Otome Game Review: Crazy Rabbits ~Wakaresaseya no Usagiri Jimusho~

So I totally had plans to play the rest of Tiramisu Villa’s games but those bastards made it so that people with good computers and using Windows 7 apparently can’t play them! So yea both Purelover Flavor and Pretty Flap refused to open (would just crash instantly) so I started the next best thing: Crazy Rapists! The game is about a girl named Aoi who I guess is desperate for money (and a place to live) so she joins this agency that breaks couples up…with rape! 😆 Anyway spoilers ahead. Also the OP theme seems ODDLY FAMILIAR. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Crazy Rabbits ~Wakaresaseya no Usagiri Jimusho~”


Otome Game Review: Lover’s Collection

This game was originally made by Ribbon Magic but I think the company has since dissolved and the game was then taken over by  Tiara Mode! Sadly this might be one of Tiara Mode’s better games since it was not made by Tiara Mode’s usual staff 🙄 The story is about Hinako whose dream is to be working in fashion. She lands a job working in the ladies section of a department store. A few months after working there she finds out that she has to get transferred to the men’s department because of some lady getting preggo and quitting her job. She’s hesitant at first but her childhood friend Satoru (who happens to be the store manager) gives her words of encouragement and so begins her new position in men’s clothing. She also has a part time assistant Yuuna, who I like to call Tit-chan since her boobs are like the size of her head and she acts like she looks: a dumb blonde. Hinako’s also got this sad sob story that her entire family got into a car accident and her mother, father & sister all died..and she was the sole survivor. She ended up being raised by her grandparents whom she still lives with through the game. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Lover’s Collection”

Otome Game Review: Brothers ~Koisuru Oniisama~

This is a rehashed review from my old anime blog. This game should be called レイプするお兄様~ but that’s beside the point :lol:. I’ve been downloading otome games like a mofo the last couple days so I’m hoping after I get all the rehashes back up, I’ll be able to post up some new reviews. Currently making my way through Asaki Yumemishi so expect something on that next week. Continue reading “Otome Game Review: Brothers ~Koisuru Oniisama~”