Android Otome Game Review: NyanLove ~Watashi no Koi no Mitsukekata~

Shinoda Honoka is a 21 year old who works in a flower shop. One day she runs into a stray black cat in the park and as she fluffs its fur she mumbles that she wishes she could turn into a cat. The cat grants her wish and Honoka becomes a white nuko – but fortunately only at night. The black cat tells her the only way to break the cat curse is to kiss her one true love (ノ´∀`*).

c01Natsume Kouhei – Natsume is Honoka’s childhood friend and like the oniichan figure to her. But yea as usual, he has a crush on her but has to hide it in addition to hiding his desire to hug every cat. He has a secret membership to a neko cafe so when Honoka is turned into a cat, he pampers her all the way! He finds her on his way home from the cafe being bullied by 2 stray cats and takes her home. He ends up feeding her and brushing her so every night Honoka keeps visiting his house for some nuko TLC :lol:. One day at the flower shop the neko cafe owner comes and tells Honoka if she can post a “lost cat” poster on their store friend. Turns out the cafe Kouhei visits, the most popular cat there has gone MIA! Kouhei also reminds Honoka (when she’s a cat) that the reason he doesn’t talk about animals around her is when they were kids they made a promise to adopt some stray cats. Unfortunately they were captured by the animal control and after that Honoka was so upset she never talked about having pets or even going to the zoo. That’s why Kouhei kept his cat hobbies a secret from her. Anyway with the help of Honoka’s cat nose, she and Kouhei find the stolen cat and arrest the cat burglar.  One day she trips and falls at work so the tenchou catches her – just as Kouhei walks in seeing them hugging :lol:. She emails him telling him it’s a misunderstanding and he knows but he’s so upset he goes home and gets drunk until cat-Honoka comes to purr his worries away.

c02The next day to iron out the awkwardness the two of them go play with cats in a neko cafe. Unfortunately at the end of the day he breaks the news that he’s moving out of town to live closer to work. Best End: Before Kouhei can confess his feelings, Honoka ends up turning into a cat in front of him revealing her secret. He’s shocked that he moves out before she can say goodbye. Some time passes and her manager asks her to be a wedding dress model for a bridal place’s pamphlets. When they get there, another wedding is going on – the wedding of Kouhei’s coworkers so Kouhei is there as a guest. She runs into him, and everyone cheers him on and they end up confessing their feelings to each other. Everyone’s all like KISS DA GURL so he kisses Honoka and the cat curse is broken. He also ends up asking her to marry him and so they get engaged and make plans to move into an apartment where they can live happily ever after with a baby nuko by their side :P. Normal End: Kouhei ends up getting sick and goes back to his mom’s place to recover. After a week of not getting well his mom asks Honoka to come visit to make him feel better. When she does, he thinks she’s a cat youkai and confesses his feelings for her. She tells him she likes him too and explains her cat curse. Kouhei’s like oh ok well let me kiss you, and so he kisses her and breaks the curse. But then he realizes that she’s not a spirit and this isn’t a dream and gets extremely embarrassed 😆 Personally I enjoyed this ending a lot more than the “good” end lol.

sho01Fujimoto Shougo – Shougo is the quiet police officer who saves her from some drunk guy after work. Once she’s turned into a cat, some lady finds her and brings her to the police office. Since Shougo seems to like kawaii uguu things, he takes an immediate liking to nuko Honoka so she keeps visiting him at the police station. He was kinda forced into police as a career because of his father and grandfather being policemen as well. So he has to kind of be a stiff but around nuko Honoka he seems to relax especially when he catches a cold and ends up cuddling with her in bed. (^ω^) As a thanks for visiting him, Shougo asks Honoka on a date. They end their date in the park but when it’s time for her to turn into a cat she runs off, at the awkward moment when the 2 of them were ~staring into each other’s eyes~ lol. Shougo gets depressed thinking it’s his fault and that he’s socially awkward. So then next time she sees him, Honoka apologizes only to overhear that his parents want him to go on an omiai with a daughter of one of their acquaintances. A few days later Honoka gets sick and I guess the fever goes to her head because she ends up blurting out all the secrets she knows about Shougo that she found out as a cat. For example she knows about the omiai but he had never told anyone else about it. Embarrassed Honoka runs away from the flower shop but when Shougo chases her down he witnesses her turn into a cat.

