Back after an awful downtime.

On Sunday our entire blog domain and every blog on it got majorly DDOSed (probably by angry SC fans) and our host kicked us out completely. To make a long story short, my game blog will be moving here but unfortunately I do not have access to import all my old entries in – nor will I bother doing so for various reasons. I have an aisp@ce post I’d like to post either later tonight or tomorrow. With the new blog I’ve also decided not to blog Poupee Girl events for more lengthy reasons I’m not going into. As of now this blog is only going to focus on ai sp@ce and Pangya Japan.

I’m also opening public comments so you don’t have to register comment. If it gets too spamtastic I’ll close to regged users again but we’ll roll with it open for now. For those linking to me if you could update your bookmarks I’d appreciate it.


Yurika's game diary

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