Otome Game Review: Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful White World~

Sooo after Quin Rose died, many dark days have passed until Otomate picked up their assets and released a brand new game under the label “QuinRose Reborn”.  This time Alice goes into the country of Spades but the catch is….she’s got amnesia! All she remembers is her name is Alice but she has no idea that Peter White brought her here or what anything is. Perfect to get new players into the series right? So this time instead of the clock tower we have a train station (rip Julius) and the “world event” that everyone has to go to is the casino run by the lion, Hannibal Gold.

Elliot March – Alice, having lost her memories, is not used to all the shooting and violence at the hatters so she asks Elliot to tune it down for her. Elliot tries his best to do it, but his past feelings for Alice are still there and he asks her to officially join the mafia with him. He tells Alice how he used to have a friend, who he killed by destroying his clock which is a crime and so he got thrown in jail until Blood got him out. Alice of course doesn’t understand the concept of clocks and lives in this world so she can’t sympathize with what he is saying. So he continues begging her to join the mafia family but Alice keeps refusing because she doesn’t want to be part of the violence – even if Elliot claims that he would do all the dirty work for her. He’s terrified that if Alice doesn’t join them, then one day she’ll leave them again. In order to try to get her to remember him again, Elliot has her touch his floofy bun ears. 🐰 Eventually Elliot gives up on having her join because he knows they aren’t allowed to “hold down” an outsider.

After Alice wanders into Joker’s prison/circus again, Elliot is the one who comes to get her out of it. He tells her he was worried he’d lose her, and to convince him that she’s totes ok, she kisses him…and this is followed by a dream where she sees young Elliot and his friend in that wheat field. Best End: Alice tells Elliot she kissed him because she’s fallen in love with him and since he’s in love with her, they make out and bang in his bed. Too bad in the CG despite Alice being ok with this, she looked like a confused fish out of water. So then Alice suggests that while she can’t sign a blood pact to join the mafia she could you know…be his wife instead so Elliot’s OH REALLY YOU’LL MARRY ME??! So he asks her to marry him and she agrees – even though she hasn’t regained her memory. ლ(^o^ლ) I didn’t expect an Elliot wedding end since it felt so sudden and random considering her memory loss, but it’s nice that after all these years and multiple Alice games, that he finally gets one. In the good end, Alice agrees to join the mafia but without the wedding lol. In the normal end Alice adopts the stray puppy she and Elliot found and Blood tells her to take care of her “2 pets” 🤣🐇.

Tweedle Dee & Dum – Despite going into Dee and Dum’s weird room, it still doesn’t jank her memory and instead she’s treated to a horrific showing of all their dangerous weapons in there. 😭🤣 They buy her a little night lamp to put into her room. At one point they ask if she wants them to look older or younger and picking the younger option raised affection 🤦‍♀️. I was hoping they’d forget Alice was a shotacon in the other games but nope. 😂😭🥲 Everyone else knows that Dee and Dum are just old looking in the outside but are still immature kids on the inside. Nightmare mentions though that they’ve seen and learned things that most kids don’t know. So after they find out that Alice found out about their past, they insist to sleep in bed with her so that they won’t have nightmares. The nightmares they have is about their past, where the village hated them because of their powers and would always beat them and throw stones at them. They didn’t hate the villagers, but they got tired of the abuse so they ended up killing everyone to get them to stop the attacks. Alice hears this and tells them she doesn’t hate them nor is she going to beat them. They end up showering her with kisses but she’s like “aww they’re so cute I won’t fault them for anything. ☺🤭” lmao. Unfortunately she comes to the realization that she has her ane-shota re-awakening. 🥴😭🤣

Eventually Alice finds out from Nightmare that the power the twins have some kind of psychic powers that allow them to float objects, set objects on fire without touching them etc. The villagers were afraid of this power and wanted to basically witchhunt them. Eventually their powers evolved to be able to read the thoughts of those they touch, and it would especially happen around those they loved. So then their parents rejected them as well and along with everyone told them to get away and would slap their hands away. Was this in the original Alice games??? I don’t remember this…is this new. 🤔🤔🤔 Anyway after the mass murder of their village they used their powers to stop time, and restarted their time as “bloody twins” without any special powers. Anyway this was surprising to hear, but Alice accepts them almost in a motherly way…until they bring up the whole “we’re actually lovers” thing. At first she thinks they mean “they have a forbidden twin yaoi relationship” until she realizes they mean a 3P with her. 🤣🤣🤣 Alice denies romantic feelings for them and tries to explain this to them realizing her feelings for them are more like a “parent” than a lover. Best end: The twins move on from kissing Alice on the cheeks to just making out with her.

