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Play music in the woods with Poupee Girl

Where's Bambi?
Where's Bambi?

Ahh latest Poupee event is “fall”. The weird part is though instead of getting some kind of fall fashions, we get musical dresses. 😯 In addition to that there’s also musical instruments you can buy such as flutes, violins and saxophones. The background of MyHome changes to a fall themed forest full of furry creatures if you put on your musical-wear. I guess they like to listen to you playing your ronery violin in the middle of the woods. 😆 The stuff was expensive as shit. Just for the hat, dress and violin I blew like 500 ribbons ><; Also there were no matching shoes!! What gives Kath? 😐

Travel back in time with Poupee Girl

holy shit that’s a lot of cake

Wow yea lots of updates today. On Poupee girl is the “travel back in time” event. You can either go to a “western” or to the “middle ages”. Western seems kinda tacky so I went with the middle ages. That means big poofy dresses ranging from 400-600 ribbons each.  I know it seems like a ton of money but the fact is I’ve had 1600 ribbons saved up from not using them on anything since Katherine’s only been releasing jewel crap lately. I bought the dress and the hat. In addition to change your background you need to buy a “book” so I got the middle ages one. If you buy the western one you get:

westernA stinky ranch with a stinky horse. 😆 (This isn’t my poupee, just one of my friends who bought the western book.) Anyway there’s a couple new hair styles too and there’s a hair discount campaign (50 ribbons now instead of 100) so I decided to change my hair. It’s not one of the new styles but a style I’ve wanted to get for some time. I still got 1000 ribbons left despite my “splurging” lol. I guess that’s what I get for being a thrifty shit and only buying a couple things during events XD

Party Castle: Self Design the Game

my first creation!
my first creation!

Today I received a key to the Party Castle closed beta that I signed up for a month ago. I’ve been eyeing this thing since back in March because it was supposed to be some kind of a game where you draw a character then you import it into the game and boom your character’s in 3D. Well it’s like that but not quite. If you’re familiar with Pangya’s self design and IMVU, it’s basically a combination of the two. Continue reading Party Castle: Self Design the Game