Android Otome Game Review: Koisuru Hakodate


Our heroine Shiraishi Toko is sent to Hakodate in Hokkaido for a 1 month business trip. When she gets there she runs into her childhood friend, who runs a cafe, as well as his regular friends and customers. This is a mobile game where the intro is free but you pay $3 or so for each guy’s route. There’s 6 guys in total but for several reasons I’ve only bought 1 so I’ll be reviewing only Kohei’s route. Official site here which has links to both the iphone and android versions.

ko01Aoyagi Kohei – Voiced by Shimono Hiro in my head, Kohei’s the childhood friend who runs the cafe called Lycoris. His dad kinda threw it on him to take over after he retired. He takes her horseback riding and sightseeing all over. So then her work senpai Sae comes from Tokyo to visit one weekend. Sae says that Toko needs to step up her relationship with Kohei from childhood friends to lovers. Kaoru and Wataru then tell her that Kohei is pretty popular with the ladies and if she sits around she’ll miss the boat!  So then Kohei invites Toko to see fireworks at a festival and all the other dudes decide to be wingmans and let the 2 of them go alone. While at the show though, Kohei runs into some girls he knows and Toko feels left out. She ends up lying saying she doesn’t feel well and returns to her hotel. Everyone later finds out about this and thinks Kohei’s the one at fault. On the weekend they all have a BBQ and Kohei apologizes to Toko for leaving her out during the fireworks festival. He is sad that she’ll be leaving back to Tokyo soon and she babbles out that she wishes she could stay with him forever (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Unfortunately some random fangirls of Kohei keep coming over and flirting with him making Toko realize that she likes him more than a childhood friend. After this Toko gets really nervous around him but is afraid if she says anything it would ruin their long time friendship etc. August 13th is Kohei’s birthday so Toko asks Vanya to make a bracelet for him that she can give as a present. At the party they throw for Kohei, by the time Toko gets there he’s already totally drunk. She gives him his present and he hugs her and babbles to everyone how his loved one gave him such a nice bracelet. ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  Thanks to Wataru and Sae cheering her on, she asks Kyohei to see the night sky in a week and he happily (and drunkedly) agrees. While they watch the lit up town of Hakodate up from the mountain, Toko gets cold. Kohei being the ikemen that he is, takes her hand and puts it in his pocket to warm her up ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. Unfortunately since there’s other people around, Toko chickens out and doesn’t confess. They leave the observation area and go to a bar to play darts with Toya.

ko02Sadly just then the cockblocking college girl from before shows up giving nasty looks to Toko while clinging to Kohei. While Kohei and Toya play darts, she comes over to Toko all bitchy like “stay the fuck away from Kohei”. After this Toko feels like that  girl and Kohei are probably going out, and she starts to cry. Toya notices but before he can ask Toko ends up running back to her hotel. Not wanting to go directly back, and being soaked from the rain, she runs into a random bar. While she drinks and talks to the bartender, Kohei comes in looking for her also soaked from the rain. He’s pissed that she ran out without saying anything but when he asks her why Toko refuses to tell him. Instead though she ends up crying and confessing her feelings to him saying she has to give up because he has a girlfriend. Kohei tells her that the bitch is not his girlfriend and he isn’t currently dating anyone. Before he can say more Toko drops the money for the bill and runs back to her hotel room /(^o^)\. Because of being soaked in the rain (like in every Japanese thing ever) Kohei gets sick. Wataru and Toya suggest Toko go visit him so she goes to his house the next day. She makes him some food and after he takes a nap, he wakes up and confesses that he’s loved her for a long time. He didn’t realize that he still loved her since their childhood days until she showed up again and he would just think about her every night. And so now that the feeling is mutual he hugs her and kisses her on the cheek – so that he doesn’t pass his cold on to her. (〃∇〃)  Even though they’ve begun dating officially, Toko is swamped with work 2 days before she has to return to Tokyo and doesn’t have much time to come see Kohei at his bar.

ko03On her last day, Kaoru calls her up to meet at a bar where they will be throwing her a goodbye party. Unfortunately the day Toko returns to Tokyo, Kohei oversleeps and forgets to see her off. Bad End: Toko gets upset and avoids Kyohei until she has to return to Tokyo and ends up not even seeing him to say goodbye.  Bad End 2: Kohei rejects Toko’s confession because he doesn’t want to be in a long distance relationship. Good End: Kohei spends a week regretting missing his girlfriend and saying goodbye to her. After seeing him mope around, Toya and Kaoru are like LETS VISIT HER IN TOKYO and so the 3 of them fly to Tokyo ASAP lol. Turns out Toko’s phone broke so for a week she hadn’t been able to contact Kohei making him mope around further (cause obviously neither of them has a computer apparently.) Just as she’s about to return to the office from an appointment, she sees Kohei walking on the other side of the street. Sae senpai being a pro wingwoman tells her that she’ll tell the boss that Toko forgot something at the client and tells her to go see her boyfriend. Both Kohei and Toya apologize for not seeing her off because they were drunk and slept through everything. They go back the same day and in the meantime, Toko gets an idea for a project for her company to make the app called “Koisuru Hakodate” to introduce visitors to the town in Hokkaido. Due to this, Toko get a chance to once again work over there and be closer to Kohei.  Before her moving day, her mom brings her a scribble of herself and Kohei that she did as a child which says “I’ll marry Kohei one day” xDD. And so when she gets there she shows Kohei her loli doodle and he’s like oh you get to be mai waifu? Yay! And I guess they live happily ever after lol. Good End 2: Kohei visits Toko in Tokyo and they continue their long distance relationship.