Alice is like no we shouldn’t do this if we’re not lovers but accepts it anyway LOL. The next day she gets an invitation from them to play hide & seek and depending which choice you pick, you get a different CG with one of the twins. Anyway for some reason Alice decides to agree to be the twin’s lover and they’re so happy they hug her on the bed so hard that she can barely breathe lmao. Alice figures it’s fine for now because they probably don’t really understand what being “lovers” means anyway and that it’s just puppy love. (Except I honestly can’t tell how far they went with her that night cause Otomate left it open ended LOL.) Good End: Dee and Dum ask Alice to go on a date with them but end up fighting some faceless rando.  Alice is upset at the random violence so they make a promise to be less violent in front of her. Instead they head over to a restaurant to eat parfaits together. Normal End: The twins start getting all yandere worried Alice is going to leave them but she says she’s not going anywhere.

Blood Dupre – In Blood’s route, Alice asks him to tell her about her past even though he insists that it doesn’t matter. The reason is because out of all the things she’s forgotten, his face is one that she still remembers as having “liked”.  The route also mentions references to how in Dia no Kuni it was a “different”  Blood and how in different routes in Heart, Alice was able to basically either stay at the mafia mansion or stay elsewhere and visit. They actually mention Vivaldi (though not by name) and how the rose garden was created for her by Blood. Eventually he admits that he’s actually glad that she’s lost by inher memories, after kissing her at the casino. This was after he gets irritated about her asking him why he got annoyed about being called royalty at the rose garden. After thinking about this the following day and being called out on it, Alice realizes she’s fallen for Blood…again. 🤭 And turns out he kissed her because he got all jealous from her talking to Hannibal at the casino. ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ He then starts to get all jealous when Alice keeps visiting Louis but she promises him that she isn’t going to leave him for anyone else. Blood tells her that her past no longer matters to him, and that he wants the feelings of her as she is now. They end up making out in the woods on the way home lol.

Best End: To celebrate Blood and Alice getting together Elliot has the servants make them 2 giant carrot cakes lol, much to everyone’s dismay as usual. 🥕🥕 Afterwards they go back to his room for sexy times. 😏 Alice also tells herself that whatever reason she liked Blood’s face no longer matters, since she loves the face in front of her now. Some time later, Blood takes Alice to a rose field in another country where he tells her that he has the same face as her ex-boyfriend before she came to this world. So that’s why he was glad she forgot about her past and why she liked Blood in the first place because he didn’t want to be compared to her ex again. He finally tells her directly that he loves her and Alice is like yea I know, all good tho I love you too. 😏 Good End: Dee and Dum are upset that they got NTR’ed by Blood which leads them into a fight during tea party with Elliot. After it becomes a mess, Blood and Alice retreat to his room to bang lol. He goes to buy her a dress a few days later and then bites her ring finger to be like a “temporary engagement ring” for her. 😅😅 Normal End: Blood and Alice play some chess. Anyway I don’t have a lot to write for Blood since it was “the usual” but he was kinda cute in his tsunness towards Alice and the game was super biased towards all of his CGs lol.

Quin Silver – Quin is the church leader, basically like Blood in a sense of he’s like the mafia pope of the White Territory. He’s also the “Unicorn” and just like Blood, he has no qualms killing those who do not follow his standards by shooting them with his book that turns into a gun. While at Blood’s place working was optional, Quin has no qualms immediately making Alice his personal assistant. He also has no previous connection to Alice so for any new players it doesn’t have that feeling that you should have already known the relationship from a previous game. Alice’s job is basically to work with the other priests and nuns and make sure all the work is getting done. Quin is pretty ruthless and he will even shoot women & children who he feels need to get “divine punishment”. Alice can’t stand for this bullshittery and she actually gets in the way asking him to stop. Since she manages to stop him, the townspeople start calling her a Saint, and even though she’s like wtf, Quin tells her to accept it because if she were to tell the townspeople she’s just a regular person it would destroy their faith. And then shit gets weird when one day Quin announces his engagement to Alice and puts a ring on her finger….without her consent of course.

