Interested in checking out other otome game reviewers? Look no further! Can’t guarantee whether any life is left on some of these blogs though… (´・ω・`)

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52 thoughts on “Blogroll”

  1. Hey! Just recently discovered your blog and I love your reviews a lot. You can ignore this question if it’s been asked before. What are your favorite otome games? The ones you really cherish or would want to play again? I wasnt so sure if your rec page were your personal favorites.

    1. Heya thanks for reading!

      My rec page is more a list of games per “trope” than my favorite ones. Also it’s like super outdated. At this time I don’t really have a favorite game 😛 I’ve liked some games here and there but would I want to play them again? Maybe not. Once you know the story the freshness kinda dies for me.

      That said I am enjoying my 2nd playthrough of Clock Zero. It’s been 5 years though and I had forgotten most of it in addition to the fact that my Japanese got better so a lot of stuff felt new to me due to this.

  2. Hi! Thanks for answering my last question. You can def tell me if I can talk to you somewhere else. I’ve no idea where was better way to ask/talk to you stuff than here ^^ I know you’re older than most otome game bloggers and you probably don’t find this very meaningful but do you have any otp/pairings you ship in the games? Could you name them? Or are you more interested in the story, character devoplement and interaction with the characters? Oh and you mention on few posts you like Sugita and Shimono as voice actors. Any other seiyuus you really like? Or bias towards to. Sorry, i asked too much. Thank you for the yunohana spring review. I really liked that game ^^

    1. It’s okay to comment here that’s fine 🙂

      I honestly don’t really stick to any particular game or pairing and I usually don’t really bias towards heroine x guy. I usually like pretty much every decent guy in every otome game so I’m not particularly OTP on anyone XD
      And regarding seiyuus – I have my up & down periods with them….so say they voiced a character I really liked – I will like them more for a certain period of time than before lol. Sorry my answers are so bleh it’s just that since I play so many games it’s hard for me to pretty much “stick” to one since I just play one and move on to the next.

  3. Hi hi! I’d like to ask about CZ Extime CGs. I seem to be missing the ones from the Others section (3rd row, last 2 squares, after the Alice in Wonderland pic). It’s frustrating that even if I’ve used 2 guides I still miss the CGs and now I can’t complete the trophies. lol I just can’t figure out what did I forgot to do since I’ve seen all the endings and got the chibis too. >_< Do you have any idea how to get those?

    And I apologize for asking this here. I don't know where to put my question since it's already past 90days for the CZ post. ^^;;;;;

        1. Yea because I didn’t complete the chibis, it locked me out of the bonus cgs and the platinum. Otherwise I think if you just do all the endings you should get all the Cgs if you completed the Chibi ones but I can’t remeber since that was like half a year ago lol 😂

  4. Hi there! I’ve actually been reading your blog since before I started blogging myself…before I started buying otome games, even, and since then I have more recently started my own blog on otome games based on the English releases :). I honestly wasn’t expecting to find it this fun, but it’s been nice getting to know other people who like these games as much as I do :D. Are you still trading links? If so, I’d like to trade mine with you. My site is called Boba and Games and the link is

  5. Hello! May I trade links with you? Recently started my own blog :x. Couldn’t hold myself back to create 1 after reading your otome posts and those ffxiv posts every time hahaha. my link is and the title is 七色の灯火に
    On a side note: I was going to ask you to add me for the refer a friend campaign, but the comment section there was closed (ง ◕ั⌑◕ั)ว ⁾…

  6. Heya! I am a lover of games (especially otome) and a long time reader of your blog…Your blog has been a constant go to when I’ve had trouble choosing which routes and games to play! I’ve recently started a blog of my own, here’s the link: the title is Nice Job Breaking It, Hero…well I was wondering if you would like to exchange links? I’d be super honored (and happy) if it was something you’d be interested in doing.

  7. Hi, I really didn’t know where to ask this question, since I didn’t want to post inside any of the the otome review, if it not about the game. Do you usually buy limited edition otome? I was think of getting the limited edition, even though it doesn’t come with the cd or something else. I was wondering what usually come in the limited edition after the pre-order is done.

    1. honestly it all depends on the game and the store you buy it from. if you look through my unboxings category you can get a general idea of what comes with limited edition sets.
      I only buy limited editions of games I really like or think I’ll really like (lol). otherwise I usually just get regular nowdays.

  8. Hello,

    My name is Jewelia and I’m a singer-songwriter and anime lover who enjoys making covers of anime songs. Last year I worked for New Anime Revolution, basically making anime covers for a living, which was awesome (you can see some of the stuff we did here:, but the reason I’m contacting you is because I thought you and your readers might be interested in my latest video, in which me and an awesome pianist do a full cover of My Dearest by supercell (Guilty Crown OP1):

    I would be honoured if you would share my cover on your blog, if you like it and you think it would fit your content. We put a lot of work in to it and would love to see it reach a wider audience.

    Many thanks for your time,


      1. Thanks!

        Ah, btw, it seems the link for my blog isn’t showing on your blogroll. Could there be a typo on the link you inputted? Sorry for the trouble!

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