Otome Game Review: Ephemeral -Fantasy on Dark-

This is a review of the PS Vita port of Ephemeral. Our heroine Chloe is a zombie who begins attending a special monster academy. Unfortunately zombies are the lowest ranked monsters in the hierarchy but despite this Chloe manages to snag hearts of all the guys ranked above her. 💪

Shiba – Shiba is the werewolf guy and the first one to stand up to defend Chloe when the class starts bad mouthing her. He also turns out to be a huge tsundere 😌. The best part happens when she finds him in puppy form and cuddles and bathes with him… not realizing it’s him 😂😂. When she finds out the puppy was him she didn’t mind cause she things he was cute af lol. He’s got a complex that all werewolves are cool but he’s a cute little puppy. So they get closer and he demands more pets after she offers to help him be a more badass werewolf. She also tells him that when a zombie gets old their skin melts and they become a skeleton.. so most zombies kill themselves before that happens (I thought zombies were undead 😂😂). Anyway after Chloe nearly gets attacked by stronger wolves he decides he wants to prioritize her over his desires to be an alphawolf. After this they become lovers, and Shiba spends his full moons being cuddled in Chloe’s room. They visit the witch Rein who gives them an experimental medicine to see if Shiba will turn into an alpha wolf. She tricks him into drinking it and on the next full moon he acts like his puppy self but still looks human… 😂. When her friends walk into her room they see him licking her face and walk out 😂😂😂.

Anyway there’s a few more scenarios here and there like saving a squirrel and him taking more weird medicine that makes him confess his love to some random girl. He then asks Chloe to break up with him because he can’t tell his feelings apart anymore due to the bad medicine. She also then ends up in some kind of dream state with a fake Shiba who’s this rico suave and completely the opposite of real Shiba – additionally having black hair instead of purple. Turns out it was some kind of magical book that sucked Chloe into it making her have “happy dreams”. The real Shiba manages to jump into her dream and tells her to wish to go back to the real world instead of staying in this illusion. After they get out Shiba apologizes for getting brainwashed and going after some other chick and they make up. I really loved his route even though I’m a cat person I can’t resist wanko boys 😘.

Nagi – Nagi is the invisible man and he can become well… invisible but despite this Chloe is able to tell where he is. He has a complex with the invisibility because eventually he will become invisible permanently and the loneliness is too much for him. He meets Chloe’s skeletal grandma who asks him if he would be able to deal with Chloe someday becoming skeletal like her. She explains how she didn’t want to be hated by her husband so she cut him out of his life when she began to rot. Turns out grandpa was an invisible man too and due to the genes Chloe is able to “see” Nagi when he’s invisible. Nagi also tells grandma that her husband has always been invisible by her side. After crying that she didn’t know he was there she dies. Nagi also realizes that Frederick, the great grandpa is also the school principal. In the romance route they get Nagi to drink some weird juice and he goes from a gentle boku to some oresama 😂. He randomly goes back to normal after a couple days though. At the end Chloe finds some creepy talking full who keeps calling her mom. It starts getting all creepy and babbling that it’s number 1 and brainwashing Chloe. This causes Chloe to forget about Nagi and he gets so shocked he starts disappearing. Turns out the doll was cursed and it causes the victim to forget about their loved one. So then Nagi  makes a contract with Erika to take his soul in order to turn the time back to before the doll took over Chloe’s brain. The catch is that he will never be reborn and Erika agrees to only take his soul upon his natural death rather than immediately. Nagi goes back in time and tells it to destroy itself so Chloe is safe. This was kind of a sad end if you think about it cause she’ll never be reunited with him in her next life like her grandmother.

Rei – Rei is an elitist vampire who thinks he’s better than everyone cause vampires are regarded highly in the monster ranking. Once he finds out that she takes medicine to keep from rotting he tells her she’s now officially his girlfriend and has no say in the matter 🙄. After he tries to suck her blood he realizes it’s nasty af cause she’s well… a zombie 😂😂😂. Upon this discovery he changes his mind about making her his girlfriend ww. He acts cold towards her but changes his mind when he sees her crying since apparently he can’t resist her beauty. He continues to be an iceberg towards her but Chloe doesn’t give up! 😂 Eventually he gives in and accepts her despite having spicy words. Rei has healing powers that when he licks a wound it heals it. Despite Chloe’s blood tasting awful to him he still heals her wounds if she ever gets any. cuts or bruises. (๑´ڡ`๑)♡ But yeah since her blood is gross he goes sucking blood of random girls in the school and when Chloe sees him in the act she’s heartbroken. After this she realizes that she’s in love with him. Unfortunately some jealous bitch attacks her giving her a permanent face scar and blinding her in 1 eye. Horrified that she’s no longer beautiful she refuses to let Rei see her and stays in her room. He breaks down her door, sees that one of his fangirls hurt her and licks her face despite Chloe telling him that these wounds will never heal. The next day Rei finds the fangirl who hurt Chloe and calls her lower than an insect and tells her to kill herself. He uses his powers to force the girl to stab herself even though it’s against the school rules. Chloe runs up all like noo stop… I hate these types of heroines who defend those that hurt them just because it’s “the right thing”. Lol apparently she died in the normal end 😂😂.

