Poupee Girl Xmas Event

poupeexmasHaven’t written anything about poupee in a while and figured I might as well. Katherine has added some Christmas items to her shop (which will cost you an arm and a leg because they are all cute 😆 ) as well as changed the background to fit the holiday theme. ^_^ I think the items in the picture above is all I’m going to buy. Also it seems that on Christmas, the xmas socks will turn into some sort of a gift. I guess we’ll have to wait & see what it is.


An Ai Sp@ce Christmas

Yay it's snowing in Akihabara!
Yay it's snowing in Akihabara!

And so with Christmas approaching, pretty much every game out there is going to have a Christmas event, ai sp@ce not being left behind in the celebration! Continue reading An Ai Sp@ce Christmas

Important Note About Adobe Flash Player 10

activexSo this weekend I’ve been crashing like crazy and after getting really frustrated today I decided to look on the forums to see if anyone else was having this issue. Sure enough I wasn’t the only one. People suggested downgrading to Flash Player 9 from 10 because apparently 10 gave problems. I completely uninstalled FP10 and I think I got FP9 – but I’m not sure. Regardless my Pangya seems to have become a bit more stable. This issue only seems to affect me when I play full screen – as mentioned in my previous post. In any case I was able to complete my alba missions by spamming Blue Moon 3H Back and I’m close to completing the square. (Too bad I got the HIO after I dropped the HIO mission 🙄 ) Not sure if I’ll bother completing the square though. The only thing I’m interested in getting at this point is Pang Mastery and the 7 day mascot. Anything else I don’t need as I don’t use any other characters and I’ve gotten all the other non cake hat items.

How is everyone else doing? Gonna complete the square? 😉

aisp@ce Comptiq items

aiposterSo yea if you talked to the guy in Akihabara by the gamers store you will get this poster above and the tshirt that Ruriko is wearing. Frankly I’m a tad disappointed @_@; The t-shirt color is so hideous (I mean aqua wtf?)  The poster is pretty decent though. I’m pretty surprised it’s not the poster that they said it would be! Why say it will be on the January issue of Comptiq when it’s completely different! 😯 Oh well maybe they meant it’s “Inside the issue” rather than the cover. ^^; Last night I made a few new friends as well while randomly watching DigiCharat Nyo on the Clannad island Nico board. 😛

Yurika's game diary

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