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Game Diary: Turning my back on A18

Yay my first accidental HIO!
Yay my first accidental HIO!

Well until A18 gets its act together (probably never) or shuts down (lol) I’ve decided to take off for greener pastures. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been playing on GOA (Pangya Europe) and aside from the god awful chat filter bug, it’s been a lot of fun. Actually a lot of A18 refugees seem to have come here so I’ve not had problems finding people to play with. I did have issues finding tourneys for some reason though, they weren’t popping up as often as they were on other servers I’ve played on. 😯 Continue reading Game Diary: Turning my back on A18


Bread Master Lee Club Photoshoot

clubphoto01Thanks everyone who was able to make it. Good times good times +[*´ω`*]+ Continue reading Bread Master Lee Club Photoshoot

Ai Sp@ce Clothing Event continues…

A brave confession.

So JP and I have been diligently getting our daily 4000Dere points and managed to get some new clothes for ourselves. I’m still saving up money to get a green scarf to match my gloves but I should have enough by tomorrow. For some reason the Dere person was in the same spot yesterday as they were today, not sure why though. Due to this it was easy to find. A tip for finding her is to go to every channel and then look on the map for the little black sign icons. Typically someone will put it up saying “Dere person is here”. Today it was really obvious because they had 4 girls with glowsticks pointing to the right direction 😆 Not sure if I’ll be buying anymore stuff or just saving my money. I sorta lost interest in dressing up my “chara doll” and in fact most of the time she just gets my hand me downs. I guess that aspect of the game is probably targetted towards the male audience, so my Ruriko stays mostly in my room while I run around getting money & doing quests.