Blog Anniversary: Lucky 7

You have to kick them to get them to do work.

Somehow this blog has rolled around to its 7th anniversary and somehow I’ve still not ragequit otome game blogging despite the awful amount of crap games I sat through this year /(^o^)\. If you’re still reading, or if you’re a new reader, sit back, relax and let’s ride down the memory lane of the past 12 months!

Let’s start with the usual things of note that happened in the past year:

    • Quin Rose goes bankrupt: In case you somehow have not heard the news in September, Quin Rose is gone. Their site is still up, but the company has closed its doors and rumors have it that the president took the money and ran to Hawaii :lol:. The ironic thing is they even announced a new game in B’s log, but after someone found a notice on their door all their stuff was removed without a trace from both B’s Log and DGS, cutting the magazine volume in half. I mean I knew shit was bad with all their derpy art, constant pushing out of bad games and inconsistency but then some of the staff began coming out of the closet and revealed that their scripts were passed around multiple freelance writers like ring around the rosey. So basically the writers were told to just “write” with what they were handed so people playing the game would get inconsistent OOCs of characters for inexplicable reasons. Due to this, my desire to play the 2 games I bought from them has been low and they’ve been sitting on my window sil for the past 12 months collecting dust as I buy other games and prioritize them instead. One of these days…I’ll get to them….(;´・ω・)
    • I DOLL U artist dies: The great mangaka Fujiwara Cocoa passed away this year just before the release of her first and last otome game, I DOLL U. Unfortunately I DOLL U suffered from issues beyond its artwork, and its a pity that her last game was mediocre at best. I really enjoyed Inu x Boku though so at least that’s a work I will always remember from her.
    • Otome Music Game Mobile Extravaganza: I pretty much quit mobile games because I was tired of the daily gacha/login/mini game grind but I guess it’s a hit with everyone else.  A lot of mobile music games have come out (I CHU, IDOLMASTER M, etc.) for more 2D man cards to collect. Fortunately I just don’t have time for these things and I’m glad as it would be yet another thing to suck away time to get through my Vita backlog lol. I think Touken Ranbu is still going strong but yet another game I just avoided at this point to prioritize time for games I want to review.
    • Otome Games in English!: This itself isn’t new, but we got 3 official english localizations this year: Amnesia, Norn9 and Code Realize. Unfortunately, Aksys’ handling of Norn9 was less than stellar:

      I did buy the Norn9 port but after playing a bit of it, I’m just gonna shove it on to my husband to finish before I sell it and re-import the Japanese edition. I think because I understand Japanese the translation differences just jump out at me, probably a lot more than someone who may not understand a word being spoken.

      I spoke with Karen from Aksys over twitter and she explained that they had to outsource translations due to being busy which caused them to not have time to go over the text bugs. She also mentioned that it’s probably too expensive to release a patch fix for all the typos/text bugs and finally she explained that the jokes/internet memes are basically the ~flavor~ of the editor that is working on the game. Additionally from what I understand they don’t have any inhouse game testers so when they translate it’s just a block of text. That means they have to guess on what is going on so it’s possible the person editing had no idea that the んっ! was a kissing scene rather than someone being strangled and choking for breath. So that means, if you are unhappy with the choking sound effects during kissing scenes, or corny doge memes – that’s just how Aksys localizes their games.  It’s probably not going to change so you can either deal with the way they release things or just learn Japanese if you want to see the original “feel” of the game.

    • I didn’t play any galge: Every year I try to play at least one visual novel targetted towards dudes for a change of pace but….I bit more than I can chew this year with the FFXIV expansion and I just didn’t have time. Maybe next year?
    • Anime → Otome Game: Dance with the Devils is the first anime I’ve seen that was intentionally made to then be turned into an otome game. (Stuff like Ouran doesn’t really count.)  Unfortunately using the same artwork as anime makes it less than appealing for me to spend money on. Also wut:

And now let’s take a look at all the games I played since last anniversary. I’ve completed a total of 21 games (woulda been 22 had I not decided to do the relic questline in FFXIV :lol:). I decided for my 7th anniversary to go back to the ~made up awards~ format so here goes! I’ll go from worst to best. I’ve color coded each title for Bronze, Silver & Gold ratings. And as usual disclaimer, this is just my personal opinion on the games and is by no means a representation of anyone or anything!

★ クソゲーof the Year: Reine Des Fleurs★

Aside from the pointlessly tedious & awful system, 40 bad endings for PSN trophies is something I never want to see in any otome game ever again Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン
Aside from the pointlessly tedious & awful system, 40 bad endings for PSN trophies is something I never want to see in any otome game ever again Σ(゚д゚lll)ガーン Also didn’t help that most of the “good” endings were pretty bad too.

★Most Confusing Stat Raiser: Prince Pia Carrot★

This earns this achievement simply because I just could never figure out how to get tenchou's route. I think about a month ago I found a guide on how to do it, but I'm not sure if I can be assed to ever return to this disaster. I wanted a game about restaurant romance, but it turned into BDSM fetishes & international intrigue over utapri ripoffs.
This earns this achievement simply because I just could never figure out how to get tenchou’s route. I think about a month ago I found a guide on how to do it, but I’m not sure if I can be assed to ever return to this disaster. I wanted a game about restaurant romance, but it turned into BDSM fetishes & international intrigue over utapri ripoffs.

