Otome Game Review: Nil Admirari no Tenbin ~Kuroyuri Enyoutan~

So I thought this was gonna be some randy FD to the first game but turns out it was even more involved plotline about cursed books and revenge. The black lilly flower apparently means revenge and that seems to be the focus in a lot of the routes as well as the true (??) ending. The game takes place 1 year after Tsugumi joined Fukuro. Spoilers ahead after the jump.

Migiwa Shizuru – Things sure start off on a great note when Shizuru lies to Tsugumi and she finds a letter from another woman in his room. 🙄 But all this is forgotten and they go bang after going to a summer festival. After they bang he tells her the letter was from his first love (that doesn’t give him reason to hang on to it lol.) And there in bed he starts telling Tsugumi about his first love.. wtf 😂😂😂. Ah yes, ye olde dead girlfriend trope. On top of this he gets associated with some criminal and has to go MIA for half the route. Tsugumi also sees Shizuru writing some stuff that has aura coming out of it so she thinks he’s writing the cursed books again. So then the bad guys kidnap both of them to try and force them to join their evil dooer organization but Shizuru magically kicks their asses and turns the tables by stealing one of their guns. Seems like everything resolved and the next day Tsugumi finds yet another cursed book in Shizuru’s room. Well turns out it wasn’t glowing cause it was cursed, it was glowing cause it was full of lewd about Shizuru’s thoughts of Tsugumi. In the epilog he stops holding back and makes out with her in front of otoutokun 😂😂. The best moment was when Tsugumi pinned him down on the bed and he cried like a little girl. Sadly it was short lived. In the bad end I’m pretty sure Sakae dismembered their bodies after killing them jfc. 😱

Kougami Akira – Tsugumi and Akira have been dating for a year but annoying otouturd still hates him and rages at them to break up. They get involved with some chick named Chidori who supposedly wrote a fake cursed book and demands they give it back to her, which of course they don’t. Sakae comes back from Shizuru’s route to be a plot device again. Akira then gets wrongly accused of being associated with him and gets arrested. After he’s freed he’s still buttmad about it and still angry over the fact that Hitaki is still being a whiny bitch about oneesan dating him. He generally goes around most of the route blaming everything on himself while Tsugumi keeps trying to convince him otherwise. The book plot was really pointless time filler for the real plot point of Akira opening up more to Tsugumi and Tsugumi putting her annoying shit brother in his place. Akira gets so pissed off about Hitaki he starts constantly avoiding Tsugumi despite her best efforts to talk things out. 🙄 Eventually Shizuru & Kuina troll him and he gets so annoyed he takes Tsugumi home once again says he’s unfit for her but loves her so he doesn’t want to be apart. Tsugumi hugs him and says she’ll kick anyone’s ass that hurts Akira because of his past. They bang and make up and promise to be more open with each other. Turns out that Chidori had a crush on the dude who asked her to write the book because he was too sick to write it himself. Her hope was to spread this last story to the world but Sakae demanded that she tell him where the author is cause surely he’s alive. He threw water on both of them like a douche, but surprisingly, Tsugumi kicked his ass and stole his gun from him allowing her and Chidori to escape. After this Akira finally agrees to visit her house and he tells otoutokun to buzz off and he won’t let Tsugumi go. In the epilogue they watch the moon together post screwing 👀. In the bad end Tsugumi is abducted by the Chinese mafia and sold as a prostitute. 😰

Ozaki Hayato – Route starts off rocky because the actress, Aisa, the one Hayato dumped a while back shows up again. She jumps all over Hayato and since Hitaki is there he rages saying they should cancel the engagement. Hayato says he dumped Aisa in order to go after Tsugumi so there’s nothing to worry about. They go to Nachtigal to see what the deal is with what Aisa told them and see some guy named Rei Sekka who i was already spoiled is a bad guy in Akira’s bad end. 😂 He’s some dude from Shanghai whose organization collects cursed books and he and Hayato are on bad terms from the start. So both Aisa and Sekka cause shit and cause both Tsugumi and Hayato to be jealous. Sakae gets involved too because he’s Aisa’s lover so between these 3 it’s hard to tell who’s the liar and who is telling the truth. As expected from Akira’s bad end, both Aisa and Tsugumi get kidnapped by Sekka’s Chinese mafia. He holds Tsugumi at knife point and shoves his poo food down her throat cause she refuses to eat it. 😱 Additionally he then shoves sugar down her throat and nearly gives her a panic attack saying it’s opium. 😒 He also admits to kidnapping Tsugumi only to piss off Hayato. To make things worse Shiginuma Takashi shows up and apparently is working with the Chinese mafia, instead of rotting in jail. 🤨 He saves her from the mafia and says he’s a ghost of Takashi uhh ok dude. Hayato is so mad he has to immediately bang Tsugumi even though she tells him wasn’t violated 😐.

