Poupee Girl to Shut Down Service August 31st


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Tartaros Online Japan Announces End of Service


Welp not that I didn’t know it was coming but…





Game’s shutting down on February 25, 2012 but at this point anyone playing is probably just trying to catch up levels to see the final depressing scenario. Looks like the game is going to pretty much die along with all the other characters leaving things unresolved. What a shame this really was a good game and while I did feel this coming, I hoped in the back of my head that they’d bring out something new and prove me wrong. Sadly this was not the case. The least they could do is make the exp like 100x or something to let people watch the final scenario bits sheesh 2x is cheap lol.

I never did get to see the last chapter of the scenario except vaguely from a video from the Tartaros Taiwan server but pretty much a lot of characters ended up dying  so it wasn’t a happy end anyway. (´・ω・`) Also in case you didn’t hear Tinierme is shutting down as well but lol that crap shoulda been shut down years ago :lol:.

Edit: They announced that from December 13~ closure they will make it 30x exp and they are considering posting the entire scenario from beginning to end in video form. I kinda wanna reinstall the client and try to level up to see the last few scenarios but I’m not sure if I can login as I’ve had activeX issues the entire time (;´Д`).  Turns out it’s a gaijin block – I tried loading the site through a Japanese proxy and loaded totally fine. Lol Fuck You MK this is what you get for blocking people who actually spent money on your shitty game. Hoping they will post the final scenario online!

Tartaros Taiwan Announces End of Service

Well I had a feeling Tartaros was coming to an end, and not just scenario wise but with Tartaros Taiwan shutting down on December 31st, looks like my suspicions were correct. In the last few months there’s been a lack of players on the servers, the events and items were recycled or mediocre. The staff made it so the game was extremely annoying to play forcing people to quit (though makes me wonder if that was intentional.)
Either way I hope before Japan Tartaros shuts down they at least increase the exp. I still want to see the rest of the scenario but if it shuts down on 12/31 in Japan as well, at 1x I will never be able to reach level 75 or 76 lol.  If any news about Tartaros Japan shows up I’ll post here but it’s been a nice ride. I’ll miss Cromodo when the game closes ;_;.

Now departing Gamerage Casino, all aboard!

For a while I’ve been falling out of pangya. I’ve tried to keep up with events but only a few kept my interest. I decided I would wait until Lucia’s birthday, since she is my main character before deciding whether to quit once more. When I found out you could get Lucia’s twin tails it was like a dream come true. On Pangya Korea, you could buy them for a few bucks and there was a choice of 6 styles and ribbons. I haven’t spent money on the game since January but I figured for the Lucia hair I’d throw in a few bucks. I was looking forward to it so much but then Gamerage decides to pull this b/s:

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