Otome Game Review: Prince Pia♥Carrot

Wow this game took longer than I expected – but mostly because it collided with a new FF14 patch (but honestly what else is new with me?)  The story is about our heroine Misaki who with her classmate Kokoro finds a stray kitten near the school grounds. While carrying the kitten home, she bumps into the manager of Prince Pia Carrot – a family restaurant full of ikeman waiters (on a trial period because all the other pia carrots are full of eroge ladies.) The kitten jumps on him breaking all the dishes he bought for the restaurant. Misaki feels bad and to take responsibility, she decides to work there part time along with Kokoro. Her school’s student council pres & vice pres are also on the waiter team and from here Misaki’s restaurant adventures begin.

arashi01Todoroki Arashi – Only after playing this route did it hit me that some of the writing was done by the guy who wrote Uta no Prince Sama :lol:. It makes perfect sense because basically Arashi’s route shares a lot in common with Otoya – all the way to Arashi’s character design :lol:. Arashi is the student council president who is extremely loud and weird. He resolves fights by having the bullies beat him until his head bleeds instead. He wants to make Prince Pia Carrot the best restaurant that ever was which is apparently a starting step for his ultimate goal to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! ಠ_ಠ He also starts to confuse his feelings for Misaki from kouhai, to IMOUTO. Yes that’s right he literally asks her to call him “oniichan” instead of you know..calling him by his first name orz. The progress of their relationship is quite odd as well. In each route there’s a template that the guy will confess his feelings to Misaki at the Pia Carrot Restaurant #5 trip. Well Arashi confesses, but then is like WE ARE NOT READY TO KISS YET…but then they go back to his room where he kisses her neck and boob and I’m just ?????? 😆 Somehow this is ok because it wasn’t on the lips wtf lmaooo. So the thick of the plot (or at least 1 of them) is that Arashi loooves Sentai shows. He also loves to be the center of attention so one of the other big things going on in the background is everyone is in a band to do some promotion song for Prince Pia Carrot (which is essentially the OP theme of the game.)

arashi02During their performance, he gets noticed by an idol scout and asked to become an idol. He figures cool, free money but then it turns out the agency does not allow relationships (cue me rolling eyes at all the UtaPri shit going on here lol.) The agent asks Misaki to break up with Arashi because he knows that there’s no way Arashi would choose his idol career over her. But well the good news is, Arashi ends up failing the idol audition anyway and instead they just do a commercial for the restaurant and call it a day. You’d think the game would be over here & they live happily ever after…until after the commercial airs some guy on the street comes up to him babbling that he looks like their young prince.  Arashi’s like whut I think you got the wrong guy but this dude name Pripiansky (what an original name) asks Arashi to take a DNA test to make sure. He says if the DNA matches then he wants Arashi to become their next king! Turns out his DNA matches because he’s the grandson of the king!  Arashi has no interest in leaving Japan and becoming King of some other country.  He tells Pripiansky that he refuses but the dude’s like NOO BUT IF U DON’T BECOME KING OUR COUNTRY WILL CONTINUE TO BE AT WAR! From what I gathered Arashi’s grandma married the gaijin king had a baby girl – Arashi’s mom. Since female can’t be king, she moved back to Japan with her daughter. The daughter then married Japanese dude and had Arashi making him quarter gaijin. And now some gaijin mafia who’s warring with Arashi’s kingdom has come to Japan to try and assassinate him. ヽ(。_゜)ノWorried about him getting hurt Misaki tells him to stay in her place that night and he’s like but…I can’t hold myself back and she’s like “it’s ok babe you dont have to ;)” So then the terrorist mafia kidnaps Misaki and leaves a note telling Arashi to come alone.  They say they will beat him up and Arashi uses that as a way to waste time until Maito comes with back up forces.

arashi03Unfortunately as they return they find out now GRAMS & GRAMPS have been captured and to free them they want Arashi in exchange! Arashi plans to go to his country and Misaki can’t come cause her passport isn’t ready! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Best End: The night before he leaves, Misaki asks him to go AAALLL the way and she wakes up the next  morning with a goodbye letter from him. (´・ω・`) The day of their band performance for the restaurant comes and Arashi is late but eventually finally shows up.  Afterwards they go humpin back at her place and he says he couldn’t call her cause his phone was broken. He says he refused the offer to be prince and he would rather be with Misaki than take over the world.  And so they hump happily ever after and in the epilogue Arashi’s granny recovers and goes to live in her home country with Arashi’s grandpa. In the bonus epilogue, they go to a summer festival together. Good End:  They tell Pripiansky to go find someone else as a prince candidate and he gives up on Arashi. Misaki tells Arashi she doesn’t care if he’s popular with the ladies during his shift as long as he changes his eyes back on her after work hours. However, when she sees his fangirls always giving him love letters and stuff she gets really jealous.  He chases her down on their date and apologizes for talking to other girls.  After this Misaki learns to deal with the fact that her boyfriend  is popular but knows that he loves only her. To be honest, I really liked Arashi, I love these dorky loud dumb characters but the entire prince story line that was shoved in last minute just made me ಠ_ಠ for the rest of the route.

