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Poupee Girl New Years event

...will rid you of all your ribbons.
...will rid you of all your ribbons.

As I had predicted, Katherine had put up New Year kimonos in her shop for everyone to buy to go with the “new years shrine visit” theme. The prices on them made my eyeballs pop out though. I mean these things ranged from a typical 100 ribbons to a ridiculous 500 ribbons. Are you NUTS? Okay maybe others do, but I don’t really see justification in buying ribbons on Poupee girls because after all, it’s just a dress up service and nothing more to me. All my ribbons have been through commenting and posting pics of my clothes. Oh well at least I was able to reuse some of my summer yukata items and I got myself the kimono, obi and bag. I feel like Katherine shop items just keep getting more and more ridiculously expensive. It annoys me more when people upload stock photos just to get ribbons too (which is another reason I don’t buy ribbons 🙄 ) Well anyway hope everyone has a happy new year @ poupee girl.


A note on Katherine’s early X’mas gift


Last night Katherine announced that she would be giving everyone an “early xmas gift on your table in MY HOME.” However I looked last night and this morning still no gift. After some research from the LJ community people suggested changing your clock to say that it’s December 20th. Lo’ and behold the gift is there on your table! So once you open your gift you can put your clock back on the 19th (or whatever day it is for you.) The gift contents? A bra & panty set. While I think it’s cute, I dunno it usually goes UNDER your clothes so I’m not quite sure what to think of it (although I do know a few people who dress up their poupees only in their underwear 😆 )

Poupee Girl Xmas Event

poupeexmasHaven’t written anything about poupee in a while and figured I might as well. Katherine has added some Christmas items to her shop (which will cost you an arm and a leg because they are all cute 😆 ) as well as changed the background to fit the holiday theme. ^_^ I think the items in the picture above is all I’m going to buy. Also it seems that on Christmas, the xmas socks will turn into some sort of a gift. I guess we’ll have to wait & see what it is.