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Aisp@ce Summer Beach

halp! quicksand!
halp! quicksand!

So for a limited time the town centers of every island have been turned into a beach! Right under the Nico video board you’ll find sand, palmtrees and water! XD Continue reading Aisp@ce Summer Beach

Poupee My Home Renewal

Erm so looks like the new MyHome is here! This is gonna take some time to get used to but I don’t think it’s too bad. I like how there’s a shell count so I don’t have to keep going into my closet to see how many shells I have. Also it’s nice that your public profile is now “shown” to users who want to know you better. I hardly ever looked at anyone’s profiles before XD There’s a nice new “PICK UP” feature which is the Japanese for “your favorite” clothing. I basically picked my most recent stuff cause let’s face it, new stuff is cool xD; Anyway a lot of people are complaining but I think it’s quite refreshing! I can’t wait to go dressing up tomorrow~^_^

Poupee Kitchen!

poopkitchenAnd so the latest Poupee Girl event is kitchen items! There’s a mass of aprons, forks, ladles and whisks for you to waste your ribbons on. I decided to be a cheapass and since I already had a dress with an apron on it (from Happy Bath Day), I only bought some accessories to go with it. I’m still waiting until we get some new yukatas…come on Kath you know you want to lol.

Also on June 22nd we’re getting our “my home” remodeled. It’s really a big change and it’ll take some time to get used to but I think it’ll be okay 😉