So then somehow the tables are turned and Sekka kills some of his fellow mafia members claiming he just wanted to be Hayato and Tsugumi’s bff…but after more bullshit revelations (like Aisa actually being a government spy) he just admits all he wanted was for someone to kill him. So he kept being an asshole to Hayato to get him to do it. Tsugumi kicks ass again when she manages to free herself while he has her at knife point. 💪 After Hayato pins him to the ground Sekka just says he’s tired of murdering ppl to continue living, as he’s had to do this since he was 9 years old. He just wanted to go out with a bang by making mr. justice Hayato be a murderer for killing him. While Hayato spares him, Aisa then shoots Sekka saying she had to kill him in order to save Sakae.. who was supposed to be a fake lover but she fell in love with the gge for real. Hayato tells them that even if she kills Sekka, they’d probably go after Sakae anyway so the two of them should just run away together somewhere. Sekka’s life is spared much to his dismay and the ghost of Takashi thanks them for protecting the data of the ppl who participated in the old Nachtigal auctions. After everything is over Hayato and Tsugumi bang happily ever after…or they attempted to but Hayato fell asleep 🤣🤣. In the epilogue Koruri (the one i wanted to be heroine last game ww) is finally able to make up with Takuma which is nice cause I was kinda shipping them the whole route and was hoping for them to get a happy ending. 🤗 They get married and go off on their honeymoon, and then Hayato takes the opportunity to whip out his engagement ring for Tsugumi. There was actually a good end for Sekka, but a bad end for Tsugumi cause she becomes his drugged up prostitute.

Ukai Shougo – Despite dating Tsugumi, Shougo’s parents decided on an arranged marriage between him and his mother’s friend’s daughter Kiriai Sumire. Sumire ends up being really pushy about the marriage saying her mother demands they get married right away. Turns out it was just Shougo’s mom who was bff with Sumire’s mom and wanted their kids to marry. Tsugumi finds out from Shougo’s butler that in order for Shougo’s parents to truly approve of her she has to quit her job and start bride training because they are sexist old farts who don’t like the idea of a career woman. 😒 Shougo’s forgiven his butler Kijitani despite what happened and now he’s serving him again like it was no big deal which honestly felt jarring to me. Their summer festival date was super cute including the trip and fall in top of dude template 😂. Sadly this game is dark af and not only is there a murder, the criminal also rapes the corpse after killing it 😱. What’s worse is he shows up and it’s Sasabe, Shougo’s classmate. The victim’s diary that was found nearby is so powerful that Tsugumi sees Sasabe’s face show up without even opening it. She sees an image of the victim’s pov as she’s getting strangled and it’s so horrifying she passes out. 😓 They come to the conclusion that Sasabe is targeting young women who are from rich families. Tsugumi continues to have nightmares from the victim Sasabe killed and everyone concludes that the victim’s spirit possessed her when she touched her diary. So Tsugumi keeps trying to find a way to get him to admit his crimes by pretending to be nice to him… but has no luck and the crappy police still haven’t arrested him despite him murdering and raping another girl some days later.

Apparently there’s not enough evidence to indict him and Tsugumi can’t be near him long enough before Michiko’s ghost inside her starts raging. 😰 Sumire reveals to Tsugumi that after she refused and tore up Sasabe’s love letter, he abducted her into his car one night and raped her. Sumire didn’t tell the police because she didn’t want to be involved with him ever again. 😞 After this he started going after daughters of rich families because he wanted a trophy gf despite constantly saying how he “hates” them. After Tsugumi tells Sumire she wants to help her be free of her parents marriage burden she smiles and agrees to give up on Shougo… but warns Tsugumi that his mother may not approve of her marrying him and continuing her job. So Tsugumi continues to bait Sasabe with Fukuro watching over her… but the night that he finally catches her he paid a bunch of thugs to distract her friends so they can’t save her. As he pins Tsugumi to the ground in rage after she stabs him, he laments his dude bro speech about how all these rich bitches rejected him. His biggest rage is of course at Sumire who would rather set her body on fire than be his lover. He then rages that he has nothing against Tsugumi but he hates Shougo. 🙄 Just then Shougo shows up to save the day and points a gun at Sasabe. Sasabe tries to attack him, but he gets hit by karma literally when lightning strikes a tree and falls on top of him 😂. With this Michiko’s ghost can finally move on and she leaves Michiko’s body. A few hours later when Tsugumi wakes up she and Shougo talk things out and have sexy times 🤗. His love scenes were so much cuter than some of the other guys, or maybe I’m just biased. 😋 The bad end, Sasarapist strangles Tsugumi to death and Michiko’s voice gets through to Shougo who arrives too late. She asks Shougo to kill Sasabe so he guns down the fucker to death too. Probably the least disturbing of the bad ends I guess… 😓