Quin then explains to her that she’s on the verge of merging with this world and will no longer be a special outsider. Before that happens he figured if she became “a saint who is the wife of the pope” it would give her a special role so she wouldn’t just become some faceless rando. Of course all of this is part of his plot to get more religious zombies to follow him and completely irrelevant towards his or Alice’s feelings. At one point Louis tries to get her away from Quin saying that he can’t get Alice’s feelings to “stay” in this world because of the forced marriage. After they get into a fight, Alice goes to tend Quin’s wounds and he ends up randomly kissing her. After this for some reason Alice gives up resisting and basically gives in, but during the religious initiation ceremony, she randomly jumps on Hannibal and says actually she can’t marry Quin cause she’s been unfaithful and been banging Hannibal all this time. 🤣🤣🤣 Hannibal is like WUT but Alice tells him to just play along or else and he goes along with it crashing the religious ceremony.

Best End: Since Quin gets owned, he agrees to call off the wedding and engagement but tells Alice to take responsibility for crushing his religious domination plans. So after this Alice sticks around the church and helps him create a new plan to regain his followers. ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ Since Alice called the church group like a mafia, Quin bites her finger until it bleeds and then stamps it on a piece of paper like a blood contract for her to continue to serve the church. 😅😱 They both then in a half drunken stupor indirectly confess their love to each other and make out. I don’t know honestly I guess there are people into these types of relationships but I honestly thought it was very awkward and weird all the way to the last scene lol. Like it literally didn’t feel like either of them felt anything for each other until the alcohol kicked in. ಠ_ʖಠ Normal End: Alice realizes Quin wants a replacement for his teacher that he idolized, and not her. (I still don’t really get who he idolized I feel like it wasn’t fully explained except in a brief flashback in the good end.) Good End: Alice sees a flashback of Quin and his menor and how happy he was to talk to him. Alice finds him sleeping in bed a few days later and he pulls her in bed with him. Honestly – the whole route was really weird and awkward. I was hoping since he was a new character they’d put more effort to make it interesting but it felt like soon as there was some development – the route ended.

Lewis Carroll – Lewis seems like the silly guy who calls Alice his pet, but he’s got a violent personality hidden behind that happy facade. He’s the White Knight who caught Alice falling down the rabbit hole. His goal is to get Alice to have a reason to stay in this world, so he doesn’t particularly care WHO she ends up with, as long as it’s with someone. The little unicorns stuffed animals call him out on his violence and say that he just destroys every living thing he touches, and he immediately starts stomping on them. 😅 The townsfolk see Alice walking next to him and start to whisper how they feel sorry for her. Apparently Louis used to be even more violent, but after being shot by Blood, he took up religion and was able to somewhat suppress his violent outbursts. (And the reason Blood shot him is because he interrupted his tea time. 😂)  At one point Alice faints so Louis gets very protective of her and has her sleep in his room from there after.  While spending a night at the casino, Alice has a dream of chasing bunny Peter and she manages to remember his name. When she talks to Ace about it Lewis about it, Lewis gets pissed saying Peter is the one holding her back from achieving happiness.

Lewis also has a complex against Peter because he feels like he’s the “fake one” who picked up Alice in Peter’s place. After Alice stops Ace and Lewis from fighting, back in her room Lewis confesses that he’s fallen in love with her.  Alice is afraid to accept his feelings because she feels like she will just get comfortable and never want to move on or find out her past memories. After Alice keeps getting migraines from all her memories with Peter, she ends up being bed ridden a lot. Lewis decides to stop holding back and kisses her on the forehead saying that he will rescind his no touching policy but he will try not to “destroy” her. Peter tells her to make a decision and as long as she’s happy he will support it. Alice says she isn’t sure if her feelings for Lewis are love or friendship so Peter tells her to keep running and chasing him until she figures it out. Just then Alice finds herself running on top of a giant Roulette, from the casino theme of the country of Spades. Lewis shows up and argues with Peter that Alice should choose him. The scenery changes to Joker’s prison, and instead of Peter, Ace is the one who fights in his place with Lewis – White vs Dark Knights. After defeating Ace, Lewis gets Alice out of the prison and back to the place where they first met by the lake. For some reason here Lewis has a lightbulb moment of “oh I guess it’s better that you be my lover instead of my pet to Alice. 😅🤣 He then slices up his hand to be like “ok let’s make a promise in blood” and Alice is like WTF. 😭😱