★Plot Copy-Pasta & Biggest Disappointment: Possession Magenta★

We all thought this was gonna be some awesome murder mystery game with tarot cards and great Sarachi Yomi artwork. The music seemed fun, everything was really colorful and mysterious…until we actually played it, realized it’s some awful copypasta for every character and then ended up force skipping to the truth ending only to be in for yet another disappointment.

★One Hit Wonder: Hitofuta Kitan

This game was so insignificant I don't even know if anyone noticed me reviewing it :lol:. Also this was probably not even a hit but definitely only 1 game before the company vanished from sight on any future updates. I'm honestly surprised their site has been up for 3 years.
This game was so insignificant I don’t even know if anyone noticed me reviewing it :lol:. Also this was probably not even a hit but definitely only 1 game before the company vanished from sight on any future updates. I’m honestly surprised their site has been up for 3 years.

★Trashiest Shocomi Production & This-Is-Not-Takuyo Award: Rakuen Danshi

Wait a minute what is this doing here...?
NTR, siscons (cousincons?), implied rape? Sounds like typical trashy Shocomi manga to me! And somehow it was turned into an otome game….and for some strange reason by Takuyo!? Its such a shameful byproduct they list it under “Takuyo 2” and don’t seem to attach it to their “main” otome site. Probably some dark history they want to forget ever happened. 😆 Also yes this game is infamous for random ceiling CGs.

★ Fandom Fodder Award: Marginal 4★

Let’s face it, this game is absolutely nothing if you aren’t a fan of Marginal 4. As a stand alone otome game it’s generic, it follows the “oh noes we can’t date our manager” template, and on top of that the voice quality for 2 of the characters was so awful I actually had to turn the volume down when playing their routes. It’s a pity because I really liked some of the guys, but not being a previous MG4 fan, I found a lot of the drama/plotlines to be pretty dull and uninteresting. (And I kinda got disgusted at the heroine for wanting to sleep with a producer just to get her boys ahead…2realistic4me.)

★ “Git Out Muh Man-Zone!” Award: Senjou no Waltz★

The entire game focuses on the heroine who gets this badass sword and how she learned her father's fighting skills..only to constantly be told to get out of the MANZONE BATTLEFIELD and not join the ELITE NO GIRLS ALLOWED SECRET SPY CLUB. Oh also her sword sounds like Naruto だってばよ。
The entire game focuses on the heroine who gets this badass sword and how she learned her father’s fighting skills..only to constantly be told to get out of the MANZONE BATTLEFIELD and not join the ELITE NO GIRLS ALLOWED SECRET SPY CLUB. Oh also her sword sounds like Naruto だってばよ。 The pacing was also awful…you spend 90% of the game going to school and doing nothing, then war breaks out, shit hits the fan and everything comes tumbling down in the last hour of each guy’s route.

★ The Worst Idol Group: I DOLL U★

They start off by offending their fans on stage, online and in their idol cafe. Yet somehow by working at this cafe, they improve their image and become top stars by the end. This is all thanks to our heroine who put up with their shit, and the shit her brother left her with. Unfortunately the true end revelation came out of nowhere and made the entire game plot seem incredibly meaningless. A very sad memory of what was left of Fujiwara Cocoa’s final design work.

★ “This Should have been 1 game” Award: Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue★

I guess because of PSP limitations they had to split it into 2 games but Otomate gets the picture now and they are releasing Brothers Conflict as 1 game on the Vita. Hopefully that means you won’t have to force skip through the same common family scenes you could have sworn you’ve seen before the first time you played it.

★ “It was good the first time” Award: Re:Birthday Song★

I admit it, the first time I played Rebirthday Song I cried a river. This was sooo good and I expected to baww my way to the end. Unfortunately, after completing 1 route, you basically go through the exact template of all the subsequent routes. Due to this, the tears dried up and I just kinda sat through the rest of the game until I got to the sensei where my boredom and disappointed mutated into disgust (;´Д`).

★ Worst Fairy Tale Adaptation: Oyayubihime★

I was a die hard Karin game fan until I stumbled upon this mess. I thought it was supposed to follow Hans Christian Anderson tales and while on the outside it seemed like it did, it became a tangled mess and somehow I ended up dating the moon. ಠ_ಠ Let’s just say that if I ever see the company president shoving his ~creativity~ into the writing team, I’ll be sure not to buy that game. Seems like this isn’t going to be the problem for their upcoming Mysteria port at least.

★ “Worst_Stride_Ever.mp4” Award: Prince of Stride★

This game did no justice to visually show what exactly the sport of “Stride” involved. All we saw was a screen with people talking in automode (so you have to read fast!) and some name markers moving on screen. The heroine was pigeonholed into a pointless role so that this could be an otome game, but the anime knows exactly what it’s doing: making it the usual gay sports anime like Kuroko’s Balls, Haikyuu and Yowamushi Pedal. It’s a pity because the actual otome scenes were quite cute but they were only about 5% of each guy’s route at the very end and by then it was too little, too late.

