Cat RPG Review: Stray

So because I love every kind of cat and I just want to hug every cat, I decided to get Stray on Steam as it got released this past week. In order to avoid spoilers I basically ignored all info about the game other than “Cyberpunk and cat” which put me in for an unpleasant surprise. ⚠️Warning: This review contains spoilers. As usual Kanade’s commentary is in blue.

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JRPG Review: Tales of the Abyss

And so after like 14 years of not watching the anime and being that I’m playing a bunch of Tales games now, I finally decided to jump into playing Tales of the Abyss. Unfortunately because Bamco would rather make failing mobile games than port this game, the only way for me to play it was through an emulator with the PS2 edition. As usual Kanade’s comments will be in blue. This review is actually spoiler free so feel free to read on!

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Otome Game Review: Radiant Tale

Tifalia is an orphan who works with her aunt at an inn. One day a circus group comes to town but their first show is a massive failure. The purpose of their show is to collect feelings of joy from the audience to make Flora – a flower needed to wake their prince’s heart from the curse. He’s currently emotionless and a 17 year old stuck in a 7 year old’s body. After speaking to Tifaria and realizing she has some great ideas, they recruit her to help them improve the success of their shows. As usual spoilers and probably misspelled fantasy names ahead!

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