maito01Yamauchi Maito – Maito is absolutely gross and he calls himself a do-M but he is in fact a sadistic do-S and if anything the heroine is do-M for him in this route. I don’t even know why she goes along with all his fetish play when the whole time she’s like wtf but somehow eventually…SHE FALLS FOR HIM ANYWAY! ヽ(。_゜)ノ Also to add to the weirdness, the mole on his lip kept moving around in his sprites. If he faced front it would be on the side of his lip, but if he faced sideways it would suddenly move to be in the middle of his chin…. o_O He constantly teases her whenever they do any work at the student council office which seems funny at first until you realize his disgusting intentions.  So then after a while whenever Maito sees Misaki chatting up or hanging out with any of the other guys he gets all jelly & cockblocks.  It gets so bad that when he sees Arashi remove some bug from her hair he misunderstands and then takes her to the nurse’s office. He thinks they were kissing and refuses to believe her when she tells him otherwise ugh.  He then kisses her and takes a pic of it saying he’ll use it as blackmail if she doesn’t become his “toy” UGH BARF. He then ties her to the bed and leaves her like that in the nurse’s office UGH. He then tells her to find him everyday after class so she has to run around the school looking for him. When she finds him he says that she’s too nice to everyone and makes guys misunderstand siigh. Honestly I think he’s just butthurt being friendzoned with everyone else www He refuses to erase her photos unless she tells him directly that she either LIKES or HATES him. ヽ(。_゜)ノ  His hobby is making sweets but he cannot follow his dream because he’s being forced into being a government official job by his family.  So because he’s all butthurt about his life being “chained” he feels the need to chain down others with him and sadly Misaki has become his victim X_x. At the summer work thing at restaurant 5, he’s like “Im thinking about seriously bullying you but you can backout now with no obligation!” Which is apparently a love confession so Misaki tells him she likes him and he’s like WHAT!? ( ´_ゝ`)??  Soooo this goes down the path for the worse because she agrees to be his girlfriend…aka KINK SEX TOY. They go back to the dorms of the restaurant, he makes her wear some sexy lingere he just SO HAPPENED TO BE CARRYING AROUND then HE TIES HER HANDS BACK WHILE RUBBING CAKE ALL OVER HER FACE.

maito02So because this guy can’t become a pastry chef he has to take out his frustration with BDSM fetish play. Some days later she comes over his house where he ties her up again and has kinky play all night long ugh….and the whole time she’s like “I’m not his girlfriend why is this happening”..cause apparently I guess she’s his sex friend until he finally deems her good enough to be his gf or some bullshit =_=.  So Pia Carrot has a sweets fair and Maito makes a lot of them cause that’s the one redeeming feature of his and the sweets are popular with the customers. Just when I thought he was busy with work and left her alone for a while, he comes back with a vengeance making her make him breakfast while being nearly naked in an apron.  He tells her he’s happy when people enjoy his sweets, so he wants to enjoy this at Pia Carrot before he has to quit at the end of the summer and do what his parents say. He then tells her she should woo him into being her boyfriend…but her attempts are kinda pathetic. He then takes her back to his room where for some reason he has a WOMAN’S SWIMSUIT and tells her to change into it. And then just has her sit around on his bed while he works on some manual he’s making before leaving Pia Carrot. And so like the sex friend that she is she allows him to screw her but oh look he finally admits that he likes her and decides to stop! LE GASP! I guess this means we must now like him but lol too late damage has been done. So now they become lovers and he tells her to move in and live with him.  Since they’re kind of underage he tells to go to his private house and live there for a week.  So turns out that he’s the son of his dad’s brother who shamed the family by running away and trying to start his own restaurant. But he failed, and was in debt and then ended up dying in an accident. And so from that day on Maito was raised to not be like his dad so he could never go and open up his own restaurant or he’d be like his failed father. In order for him to continue to be a “child of this house” he must abide by their rules making have no freedom which is typical otome game excuse for abusers to abuse the heroine.

maito03So they ichaicha in his cabin and work on baking some sweets or something. When they return a week later Maito tells everyone that he and Misaki are going out.  So then one day at the private house they run into Maito’s dad who tells Misaki she shouldn’t date his son cause he’s a creeper weirdo. Maito’s like “lol yea I told her not to date me but she wouldn’t listen” /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. While they’re all there, Maito finally asks the dad to tell him the truth that he’s not his real father. His step dad admits saying he meant to tell him whe he became of age but decides to spill the beans. The reason that his step dad adopted him is because his step mom was unable to have children. When they adopted him they made a promise with his real mother to raise him so he wouldn’t end up like his real father. They raised him in a way so that he’d basically be the sadist that he is now this way he’d never be hurt and always be able to stand up on his own 2 feet. They realized they made a mistake when they created a do-S monster Σ(゚д゚ ll). Though apparently he’s actually a do-M and he bullies people into hating him to get pleasure or something ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  Happy End: Maito doesn’t have to quit working at Pia Carrot.  He continues to be lewd while they’re at work and getting a grope here & there while they’re in the backroom >_>.  After the concert they end up studying together and he says they will now take their relationship slowly~. Honey End:  They have some competition of how long they can be in the hot spring together.  2 weeks later they tell scary stories at the restaurant at night and Misaki gets really scared. She asks Maito to come stay over at her place that night but he tells her to come over his place instead. She wants to calm down but he intentionally shuts the lights off and starts to play a horror video game \( ^o^)/. So then she’s like zomg I want to screw and he’s like NOPE U’RE A CHILD. Yea okay so you grope her all over and tie her up and shit but sexy time is a no no? (ಠ_ಠ) So this series of almost hump -> lol nope continues for a while until he finally gives in back at his private house and they screw all night along lol. In the epilogue,  he’s all jelly that she’ll be the next vp with Kokoro as the pres there and says he won’t teach her anything about his job. He says if she wants to learn to do it…in bed. And so they hump happily ever after or something. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Yea…no.