🌟Best Fandisk: Amnesia World🌟

You know they're doing it right when Toma makes me all ┣¨キ┣¨キ(*´ェ`*)┣¨キ┣¨キ
You know they’re doing it right when Toma makes me all ┣¨キ┣¨キ(*´ェ`*)┣¨キ┣¨キ

🌟Best Game to play on Halloween & Best Brocon: Sweet Clown🌟

Oniichan fetish? Check. Creepy clowns for Halloween? Check. Awesome Takuyo story writing and twisted romance? Double check. One of the few games whose writing I really enjoyed this year.
Oniichan fetish? Check. Creepy clowns for Halloween? Check. Awesome Takuyo story writing and twisted romance? Double check. One of the few games whose writing I really enjoyed this year.

🌟Best Stealth Character: Yunohana Spring🌟

This dude never once shows up in game or is references to except in his own route. Yet somehow he scored really high in the character poll. Clearly TsudaKen fangirls cause I don't think he had much else going for him.
This dude never once shows up in game or is references to except in his own route. Yet somehow he scored really high in the character poll. Clearly TsudaKen fangirls cause I don’t think he had much else going for him. As long as Takahira won first place I have no complaints though (*´ェ`*)ポッ.

🌟Best Doujin Game: First Complex🌟

Are you familiar with the doujin otome game maker Tetrascope? Because if not, you need to get on that and play all their games. ALL THEIR GAMES. Their game writing quality stands out and beats a lot of the official crap I played this year – and since they’re unofficial, their games are dirt cheap less than $20. Sure they may not be voiced by your favorite seiyuu mans, but the stories are so great I ain’t even mad! Looking forward to their upcoming game!

🌟Best Sequel: Norn 9 -Last Era-🌟

I thought originally that Last Era was supposed to be a fandisk but it’s actually pretty much a sequel. I believe the true fandisk is the one announced at Otomate party this summer. Still it was great to see the Norn 9 gang again, and honestly I think only Heishi’s route disappointed me. The rest I enjoyed a lot and I’m looking forward to the ~true~ FD for more time spent with all my N9 babies.

🌟Best Game System: KLAP -Kind Love & Punish-🌟

I think this video speaks for itself (」・∀・)」

🌟Best Game of the Year: Code Realize🌟

With only 1 year since release, Code Realize was definitely a big hit. It was a hit among English otome gamers as well with the localized version coming out about a year after. While I disagree with some of the name changes (like making Fran be called ..Vicky…) I think overall it was a decent localization so both fans in Japan & abroad can enjoy this great game. A fandisk is incoming next year so I’m prepared to shell out money for the limited box just like I did for the original. Can’t wait to reunite with Cardia & co. once more!

And that covers all the awards except for the 2 ports I played of Ninkoi and Clock Zero. I honestly don’t really know what to rate them because I enjoyed the original games but I didn’t feel like the new content was anything to write home about. The Nakaba route wasn’t really what I expected and the “sequel” with the new ninjas just didn’t feel as great as the original (and the meromero bgm was so annoying blah!) Therefore I didn’t really want to slot them into the award list but it also made me realize that I probably shouldn’t bother buying ports of games I already played. Now with that out of the way, I bring to you: FANART FROM THE READERS.☆彡 Last week I asked on Twitter if anyone would be kind enough to draw fanart of Breadmaster Lee (the hidden mascot that only shows up on April Fool’s day posts of this blog) and lo & behold some awesome people contributed their great works! 😀

Thank you everyone who submitted, makes me wish I could make time to practice drawing again (´;ω;`). And now for the usual yearly stats:

Top 5 Referrals:
A tumblr post about R-18 otome games 😆
Russian Facebook

Top 5 Search Words: (took out stuff like breadmasterlee/otome game)
get dumped walkthrough
brothers conflict game
eroge for android
diabolik lovers more blood
galge for android

Top 5 Most Accessed Posts:
Diabolik Lovers More Blood Review
R-18 Otome game rant post
Diabolik Lovers HDB Review 😅
Brothers Conflict ~Passion Pink~ Review
UtaPri All Star Review

A lot of my stats are a bit skewed because of the way google is now hiding search referrals. I used to get some pretty funny blog hits oh well. ┐(´д`)┌ Also deep sigh at how much people are still interested in Diabolik Lovers. Hopefully with Code Realize and Norn9 being out there the English otome fans start migrating to greener pastures :lol:. Oh well to each their own I guess!

final thoughts

Once again, thanks to everyone who reads this blog, follows me here and on twitter. Once again I’m sorry I can’t seem to juggle FFXIV and otome games that well (especially during a new update patch!) And once again thank you for being patient with me all these years. (‘ω’)ノ I got to know a lot of you guys through tweets and comments, and it’s great to be able to connect with fellow otome game fans once again. It’s great to be able to connect to new otome fans because of localizations, even if I am not a huge fan of the way some of them are handled. I’m still sad that I can’t broadcast games anymore due to Vita limitations because especially this year, a lot of those terribad games would have been entertaining to communally rage with on Twitch :lol:. A lot of great Otomate games have been announced for 2016 so I’m mostly looking forward to that.