Sagisawa Rui – Gonna give a little disclaimer before I go into the summary. The route contains a trans man by the name of Kiriai Ren. Unfortunately this game has no fucking clue how to handle a trans character and even on the character page they write Ren as a “female actress who does mostly male roles”. They introduce her as a “woman who prefers to be treated like a man” but after completing the route it’s clear that Ren is a trasnman. The game refers to Ren as a woman until the very end when everyone refers to Ren as a man…so for the sake of consistency and because I’m writing in past tense here, I am going to refer to Ren as a man. That said, there’s a lot of trans person abuse in this route and while I refer to Ren as a man, many people in the game refer to Ren as a “she” and so this might be a trigger for some people so do be warned if you intend to play this game or this route. So basically Ren is talked by Sasabe who sees Ren as only a woman and he gets so fucking buttmad that Ren rejected his feelings that he ends up going around murdering and then raping dead bodies of random women who are daughters of rich families. What the fucking fuck Otomate. ಠ_ಠ Ren ends up coming to live in the apartment with everyone in order to spy on Shougo because his parents are trying to force him into an arranged marriage which both he and Shougo are against. Ren is also a very popular actor in theatre and has a lot of female fans as well. He’s very good friends with the actress Aisa but unfortunately thanks to her he got in contact and ended up getting raped by Shiginuma Takashi =____=.

Turns out fucking Shiginuma is NOT rotting in jail, in fact he got some body double in there for him while he’s prancing around being a dickbag and traumatizing Ren who wants Shiginuma dead. Ren asks Rui and Tsugumi to help him but Rui says he’s just a student and he has no intentions to assist with a murder plot. All of this aside, Rui is getting turbo clingy to Tsugumi because he feels like his connection to her is lost now that ~things have been resolved~ (even though clearly they have not.) He also refuses to tell his feelings which leaves Tsugumi angry and frustrated most of the route to the point where she locks him in a library and instead he just ends up banging  her there all night 😂😂😂😂. Anyway eventually Ren stops beating around the bush and reveals his real name is Kiriai Sumire. He describes he would be so angry every time he had the monthly period. He would also bind his chest and was livid when he was told to just be a baby maker. He got so angry after this that he burned his breasts off… 😱and now has a massive scar on his chest. So Ren decided to become a male actor on stage so he could be a man, even if his family or society didn’t accept his true self. At the time he befriended Aisa, the other actress, and went to one of the Nachtigal parties with her. And that’s when Shiginuma captured and raped him (like he attempted to Tsugumi) 😓 and not even Ren’s chest scar put him off ugh… After this god awful ptsd Ren began writing cursed books to forget about the horrors of his past and now has no idea what to do with himself. Ren was only allowed to be a man until he hit 20, at which point his family is forcing him into a marriage with Shougo. If refused Ren’s parents threatened to send him to a mental institution because they cannot taint the Kiriai family name. 😓

Rui tells Ren that he’s not weird and that he knew someone who got surgery to transition to a woman. They go see Shiginuma and Ren tells him that he no longer needs cursed books because he’s gotten encouraging from Tsugumi and Rui. He refuses to cooperate and so Ren decides to kill him because he doesn’t want Shiginuma revealing his secret and hurting the Kiriai family. Ren fails and Rui gets stabbed in the arm by accident. Tsugumi demands that Shiginuma stop forcing Ren to write cursed books but he refuses unless he has a replacement. Just then Shoko shows up to save the day saying she’s pregnant with Shiginuma’s baby and reveals to Ren and Shiginuma that Rui is her son that she kept hidden so not to shame her family name too. Shoko apologizes again to Rui and for not being able to raise him. She also demands that when their baby is born that Shiginuma allow it to grow up free and not force it to be imprisoned by “family name”. Everything is now resolved and then Rui finally admits he was just sad that he felt left out while Tsugumi kept growing as a person and he was back to being a boring ol college student. Tsugumi’s like pls son I’m still your bae no need to be theatrical. The final cg has him making pancakes for her while she stands there naked behind him and it just looks like “I have no clothes on but omg pancakes!!” 😂😂😂