koko01Tachibana Kokoro – So after Maito I’m sitting here like oh man this shota is so cute what a huge change from the douchebag before this! Things were going really well and all but then the writers decided that cute shota template isn’t good enough and MOAR WANGST was needed.  On top of this, they thought this was a great route to experiment with PHOTOSHOP FILTERS like they’re SHAFT or something. Kokoro doesn’t have many friends because he’s moved around a lot due to his – you guessed it – FAMILY ISSUES. Fortunately with Misaki and his new classmates he realizes that he has great friends after all.  He comes over to her place one day when no one’s home and trips and lands on her…but sadly we got no CG. All we got was some weird room pan 😆 He tells her she needs to be more careful about guys and she forgets that he’s a guy too.(; ̄▽ ̄) While at store #5 they end up running into a couple making out near the rocks and get really embarrassed before running away lol. At the end of the first night he tells Misaki that he likes her more than friends. He asks for her to go out with him and she agrees. Mom sees them coming home and invites him in and acts like a massive wingmom giving them tea and leaving them alone in Misaki’s room XD. They fall asleep at Kuon’s house a few days later after eating some steak and playing with kitty. After they wake up he’s like LOL at them and then asks if they want to check out and get some on the job learning at store #7. They go to the amusement park nearby and Kokoro runs into someone he knows but refuses to say who it is and just brushes Misaki off when she asks.  Later that night she pries again and he admits that he’s worried about having to move again and he finally likes his friends as well as having a girlfriend.  So here’s the plot twist I pretty much guessed at this point:  Hayashi-san, a friend of the Pia Carrot owner, is Kokoro’s real dad but has no idea because his wife only sent him 1 baby photo that said “koko” on it after they divorced. He thought he had a daughter but didn’t know it was short for Kokoro  his real son. Kokoro’s mom told him that his real father “died” so Hayashi-san could never adopt Kokoro to take care of instead of him moving around a lot with his mom. One night Kokoro asks to spend the night with Misaki because she’s kinda sick and he’s afraid to leave her alone since her parents are away. While she goes to sleep he argues with his mom on the phone because she wants to move to Kyuushuu now. He tells Misaki all of this a few days later and wonders why his mom even had him if she won’t raise him properly.

koko02He stays over at Misaki’s place for a few days wondering where his situation will take him.  They go on a date to the amusement park and he finally kisses her on the ferris wheel…and he gets so into it they end up making out for a while ww. Normal End: Kokoro tells Misaki that he lived with his grandma for a long time while his mom was doing god knows what. Once grandma died, his mom would just fill a bank account with money for him to take care of herself. However she sent him a letter one day saying she’s remarrying but she wants to keep her child a secret from her new husband.  She also stopped giving him money so he asked Hayashi-san to work at PriPia. He also tells her the good news that after talking about his situation with the owner, he says he’ll get a position working at Pia Carrot store #2 (from pia carrot 2 :D) while attending high school. Eventually he hopes to work there long enough to become store manager and then he says he will marry Misaki then! Best End: At Kuon’s house, Kokoro trips falling down the stairs and hitting his head. He’s taken to the hospital and the next day because he hit his head he’s got Amnesia! And of course he has no idea who Misaki is! \( ^o^)/ Since his memories are MIA, Kuon allows him to live with him for a while. His memories get reset to himself in middle school and no matter how much Misaki tells him she loves him he’s like WUTEVER U ONLY LOVE ME FROM 2 YEARS LATER. And he’s basically like “nobody wants me, my mom threw me away” etc. the whole time. He says that his grandma and his step dad were the only ones nice to him and they ended up dying…so anyone who ends up dealing with him becomes misfortunate. Misaki ignores his tsunnness and continues to be nice to him, taking him to the aquarium and other places that will hopefully trigger his memories. He gets tired of her constantly trying to get close to him so he asks if she will kiss him if she’s really his lover.

