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Poupee Natsumatsuri 2009

200ribbon yukata "OTL
200 ribbon yukata "OTL

The event I’ve been waiting for all summer is here – but because Katherine’s greed has reached a whole new level, each yukata is minimum 200 ribbons =_=; If you’re not a yukata fan at least the cotton candy, shaved ice & goldfish are definitely awesome items worth purchasing. I had 500ribbons saved up so I bought the yukata & geta. Reusing an obi from one of my other yukatas xD; At night the sky has fireworks but its daytime for me here hence the blue sky background. There’s candy apples and shoulder humping bears in the jewel shop but the jewel items are pretty damn expensive too. It’s like you’d think if we’re spending real money on this shit they’d at least be cheaper.

Oh well I’m still playing poupee jewel free.

Poupee Girl Ribbon & Jewel Changes


So last night the Jewel system was implemented. As expected, Katherine promptly opened up the Jewel only shop and I’m kinda glad none of the items in it really appealed to me. In addition the jewel items cost the same as they did back in ribbon currency. You’d think they’d either make that cost cheaper or at least make the items decently better. Maybe in her eyes the items are better, but I’ve seen some nice stuff in the flea market that I’d rather purchase instead. In addition there are now more ways to get ribbons:

  • You get 10 ribbons just for logging in daily, in addition to your daily 10 ribbon snapshot.
  • The dress up bonus is now 30 ribbons instead of 10
  • Each time you leave a comment on someone’s item you get 2 ribbons, but if someone leaves a comment on your item you still only get 1 ribbon.

To me, this is pretty awesome. This means I can get a lot more ribbons now and with less stuff to spend it on, it means I can save up ribbons for better items when Katherine releases them for ribbon only Poupees. The only thing I fear is now she’ll make all the ribbon items 2 or 3x more expensive than before (200 ribbon balloons and ice cream cones anyone?) For now, I’ll be sticking to Poupee, but if it gets TOO awful then yea I’ll probably quit.

Poupee Jewel System

poupeeLooks like Poupee Girl has finally taken the path of “free 2 play” MMORPG games that make me rage with the firey passion of 1000 suns. At an unknown date in the future, Poupee Girl will be implementing the “jewel system.” The jewel system is basically “cash only” currency. Ribbons will still be used, and you will still be able to obtain them for free, however I have no doubt in my mind that cute and limited items will now all be in jewel currency.  Jewel currency is basically currency you can ONLY buy with cash – and not obtain it any other way. The problem is, most games that have turned to the “free 2 play, pay to get good items” in America have turned into crap. I dunno maybe it works for Japan since they are more vain than us, but I can see a lot of foreign customers being turned off by this move.

Kath also stated that rules regarding ribbon earning will be changed. Maybe she will be more strict regarding what you can upload. Maybe uploading items will only give you 1-2 ribbons instead of like 10-17 like now. All I know is, now is a really good time to upload all your items before this change takes place. Once it does, I have a feeling things will get difficult. If it gets too terrible and all the cute items really do end up being jewel currency only…I may be quitting Poupee Girl =/ I’ve never once paid for ribbons because to me it’s still a cute flash game. Those who want to buy ribbons so they can collect more outfits can do so, but I just enjoy the site by commenting and uploading my clothing. If the incentive to get ribbons is lost, the incentive to upload items and comment will be lost too…therefore killing any interest I have left in the site.

Sigh, I guess all good things eventually come to an end. 😐