I still have 1 last game I ordered in 2015 coming later this month and along with that and Ayakashi Gohan, that should wrap up the rest of the year. Perhaps in 2016 I will finally get to those 2 Quin Rose games collecting dust since they had somewhat decent reviews on Amazon :(;゙゚’ω゚’):…. Thanks for reading and here’s to another year of otome gaming! (ノ≧∀)ノわぁ~い♪


72 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary: Lucky 7”

  1. Congrats on your 7th year! Also, really digging the new look of your blog.
    Wow, this year was sorta crazy. With quite a few not so stellar otome games too. It’s kinda disappointing, really (I mean the recent otoge industry).
    But I’m glad there were a few good ones mixed in.
    I’m also waiting for the Code: Realize and Norn9 FD to be available as well, lol. Saving up for it now.
    Looking forward to more of your reviews and blog posts in the future (^_^)/

  2. Congrats on your blog’s 7th anniversary! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and I must say, not only are your reviews hilarious and witty, its very useful too. I have to agree that I really enjoyed Code:Realize and recently I’ve started on Ayakashi Gohan, was hoping if you could do a review for that game! And I kinda lost my feels for Norn 9 Last Era and the system was confusing for me but I guess I’ll pick it up again…
    Can’t wait for your future reviews and posts! 🙂

    1. Thank you for being a long time reader 🙂
      I’m actually halfway through Ayakashi Gohan! I’ve finished all the human arc routes and now working my way through the ayakashi arc. Hopefully if I stop being distracted by FFXIV I can finish the game within the next 2 weeks (;^ω^)

  3. Congrats on your blog’s 7th anniversary!

    Man, this year seems the only game worth played by you only few. And here I thought I doll u and Oyayubihime will be your kusoge this year. Man, I was wrong XD

    1. Yea a lot of disappointment this year so hopefully 2016 will be a little better! Those 2 games weren’t great but I think Reine earned that kusoge title more than anyone XD

  4. Congrats on your 7th anniversary! Can’t believe I’ve been reading it for 7 years and I’m as lousy at commenting as when I started. or well, I had 2-3 years when I didn’t read it at all (cancer in family resulted in death of my mother and inheritance after my grandmother needed to have a young, “healthy” woman kick some Finnish butts for 18 months to get done + school + dealing with illness = no time or energy for otoges).

    Regardless of their reasons, Aksys lost me as a customer completely. I’ll play and review Code:Realize and Norn9 next year after my move and I finally got myself a Vita (and I’m still looking to buy your crap copy translation when your husband is done with it). I just simply don’t like how they roll. No point in spending any more money on them if I get crap, not even for review reasons. But I promised to review both N9 and C:R, which is why I’ll commit to that promise. But that’s where I’ll draw my line. I’ll just try get through my otoge backlog instead. They’ve been collecting dust for at least 3 years already, omg. I also kind of have like a 3 year gap of games with no clue what was released, lmao, so I have a bit to go through while ignoring any future Aksys localizations.

    I hope to see you for another year of otoge reviews, sadly assuming most might just be kusoges.

    1. wow sounds like you’ve been through a lot! 😦

      Hopefully your life turns for the better in 2016!
      In regards to Norn 9, if you really care to play it don’t wait for me. We only have 1 PS Vita (mine) and I pretty much hog it as long as I have a backlog to finish so there’s rarely a chance for him to play it until I need it back 😆 So it will be a long time before I can give it to him and also at the moment he’s playing Amnesia.

      1. I think it will! Lots of stuff is going on right now because I’m moving to my home town and really close to my fiancée’s house at the very beginning of the year.

        And it’s fine, I’ll have to get settled at my new apartment in January and I’m trying to get through Black Wolves Saga when I don’t pack my things, and I have some check-ups at the hospital at the time as well, so I might be pretty much have a busy schedule until February, with my move and stuff in January.

  5. Congraaaats!! I can’t wait to see what’s in-store for 2016 since the otome lineup looks pretty good (Collar x Malice is #1 on my list rn) and even if the story is shit I’ll get a kick out of what you have to say about them haha. Keep doing what you do best!! (*ゝω・)ノ♥♥♥ ・゚:*:゚

    1. Yea I am with you for CxM, seems like Otomate is putting a lot of work into it so I’m crossing my fingers. And thank you! ヽ(`▽´)/

  6. Hello! Thank you so much for your reviews! I find it really amusing lol xD and i saw that there is a bad apple wars’ banner here in your blog, does that mean you would review that as well? I’m sorry if im not supposed to ask that here! ;-; since i dont really understand blogs systems lol

    1. The bad apple wars is just a link to the CD Japan page. It’s not on my to play list or anything sorry! I’m not interested in the story and not really a fan of the artwork so I’m giving it a pass (and the Amazon reviews weren’t exactly convincing me to change my mind lol)

  7. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary! Your reviews always make me laugh. Keep on doing it ;D !
    And lol Am I the only one who actually loved the Re:Birthday Song… I cried my eyes over Shun ;-;

    1. I actually did cry in Shun’s route too lol. I mean I liked the heroine, I liked the characters but the repetitiveness really made the game dull for me and I just hated sensei lol. They ruined a hot suwabe character with the yandere creeper tropeeee aaahhh _| ̄|○ il||li

      1. Well, I have to admit that it had flaws. For me it was shallow school drama in Yoru route, Ame route was pretty dull too and of course not fitting ending song… like lol xD. I don’t mind yandere characters, so Nami-sensei wasn’t a problem for me. Also when I started to thinking harder about Cocoro blabbering like “I’m Cocoro, not Sana and he loves Sana not me” it actually wasn’t such a nonsense as I was thinking firstly. I had to admit that other guys didn’t have it, but in other guys routes Cocoro in the end only remembers about life where she met her man, so it’s only natural for her to consider this memories as her very past life. On the other hand in Nami route she knows about all of her incarnations, so life when she was Sana was one of many, when we think about it in this way it’s starting to make sense. But yeah… They could explain it more clearly.