koko03Happy End: She’s like well do you want to kiss me? She says she does because she loves him and then she takes him to town to familiar spots. His friends and Arashi all say they will do their best to help him get his memories back. After a while he starts to get softer and nicer towards everyone including Misaki. He then admits that he got his memories back but because everyone was so nice to him, he felt bad coming out and saying the truth :lol:. He then comes out to the restaurant and tells everyone that he’s really sorry about lying and says his memories are back. One day Hayashi-san sees a photo of Kokoro’s mom cause she’s supposed to come visit the store he’s like zomg it’s my ex-wife! And so Kokoro finds out that Hayashi is his father and the 2 end up living together as family. Kokoro also found out that his mom was hiding him from her new boyfriend cause the dude’s a wifebeater who threatened to do horrible things to him if he ever saw him. =_= In the epilogue, Kokoro becomes student council president and Misaki vice president. For the school festival their class runs a cafe and Kokoro ends up being the “manager”. Hayashi and Mr. Owner visit them and he serves them personally. Good End: Misaki asks Kokoro to come stay at her place until he gets his memories back. She tells him that if he can’t remember her, then they can just start over from the beginning. She then tells him her history with him since they’ve met and became lovers. He then rages about how he’s jealous of his future self and he loves her as well. ヽ(。_゜)ノ Yay future self jealousy. He then jumps on top of her in bed and is like IMA RAPE U SO U REMEMBER ME and she’s like don’t worry I won’t forget you wtf…which I guess calms him down so he stops. WHY IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING. SUDDENLY HIS MEMORIES MAGICALLY RETURN! Also when they talk to her mom they find out Kokoro’s mom ran away from home when she was young and was apparently a childhood friend of Misaki’s mom’s sister. Because of this connection, Misaki’s mom tells Kokoron to move in with them since he’s dating her anyway.  In the epilogue he finally moves in, but they have to hide from everyone that they live together. One night when the power goes out Misaki goes to Kokoro’s room. She says he can lay a hand on her if he wants but he’s like no man we’re kiddies we should just be satisfied with kissing! And he promptly cockblocks himself and they live happily ever after?? Oh look another character ruined by terrible writing.

daichi01Matoba Daichi – Fortunately unlike the others, Daichi doesn’t have DEEP FAMILY PROBLEMS. However he has DEEP GUILT that somehow manages to turn him into a yandere which I COULDN’T SEE A MILE AWAY. No seriously you have this quiet guy with a deep voice so you think he’s one of those sweet nice quiet guy types…then suddenly you find the heroine locked up in her room and told to never leave or else Mr. Nutso will have a mental break down. I honestly didn’t have much of an opinion on Daichi other than thinking Yasumoto was a miscast…but by the end I was in the same UGH boat as I was when I finished Maito. (ಠ_ಠ)Unlike the other guys Daichi’s in college so a lot of the time his interactions with you are “oh gosh I went to town and he just so happened to be there!” They go  to the amusement park together and in the ferris wheel it shakes and she ends up landing on top of him. When he lifts his head to help her off their lips brush and they’re like ZOMG FIRST KISS!? Cause apparently 19 year old Daichi never kissed anyone before since he scares everyone away. Misaki says since it was an accident it doesn’t count.  He then confesses to her at the beach saying he cannot forget their ACCIDENTAL KISS! xD And she’s like cool let’s go out then lol and so they officially begin dating. Daichi tells everyone that while they are dating, they will maintain their professional appearance and manners at the restaurant. This starts to suck balls because she feels like she can’t even show him affection on their way back home from work. Realizing she’s upset Daichi agrees that after work is an ok time to at least hold hands lol.  He then starts hiding stuff from her regarding his archery which makes her sad cause she thinks he’s sexy when he shoots dem arrows :lol:. He then continues to act somewhat secretive and cold towards her for a while making her rather upset. Shun tells her that Daichi is probably cheating on her lol. That night when he asks if she can hang out the next day she says she’s going shopping with friends. He doesn’t ask her what friends and refuses to tell her where he had been all day.

daichi02The following day he sees her at the mall with Shun who she runs into accidentally and of course he thinks she’s the one cheating on him…..FACEPALMING INTO THE DISTANT UNIVERSE~. He questions her about it that night but she’s like no I just ran into him while I was out with my friends. She comes over his house one day and he tells her that he made a mistake in high school in regards to his archery career…and says one day he will tell her the whole thing. Unfortunately before he can hit that shit, he gets a phone call, tells Misaki something came up and kicks her out. The following day he says he needs to break up with her because ITS NOT YOU IT’S ME AND I DON’T DESERVE TO BE HAPPY WAANNNGST. ヽ(。_゜)ノMisaki tries to ask her archery club friend to find out what it is but it seems like some kind of TABOO TO TALK ABOUT so she can’t even get info that way. She then finds out from Daichi that back in high school in archery club he had some idiot kouhai bump into him while he was shooting arrows. Because of this he accidentally aimed and hit another member of the club. The member Soramachi has been in a coma since then and Daichi has been blaming himself for it the whole time. Like wtf it’s that idiot’s fault for bumping into him I don’t even get how Daichi is the one to blame here. Misaki tells him that she’ll be a shoulder for him to cry on and he doesn’t need to hold the burden all on himself. This apparently sets off his yandere switch and it’s pretty much downhill from here!  Some time later Daichi hears that Soramachi’s condition is improving and while he’s not awake yet he’s no longer in critical condition like before. He starts visiting Soramachi more often but refuses to let Misaki come along. Due to this Misaki is always kinda bored cause there’s no student council stuff to do so she goes to the movies with her friends. When she comes out she notices a ton of text messages from Daichi like a creeper going where are you, are you ok, are you safe I need to see you etc etc. So basically this continues but he has to constantly hold himself back from getting some kind of pity booty from Misaki and always tells her to go home before things escalate.

