Otome Game Review: Fuyuzakurashou -Sakuragatari-

When our heroine Saki was a loli, she went up to the Hanari mountain because she said she’s the hanahime – a girl who was born under and will “marry the cherry tree”. Her grandmother was the previous  hanahime, but for some reason Saki hates cherry trees Her childhood friend Makoto tried to stop her but was unsuccessful at doing so. She ended up MIA for 3 days until he found her and she had no memories of what had happened. A few years later, the 2 of them end up going back to that mountain and eventually end up at some shack in the woods, which has a bunch of people that she met in the past as a loli living in it!  She doesn’t remember ever going here but when she tries to leave the next day, there’s a curse in the forest and she ends up going in circles, unable to leave. Having no choice but to stay there Saki’s forest adventures begin. Little does she know that the house is actually her grandmother’s old inn that was supposed to have been destroyed in a fire many years ago. Please be warned the game is R-18 so some discretion is advised prior to reading.

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