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Ai Sp@ce updates

aispclannadAispace has been pretty boring lately. A lot of newly released items have all been nico points and all the events have been happening while I’m asleep or at work. The latest event that I’m actually able to participate in, I don’t really want to. The event involves dressing up your chara-doll in the image of your “ideal wife” =_=;; Yea it’s obvious who this game is targetted towards. I was bored one day and I decided to try on the Clannad uniform to take some pictures. I’m thinking of adding some more albums into the side bar for all the various games I play. Continue reading Ai Sp@ce updates

Megaten is NOT a casual MMO (´・ω・;`)

Sigh. If I could use the cry emoticon, I would have.
Sigh. If I could use the cry emoticon, I would have.

Because I’ve been busy grinding on Pangya (A18), I’ve sort of abandoned my usual game time on Megaten. It’s only been about a week, but I come back today and before while everyone else was a noob, now I’m the only noob left. ;_; I wanted to join a party in a dungeon because JP was busy making tomorrow’s lunch but then they kicked me out because I was like 10 levels lower than everybody else. Maybe these kinds of games are not for me?_? I mean with Pangya you can leave & come back and it’s not really a big deal. I kinda feel like if you leave & come back to one of these kinds of things, you’re suddenly behind everyone else even though you may have joined the game 2-3 weeks before they did. 😦 I guess for now I’ll just stay off until the Pangya exp/pang event ends and then I’ll probably come back for some full force level uppage.

I had thought of making a clan because I saw someone selling a clan creation thingy but… my friends list is only 3 people right now. (・∩・。`)

Albatross18 Game Diary

bihioA few things have happened since I came back to A18. One thing is in the last 5 days I’ve gotten 5 Hole in Ones. In Japan that took me 5 months to accomplish. ^^; I don’t know if this is some kind of omen but I guess this has helped me not hate this server as much as before. While all of us were playing some VS the other day we decided to come up with some positive things for A18 since negative ones can be thought up with the snap of a finger 😛 Continue reading Albatross18 Game Diary