A month later, Rui and Tsugumi see Shoko off at Yokohama and wish her a safe delivery. Before they board the ship, Rui refers to Shoko as mother and she cries and hugs him saying how happy she is he called her that. 😭 Rui isn’t my favorite character but damn what a good route. It really felt like a good sequel to the first game vs how the previous routes just kinda were shoved in out of nowhere. Ren shows up then saying that he’s going to travel the world to study acting and live as a man. Thanks to Shoko talking to them, he no longer has to be bound by his family. After he leaves, Rui takes Tsugumi to a nearby church and puts a veil on her head asking her to marry him. He says it will take him a bit to get settled down cause lol medical school but wants to make the reservation now. The bad end is another horror where Shoko accidentally gets stabbed, goes into a coma, and to make up for the death of the fetus Tsugumi let’s Shiginuma impregnate her so she can give the baby to him. 😱😱 And somehow Rui is really supportive of all of this wtfff 😱😱😱😱😱 I still think it’s bullshit that Shiginuma was just prancing out of jail like it ain’t nothing while Nabari continues to be there forever.

Hoshikawa Hisui – Hisui is as usual concerned about his age and despite dating Tsugumi for a year he still feels like he’s unworthy of her. He’s also having trouble deciding if he wants to find out who his real father is, since his mom never talked about him or had any photos or memorabilia. The father is persistant so eventually Hisui agrees to meet with him – only to find out the reason he “left” them is because he got framed for a boat terrorist attack and was imprisoned for many years. Once he was freed he returned to Japan to look for Hisui’s mom only to find out she’s gone, but heard that Hisui was around in Teito. He now wants Hisui to return with him to the Netherlands so he can be a “father” for him but Hisui doesn’t want to leave everything behind to be with a man he hasn’t seen most of his life. And of course Tsugumi starts rambling how Hisui should go with his dad even though inside she doesn’t want this at all smh. 🙄 Also to add on to nuisances, Sekka keeps stalking Tsugumi asking her to have dinner with him, even if others are there, he just wants dinner buddies to discuss cursed books with. He then kidnaps Hisui’s dad and says that if they want him freed (and not killed), to hand over Mozuyama’s diaries and research materials. On top of this, Sekka wants Hisui to team up with him because he wants to make use of his powers. He gives them a week to decide whether to do what he says or he’ll drop off Hisui’s father’s corpse in front of their apartment building. 😱

Hisui gets extremely depressed because either his dad dies, or he becomes a slave to the Chinese mafia. Tsugumi gives him some encouragement humping and the next day he’s determined to save his father and not become entrapped in Shanghai. The next day Kuina arrives with a revelation that Hisui’s mother was supposed to “pose” as his father Johan’s wife but they ended up falling in love for real. But then that explosion on the Shanghai ship happened, and there was news that Johan had died, but Hisui’s mom refused to believe it. So then they think that Johan didn’t die and was rescued by the Shanghai Mafia, aka Sekka’s group, and began to work for them. So ultimately there’s a possibility he had lied to Hisui in order to lure him in. My favorite scene after this was when Shougo invited Hisui and Tsugumi to his room for some tea & cookies….he’s so sweet (`;ω;´)💓🤗 So as I had guessed, Hitaki’s English teacher Hanz, who looked like the obvious candidate to be Hisui’s father is well apparently Hisui’s real father after all. 😂 Tsugumi figures this out and tries to get Hanz to meet with Hisui but he refuses saying that “Johan (his former name) has died.” Tsugumi tries to tell him not to run away but he runs from her saying end of discussion leaving Tsugumi crying tears of frustration. Unfortunately this whole thing was heard by Sekka who was following her. He then kidnaps Hanz and sends a threatening letter demanding they hand over the diary or else he will kill him. They make a fake diary and go to meet him but he says he won’t let Hanz go until he finds proof that the diary is real. They get into a deep convo where Sekka says how he had to kill his friend in order to survive and then had to basically live a life of killing because he too was a random half foreigner orphan born to a prostitute.

