Pangya USA Account Migration Procedures

See you on the greens!
See you on the greens!

Well as expected the updated happened when I was sleeping. It’s quite annoying that all their updates and schedules are LATE WEST COAST time. I mean come on 9PM PST is like midnight EST and I go to bed around 11 😡 Oh well anyway here’s a brief breakdown…

Wednesday, April, 15th, 2009 at 9:00 PM PST (12AM EST)– Albatross18 Account migration begins (I’ll be sleeping so I will do this on Thursday morning)

Thursday, April 16th, 2009 at 7:00 PM PST (10PM EST) – Pangya USA opens for Open Beta

Thursday, April, 16th, 2009 after 7:00 PM PST (10PM EST) – Another Account Migration time

Please note:

The recovery process includes your level, characters, caddies, mascots, items, and gift boxes. Elements such as Pang, records, trophies, guild affiliation, et cetera will NOT be migrated.

First, you’ll log into your Ntreev USA account (you can create an account if you don’t have one yet). Then, provide your Albatross 18 account ID and Date of Birth. Finally, choose whether you would like to keep your old In-Game Name (IGN), or if you’d like to create a new one when you first log in.

The account migration will take place on: 12:00 AM ~ 2:00 AM PDT (3AM – 5AM EST) on Friday, April 17th

For those transferring accounts a very important notice:


This means that if you have a set of Medieval clubs fully upgraded on your old Albatross 18 account, DO NOT buy that clubset on your Ntreev USA account! If you do, you’ll keep the Ntreev USA version, and the Albatross 18 version will NOT be migrated. The same applies to characters, caddies, masctos, and any other non-stackable items. Stackable items will be merged with your current account, so feel free to buy power potions!

And that’s that. My suggestion? Don’t mess around with it, wait to play until Friday if you are transferring accounts. Don’t risk fucking up your character just because you couldn’t wait 1 freaking day. I’ll probably be playing some eroge/wii pangya and won’t actually begin playing until Friday. I imagine that pre-maintenance there’s gonna be a slew of bugs/lag/a ton of people trying to log on at once so I’ll just wait.

Since they are not transferring guilds, there’s been discussion on twitter about re-creating a guild. I’m actually thinking of making the twitter guild since a lot of twitter friends are gonna be playing Pangya (or at least trying it out.) I hope I get enough people to join so that we become official. See you all on Friday! 😀


14 thoughts on “Pangya USA Account Migration Procedures

  1. Haha, yeah, I’ll probably wait until Friday. I mean, I wouldn’t be risking much, since Hana (or is it gonna be ‘Erika’ now? xD) is my only chara and I’m just like Beginner A in the US account, but the opening will be pretty late anyways so there’s no point in even trying to play. =D

    And I’ll join the Twitter guild for sure. 😈

  2. Well, if I’m up to it, I’ll try to stay up for midnight (Yay spring break~), just so that it’s out of the way. And I get that they’re in PST, but come ON. It’s a US server, they should give reasonable times for all time zones. Did they forget the US is made up of more than just PST or something? Or do they think all their players are in PST?

    But I guess we should be glad they ARE transferring accounts…

  3. yea i just lol @ all the europeans who stay up till their crazy PST times just to see the update. on the good side, that means all their maintenances will happen while we sleep! 😛

  4. This is all very confusing right now… Why two migration times? That doesn’t make any sense at all >.< . About the guild – count me in any time Hinano but you probably know that already, desho ? ;).

    PS. No I’m not planning to make a twitter account if you ask me :P.

  5. aw why not? well you don’t have to make a twitter account to join the guild, it’s just that the old guild name “futae no kiwami” is off a meme that is really so old now there’s no point in remaking it. xD but a lot of people who are gonna join we all talk through twitter.

    too bad you won’t join, since we discuss a lot of “anyone up for a game?” thoughts on there and often get together by someone posting that they’re logging on.

    also i dont know why the 2 migration times. maybe they’re trying to cut down on the traffic for those who miss it the first time?

  6. Hmm I never said that I won’t join the guild – on the contrary, I cannot wait to join 🙂 It’s just that you said about making the twitter guild which confused me a little bit.
    Sooo, any new memes for a guild name ? ^_^.

  7. Sorry I meant I’m making a guild called “Twitter” however whether you want to actually get a twitter account is up to you – but I mentioned that we often discuss get togethers for games on there which is why I suggested it.

  8. OK, migration of my account is now officially complete. I have all my items, caddies and characters (pangs are reset to 3000) but my records are clean AND the game says that I didn’t play in Season 2 at all, bit strange but not really important. My login is now Abikun, feel free to add me any time guys.

  9. ok.. i already click download for downloading…
    and i click save file and click run…
    but the progres for download aren’t show up…
    what happen????
    why i can’t download pangya USA????

  10. stop asking me, I was sleeping when all of this happened. 🙄

    Look on the forums or something, i dunno, I’ll try to get in when I get home. Sorry I love Pangya & all, but I’m not gonna revolve my life (and sleeping schedule) around their stupid middle of the night updates

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