Alice decides to stop chasing Peter and be with Lewis in this world because he’s now her place to “return”. Best End: Peter shows up one last time at her old house,  telling Alice that he will always think about her, and wants her to be happy – before saying goodbye. 😭😭 When Alice and Lewis get back to his room after a trip to the lake, Alice invites him into bed. 👀 He warns her that means it’s sexy times and she’s actually surprised he even thinks of her that way lmao. He’s like yea you know I gave it some thought after you upgraded yourself to my lover instead of my pet. He asks her to teach him all about it and Alice is like uh well I have amnesia so I guess we’ll both have to be newbs lol. Also off topic but damn Lewis looks so hot with his glasses off in that CG. 🥵🥵 Anyway after they bang, Lewis asks her for that heart glass bottle and he manages to empty it. After this Alice sees herself drowning in a deep pool of water like before, but then Lewis tells her she won’t drown  and she snaps out of it. Alice then sees the empty bottle and Lewis tells her that she no longer needs the “contents” of it, aka her guilt. Good End: Alice, Lewis and Quin have a tea party and then Alice settles on staying in this crazy world with Lewis. Normal End:  Lewis and Alice take a little train ride together and he tells her he randomly came to that lake after work one day…but now he’s glad he did or he wouldn’t have caught her.

Peter got robbed of CGs ;_;

Peter White – So I was really bummed that Peter gets no route, but I saw in this game he had a sprite and a voice so I had my hopes that SURELY he would get something. And fortunately he did – an ending that forked from Lewis’ route. After going out to the woods with Lewis one day, Alice starts chasing a stuffed rabbit until she ends up at her former house. And before she realizes, Peter, in his non bunny form, is standing in front of her. 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺 Peter says he’s happy to see her regardless of her amnesia and confirms to her that this is indeed her house. He confirms to her that she and the residents of this world are different (hearts vs clocks), and that Peter wanted to stop  time for her because she was sad & lonely. Peter confirms what former Alice players already know – that everyone is just “time” and that Alice loved “Peter” because she loved the time, his number on the clock, which was the time she spent with her sister. End 1: Alice is forever trapped by her guilt, despite not remember what she did to her family so Joker shows up saying because of this she’s the perfect prisoner for him. Joker then teleports Alice on stage to his circus and handcuffs her and makes her walk the plank into a giant pool of water (probably symbolic of her guilt.) Suddenly she hears the voice of her sister telling her she has to suffer and she’s not allowed to just become happy by forgetting everything. Alice then regains her memories, and becomes depressed saying she now must take responsibility.

End 2: Peter says that if there’s nobody in this world to save Alice from her guilt, then he will take responsibility. He gets her out of the pool of water (which is basically symbolic of her being trapped inside the glass bottle) and makes a crack in the glass wall. Joker lets them go saying that Alice’s guilt will eventually catch up to her and she’ll be back anyway. They end up back on the train with Nightmare, Boris and Gray who helped rescue her as well. As usual Peter is like “I hate you all except Alice” 😭😂. Peter then says now that he’s rescued Alice, his mission is done and now he must leave since he’s not a resident of the country of Spades. The only reason he was able to save Alice is thanks to Nightmare’s powers and the only reason he’s able to be on the train with her is because they’re in like a “space between countries”. Suddenly Alice has a flashback to her house, the castle of hearts, the old arrow forest in Clover no Kuni and then she sees the various card symbols floating around her. Peter then takes her off the train and tells her it’s time to fall down the rabbit hole again and tells her eventually she will become “time” just like him. He lands her in front of the door and tells her that from here she has to go without him. Peter tells her he loves her, and as she walks through the door she ends up at Hannibal’s casino where all the guys are waiting for her in the country of Spades. Still bummer Peter got no CG though. 😭😭

So while I get that Otomate introduced the whole amnesia concept to try to make the game more friendly to new players, it makes way too many references to the previous games, especially the true ending, that new players will be completely lost. There’s even parts of the route in Blood’s where he talks about literally all the past times Alice was in previous countries lol. So ultimately I think it would make new players just really confused and probably feeling lacking because the game doesn’t really do a great job of developing the characters or relationships. It already makes the assumption of “Ah yes they already know Alice and already have somewhat of a likeable relationship with her.” So because of that, Blood, Twins & Elliot routes would probably feel really awkward for a new player.

Now you probably wonder what about the 2 new characters Quin and Lewis. Lewis was alright, he was kinda weird, and I felt like they could have expanded more on his personality but it wasn’t too bad overall. Quin on the other hand I’m just ????? He was kinda in his own world and pretty much idolized another person and just used Alice to fill in the gap as a replacement? Like I felt no romance at all with him, and ultimately I just ended the route thinking “just another religious wacko”.