daichi03So basically he’s paranoid that something will happen to her and even when things like customers breaking glasses makes him shit bricks. He asks her to make sure that all her shifts match up to his from now on. On top of this he gets all possessive and says he’s jealous when she talks to other guys even though all she’s talking about is work shit lol.  Best End: She gets tired of his over protectiveness and tired of him blaming everything on himself. She tells him she wants them to have an equal relationship and that he can rely on her. I mean I get it, they want him to be overprotective because he doesn’t want something bad happening to her like it happened to Soramachi. But it’s almost PTSD trauma level and it feels so out of nowhere that I just couldn’t follow that train of thought. They then go to the shrine and pray for Soramachi to wake up and the following day he takes her with him to visit at the hospital. When they get to the hospital Soramachi is awake and has no memories of anything since he got knocked out 2 years ago. Soramachi’s like “ain’t no thang it’s not like you did it intentionally.” He then asks Daichi to help him study for his college entrance exams and to let him catch up on his archery skills. In the epilogue, Daichi comes back to his archery club in college and Misaki gets all jealous. But it’s ok he’s jelly of her and the other dudes so they agree to believe in each other and then have lots of ichaicha time alone. Good End: Daichi stays over her place for the night when there’s some rapist running around her neighborhood. Because he ends up staying at her place, he oversleeps and forgets to visit Soramachi at the hospital. That night he decides he’s going to live at her place for a bit while her parents are gone because he’s worried about her. He then becomes jealous at any time she talks to ANY guy and forces her to kiss him etc etc ふ━━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━( ´_ゝ`)━━ん.   At work he’s all like grr you talked to those male customers and then at night ends up making out in her room to CONFIRM that she only loves him and not THEM! ヽ(。_゜)ノ His yandere level then goes over 9000 after she lets him screw her….and he never wants her to leave her room after that. (ಠ_ಠ) Misaki gets sick of his shit and tells him to fuck off but he just babbles about Soramachi’s condition not improving. The following day they decide to visit Soramachi in the hospital and as they talk to him, he finally awakens. And so after this Daichi stops being a yandere and they live happily ever after. I forgot to mention at the beginning but Daichi’s route was full of really weird slow PANS throughout the game. Like for no reason instead of a CG or sprites they just had weirdly slow panning backgrounds. It was so jarring I couldn’t take any of their “serious” scenes seriously and I’d just be wtfing while laughing at the same time.

shun011Suzushiro Shun – Just like with Arashi, Shun is a victim of terrible family problems and while he’s a babe himself, I really just want to throw his super bitch mother off a cliff. He’s basically got that TYPICAL AZN CHILD syndrome where his mother forced him to get home schooled all his life and if he ever tried to leave the house to play with friends she would need to know all their statuses & phone numbers. Hell she would PICK the friends he could play with because she had to make absolutely sure he’d NEVER turn out like his delinquent brother! Shun also is an annoying fangirl magnet and the reason he gets with Misaki at first is to ward them off by pretending that she’s his girlfriend. He asks her to continue this fake lovers act for a while but as all those types of stories have it, the line between fake and real began to blur :). This wards off the annoying fangirls at first but sadly the bitches return and come as guests to Pia Carrot only to bully Misaki by purposely spilling stuff and acting like the food she brought isn’t what they ordered. On top of this several days later they send a rumor email to everyone at school saying she’s dating multiple guys and shit. They then call the store and complain that she’s a horrible waitress who messes up orders and spills things. Shun gets tired of their shit and spills water on the bitches telling them that what they’re doing is only making him hate them more. The bitch cries and slaps him running out of the store. And so at the beach trip thing, he confesses that he loves her and wants her to go out with him. Misaki agrees realizing she likes him as well and he kisses her as the fireworks blast behind them. The annoying pattern of family problems creeps up on this route when Shun’s brother shows up. A few days later Misaki finds out from Kuon that Kanata is Shun’s older brother who was overseas for a while without calling and now suddenly came back. When Misaki’s parents are gone on vacation someone breaks into her house and she ends up calling Shun crying and shaking. He rushes over to her house saying someone was prolly spying on her house to see that it was mostly abandoned so they could break in.

shun02He promises not to do anything and ends up sleeping in bed and hugging her all night. (*´ω`*)  Shun then admits why he and his brother don’t get along. They used to be really close until Kanata went to college and got involved with a bad crowd. He would then come home late or not come home at all. Shun’s parents didn’t want him to end up like Kanata, so they forced him to be home schooled all day and all night.  Because of this Shun raged that if his brother wasn’t so shitty he wouldn’t be forced through all this shit.  After hearing this Misaki’s like ain’t no thang I understand, and Shun is so happy he hugs her saying he’s glad she is his girlfriend. щ(ಥДಥщ) When talking to Kanata later, she finds out  in the past his parents beat him with a stick calling him a scumbag when he tried to cover for Shun.  It was when the 2 of them snuck in to play at a shrine and Shun was the one who said he wanted to go there. Shun’s intention was to ask god to “save his brother”  and while his brother took the beating he didn’t say a word about Shun. Shun remembers all of this and breaks down crying  while Misaki hugs him, realizing that his brother was the only one who really cared about him all along.  The next day Shun tells Misaki that his brother’s leaving Japan again soon and he wants to have 1 last dinner with him and her. They go to dinner together and Shun asks Kanata why he won’t hate him since he never once tried to help him out.  Kanata has no hate for his brother so Shun decides to drag his parents to see Kanata off when he leaves. Unfortunately Shun is unsuccessful in getting them to come so he ends up coming alone and apologizes. Kanata asks Kuon to take care of Shun and then goes off on his way. A few days later Misaki’s friend says someone’s been asking her and her classmates about Misaki and whether or not she and Shun are dating.  Turns out it’s Shun’s crazy parents and they come to Misaki’s mom telling her that she’s affecting his grades and that they should break up. Her mom believes in her daughter but says that going out with someone whose parents are this nuts is only gonna cause her grief later. (´・ω・`)