Turns out he was just jelly that Hisui was from a similar background but was living a happy fulfilling life with a hot gf while Sekka was a miserable fuck who had no emotions (except jealousy) left inside of him. After he stabs Tsugumi, it finally breaks the straw, and Hisui sets him on fire 😂. (well he didn’t kill him but he made it seem like he did, so that the mafia’s “leader” would be gone but in reality Sekka went off to start a new life in Europe somewhere.) When they rescue Hanz, he explains that after he got into that ship explosion accident he was badly hurt and he had memory loss on top of it. Once he remembered everything he was afraid that if he got close to Hisui and his mother, they would be killed because Hanz was considered a traitor at the time (with no evidence to prove him innocent because everything was sunk into the ocean.) And so he stayed away from them for a while and was in America until he was asked to come back to Japan to teach English to Hitaki – and fate brought him to teach the brother of the girlfriend of his birth son! Hisui also tells Hanz about how his mother, Hiwa, died from Mozuyama’s experiments, and they realize they both had earrings their mother gave to each of them as a memorabilia. She always told Hisui that his father is alive somewhere and when Hanz realizes they were waiting for him all these years he breaks down in tears. They end the conversation in a reunion hug and agree to visit Hiwa’s grave together. In the epilogue Hanz begins teaching English to both of them and Hisui also declares Shougo as his “friend” make Shougo blush like a dork (n*´ω`*n). In the bad end Sekka kidnaps Hitaki instead.

Kuroyuri (Yano Kirihiko/Yoneda Takumi) – After you clear all the guys the secret route opens up where Tsugumi promptly rejects Hayato’s love confession 😂. The route appears to take place after Nabari’s ending and since he’s been arrested he’s just painting happy trees in prison. The new guy at the bookstore that replaced Nabari is named Yano Kirihiko and he starts squealing at the mere mention of cursed books. After they find another dead & violated young girl, they start doing research and go talk to Nabari in prison. He tells them that none of the books he’s written have become cursed and he no longer has the power to do that. Turns out that Yano’s been working with Sasabe and are both in cahoots in regards to killing the young daughters of rich families. Additionally they find more murders and suicides and each one has one thing in common: a black lily is left behind. They also all appear to be readers of Utsufune’s novels. Kiriai Ren is also one of the victims who ends up suiciding on stage when Tsugumi is in the audience. So they decide to spy on one of the Utsufune cult meetings by having Rui enroll as a spy. In the room, Tsugumi and Hayato hide in a hole to watch over it… and turns out Utsufune is actually Yano. He’s wearing a hooded robe so you can’t see his face but it was obvious by the voice. This is revealed once he drugs and kidnaps Tsugumi. He also reveals he’s the older brother of a guy who also wrote cursed books and then when Fukuro caught him, he admitted to the crime and killed himself 5 years ago. So now he’s on a path of revenge, the flower meaning behind black lilly. He then started rambling that he wants his brother back and started ripping off Tsugumi’s clothes off while blindfolding her. (what is this some weird bdsm play?? 🤔)

He says they should die together and drops her off unconscious in front of her apartment saying he will return for her if he doesn’t get his brother back. 🤔🤔😑 ok dude. Suddenly everyone back at the apartment remembers that Yano (real name Yoneda) was an actor which is why he was really good at putting up the whole “innocent librarian scared of cursed books” act. His parents died in an accident, and he and his brother were the only ones left. His brother got possessed by cursed books and supposedly Nabari ordered his brother to take the blame and kill himself. In this same method Yano had Sasabe kill himself too and now he wants Nabari dead as well. Everyone figures there’s probably no end to Yano’s revenge and so Shougo’s dad comes over asking them all to ~stop him~ because not even police can stop him (um okay I think there’s a really easy way to stop him lol but okay for the sake of plot.) A couple days later Hitaki tried to get abducted by Yano dressed as Hanz but to protect himself he awakened his power of telekinesis allowing him to move objects (WTF at this plot device lmao😂). He then used it to have the car run over Hanz so he could escape. At night he gets into bed with Tsugumi and cries like a baby telling her this story and how she has to promise to love him even if he’s a “monster”. After Tsugumi tells Hitaki what’s going on, he starts raging that everything is Nabari’s fault and had he not written those books this wouldn’t be happening now. The next day Mashiko inquires Hitaki on when he was able to to move objects with his power and he said it started when once his pencil fell off his desk and he jokingly decided to try to magically put it back but was shocked when he was able to. The shit wagon continues when Rui gets shot a few days later as well and they still haven’t caught Yano.

