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Because I’m a masochist for terrible mobile games apparently, I decided to get another one of Genius’ terribad mobile apps called “My Lovely Cat” where our heroine (once again named Mirai) works at a cat cafe. This time she has an amazing power where the cats look like hot cat boys to her ( ´∀` ). The app is available for both Iphone & Android phones. Warning for spoiler CGs under the cut cause there’s only 1 CG per route.

cat01Nora: Nora was a stray who was abused by school kids and kicked outside near the river bank. Due to this he began to distrust humans and at the cat cafe he spent a lot of time hiding away from everyone until Mirai began to befriend him and earn his trust back.  The manager saved him after the stupid kids kicked him in the water ;-;. Eventually opens up to Mirai but one day the guy who kicked him comes to the cafe. He harasses Mirai and kicks Nora again when he tries to protect her. The owner then shows up telling him to GTFO and after Nora recovers, he asks Mirai to be his official owner. She makes his wish come true and it becomes like Kimi wa Petto xD.

cat02Leo: Leo is a Siamese cat who was owned by a shitty breeder who abused his animals (and somehow was never arrested despite having multiple sick & dead animals in his house.) Because of this he always acts like he gets what he wants because of his inner instinct to fight to survive. He keeps asking Mirai to marry him because he thinks marriage = security = no more abusive homes. At one point his old owner (Named literally Mr. Bad xD) breaks into the cat cafe trying to steal the cats there. Leo asks Mirai to make his wish come true of marrying him and she agrees so this allows him to become human and beat up his old breeder. After this they have an unofficial wedding ceremony and she quits her cat cafe job to become a veterinarian.

cat03Sora: Sora was born in a pet shop and was taken away from his mother too early. Due to this he doesn’t like to be held in people’s arms but otherwise has a cheerful personality. He’s spent his whole life in closed spaces like pet shop and then the cat cafe so he’s never “seen” the outside world. His wish is to see the outside world but when Mirai takes him out of course an accident happens and they crash into some salary man speeding on a bike. Sora is injured and taken to the vet for his paw but he doesn’t hold it against Mirai. Eventually his wish comes true and he becomes human. He then he asks to live with Mirai and do uh randy things with her >_>??

cat04Rin: Rin’s a ragdoll ojisan cat (well he’s 30 apparently that means he’s old) and his former owner was an elderly grandmother…who was sick so she went to a hospice and left Rin at the cat cafe. Rin’s wish was to see his owner once again. Mirai decides to make it come true by finding out the details on where the owner was but when she gets there she finds out the owner died a while ago. They run into the owner’s relative and she takes them to Rin’s old house. They find a diary there where the granny talked about how much she loved her cat and how she felt bad leaving him behind. On the way back Rin gets stronger and gets over her death and then kisses Mirai at her parents’ old house.



Why was there no route for the tencho or for Shiro!?!

tencho01 shiro01

I honestly wanted to date the dude who wants to hug every cat a lot more than the actual cats themselves 😂. Let me talk about Genius’ not so genius system. There is no affection meter at all!! I had to do each guy’s route twice because I just had no clue which choices were the correct ones. I tried my best to follow the dialogue but I still had no clue! This is awful if you are playing for free, you basically will have no choice to “go back” to redo the routes if you are playing on the daily free ticket system. You will then have to use even more tickets to get an ending or pay $2 for an ending. $2! I paid $3 for each route, lmao (well that said it was on sale because it was just released.) I just bought all 4 routes for $11 which allowed me to go through them multiple times to finally get every guy’s best ending. When I was on the last route, Rin’s, I thought there was a “sound” indicator on which were the correct choices but then it seemed like it was completely random so honestly I have no idea how I ended up getting the good ends other than just lucky guesses _| ̄|○ガーン… Due to this sadly I did not make a walk through since I was just blindly picking choices I had not picked before. Also due to the crappy translation some choices made no sense or couldn’t be differentiated from the others. ಠ_ಠ And as usual Genius has their Genius translation team at work:

Though I’m sad to say the dialogue or the translation wasn’t bad enough that I could make fun of it as much like I could with Otouto Scramble 😂

Anyway if you got money to waste this Thanksgiving, or you just want to play for free not caring which end you get…or you just wanna date some cat(boys), you can get the game on both Android and Iphone. I’m making a mental note to stop buying their terrible games that lack affection meters and force me to constantly skip through them to figure out which badly translated choices will get me the one sad CG handout. At least the artwork was cute!


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  1. I can’t exchange tickets for points to get the ending ticket!!!!! How do I do that??? I need 100 points for exchange for the final ticket, so I need to have 17 tickets for exchange to get 100 points. But the Button doesn’t work!!!! Somebody please help me: 😭😭

  2. Yeah, I’ve been having trouble too. I tried every permutation of the last couple of choices, but no dice. ;-;

  3. Hey Hinano since your playing a ton of mobile games, will you ever play Mystic Messenger by Cheritz. I heard that game is amazing but messed up as well.

  4. Yea you’re not missing out on much honestly lol but I’m still a bit disappointed the translation wasn’t as terribad as OS was xD

  5. XD oh man, this sounded delightfully “terribad” so I read the whole post, and then wow, I lost it in a fit of giggles at your sreenshots. Yeah I immediately thought of Otouto Scramble too lol.

    I don’t think I’m going to bother with this game (I rarely do mobile anyways) but your post sure was entertaining! lol thanks for brightening my day xD

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