shun03She tries to get in touch with him, but he won’t answer her mails or phone calls and ends up not coming to work. Just then Shun runs in apologizing for being late because it turns out his mom was the one who made the phone call saying he’s “out sick”. At the end of the night, his bitchy mom runs in raging on why he’s there and why he hasn’t quit. Shun says he’s not gonna quit and tells her to go home but she refuses to leave until she talks to Misaki. The crazy bitch then goes on that she researched on what kind of educations Misaki’s parents have and that she’s not good enough for her son.Shun tells her to fuck off and stop trying to control his life before running out. He later calls up Misaki and they meet up at the shrine where he tells how his whole life they controlled everything from the books he reads to the friends he hangs out with. Not knowing what to do he’s like LETS RUN AWAY and for some reason Misaki agrees. They end up going to the Pia Carrot #7 store to work there for a couple days. A few days later Kuon shows up looking for them saying he heard they were working here. He talks to the 3 of them and it basically boils down to even if Shun’s parents are shit, Misaki’s parents aren’t and its unfair for her to be dragged into his family problems and ruin her own life. At the same time though, I feel sorry for Shun because he pretty much has nobody but her щ(ಥДಥщ).  Happy End: After Kuon leaves, Shun who is pretty much broken and in despair at this point promises he’ll do what Kuon and Misaki said and not run away….but asks Misaki to have sex with him so that she can be “his” in the case they have to be apart. They hump all night long and the next morning Shun comes to pick them up.  They return back to their homes and end having to break up before they return back to school. Misaki’s friends know she still likes him and tell her that she should try to talk to him again. She runs to him and he immediately grabs and kisses her. He then gives her a key to his new apartment because he’s now living away from his parents after counselling help thanks to his brother and Kuon. In the epilogue since living alone, Shun is now able to date Misaki freely again.

shun04They come over Kuon’s place and get to see Kanata oniisan again. They say how both brothers went and told the parents everything that they had been keeping inside all these years. They go on a date and then make out while he says they should call each other by their first names. He tells her to move in with him once she graduates cause they are like room mates anyway with her always coming over his place. Promise End:  When he asks to screw her, Misaki says she won’t fall in love with anyone else if that’s what he’s worried about. They end up only kissing and Shun returns to his room for the night. He takes her home the following day and before letting her return to her house he hugs her saying he doesn’t want to let her go. She tells him they will grow up and when they can stand on their own, they will be able to be with each other. Misaki returns to her job at Pia Carrot but Shun is no longer there and Arashi tells everyone to keep their spirits up. She meets up with him after work and he says he can make excuses every once in a while to see her but not every day. He then gives her a promise ring because he’s worried that she’ll get hit on at the store while he’s not there xD. He promises her that eventually he will come for her when he is free from his family. In the epilogue, 1 year later Shun comes to Pia Carrot nearly daily to study for college exams. They still aren’t allowed to date but she’s happy she can at least see him daily. They go on a date after work and Misaki finally breaks down and spills all her feelings about how lonely she’s been without him. He tells her that he wants to become a psychiatrist to help children his brother and asks her to watch over him. Misaki says she will and they make out by the glass windows at that date place thing. (Wish they didn’t reuse a terrible kiss CG though 😦 )  After he walks her home, Misaki decides in the future she wants to be a nurse so she can work by Shun’s side. This route was extra painful for me because I could relate a lot to it and so seeing his shitty parents treat him the way they did was extra irritating. I just wanted him to get a happy ending and I had further wished this game didn’t just ruin the “happy restaurant theme” with family wangst. Sigh.

Kinoshita Kuon – ………………………


Yea I pretty much gave up trying to get into his route. There was no actual guide for the PC version and despite being able to make out somehow with the PSP guide for the other guys – I was just unable to make it into his route in the PC version. I tried to follow advice on Amazon reviews and looked around for any threads/posts about it but most people couldn’t figure it out either apparently! Or they just gave up on the game after 1-2 routes. Yea that’s how bad this game is – NOBODY CARED ENOUGH TO COMPLETE IT. ガ━━━━━━∑(゚д゚lll)━━━━━━ン (And well if you completed it and you know how to get into his route by all means let me know!)


