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Pangya Rhyme

And so, it is completed! Thank you to everyone who participated ;D

Help Wanted This Saturday!


Well because Season 4 is coming soon…like maybe tonight, I decided to finally complete my Pangya Nursery Rhyme parody. I need everyone’s help to star in the video as I am lacking group shots! The more people I can get the better but I’ll take whoever can make it! Here’s a preliminary schedule:

When: Saturday July 11th
Where: TitanBoo (assuming it’s the bottom server) 3
Room Name: Kishimen
PW: trueheart
Time: Start at 11AM EST (8AM PST yea I know it’s early but I’m trying to cater to my European friends)

Basically anyone with any character is welcome but I REALLY need people in swimsuits, and I need some male characters, particularly Azers or Max’s. If you can make it I’d really appreciate it. The way it’s gonna work is, I’ll open up the room with the course I’m recording on, we’ll do our takes (I’ll direct everyone don’t worry) and then I’ll make a new room with the next scene/course to be recorded. I’ll be on & off the rest of the week recording my own footage but it would be awesome to get more friends to help out Saturday.

If you cannot make it or this is a bad time for you please comment and tell me what a better time would be. If the majority of people all agree on a different time I will change the schedule. Thank you and I look forward to my shining stars~ 🙂

The Comprehensive List of What is Wrong with PangyaUS

My feelings on the current status of the US server.
My feelings on the current status of the US server.

A lot of my friends who are very casual Pangya players (on & off) have been saying lately they want to spend money and see if they can try their luck with the dumb scratchy card. I keep telling them not to fuel Ntreev’s greed and that it’s a blatant ripoff. They still do it, fueling greed and basically making honest players feedback turn to rubble. If you’re a new player to Pangya US I hope that you find this post and that it is of use to you. This is a comprehensive list I came up with of problems plaguing the server, and the fact that nothing has been (and probably will not be) done about it.

  • Hackers
  • Foreign language spammers
  • Shop system disabled
  • Papel Shop odds significantly low
  • Scratch Card system is a disaster
  • PangFBI
  • Spam-ads on the forums
  • Overpriced shop items
  • GMs who are clueless of game mechanics

I’m sure there are other minor problems but the ones I mentioned above are the major ones. Detailed thoughts after the jump. Continue reading The Comprehensive List of What is Wrong with PangyaUS