sho02Cat Honoka is all sorts of confused on what to do and she runs off, realizing that she’s in love with him. Several days later Honoka is given a job to deliver flowers to a home but little does she know the home belongs to Shougo’s family. When she gets there she runs into him and he says that he wouldn’t mind if they were to mistaken her for his lover. Good End: Shuogo asks Honoka to be his lover so that he can refuse the omiai. She meets with his parents and they’re like it’s ok son you can make your own decisions (I mean he’s 28 now  Afterwards, they go to the park together where he asks if he can kiss her and she tells him that if he does so  he will never see her as a cat again. He says he loves her either way and  they kiss on the park bench. He then asks her when her next day off is because his parents have taken a liking to her. Normal End: Shougo refuses his omiai and comes to Honoka’s store asking to talk to her for a bit. He then takes her to the park and confesses that he likes her and since the feeling is mutual, he offers to kiss her curse away. She says she’s sorry all his cat goods will go to waste cause he had planned to adopt cat Honoka at some point. He then asks her on a date after her shift is over. Hmm I mean I guess this route was ok but since he wasn’t the childhood friend who knew her from a while ago, it was a bit less convincing on when/why he fell in love with Honoka (;´・ω・)

kyo01Kawahara Kyousuke – Kyousuke is a host at Club Viola, who often comes to Honoka’s flower shop to get flowers for all his lady customers :lol:. I had some flashbacks to Brothers Conflict cause he’s voiced by Maeno and he just LOOOVES cats :lol:. He also has some crazy clingy customers who forget the difference between a host and a lover. One night Kyousuke takes Honoka to his place where he plays some guitar of his for her because apparently it was his dream to be a rockstar instead of well…a host.  He gets into a spat with his owner because he’s getting more angry customers and losing rank but he yells back at the owner saying that it’s because of hosts like him that the club is making any money period. He then asks Honoka to help him create a flower arrangement for an event called “Full Bloom Day” at the club which turns out to be a huge success. As a thanks he takes her out on a date and buys her a new dress, but at the end she has to run away before being turned into a cat. A few days later she gets sick and when he visits her flower shop he’s like omg go home guurl! The shop owner tells her to take a sick day so she goes home and Kyousuke offers to walk with her because she can barely stand up. While on the way, she turns into a cat, despite it being still daylight. Panicked, Honoka runs off, it gets dark and begins to rain and she nearly gets hit by a car.

kyo02She’s saved by Kyousuke’s host coworker Kazuya who finds her passed out in her cat form – and is then surprised that she turns into a human the following morning at his house. Several days later the host club decides to sign a contract with her flower store to keep having those Full Bloom Day events again and the person who comes to sign for it is Kazuya. While there he asks Honoka out on a date but before she can say no he just takes yes for an answer and says he’ll pick her up on the weekend. She figures she can thank him for saving her etc and wonders where Kyousuke’s been. She overhears his coworkers talking about how he’s been seen near a studio and when Honoka runs there she finds him practicing with a band. She figures this suits him much better and quietly watches his practice without being seen since she’s a tiny cat. And so the weekend rolls around and Kazuya takes Honoka to the amusement park, only to reveal that he’s an asshole full of shit so Honoka is scared and soon as she turns into a cat she runs away. A few days later Honoka receives concert tickets to his band’s performance and when she runs into him at the club she finds out he’s gonna return to work there. He takes her cat form back to his place and  tells her he realized his passion for music and asks Honoka to come see his concert.  She goes to see it and his performance moves her enough that she realizes she’s in love with him. She decides to go to his club to tell him her feelings the next day but when she gets there it’s deserted except for creeper Kazuya.

kyo03He rages that he works so hard but Kyousuke gets all the praise so he grabs Honoka and tries to kiss her. She yells out to Kyousuke for help and he comes running punching the creeper in the face ○(#゚Д゚)=(  #)≡○)Д`)・∴’.   Good End:  Kyousuke tells Honoka that he’s gonna quit his host job and follow his dream of being a musician.  She tells him about the curse and he’s like okay babe I’ll be the prince to lift your curse and so he kisses her~ which then obviously breaks it. And so as they begin going out, he asks her to come see him before his concerts to help him shake off his nervousness (*´ω`*) Normal End: One of his bitchy customers rages that he picked a “boring plain girl” over her and slaps him before walking away. He tells Honoka he’s gonna continue his host job but he wants to juggle that with his musician career. After they go into the staff room to ice his face he confesses to Honoka that he likes her. Since the feelings mutual, she tells him about the cat curse and he kisses it away (and then blushes & stutters like a dork :lol:). Once they leave the staff room, all the other hosts surprise them and say they’re throwing a celebration for them…except Kazuya who’s like I’LL NTR YOU SOME DAY! Yea ok dude you keep trying spriteless NPC man ಠ_ಠ.