The number of student suicides increases daily as well. Aisa then reveals some more exposition that Ren isn’t dead, she’s Yano’s lover (probably a lie lol), and when Nabari hears about all this from a nurse he starts beating his hand bloody hating himself for causing all of this. So after their attempts to stop him and failing, he ends up kidnapping Tsugumi rambling that she is his goddess and she must be sacrificed or some bullcrap. He then ties her to a cross, and brings her on stage to the local theatre where he calls the other guys and says he’s gonna burn her in front of all of them and die with her. He also reveals a huge burn scar on his left side that he got when attempting to kill himself after his brother’s death. Suddenly Hitaki bursts through the doors, and threatens to use his telekinesis powers to stop Yano. Yano doesn’t listen so Hitaki uses his powers to drop the overhead lighting on Yano’s head lol. m9(^Д^)プギャー Tsugumi then stupidly tries to protect him from dying and Hiataki rages that she always protects the bad guys like she did with Nabari lol. Tsugumi gives him the “I won’t let you die speech” and tells him she’ll free him from the “Utsufune Kaito” name – which Shizuru claimed was his call for help. She cuts off his feather with her knife and he finally gives in and says if he’s ever on stage one day for her to come watch him perform. In the epilogue Nabari becomes a pro painter in his prison cell, and Tsugumi has her man harem. In the bad ends Yano kills both himself and Tsugumi via drinkable poison、and in the 2nd one Tsugumi takes the hit from the lights to save Yano and dies anyway. This whole route felt sooo shoved in like this was some character they wanted to put in the first game, but couldn’t figure out how because Nabari was there so they made an entire game as an excuse. I mean pretty much the rest of the routes this dude never made a peep, really weird that suddenly after you bang every guy in the game, he’s like “well, I’ve waited long enough, it’s my turn now!!!!!” Oh and one other thing – I think we should all be terrified of Hitaki. I mean he has powers to move objects, BIG objects…he could literally force oneesan to do whatever he wants by literally holding her in place….horror. 😱  Nevermind, in his omake letter he said he lost all his powers after this lol m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー

Would love for an actual segment omake with this in the next game 👀

So I came into the game expecting a fandisk, but turns out it was a sequel. This makes me think Otomate is definitely NOT done milking this fresh cow and they may release yet another FD to probably coincide with the anime coming out next year.  I do have to say the biggest improvement was Tsugumi. She’s definitely kicked ass in this game a lot more than the last and she was totally okay with all the sexy times – rather than being like “oh no this is so scandalous ///!!” So that was a huge improvement on my overall experience so instead of being annoyed by her, I could focus on the game story. Now as far as story goes…Shizuru, and Akira were complete fail because their stories felt like they were more focused on randomly added side characters and barely focused on their relationship progression with Tsugumi. Shizuru dropped the “former lover” bomb and Akira was plagued by a raging otoutokun the entire route. Hayato was okay, his route was also focused on another side character that was introduced in this game but at least this character appeared in other routes so he was less “relevant”. Still it wasn’t satisfying to me and the true good routes came with Shougo, Hisui and especially Rui. These 3 routes felt like a true continuation of the story from the first game and had some really great and satisfying endings. The final true end was just wtf, but overall I’d say I enjoyed the game. Even the 3 good routes made it worth it for me and I’d recommend the play order of Shizuru → Akira → Hayato → Shougo → Rui → Hisui. There’s plot elements in each route that aren’t revealed until that route so I think this is a good order. Overall I kinda wish there was more cute moments between Tsugumi and the guys but at least for my favorite (Shougo) I was pretty happy with what we got because he’s such an adorable dork (´;д;`)ブワッ. Oh one other thing I wanted to mention is the massive amount of rape in this game…unlike your avg R-18 game where the heroine is the target – this time it feels like every side character woman that shows up has a traumatic rape experience to tell Tsugumi. So while for the most part there was less of the usual sexism this writer tends to do, it was instead replaced with tons and tons of “a woman other than the heroine got raped” stories instead. Pretty sure aside from Koruri and the random girl in Akira’s route, every other female character that came on screen has recalled a story where she was raped. Just awful.

Anyway, I think if you liked Shougo, Rui or Hisui this game is definitely worth it, maaaybe Hayato, but if you only care about Shizuru or Akira you might be disappointed. I’m curious how the anime will turn out in April and I expect Otomate to announce another at Otomate party 2018 😂. On a funny note, I’m 99% sure if I had picked all the choices “I wanted to” I’d head straight to the bad end, do not pass go, do not collect $200. 😂😂 Also why the fuck are we 2 games in and we still have no idea what Mashiko looks like under his mask (╬╬^益^).

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