Because they had teachers coming they run away so Rei isn’t caught for breaking the rules. Anyway they go to the garden outside where he confesses his love to her which she’s totally shocked at cause she thought he just wanted her to be his trophy waifu 😂😂. He already knows her feelings for him and tells her to shadup and kiss him 😌. So then the homewrecker from Shiba’s route comes to their class and since she’s a mermaid she’s now the top tier monster rank. She immediately demands that Rei show her around and torments Chloe with her NTR attempts. Rei manages to keep Olivia from hurting Chloe though. So at one point they visit the witch Rein and he accidentally eats one of her drugged snacks which allows Chloe to hear all his lovelove inner thoughts about her. The tsundere weakness!!! 😂 😂 Also Chloe and Rei spend like half the time banging in his room once the whole jealousy thing with Olivia passed. ԅ( ¯ิ∀ ¯ิԅ)グヘヘヘ Chloe gets to meet his sister Sarah who is sad cause her pet parrot (who was 70 years old.) While there Chloe also finds out his parents are pushing him into an arranged marriage…with home wrecker Olivia. (ㆆ_ㆆ) Olivia also wants Chloe as her barbie doll but Rei tells her to screw off and that he doesn’t intend to let Chloe go. He then brings Chloe to Rein saying he’ll pay her lots of money to use her magic to take some of his life span to extend hers since Vampires live a long time. Rei offers 1000 years of his own life for 100 years of Chloe’s. With this he will die when she will, and is no longer eligible to be the next heir due to his shortened life span. This means he no longer has to care about arranged marriages and can spend his life with Chloe. Actually I really enjoyed that oresama/tsundere mix with Rei but the fact that Chloe had to become blind in her right eye the whole route because of some stupid bitch is really angering. (╬╬^益^)

Natsume – Natsume is a lazy ass mummy who doesn’t wanna do anything. He of course begins his route by announcing how he hates Chloe. Out of nowhere he starts acting flirty and nice to Chloe and she feels something’s off. Somehow he suddenly turns into a creepy jealous yandere. To get to the bottom of things, she goes to his room, pushes him on the bed and takes off his bandage. Turns out he’s not a mummy but a merman, which is apparently an SS Rare cause most of them are killed by their mothers due to jealousy. Because mermaids are all jealous bitches apparently, if they see a merman prettier than them (which they usually are) they kill him. Since Natsume is a bishounen, he has to hide his true race so he pretends to be a mummy. Not surprisingly, his mother tried to kill him for being 2 sexy for this world  but instead he killed her first. He also admits he was just messing with her and tells her to stay away from him not that she knows his true identity anyway. To make sure she doesn’t come near him, he does the illegal command spell telling her to never come near him. Heartbroken, Chloe takes a lesson from the Say Anything movie, buys a record player and plays a love song for Natsume the isn’t sung by a mermaid. 😂 When she plays him that song he then starts telling her his yandere fantasies about locking her up, gouging her eyes, and eating her so nobody else but him can have her. Chloe is like oh it’s ok I still love you and she forces herself through the command. So they become lovers but he’s still a weirdo yandere and demands to be stuck to her like glue 24/7.

They often spend time making out and probably banging in their dorm rooms. Obviously shit hits the fan the moment Olivia comes to homewreck again, being a mermaid and all. This route though the problem isn’t Olivia, but a mermaid BBA named Amanda comes to the school and tells Chloe her medicine keeps the zombie disease from spreading to other monsters around her. Turns out it’s a medicine that shortens a zombie’s life span and Natsume apparently knew this and didn’t tell Chloe. Once she finds out from Rein the truth, Chloe gets into a fight with Natsume for lying to her about it. Apparently all the mermaids were jealous of zombie beauty so they exiled them all to some town and made them drink this medicine. And the reason that Natsume didn’t tell her this is cause Mr. Yandere wanted her to get old and rot so she would be an ugly skeleton so nobody would set their eyes on her except him! 🙄🙄 Oh well as usual Chloe forgives him because his yandere tendencies have rubbed off on her. In the ending Natsume gets Amanda to agree to change the ways zombies are treated by the mermaid race. She also says she wants to try to change murdering merman kids. I kinda wish they made a sprite that at least removed his face bandages when he’s alone with Chloe. We only saw his real face once in a cg which is honestly a disappointment as that’s really his only good point 😂.