taku01Suguri Takuma – Takuma is the store owner of the flower shop Honoka works in. He seems like a gentle nice wingman who always ships Honoka with whatever guy you’re going after :lol:. He’s actually quite lonely and he’s really happy for nuko Honoka to keep him company every night. He constantly hugs her and cuddles with her so her feelings of admiration turn into feelings of love for him. A couple days later Takuma asks Honoka to go out with him to a cafe and afterwards they take a walk holding hands like a date (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡.  They end their date by going to a store and buying cat related goods lol. Throughout this route though, Honoka often falls asleep as a cat but wakes up the next morning as a human – inside the flower shop…so clearly Takuma HAD to have noticed that she’s the cat. One night he admits to Honocat that in middle school he used to be delinquent. He once beat up someone in the track team and because of the guy couldn’t run in his match. Because of this he says despite his feelings for Honoka, he has no right to be with her. He also reveals that it was Shougo’s dad who was a policeman at the time and  told him that he should clean up his act and live differently. After this Takuma decided to live a clean life and give up his wild ways. Also the reason he became all wild was after his grandmother died and so when he decided to change his ways, he decided he’ll become a flower shop owner because his granny liked flowers. Some time later they make a promise to go eat some mapo tofu at a Chinese place and go on yet another date.

taku02By now Honoka’s fallen for him but she can’t think of a good way to get him to kiss her to break the curse.  Good End: Honoka is suddenly turned into a human from cat form while she was at the flower shop with Takuma. He’s somehow shocked (much to my dismay – I figured he HAD to have known it’s her she always woke in human form at the store every morning!!) and Honoka runs away. She ends up being followed by 2 rapists and so before any real damage can be done, Takuma saves her and beats them up. He then takes her to the park, confesses his feelings and she explains to him about her curse. He’s like well how about I break it for you, and they kiss breaking the  curse forever. They return to the story where he gets embarrassed that he petted and touched Hono-cat all over but she’s like ITS OK IT DOESN’T COUNT XD. In the epilogue they move in together and adopt a white baby nuko. Whoever made those cat sound effects I hope never does it again – it was horrible lol. Normal End: Honoka runs home to her apartment and takes a day off the next day thinking she’s gonna turn into a cat forever. Takuma comes to her place and she confesses to him that she likes him and about the cat curse. He asks her to open the door and when he does he wipes away her tears and kisses her, breaking the curse. The next day at work he says he’s not mad at her for not telling him the truth about being his nightly kitty.

naru01Saijou Narumi – Well since the voice is the same, I just assumed that it was obvious that Narumi is the cat who cursed Honoka. He’s also a frequent customer of her flower shop because he has a super wafuu house that does flower arrangement ceremonies. After she’s turned into a cat, Narumi finds her after she got attacked by some raging calico. He then cleans off the dirt and tends to her wounds, but the next day he wonders why human Honoka has the exact same forehead wound as the cat he had tended to the night before. So then things get weird when everyone begins to forget Narumi’s existence except Honoka. When she goes to his house one day to get to the bottom of things he reveals that he’s actually the nekomata youkai who cursed her. He tells her how back in the day his owner was tricked by a gold digger ho who took his money, bought all these expensive things and then dumped him. The owner then died alone and the cat was so upset from anguish that he turned into a nekomata. He then wanted to take revenge so he ran upon Honoka and cursed her simply because she was a human female. The reason he made the curse be broken by kissing your true love was because of his anger that his owner never had true love and was lied to.

naru02So after admitting this, he disappears from existence but Honoka is sad because somehow she’s in love with this “fake” persona the nekomata created and turns out the cat fell in love with her and was hoping she’d be a cat forever so he wouldn’t be lonely :lol:.  Good End: She finds him being almost hit by a truck so she jumps in to save him getting hit instead. Using his powers he takes care of her wounds but gets mad at her saying that if she was anymore injured it would have been fatal. Honoka then confesses to Narumi that she’s in love with him and he says well looks like I’ve fallen in love with a human too – and they kiss :lol:. The curse breaks and Honoka ends up keeping Narumi as a pet cat www. In the epilogue he gets all jelly  when she feeds other stray cats! XD Normal End: He kisses her and disappears from her life making it as if he never existed in it. He tells her he won’t hate human women thanks to her and thanks her for forgiving him. Honoka can still remember him despite him leaving her and whenever she gets any reminder about him she gets upset. She still visits his empty house to take care of his flowers in hopes she’ll see him again someday.


