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Another Pangya server bites the dust

Notice that the consolation prize is always those Fairy Wings...
Notice that the consolation prize is always those Fairy Wings...

According to Pangya Portal, Pangya Taiwan is closing its doors April 30th, 2009. All cookie items will be sold in pang. Reason is because their contract expires on February 3, 2009. Wanko also mentions that Pangya Japan’s contract expires November 10, 2009 but considering the high success of the JP server I don’t think it’ll be going anytime soon. Albatross18 on the other hand…………

This week’s newsletter has been delayed by 1 day so I’ll post sneak peeks tomorrow. I can’t wait for this dumb bingo event to be over. I didn’t complete my card but I’m so sick of crashing. Until it ends I’m only playing vs mode 😦

By the way, I was thinking of having a club gathering so we can take a picture together to use as our image for the club page. (Right now it’s a bunch of melon pans 😆 ) If anyone has good time & day suggestions let me know. Or let me know when you WON’T be available. I know some of you guys are in different time zones.


Important Note About Adobe Flash Player 10

activexSo this weekend I’ve been crashing like crazy and after getting really frustrated today I decided to look on the forums to see if anyone else was having this issue. Sure enough I wasn’t the only one. People suggested downgrading to Flash Player 9 from 10 because apparently 10 gave problems. I completely uninstalled FP10 and I think I got FP9 – but I’m not sure. Regardless my Pangya seems to have become a bit more stable. This issue only seems to affect me when I play full screen – as mentioned in my previous post. In any case I was able to complete my alba missions by spamming Blue Moon 3H Back and I’m close to completing the square. (Too bad I got the HIO after I dropped the HIO mission 🙄 ) Not sure if I’ll bother completing the square though. The only thing I’m interested in getting at this point is Pang Mastery and the 7 day mascot. Anything else I don’t need as I don’t use any other characters and I’ve gotten all the other non cake hat items.

How is everyone else doing? Gonna complete the square? 😉