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Edit: As of April 13, 2018 this app is going to cease functioning lol…so if you wanna try it just to mess around do it before it shuts down for good!

I briefly touched upon this on my twitter a few weeks ago but I decided to finally write a post after playing it for about a month.


The game is your average mobage featuring some popular (and never heard of) male seiyuus that represent gijinka’d hiragana. The current hiragana & seiyuu list are as follows:

  • あ – Kaji Yuki
  • ふ – Kamiya Hiroshi
  • に – Yamashita Daiki
  • ば – Shimono Hiro
  • こ – Murase Ayumu
  • ひ – Satou Hiromi
  • ち – Enoki Junya
  • ぬ – Sugita Tomokazu
  • う – Ichikawa Taichi
  • た – Suzuki Tatsuhisa
  • ね – Oogata Megumi
  • よ – Yano Shougo
  • ぁ – Taichi You
  • ぃ – Shinoda Minami
  • よ – Yashiro Taku

So as you can see not all are male seiyuus, some are female seiyuus so it can appeal to a wide range of audiences. It’s very wafuu themed and you’re an invisible Mr./Mrs. Calligrapher who takes care of your hiragana boys and cleans them up when they’re covered in too much ink. 😂


The game itself is simple. You press the big orange button to play and if you complete the daily tasks (like get x score) you will earn some of the rainbow jewel currency. The best is to do the events which will give you lots of items and currency as well as attempts at rolling free gachas. The higher star boys in your “team” the more points you get from the game.

Here’s a basic game play video:


You move your finger to make words kinda like scrabble – but the catch is they’re in hiragana. So in my video for example I made the word とつぜん and かしぱん. The colors are not an indication of a word, you can combine multiple colors to make words. Once in a while you will get a set of hiragana that can literally spell out ひらがなだんし. That’s when you’ve hit the jackpot so be sure you get tons of points when it comes up!

When your hiragana boy gets dirty you need to clean him up


Once you clean him up he’ll thank you and be all sparkly and sometimes a special scene will come up with a mini dialogue.


If you wait too long before cleaning them they will turn back into a hiragana and will not be useable in battle.






If this happens just use the special brush to bring them back to 2D man form. Depending on the character some of them may tell you that you should have left them like that, or they will lament how they were horrified and lonely lol.


Certain event stories have some of the card CGs and reading the default story (you can skip as well) gives you 10 rainbow eggs per chapter you can then blow on the gacha.

So overall I think it’s a very educational game, because it kinda forces you to try to come up with words in a short span of time. Obviously 2 letter or 3 letter words are easy, but 4+ hiragana letter words is where you start to really rack points and it gets you to think. If you’re looking for a fun game to brush up your japanese vocabulary give Hiragana Danshi a shot. As usual, if you’re using google play you will need to find this via QooApp to jump the gaijin block. 😂


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  1. Thank you for uploading this ^-^ how you learn japanese? I want to play otome game ,but there is just a few that in English.

  2. Hello,I kuat want to ask how you learn japanese language, I really want to play many otome game , but there just a few in English language

  3. Thank you for posting this! I was looking for something other than Duolingo or some online class to learn Japanese vocabulary/practice, this seems like an appealing (and not to mention fun!) one to get to expand more vocabulary easily!

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