For what it’s worth, I think it was a fairly enjoyable game. The art was nice and all the guys were fully voiced by pretty known seiyuus. The plot wasn’t too deep but it was still pretty decent for a phone game. I bought all the routes in bulk so 5 routes cost me about $21 which is a pretty reasonable price (considering Voltage charges about the same price and you don’t get voices and instead get eyeless blowup doll heroines.)  The biggest downer of this game is Joysound’s god awful system. Seriously whoever programmed this thing needs to pull their head out of their ass. First of all, you cannot see instance Cgs in the gallery. So if say while you’re playing theres a CG of them looking into each others eyes, then the instance is them kissing. You don’t get the kissing one in the gallery. I realized this after the first route I finished so from then on I made SURE to go ahead and screencap every instance of every CG I saw. Wtf.

Secondly their auto-mode and skip is horrible. In order to “auto” you set the game to just “skip all text” but VERY SLOWLY so it appears like auto mode. Then if you want to actually skip, you set the text to appear “instantly” and set it to skip “read only”. That means it’s like a very fast automode which means a horrendously slow skip. The other problem is the save button doesn’t work right. The moment your phone screen shuts off, the game closes. If you try to open another app, the game closes. In order not to lose your progress I set it to save every time the game closes – but because of that you have no other way to save. Therefore once you get to the final choice – I went to save so I could load my save to get the normal end. But nope! The game sees that you finished the route and your save point is now the “happy” ending. This meant I had to slowwwww skip my way through the entire route just to make 1 choice change to get the cg for the normal ends. And yea doing this  5 times…. (눈_눈) I wasted a lot of time on this which is what made the game go by slower and the frustration made me not really care about what went on in the normal ends (not that it was anything exciting to be honest.)

I checked their other games and it looks like they use the same dumb save system on all of them. I was lucky enough to find a walk through so it wasn’t as terrible but without a walk through I’d have to skip/work with 1 single save multiple times to figure out the correct choice….and well frankly it’s not worth it to me. It’s a pity because the games are fully voiced, the art for all of them is beautiful and the stories seem interesting. But until Joysound decides to hire another programmer I’ll have to just pass. My favorite characters were Kouhei, Takuma and Kyousuke and I think the weakest route was probably Shougo’s.  If you’re still interested, their official site is here and has links to both Android and Iphone versions.

Please note the mobile version of this game is gone and instead you can download it for Nintendo Switch in English.


16 thoughts on “Android Otome Game Review: NyanLove ~Watashi no Koi no Mitsukekata~”

  1. yea it was bad but I enjoyed the story at least. too bad I won’t be bothering with their other games as it seems they have no intention of changing the system

  2. The system sounds really awful, especially the save. I would had flipped tables and bookcases (and read a book) while slowly dying inside through the routes.

  3. i like every ending except Narumi. i think they could have made it a bit more interesting, but maybe its just me…. :3

  4. aaah I see. I’m a sucker for certain voice actors I admit…. even if the story tends to be bad. (。•́︿•̀。) But yeah I also refuse to play any of the mobages that have a daily limit “free” kind of thing mostly cause I lose interest in the bland story rather quickly as it is without having to wait two months+ to finish it D: But men… with cats… that’s hard to pass up!!

  5. It’s because it was like buy a route and play it and fully voiced which is why I even bothered lol. Otherwise yea I stay away from voltage stuff xD

  6. Oh wow. What got you to start / finish a mobage? And oh my…. I want more voiced mobageeees! Screw Voltage, etc. that give me these crappy heroines without any male voices to soothe my anger = w =

  7. Hi, I have a brief question that’s not covered in your FAQ or Otome Game-buying guide, but does Animate-Onlineshop accept PayPal as a payment method instead of a foreign credit card? Or just the card? Thanks!

  8. that’s right! before reading, i was thinking there might be some disjointed parts in the routes and stuff…but the routes flowed pretty well. maybe some details ere skipped over, but the flow was logical and pretty good. also,yay to all the fluff!

  9. yeah, the routes are good, but the system is making the experience worse…oh, a response might be good! at least you tried, right? haha!

  10. yea it’s really a shame about the system, I really hope they would consider changing it and adding more save slots, that would make it much easier. Maybe I’ll send them a response via email or twitter.

  11. thanks for this review!
    actually, i enjoyed reading the routes a lot! all the fluff, give me all the fluff forever—-! it was really sweet, and not dark, which is great for someone like me who prefers light-heartedness, haha! narumi’s normal end gives me feels—! and i’d have preferred the good end being either honoka being a cat, or narumi turning fully human, haha!
    well, it’s unfortunate about the system though, sounds horrendous! i think this game would be great if it wasn’t on mobile, and was on the other platforms! the routes flowed and were quite cute!

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