        Kairi route was decent, as well as Shun. Personally I loved Shun the most and I think that as a couple with Cocoro both of them mature a lot. They were really supportive to each other and to be able to make that support they had to break through their limitations. It was really heart warming not only that they were good as separate characters but that they were also great as a couple. And similarly to you I liked the characters, their bonds and heroine. I also liked the OST and climate of the game, which was very heart warming but also could be very sad and drugged in hopelessness, like in Shun and Kairi story. It was actually the only game which was able to make me cry and I was wandering why, since I was playing in games which was drowning in despair like Black Wolves Saga (which I also love greatly) and yeah I was sad here and there but never actually cry, in the end I found the answer. It’s true that BWS could be pretty intense but no matter how much it would be it’s the fantasy story in the fantasy world and with the big political plot so no matter how you look at it it’s just a story, a fairytale, a dark fairytale but still fairytale which maybe was possible some centuries ago but it’s not like it’s able to happen now. With Re:Birthday Song it’s different, it has a fantasy elements but the background of characters are still realistic and plot is focused on the heroine, her guy and his family which makes more cosy atmosphere and is more appealing. You can find some part of yourself, your family, your friends, even if not it’s still possible to happen and because of that personally I find this sadder. I can’t deny that the game had flaws but overfall I really loved it.

        Sorry for such a long post ^^’ and for my English (it’s not my mother language). Since I already congratulated you on your 7th anniversary, I’ll end this with wish for good games in upcoming 2016 \(^o^)/ !!!

        1. well I can see you really liked that game! And well it’s good you enjoyed it lol sadly I just can’t say the same. I think it’s because I play so many games that if something doesn’t stick out, it becomes really bland and mediocre for me. Also I tend to get annoyed at games that copy/paste the story for every character so that’s just a personal pet peeve lol. So yea honestly if you enjoyed it more power to ya, sadly I just couldn’t feel as passionate about it as you 😛 I think the only reason I cried in Kairi’s and Shun’s routes is because I could relate to their family drama while a lot of the problems in the other routes felt silly to me (especially Yoru’s just seemed ridiculous to me but yea just my opinion.)

          1. Yeah I agree with you, about Yoru. This school drama in his route was so silly and I was like “I bought the game about the shinigami, why is a school drama in it xD ?”

  8. Happy anniversary! It’s nice that you still managed to play some great games among the many other mediocre ones. Hope that the number goes up in the next year haha.

    And omg your post reminded me about KLAP…I need to remember to get it so that I can spank Kaji–I mean play for Kaji. XD

    1. Lol we hope for that every year don’t we xD “Oh this game looks good let’s preorder~!” *3 months later “WTF IS THIS SHIT (;ಠ益ಠ;)” lmao

      Bwahahaha KLAP is great I highly recommend it! 😆

  9. Happy 7th anniversary! I hope you like the bread man that I drew! (/・ω・)/

    reading your blog post brings back memories, reminded of Fujiwara Cocoa sensei again (*´Д`)

    nice to see Code:Realize as the best otome game you’ve played for the last 1 year. I’m still continuing my playthrough slowly but I definitely like it even though the plot is really heavy, at least it’s interesting! also I finally found a few typos in the game lol

    once again thanks for all the great reviews in the past year, hope to see more even FFXIV is keeping you busy ;D

    1. Yess I love it thank you! I’m so happy anyone drew me anything (*´ェ`*)

      It’s actually kinda sad that CR was the best game because technically it’s from 2014 and I played a lot of good games in 2014. Can’t say the same for 2015 lol. I heard CR Had typos but I don’t think it was the level of bad that was in Norn9 XD

      1. I guess that in 2014 they made more effort in their games because they had to promote the new console, so when most of players bought Vita and since nobody hacked it, the selling ratings are high even if the quality is pretty low, so they don’t really care :/

      2. you’re welcome! (・ω<) I guess one of your top game this year is KLAP? yea I screenshot a few and will post it lateron my blog, at least it wasn't bad as Norn9. Norn9 typos are just sick ):

  10. Congrats, Hinano! Your summary anniversary posts are always amusing to read xD. Thanks for playing a lot of the games I almost got but decided to wait on depending on other people’s opinions. The money is low this year so I have to be pickier. Unfortunately, I have a crapload of games that I have no motivation to play now because everyone seems to agree that they were pretty shitty -_- I’m looking at you, Reine des Fleurs. Hopefully next year the amount of good games increases…

    I also actually started becoming active on Twitter this year so it’s been nice talking to you on there as well. Can’t believe the year is almost over already. I hope you enjoy finishing up your last few games for the year!

    p.s. which games are you looking at for next year so far? The only one I’m pretty certain I want is Collar x Malice but some other games look decent. I’m just not too crazy about jumping preorders like I usually do only to be disappointed and broke after hahahaha

    1. I’ve been getting pickier too I used to get only limited editions but I’ve gotten a lot of regular editions these days cause my trust in companies is…uh rather low lol. My motivation for the 2 quin rose games I bought is pretty low not that I know how their business worked and how corrupted their president was..but soon I will run out of games to play so I’ll have no choice xD;

      Collar Malice pretty much sticks out for me as well but before that I guess I am hoping the Karin Mysteria port will be decent. Pretty sad they kicked out Kimura Ryohei and replaced him with nooblet mcnoob but hoping that since shachosan isnt involved in the writing, the scenario will be decent like Danzai no Maria’s!

