg is infamous for “raid & logout” culture so since I don’t raid, doing old content or doing any difficult content is difficult unless you’re in a raid static.
    Basically i ragequit trying to pug seiryuu ex. I got to 3% enrage and the parties thereafter were full of complete imbeciles with big mouths. I then logged into my japan server chara, queued up for RF and cleared it once and then a 2nd time with my husband for his clear.
    After that it kinda sealed the deal for me.

    You’d be amazed japan doesn’t wipe over and over on 24 mans, things die super fast (for example mateus dies before the frogs even spawn in Rabanastre)…meanwhile on NA people ignore everything, there’s snowmen and adds everywhere, wipes, ragequits, waste of time.
    I honestly had put up with this bullshit for like the 6 years I played on NA, but once i made my japan chara, I’ve not only been able to do basic stuff in DF/PF without problems, but i’ve also made more friends there because since I can speak Japanese I’ve been able to go to people’s user events (my server especially has tons of user-run cafes where people gather together and chat, get some in game food drinks and take pictures etc.)

    So yea overall I just had more fun and the only down side is time zones. Meanwhile on NA, DF/PF aside, most people in my FC have quit the game to play other games/real life stuff. Because I don’t raid I really can’t make friends with people anymore, also a lot of people on Greg are MASSIVE DRAMA QUEENS there’s been so much shit I kinda sideeyed on twitter the last few months I’m glad I’m not part of it. Honestly if I could keep my fc/airships/house I’d probably just move my gilga chara to my japan server lol but unfortunately I’d lose too much so I just kinda keep it around as an alt when I get bored on my now Japan server main.

  4. oo I see~ I’m from Malboro, though I think I might’ve gotten luck with DF and PF parties since nothing too horrible happened to me on them…or maybe I just played enough f2p mmos that ffxiv community just looks competent and angelical by comparision, no matter how bad they can get sometimes lol

    That’s too bad, I did hope to play with you at some point~

    Now that I think about it, Greg’s server is in the same data center as balmung and mateus…should I be worried? lol

  5. i’m pretty bad at them too so Isabelle was a life saver for me. it was definitely a steep learning curve but the story mode was kinda fun 😀

  6. The opening scene of the game reminded me of the FF14 2.0 opening movie and he ending really did remind me End of Eva hence the comparison screenshots xD

    My NA chara is on Gilgamesh but yea I’ve kinda been traumatized by party finder/duty finder (or maybe spoiled by Japan players being competent?) that I honestly can’t really play on it anymore. It’s become my alt that I login once in a while so I don’t lose my house lol

  7. Ooo, I’m happy you liked the game~ Haven’t had the opportunity the actually play ultimate but been hearing good things about it. Also really happy that the story mode is back.
    Also damn, that boss looks scary, really like something out of Evangelion.
    I realize I haven’t commented here in a long time, btw, and this is more likely not the subject of this post, but I believe I never really asked in which NA server you play in FFXIV (or if you even still plays in NA), and since there’s a data center merge coming I got curious, if you don’t mind.

  8. To be fair, smash is bit different from most fighting games. I tend to suck with the Street fighters of life but I guess I do okay with smash. It’s also a fun game to play with friends since you can configure it to be really wacky.

  9. I haven’t played smash, and I honestly doubt that I will since I’m quite terrible at fighting games. Cheers to you for actually making through an entire game like this 🤗💕💕!

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