Unboxing: Dance with Devils -My Carol- Animate Set

You know things are bad around here when I have 2 unboxings in a row but no reviwes…..😓

Set comes with buttons, a clear file, drama CDs, a small coin purse and a wall scroll. Limited box contains a booklet with some basic artwork and some Cgs from the game. Pretty decent amount of stuff for the crazy amount I paid for it 😂 Anyway I’m finishing up with Rejet’s other game right now and I imported Ephemeral Fantasy on Dark in a recent order too because it was on sale…effectively setting myself up for even further backlog. This is the most I’ve ever been backlogged in like..ever. Mostly FFXIV to blame – but I’m cutting my sub at the end of this week to force myself to clear out some of my games (;´Д`).

4 thoughts on “Unboxing: Dance with Devils -My Carol- Animate Set

  1. doesn’t urie look a little like fuuto? it bothers me a little cause theyre both my favorites LOOL

    1. the art style is totally different so it doesn’t look like that to me at all lol

      anyway urie is a creeper, fuuto is just a tsundere lol

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