  11. Congratulations on 7 years!

    Reading through all of those impressions is quite interested, especially since I have played about half of them myself x3

    But I was surprised to see you didn’t play Psychedelica! Do you have any plans on getting it, especially now that sequel is announced?

    1. haha so you suffered through a lot of the same games as me! 😛 And as far as Psychedelica, I don’t really have interest at this time. It’s not really my type of game – as I prefer games that have more of a romance aspect rather than 1 linear story (cause then the subsequent routes become really boring since the first run of the game reveals most of the plot)

      1. Yeah, especially Reine des Fleures was a big disappointment for me since the setting and everything seemed so nice ;_;

        Even if it’s normally not your kind of game, I can really recommend Psychedelica! The story isn’t even that linear and, as far as I remember, the outcome for each route was a bit different (can’t really talk about a lot without spoilering, and it’s been quite a while since I played it, so I’m sorry I can’t advertise it better!). They definitely weren’t boring! And thanks to the flowchart, you can easily get to the routes without having to skip through tons of scenes multiple times.
        Anyways, it was definitely a very good game with amazing boys to romance (Monshiro a best) and the MC is super cute thanks to Nakahara Mai. Of course, you also get cute romance and comedy scenes, but most of those are separated from the main story lines and you can watch them as short stories unlocked with points you get from the mini game.
        It was probably my favorite game this year together with Taisho Alice.

  12. Congrats on staying the course for 7 years! I got a Vita this year and went off your “Favorite Games of 2014” post and have enjoyed it, hahaa. (Thank you and Otomate for the gift of Trigger Kiss, Binary Star, and Ninkoi. Re:Vice[D] ended up underwhelming me.) And bless your ~awards~ format, especially in the kusoge section.

    Code:Realize was an awesome adventure story. The QAQC work on that was much better than NORN9, although I found an average of 40 typos/programming errors/proofread fails per route…and 131 in Lupin’s. Depending on how NORN9 itself turns out, considering getting Last Era; not waiting for Aksys on that one.

    Tetrascoooope! All I’ve got left of theirs is First Complex to play through. (Bought it, sitting on my PC. Vita’s not ready to let go of me.) Since I prize really good writing, is Sweet Clown’s comparable to Tetrascope, or is that an apples-to-oranges comparison?

    1. aww too bad you didn’t like reviced! I do admit some routes I was totally just biased towards the seiyuu lol XD But I did like Aika as the heroine I thought she was funny.

      I heard C;R english port had some typos too but I think the QC disaster in Norn9 is a lot worse…probably because Norn9’s strong point is its characters so when they basterdize their personalities there’s not much else left.

      It’s hard to compare doujin to official but I could say that Sweet Clown is probably a “refresher” on what you are used to seeing. I think Tetrascope is more on tune with happy endings, but Sweet Clown is more of a twisted romance with twisted endings so I enjoyed it for that aspect to see “where they would take it”.

  13. 🎊 Congrats for your 7th Anniversary !!! 🎊

    It was a very busy & eventful year!
    I love your awards format too! (Yep, I tried to guess xD).

    Your reviews, your sense of humour & your kindness are so entertaining! I mean, I seriously wanted to improve my japanese, but all of my books stayed with my father (who lives in Morocco because of his work) aaand they are like, really heavy & expensives. Thanks to a friend, I went into Otoge world and found your super duper blog who has been decisive in my gait so, I’m sincerely thankful & grateful for all what you did during all of these years✨.

    I’m really glad to read that your blog still have a bright future, and to have found the courage to wrote my first com’ in your 6th Annversary post! In the end, there’s always some rare 💎 jewels to brings hope despite many kusoge!

    You also made me want to play FXIV so badly hehe.
    (And I will bury my head in the sand forever for Oyayubi Hime xD).

    I wish I was able to make you a drawing too, but I haven’t seen your Tweet ;;! It will be for next time! (Sorry if I always say the same things rofl 😭).

    1. thank you! ( ´∀`)bグッ!

      I’m glad you found my blog inspiring, I always feel really motivated to know that someone appreciates my otome rambles xD And don’t worry about t he drawing, it’s kinda my fault for giving people like 6 day deadline lol. I’ll try to give more time next year, I’m just happy people were kind enough to draw me anything!

  14. Congrats on your seventh year Hinano-san!! I can’t believe I’ve been a reader for four years, this is insane!! Also I can’t believe how my jp skills improved throughout these four years haha

    At the very least, it’s good that you had “some” good games to play while recovering from the kusoges and the mediocre ones (even though there were only about 3-4 good games.) おつかれさまでした。。。🙏🙏🙏

    On another note, I’m so glad IFI started localizing otome games (the translation with Amnesia was so good) and I really hope that Aksys start stepping up their game otherwise it seems that I’ll probably look to IFI for any quality content and it’ll be such a shame that I can’t support English localization from more companies.

