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Otome Game Review: Asuka! ~Our Seitou High School Baseball Team~

The Japanese slogan as a mouthful so I just translated it into English. This is Madoka Games’ first release – but don’t be fooled, as Madoka Games is actually Mirai Soft’s all ages brand. I’m glad they are thinking beyond the porn for once but I have to admit it really does show that that’s all they think about. This may have been their first all ages release but it felt like it was released by a company that’s never made an otome game before. Anyway the story is very simple. Our heroine Asuka is the manager of her high school’s baseball team who also works part time in a cafe with her older brother Haruto as well as her younger brother Hikaru. The town folk get together and realize if they don’t somehow make their town stand out, everyone will start to leave and their shopping district and community will fall apart. They ask  Haruto to become the coach and guide the high school baseball team to make it to Koshien. Doesn’t help that one of that star players of the team is moving away as well, so now it’s up to Asuka to convince everyone who quit to come back and kick some baseball ass! This isn’t a problem of course since everyone is her childhood friend 😆 Continue reading Otome Game Review: Asuka! ~Our Seitou High School Baseball Team~

Otome Game Review: Death Connection

So while the opening does feel like a ripoff Cowboy Bebop and the game feels like Bloody Call meets Bleach I still enjoyed it immensely. If you like Bloody Call then I definitely recommend this. Man it’s been a while since I played an otome game with an actual decent story lol. The story is about a girl who was abandoned as a baby at a church by her mother who was hurt and killed. She was raised by the priest there not knowing who her parents are and was raised along side of a boy whose family was killed by some mafia. They were raised like brother and sister to be priest and nun. A few years later on one day the mafia randomly attacked the church and the boy, Joshua, took the girl Amelia and ran away. They encounter a man named Jean who takes them to a large house. Spoilers beyond this point. Skip to my final thoughts if you don’t want to read them! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Death Connection