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Important Note About Adobe Flash Player 10

activexSo this weekend I’ve been crashing like crazy and after getting really frustrated today I decided to look on the forums to see if anyone else was having this issue. Sure enough I wasn’t the only one. People suggested downgrading to Flash Player 9 from 10 because apparently 10 gave problems. I completely uninstalled FP10 and I think I got FP9 – but I’m not sure. Regardless my Pangya seems to have become a bit more stable. This issue only seems to affect me when I play full screen – as mentioned in my previous post. In any case I was able to complete my alba missions by spamming Blue Moon 3H Back and I’m close to completing the square. (Too bad I got the HIO after I dropped the HIO mission 🙄 ) Not sure if I’ll bother completing the square though. The only thing I’m interested in getting at this point is Pang Mastery and the 7 day mascot. Anything else I don’t need as I don’t use any other characters and I’ve gotten all the other non cake hat items.

How is everyone else doing? Gonna complete the square? 😉