And because the save function is annoying in this game here’s Kohei’s walkthrough that I made while trying to get the CGs. Sadly I’m still missing the 6th CG but I can’t be bothered to suffer through the system to try and find it 😐


JEY’Sに入る ホテルに帰る
お見舞いに行こうかな Bad End 電話してみよう
もう少し小平の寝顔を見ている 起こさないように帰る 行く
公平に電話する サエ先輩を追いかける Bad End
Good End Good End (No CG)



Well it was a cute game. All the food photos basically made me starved and depressed about how much I missed eating back in Sapporo. The characters were okay but the heroine was a bit..immature? I mean she’s supposed to be like 25-26 but sometimes she acted like some immature 15 year old (ಠ_ಠ). The biggest downer for me is the system. There’s no auto-mode, there’s no auto-skip (you have to press & hold the screen to skip) and it skips ALL text so you can’t skip only read text. There’s only 1 save slot. So when trying to figure out where the CGs were, I’m forced to save in 1 place where I think there might be a chance and constantly force skip through everything (while pressing the screen) to change my choices in other places. ( ≖Д≖;) This became so frustrating that after a while I just gave up trying to figure out where Kohei’s last CG was. It looks like each guy only has 6 CGs and while it’s not a lot they’re pretty cute. The heroine actually has eyes so it doesn’t look like some faceless weirdo you often find in Voltage’s games. While some people may think that the use of photos for stuff like food or backgrounds is cheap, I think it serves the purpose of the game – to introduce you to real restaurants/bars/locations of Hakodate. So in a way, it’s almost like a little tour guide of a lot of the stuff you’ll see if you go there. Honestly if this game had auto-skip and let me save in more than 1 place I would have gladly spent the $20 to buy all the character’s routes. I thought all the guys were charming and unique (to the point that I was able to mentally pinpoint a perfect seiyuu for all of them in my head.) But alas, that is not to be. The makers do listen as I did originally request them to allow me to download this game outside Japan. I don’t wanna bug them anymore though, so if stuff like the system doesn’t bother you then definitely give it a shot.


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  1. Posting answer in a new thread because I couldn’t reply further in that thread.
    Yes, it is about that 3000 yen off campaign. The item I am interested in is a reservation item. Tenso and the other tenso disqualifies reservation items from the campaign.
    I messaged Baggage Forward.
    >ですか ?
    Their reply:

    I hope I got it right more or less or that Google Translate wasn’t totally wrong.

  2. I know baggage forward is having a Rakuten campaign that if you spend $100 or something you get $30 off in shipping I think. So I guess whatever item this is it’s applicable to the campaign? Or whatever campaign it’s referring too.

  3. Passing on information. According to , yes Baggage Forward passes on the Paypal transaction fee.

    For the next item, I am praying that I am not being troublesome. I do not just ask strangers for translations, but I have less than 24 hours to decide between Baggage Forward or Big in Japan forwarding for an item.

    Google Translate: The above product is there a campaign applicable.

    I’m 80% sure that Google Translate got this right, but if not, I would be very grateful for a correction.

  4. Hidden Fees – OK, thank you. That’s a load off my mind. For forwarding, Baggage Forward will only charge you the fees they listed on their website.

    I will look around for others who have used Baggage Forward and asked them about the Paypal transaction fee.

  5. yea I know the thing is it seems to defeat the purpose. I don’t mind silencing voices for a side character (the teacher in imaimo was horrifically annoying) but silencing a main one just seems kinda….

    I also now tend to play galge where the male hero is voiced. It makes a huge difference for me and without that I have very little motivation to continue and tend to get bored of the game.

  6. I don’t even know what any of those weird fees are I’ve never gotten such things.
    Also I don’t use any proxy, I guess they have a proxy service but I use them strictly for forwarding and there has been nothing hidden.
    So let’s say when I ordered my PS Vita. I pay the price on Amazon -> free shipping to baggage forward -> they charge me the basic fee depending on weight of package -> EMS shipping fee to the US. There’s no other fees.

    I can’t help you with paypal as I always paid directly with a credit card….and well after a recent credit card fraud with a card that was connected to my paypal account, I’m inclined to use them as little as possible.

  7. You can simply disable the voices of the heroines you don’t like. There’s an option for that in settings.

  8. The voices in little busters heroines made me cringe so unfortunately I cannot touch that game with a 40 foot pole lol (especially Komari omfg e_e)

  9. You should try Little Busters in your next galge adventure, since you like Key. It’s a nakige, so prepare yourself to cry VERY HARD mainly at Refrain.

  10. SHe is “25-26” just to get past the legality limit. 😛

    Also Hakodate looked nice. Didn’t stop there though. 😦 Next trip to Sapporo must stop there for a day… (at least I got a map-carry bag as a souvenir from the shop at the station…)

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