THIS WAS THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY I EVER MADE IN 2014. I spent so much money importing this garbage from Animate and even getting the limited edition for the dumb cloth poster (???) but wow just…you know I was gonna try to give this game SOMETHING decent at the end but the failure to even get into Kuon’s route basically ruined any pity I had for this game.  This game has a bucket list of problems but here’s the ones that basically jumped out at me:

  • Reuse of CGs – They would reuse the same CG in each ending which really defeated the purpose of doing the other endings. SOME ends had maybe 1 new CG but then they’d reuse the same one over & over. They also reused this one CG of everyone at the restaurant eating and each time we’d all be like “wow Shun still hasn’t finished his drink after all this time” 😆
  • THE SAME DAMN FAMILY PROBLEM PLOTLINE IN EVERY ROUTE  – ok I lied, every route except Daichi (and well who knows what Kuon’s route is all about). But seriously 4 of the routes have the plot of “my family is terrible and now I must suffer because of it – and well you’re the heroine so you’re coming with me”. Wow no thanks.
  • Going Effect Happy with sprites – From sprites randomly moving back & forth and jumping to weird photoshop filters that made my eyes hurt just staring at the screen…with no consistency what so ever. Kokoro’s route was the biggest offender where they used HDR, and blur which seriously made all the sprites just painful to look at.
  • Massive system problems – Lack of ending list, lack of affection meter + really confusing stat raising are the BANE of this game. They are the TRUE REASON I could not get into Kuon’s route! In the beginning if you go into the profiles section you can see which stats to raise for each guy. What it doesn’t tell you though is that you have to raise ALL the stats a little bit or you will NOT get a happy ending! You just have to raise the 2 important stats over the other ones. I’m sure there’s some similar bizarro requirement for Kuon but I couldn’t figure it out and the hell with it to be quite honest. In a stat raising game you MUST have an ending list and MUST have an affection meter so you can see at least whose guy you’re getting on. It was easy with the 5 guys who I guess had no real complex requirements, but yea Kuon. Yea who knows. KUONNNNN TENCHOUUU WHY WONT YOU LET ME LOVE YOU щ(ಥДಥщ)
  • MOST OF THE CGS ARE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT – A lot of the CGs were ZOOMED IN TO THE FACES. Ok it’s cool you wanna show them kissing I get it – but why does it have to feel like the camera is placed on the heroine’s shoulder every single time? Can we zoom out a bit? Can we get to see something other than backs of heads? Were these CGs just unfinished so you just colored in the heads and cropped out the rest ??? The world will never know. On the topic of CGs, too many scenes where I wished we had a CG we got….a SLOWWW pan of the background instead. (ಠ_ಠ) But yes we need to have zoomed in backs of heads for every kiss CG.
  • The TEMPLATE – The entire game is basically following the exact same template. Stalk guy, work at Pia Carrot, go on beach trip, he confesses, you start dating, everything’s cool…then suddenly you get into this “epilogue”. In my head epilogue means okay we’re good now let’s smooch and live happily ever after. In this game epilogue apparently means “let’s throw in a completely unrelated plot device and extend this epilogue to be completely different than the first 90% of the game!” Amnesia? Check. Princes from foreign countries? Check. BDSM fetishes? Check. Yanderes & locking up? Check. Terrible families? Check 3x.

Oh please make it stop! 😆 I could have finished this game earlier even with the FF14 stuff going on but it was so bad I just couldn’t bring myself to keep going. I liked Shun & Arashi the most but their routes sucked donkey balls near the end (as did pretty much everyone). Maito, Daichi and Kokoro basically got ruined because of terrible character tropes introduced in the end of their routes (though with Maito it was super early on so I had to spend even longer being disgusted.) Kuon seemed so nice but now that I think about it, I’m sure there’s some plotline to turn him into a creeper/pedo/rapist or whatever other thing they hadn’t used in the rest of the game…so I guess I should be glad I never got to it. This way I can just leave the game with him being this lazy cute megane tenchou (´;ω;`).  All I wanted was a cute happy restaurant game like the Pia Carrot series was. Their plotlines were mostly unrequited love or restaurant problems…not weird family problems or characters acting 180 degree polar opposite out of nowhere. They even made references to the other Pia Carrot games (including even using the retro ass backgrounds lol) but we never got to see any of the characters or uniforms from those games which is a damn shame. If it wasn’t obvious already, I don’t recommend this game. At all. After seeing the terrible reviews of the PSP version I should have never ordered the PC one. I’ve also decided I’m never going preorder games from brand new makers again. Yea that’s being pretty unsupportive of new companies but I’m frankly tired of blowing money being a guinea pig for terrible programming and writing. Seeing how it costs so much money to import these damn things, I think I might stick to established companies whose games I’ve played in the past. Also I think I might start buying less PC games period. They are nearly double the cost of psp/ps vita games and it seems like a lot of them turn out to be shitty – or I just have terrible luck with my choices.


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  1. Starts reading → starts flipping tables
    And got tired of reading
    I was looking forward to this!!
    Thx for taking the time to write the review of this horrible game

  2. Thanks for the reply! Hmm… I don’t really have any preferences, as such. I mean, if the story/plot is good, then I’m set. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll go look into them now 😀

  3. oh no problem at all lol :>
    It’s hard to recommend anything honestly as there’s a lot out there. I have an old post with otome game recommendations but it’s about 4 years out of date.
    I think it really depends on what kind of thing is your favorite? For example I love tsunderes so anything with those in it automatically goes really well for me lol. I also hate games with abused heroines but some people think abusive guys are sexy or something (;^ω^)….so yea not sure what you’re into to give a true recommendation really. My recent 3 favorite games were Binary Star, Code Realize and Trigger Kiss though so as far as recent stuff I can certainly recommend those to you!