Not surprisingly this game took me only a couple days to finish since it’s original source is the mobile game. Doesn’t seem like they added any new content other than making the mobile game full voice so that’s probably why. Despite the game being super short, the stories were decently cute/funny and nothing too deep that it ends up feeling unresolved or out of place. The problem with most console games (like the one before this) is they try to shove too much in and forget the big picture. With this being so short, it was probably a lot easier to focus on short story arcs between chapters and then the ultimate ending. The only time I felt kinda meh on the ending is Nagi’s because it felt so open ended and sad lol. My only other inconsistency, which is a sad trope in most mobage, is the heroine. She was hilarious in Shiba and Rei’s routes, but kinda indistinguishable in Nagi’s and a huge yandere loving do-M in Natsume’s lol. Needless to say because of this my guy ranking is like Shiba > Rei > Nagi > dried up bird poop > a fertilizer truck > Natsume. 😂😂😂 Anyway apparently the game is available not fully voiced in English (and also French, German and Spanish apparently) via mobile so you could always pick it up if you’re interested – I highly recommend Shiba if you’re into those cute wanko boys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)🐶

I’ll be taking an otome game break for a month or 2, due to this being the last recent game in my backlog, and probably return with the Collar x Malice FD in August. I thought about getting Calmia’s game but I don’t feel like dealing with the Japanese DL site BS and I really hate playing games on my PC since I can’t take them with me :S. Maybe I’ll consider getting it on a sale at a later time or something. And for those who don’t follow my twitter, otome games are now headed for Nintendo Switch so I still haven’t decided where I’ll go from there as I currently do not have a Switch. We’ll see what happens by this blog’s 10th Anniversary! (=゚ω゚)ノジャ、マタ!!


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  1. yea I tried the steam app it works ok on your mobile but you have to have the game running at the same time on your PC which seems like it defeats the purpose

  2. a lot of old psp games are simply going out of print due to the companies shutting down (like quin rose) so better grab them quickly

  3. Thank you for doing these reviews! u< The kaomojis you add in your reviews give it life. YOUR BLOG IS LIFE. Makes me laugh so much (。’▽’。)♡ Anyway~~ I just got this game on my phone so I'm excited `-`)b

    I get you about dislike playing games on PC… I bought some otome games on Steam but I get so lazy = = WHEN I PLAY OTOME GAMES, I JUST WANT TO CHILL AND RELAX AND GET COMFY IN BED OR SOFA, I don't want to sit at a desk to play it (˵¯͒⌢͗¯͒˵) hmph. (I really should finish the games tho.)

    Anyway, take care and I look forward to your next posts!! ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

  4. I want a PS or PSP just for these types of games. So pretty!!!! I do have a Switch though so keeping my eyes peeled!!!

  5. I cant find any that aren’t for university students who want to major in Japanese.

  6. Yea there honestly hasn’t been that much great games lately lol. and yea I’m pretty tired of idols since every other mobage is that nowdays too 😐 if otomate releases a special edition switch I might consider it but for now I’m holding my wallet tight.

  7. So otoges are moving to Switch? Since Nintendo got rid of their sucky region-block with it, i guess it might be a good investment… I haven’t been playing much otoges now since budget issues XD Based on your reviews though, it seems i’m not missing out on much. Maybe i’m getting too cynical to deal with the idol shits and hole-y stories nowadays =/

  8. aww so sad your reviews are my new obsession instead of reading a magazine or going on Instagram I go to your website lol.

    Also, how did you study Japanese lie what did you do because it self-studying and I would like to know how.

  9. At least the game wasn’t awful haha I hope this break is a good one for you 🙂 You’ve delivered SO much for everyone and really deserve a break. I’ll be here waiting for your next posts! ^^ Take care ❤

  10. The Vita came out in Japan in 2011 – 7 years is way more than a couple years.
    It’s just that English localized otome games were only coming out in the last year or 2. Otome games have only been on PS Vita for about 3.5 years but the system itself is old and Sony has completely given up on updating it.
    I’m not mad about the Vita but I’m annoyed about the PS4 because they made it seem like they were gonna move to PS4 and suddenly LOL NVM SWITCH IT IS.

    Pretty sure Vita is over there’s really no point in “hoping things change” as other makers have already begun to slowly moving to Switch as well.

  11. I really kinda dont like the fact that otome games are being ported to the switch, i dont have a switch either but the Vita came out only a couple of years ago and now things are being ported to a new system, they also just started to port to PS4 so im kinda like whats the point, at least if they make the games for the switch i hope they keep releasing for the vita but one of otomates releases Cendrillon palikA looks to be a switch exclusive so idk if theyre gonna keep releasing for vita

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