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Otome Game Review: Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~

Aileen Olazabal is the daughter in a wealthy Arabian kingdom, but unlike Jasmine, she don’t wanna sit around waiting to marry whoever her parents tell her to. Ok her parents aren’t TOO cruel, they give her an option to marry who she wants – provided that he’s some rich dude. Aileen has no intentions to marry or be the queen of Gilkhatar because she’d rather be some farmer or trader :lol:. Even though some of her husband candidates are dudes she is totally ok with, she just wants to rebel against her family cause  she’s a quin rose heroine \( ^o^)/. Aileen then makes a bet with mommy & daddy that if she can earn 10 million gold in 25 days, they will let her do as she pleases.  With this, Aileen’s money gathering adventures begin! Please note, this is the PSP remake of the original PC/PS2/DS game.

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Otome Game Review: Anniversary no Kuni no Alice

There once was an otome game released by Quin Rose called Heart no Kuni no Alice which made you visit characters over 300 times and had some poorly drawn artwork. Since the story was entertaining enough, QR decided to do a remake which they dubbed the “Anniversary Version” where they redid all the art, sprites and cut the number of turns by 100. After this gained enough popularity they decided to port it to the PSP so people could carry it on their way out the door and get more turns done in a day then they would only sitting in front of their PC. And so I bring you the review of the PSP port of Anniversary no Kuni no Alice. Our story takes place where our very rich heroine Alice Lidell is listening to her older sister Lorina read a book to her outside under a tree. Alice admires her sister a lot but in a complex kind of way, due to the fact that her ex-boyfriend dumped her for her sister, who her sister dumped as he wasn’t man enough. As her sister goes to get a deck of cards, Alice decides to take a nap. Her beauty sleep is interrupted when a furry white rabbit named Peter White abducts her and throws her down a hole into Wonderland. As he professes his undying love, he kisses her making her drink some bitter liquid and says that she’s now involved in the game of Wonderland – in which all the people who live there are at Battle Royale with each other on a daily basis.  In order for Alice to return home, she needs to whore herself around to various leaders of the various battle zones and gather hearts while avoiding the aspect of self responsibility. Unfortunately for our tsuntsun QR heroine, her plans to return get crushed when she starts falling in love.

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Otome Game Review: Cinderella and the 12 O’Clock Bell ~Halloween Wedding~

Odette Scarlet is the only daughter of a rich guy Graham Scarlet whose mother died when she was a baby. Due to this she was raised by servants and her father for most of her life and was pretty much the mistress of the house. One day daddy tells her he wants to remarry and the woman he’s picked is some lady shamed by society because she single handedly raised two daughter on her own. Odette thinks this lady is just a gold digger after her dad’s money but decides to give them a chance. Some time later, her father gets into an accident and dies. To make things worse, he doesn’t leave an inheritance and in fact leaves a LOAN putting Odette, Fatima & her 2 daughters in debt!! (lll ̄□ ̄)ガーン!!  They only have a week left to live in this house and after that it has to get foreclosed and they gotta beat it. Fortunately Fatima isn’t an evil stepmother and the daughters aren’t evil stepsisters so they find a small cheap place to live in and ask Odette to come with them. Turns out the house they found is some old beat up haunted mansion that looks like something the Adams family used to live in. 😆 Fortunately life’s not too bad for our Cinderella because she gets to make friends with some hot monster bishies and attend the ball to win over prince charming’s heart.
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Otome Game Review: Oumagatoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Suzue Shizuka seems like your average high school girl….except that she’s the descendant of a great water spiritShe has no family so she spends most of her time floating around the school pool even though she hates swimming and water. Because of her blood, she has a ton of power inside of her and unless she lets loose by getting into fights with other spirits at the school, she comes down with a fever and her powers go out of control. Typically she and her good friend Hisoka run around causing trouble and annoying the student council president and teachers. The school they attend is an average school with humans attending the day classes. At night however, it’s the “Witching Hour” where all the spirits come out and “play school” despite some of them being over thousands of years old.

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