  4. Hahaha, sorry, I worded that badly. I was hoping for some recommendations for good otome VNs, as you seem well versed in this field :). I’ve been studying Japanese for about 5 years now, but I’m completely new to this genre!

  5. I think the PSP version doesn’t have the stat raising annoyance and its easier to get through. There’s also many guides for it out there.
    I don’t really have tips on Japanese sorry I’ve been playing these games for 7 years now so I can barely recall what it’s like to play with less Japanese knowledge. All I can suggest is if you don’t understand a word, go look it up. Don’t go through a game if you don’t understand anything as it will give you a really different perspective on what’s actually going on. (Which is also a reason why a lot of people rage at me since my actual summary of the game doesn’t fit with their i-don’t-understand-japanese headcanons but I digress.)

  6. Whoa, I am glad I read your review on this game! I was almost going to buy the PSP version of this! When I read the premise, I was really intrigued with all the restaurant stuff (I thought it was going to be like Kaicho Maid or Working!).

    Btw, you played the game in Japanese, right? Any tips for a novice like me? ^_^

  7. I had cancelled it when it first got delayed but then preordered it again….I kinda wish I never did lol.
    It’s fine, lesson learned, now all those upcoming PC games from new companies won’t be getting my money.

  8. When I saw this game get delayed over and over, I cancelled my preorder and I’m so glad I did now… lol

    I’m waiting on my Re:Birthday Song preorder. I really liked Ayakashi Gohan so I hope Moneybee doesn’t let me down with this one!

  9. Glad you’re enjoying MG! I’m playing Amnesia World on the side and I’m oddly enjoying it a lot so even if Bday song turns out bad at least I have AmneWorld to comfort me xD

  10. I’m sorry that you had to go through this “wonderful garbage”. I hope the next games you’ll play will be much more fun than this. ^^ I guess, I’m still good with Mermaid Gothic. It’s not the best game I ever played, but it’s decent, the character interactions are really funny and most important no stereotyped family tragedies. LOL

    Hope Re:Birthday Song will live up to your standards. Seems like the reviews on Amazon jp aren’t too bad so far.

  11. Too bad you couldn’t get with Kuon. 😦 Can’t believe there’s still not a single guide out for this game. Even ex-Tiaramode’s newest pron game already has one.

  12. I don’t really see it as coming off rude since I didn’t have high expectations either. It’s just more of like they focused their efforts into the WRONG part of this game. Instead of adding and annoying system and idiotic plotlines, they coulda made it cute/fluffy and added more non head-zoom in CGs kinda thing lol

  13. Not to trying to come off as rude or anything, but I thought this game was obviously very low-quality just judging from the info we had before the release. I wasn’t interested in it at all but I thought that maybe I was wrong since I read you were really anticipating it. Well, it’s a pity >.<

  14. OH yea I completely forgot about that! LOL yea you’re totally right I knew something felt familiar ugh :t

    Oh nooo Rukaaa lol I’m actually on Criminal world right now. I completed Normal & Music but I’ll be on School next. It’s funny cause I just got to the part where heroine tazered him and I’m lmao xD

  15. I did which is exactly why I bought this. I came in thinking it would basically be like Pia Carrot – but with dudes. Why do these makers always go out of their way to make these heart wrenching/emo storylines for female players ? Like as if we can’t be happy enough with some fanservice game about restaurant bishies 😦

    If Bday song sucks I will never buy a pc otome game again. The price is so high on these damn things and they always seem to be shitty 90% of the time :s (Or get ports with more shit added to them lol)

  16. Yea I hope so too. The last 2 PC games I played were utter shit and if Bday song is bad I swear to god I will never buy another PC otome game again 😆 I saw Dynamic Chord reviews and kinda got put off by the manwhoriness/NTR aspect so I’ll be passing on that series

  17. Yea I really am bummed out for not being able to get with Kuon. I tried searching for a save file so I could at least replay the scenes but I’ve had no luck 😦

    and no the game’s all ages but they do have implied sex

  18. Is it me or are otoges getting more horrible each year? =/ That “lost prince” plotline reminds me of that blonde guy from Storm Lovers 2nd game.

    I see you’re playing Amnesia World. Hope you don’t ragequit in the school world section. Ruka invades every time you let down your guard. =3

  19. I had no idea there were other Pia Carrot games tbh until I saw this game was coming out. I’m not big into restaurant games and this game didn’t look that great to me for some reason (gut feeling lol) which is why I skipped on it. Now I’m glad I did…

    If Birthday Song ends up sucking I might cry. It might just break me because I want it to be good so badly lol…… I should probably lower my expectations a bit so if it is bad I won’t be as disappointed xD

  20. Wow, Lol at your final thoughts but thanks for the review! I hope that you’ll enjoy Birthday Song a lot more than this. I was thinking of getting it but ended up pre-ordering the second dynamic chord game instead since I liked the first one. Can’t wait for your Birthday Song review!

  21. Hey its tori from twitter. I’m sorry this sucked so hard but at least you have Amnesia Worlds lovely fan service in hand =D

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