    I hope you had a wonderful 2015 and a better 2016!!! Happy otome gaming and FFXIV to you~

    1. I can’t believe I’m still going after 7 years that’s pretty insane too xDDD

      I’m kinda disappointed with IFI like I’m really surprised they gave us Amnesia because at their press event last night more Neptunia crap. It’s like that’s all they think about or maybe that’s what makes them money since I heard some people pirated Amnesia from Steam -_-;

    i feel like youve introduced me (subconsciously/just by reading your blog) to a lot of things
    you made me get interested in otome games
    i bought a ps vita
    i spent a shit ton of money on cd japan
    i learned japanese (after spending all that money on games, lol)
    and started playing ffxiv
    i almos twent to japan for my senior year this year (i decided to stay to take ap classes, separate issue)
    youre better than those ads before youtube videos at getting me to buy stuff and do things.
    BOYFRIEND? BF? omg i spent hours on that, glad it’s over. i hated having 10 short lines of text that weren’t voiced and then a big paragraph of voice that i had to drag through. plus not all of them were super cute.
    so, honestly, thanks for influencing me! youve led me to a lot of great things.

    1. Wow I am so honored that I was such an inspiration to you (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

      Though omg I wish all these people including you told me they were joining FFXIV so I could give them my referral codes ahhh. I should just plaster them at the top of my blog shouldn’t I! lol

      And yea I quit BF for the exact reason you did. Nothing but new gatchas and like half the cards weren’t even voiced until like HALF A YEAR LATER wtf man. Doesn’t seem like it’s gotten any better honestly so I’m glad I quit lol.

  16. Congrats on your 7th anniversary! I always enjoy reading your reviews and I’m looking forward to more of them! It’s always a pleasure chatting with you 😀
    I’m thankful for your shopping guide because I never knew what forwarding services were before (used regular old proxies before). I also learned which shops to stay away from lol.
    It seems like 2015 wasn’t such a great year for otome games, here’s to hoping 2016 will be better! (•̀o•́)ง

    1. It was great getting to chat with you as well! I’m glad I started talking to people on twitter this year rather than just spamming news and scans all the time XD And let’s hope for a better 2016 game year!

    1. Hah you know I thought about going to Sapporo next year but the flight is so long and expensive..I guess I’ll just use the money on more otome games XD

  17. Happy anniversary~ Even though I just recently found this blog by randomly searching crap on the Internet, I’ve read a lot of your reviews and I really like em! They’re just so funny it makes me giggle a little XD

    Anyways, if they do plan on releasing another game in English, what game should they release and which company?

    1. Thanks for becoming a reader! 😀 It’s never too late to read all the crap I sat through 😆

      I wish IFI would release more Otomate games but they seem too focused on their Neptunia franchise sadly :/ And well Aksys is understaffed and doesn’t take editing seriously by constantly “changing the flavor” of the translation…so honestly my hopes are pretty low. I spoke to Mangagamer and they don’t know how to do stuff with PS Vita so PC games only for them…so yea at this point I think its faster to just learn Japanese and import lol

      1. Yeah I have to agree with you there. Even though Neptunia is an awesome game series, I feel like they should step away from that for a little while.

        And funny how you said that because my friend gave me a PSP emulator and I have two Utapri games even though my Japanese is shitty as hell XD

  18. Happy 7th anniversary! Congrats! Thank you for your posts and reviews. I personally love reading them with a nice hot drink, but I shouldn’t because there’s been a few times I have choked on it in laughter, haha.
    Also, thank you for you shopping guide. It was a huge help. (I got into a bit of predicament in which a game I wanted to pre-order sold out and I didn’t look up alternative shopping sites. Oh yeah, before I forget to mention, Alice-net finally takes foreign credit card transactions)
    The otome lineup is looking pretty interesting in 2016. Hopefully, companies won’t hype up the games and then when release comes, it turns out the game was bad or not that great. That has happened to me at least twice this year with games I wanted to buy, ugh.
    I’m jumping on the PSVita. I broke my rule about not preordering games and waiting until reviews, but I couldn’t resist.

    1. Lol warning, reading reviews with food or water in your mouth on this blog may cause them to become projectile! (´゚ω゚)・*;’.、ブッ

      And wow thanks for the heads up at Alice net! I’m gonna check that out and update my post because before they didn’t take credit cards period, let alone foreign ones! And yea it’s hard to resist not preordering a game sometimes…and well sometimes you have to do it because they immediately go out of print for some reason (or they go out of business like quin rose lol)

  19. Happy 7th anniversary! Am reading your site for the past 3~4 years and loving all the reviews. Thanks for the all the hard work!
    And to be honest, Wizard & Masters wasn’t a bad game, at least when it originally came out on the PC. I guess my view may be skewed though, since it was one of my first otome games (that and Mizu no Senritsu 2…aah the PC game era LOL). Here’s to hoping for a better otome year for 2016~ \^o^/

    1. Thanks for being a long time reader! 🙂

      Since I got the port hopefully it’ll be better without the battle system but we’ll see…since it felt like Alice game was worse after they removed the turn system lol. And I feel you on the skewness…sometimes games that I thought were amazing back in the day, I play again and they’re not that great to me anymore lol

  20. Woah, happy 7 years!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    I can’t quite remember when I first discovered you, maybe 5 years ago? (I would have been 13 then, woow) Idk what happened, but I disappeared for awhile and then I remembered my love for otome games from back then and reminisced about watching your streams/reading your reviews. So, then I was like “oh, let’s check on Hinano-san!” And here I am again, quietly stalking your wordpress since summer :’)

    Muuuuch to my surprise there was no more twitch streaming, damn it. I missed out on a lot orz. Last stream I really remember watching was Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser LOL.

