Sidekicks Stellaworth Set Unboxing

Been meaning to post this a couple days ago but just been trying to catch up on everything.

I originally didn’t preorder the game thinking it would be as shitty as their previous game Kakuryou Enishi, but it had weirdly high reviews?? So I decided to pick up the Stella set because all the animate sets seemed to be sold out everywhere else. Not sure when I’ll get to this game, still crawling through Oretsuba but gonna try to finish that up this weekend.


4 thoughts on “Sidekicks Stellaworth Set Unboxing”

  1. AYYY I’m planning on picking up a copy while I’m in Tokyo in May! I was hoping it’d be good cus I was really interested in the story line, and since it has all those high reviews I ended up putting it on my ‘to buy’ list haha hope it’s as good as it looks *v*

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