    Anyways, here’s to more years of otome game fun and more years of stalking– I mean reading your reviews! (you’re hilarious as fuck ily)

    1. Hah wow that was a long time ago!! XD At least 4 years ago I think! lol
      And yea since Vita games are non broadcastable unless you spend ungodly amounts of money I just had to stop for now. I think the last game I broadcast was January of this year with ReBirthday Song.
      Thanks for coming back, it’s always great to reunite with old readers and broadcast viewers! (^ω^)

  21. Congrats dear ^0^ already 7 years, time sure flies fast. And lol I really need to save up for KLAP seems the review really good, but Fire Emblem coming soon so my priority went to that game haha

    PS: Please keep review more games, always love to see your writing ^-^

  22. Really, your comments about the games you play are hilarious! At first I wanted to give Reine des Fleurs a go but seeing the story for each guy kinda blew away my interest. I’ve played a game called Nameless : The One Thing You Must Recall, and it’s fresh air to me because the heroine isn’t a blushing mess when it comes to men. There aren’t any accidentally-peek-on-shirtless-men-in-the-shower scenarios in all the routes, and there aren’t cliche love scenarios. Would you give it a try?

    1. My backlog is so endless I sadly don’t have to time to steer off my “course” lol.

      There aren’t any accidentally-peek-on-shirtless-men-in-the-shower scenarios in all the routes

      Wow what a disappointment! 😨

      1. Haha, but one of the guys has a tendency to walk around the house baring his torso, so it doesn’t really count as ‘in the shower’ XD

        Another thing about the game is that the game shows you some pretty realistic choices, at the end of one character’s route, another guy can confess to you and you get to choose if you want to accept him or not, even though you aren’t on his route. But never mind.
        Anyways, just how many do you have in your list? Are there that many games in jp that aren’t translated into English? Wow, we’re really missing out!

  23. I was actually one of Quinrose’s biggest fans back in the day-I didn’t really care how derpy their art was as long as the plot was good and it had the right feels. I actually thought the art was rather decent, save for those awkward looking “pre-hump” moments XD But I agree with you on their opinion of them-I feel like the quality of their games had gone downhill lately in terms of how they think of their fans and follow the footsteps of other money greedy companies. Like with Diamond no Kuni the characters were so OOC and unlikeable compared to the cuties before Fujimaru’s era. I also feel like Fujimaru should stick with mangas than doing work for otome games

    1. I was too! But yea the quality went down and well for obvious reasons lol. I don’t think Fujimaru was involved in the writing honestly, hell she wasnt even involved in half the CGs because of all the freelanced shit.

  24. get dumped walkthrough

    … u need a walkthrough to fail in a otoge??? unless that’s the name of a game lol

    Anyway happy anniversary~ here’s to more otoge reviews in the future

    1. haha the game was actually called Get Dumped 😛 It was a game where you well…get dumped. There is no end where you do not get dumped 100% bad ends. But the guy was such a douche, that honestly it was a blessing in disguise XD


    Congratulations on your 7th anniversary Hinano!!!! Even though I don’t really post anymore and am pretty much nonexistent on Twitter I still like to stalk you quietly from behind the scenes 8)

    Cheers to many more years!!

  26. Congrats of seven years here!! I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog upon finding this. Gives me such a good laugh.
    Side Note: I was playing Norn9:Var Commons, and I wasn’t paying attention to the choking sounds until you pointed out. XD
    Now it also makes sense why sometimes Koharu mostly called Kakeru and Sorata by their last names, then suddenly switching it in other routes. They probably never heard any voices until like the last minute. I thought it was some pointless westernization. It worked better in Code:Realize.

    1. I think the code realize names were bad too but Norn9 did pretty much everything a lot worse. At this point I guess I’ll just stick to JP releases although it’s fun to make my husband play the English editions and then see his reactions. 😛
      Thank you for reading and enjoy your stay! 🙂

  27. just read this~ congrats on your 7th anniv blog~ *pachipachi*

    i found your blog about– 4-5 years ago? when i’m so fucked up playing starry sky in autumn and searching for another opinion about that game because I still stuck at real life and don’t have otome gamer friends…. thanks to your review so here i’m now continuing read your blog ww


    PS : you know, now i have a lot of otome gamer friends but A LOT of them hate your reviews wwww i don't understand them ww i really love your reviews Hinano ❤

    1. lol thanks for reading and lol starry sky xD

      It’s okay I don’t expect everyone to like my reviews or agree with my opinion honestly lol. I appreciate anyone who does take the time to read my banter though, and for such a long time as you ( ´∀`)bグッ!

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