Your resistance only makes my p——nevermind (◉◞౪◟◉‵)

As far as the biggest positive change was obviously the artwork. Even though it was Fujimaru’s art, the coloring was Otomate and it was a million times better than anything QuinRose ever released. Most CGs were really pretty and nothing felt “derpy” or inconsistent to me. The lip movement and eye blinking were also a nice touch. They also remastered the original BGMs from the previous games, though they were hit or miss for me where I liked the remaster of some but not others. A lot of people were disappointed about Joker being changed to Okitsu Kazuyuki and the twins not being Fukuyama Jun and Nightmare not being Sugita but honestly? I didn’t really mind. I thought the twins were a lot better because they were finally 2 different people instead of 1 guy trying to make 2 distinct sounding voices. After Virche, hearing Okitsu made me weirdly happy (and fans of Ankou will probably know why.) While Ono Yuki is no Sugita, I’m okay with him as Nightmare, it’s not like they chose a complete noob and it’s been long enough since I last played an Alice game that I’m not THAT attached to the series or characters. So personally, no, the voice changes didn’t bother me (but I am more upset about lack of Peter than anything else tbh 😂😭).

And finally the biggest disappointment is probably the overall length. I’m not one to praise QuinRose’s endless 10 hour routes, but this time I just felt it was weirdly short even for Otomate standards. I feel like I wanted to get to know Lewis more and I feel like I wanted to spend more time with the twins & Elliot. It was nice that they added a couple original plot points for them, but I felt like I wanted to spend more time in general with them. Also a lot of former Alice fans on Amazon Japan mentioned that Alice isn’t as “spicy” with her words anymore. Honestly though? I didn’t mind. She still said some funny shit (like calling Blood an amoeba 😂) and by not being completely mean, it saved a lot of time of watching her basically spend hours insulting the guy until he had enough of her shit and basically banged her anger out. 😂😂


My last regret….no Peter route or CG. 😭😭😭 Also the game requires you to play and complete the 2nd game to see the omake which is really weird but, ok, I guess I can roll with it. I still want to get my time with Nightmare, Gray and Boris in the next game anyway. At this point I can only hope maybe Otomate will consider reviving/remaking the other Alice games (and removing the idiotic turn system in Clover) since it’s clear that you really do need to play them to fully immerse in the Spade series. Ultimately, I don’t regret buying or playing this game as a fan of the series, but I definitely would recommend any new players at least have Heart no Kuni and Clover no Kuni under their belt, especially if you can manage to find the Vita remakes somewhere that removed the dreadful turn system.


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  1. I think what the second bar means for when Alice comes to like the “country” ->White World more than the character, which is why for good and normal ends Alice has a “happy ending” being in the world, where as with raising the heart meter the most is when “best ending is with the character”, when you raised a lot of affection.

  2. Um… so, I think it’s like this :
    if you get enough ‘red heart’ then you’ll get the best end regardless of the other meter, if you get more ‘blue shield’ it let’s you get the good end and if neither is high enough than you get the okay end.
    This game has no bad ends except maybe the hidden ends but those aren’t called bad ends. It feels a bit confusing but I think the ‘blue’ meter is tied to Alice putting up her guard or focusing on going home… it really feels like a non-fleshed out mechanic but even if you figure it out… you can just adjust your stats by going to the scenes and choosing where to begin. That’s why I got through it so fast. But the hidden ends are really confusing! I broke down and used a guide myself so, it really might be best to ignore the meters and just use a guide instead if you’re not used to the extra meter in these types of games. I don’t think the game really explains it and if it did it wasn’t very good because I don’t remember!

  3. Is that so… but well, because of the ‘Cheshire Cat Waltz’ manga I feel like Boris is the only character I really ‘know’ enough to care about plus I dislike leaving things undone like that. I’m not expecting a really fun game but if they come out with the second part I think I’ll buy it anyway. If they come out with another game under the new brand then I think I’ll hesitate quite a bit more though. I think they mentioned something about Blood and his rose garden somewhere but I didn’t know much about it. I basically just knew it existed. I’ve wanted to play the Alice no Kuni series for some time but this really wasn’t worth it… it’s a bit intimidating with the various titles so I thought this would be a good start so it was really disappointing as a new player.

  4. Hey I followed a guide so I didn’t really pay attention to the affection bars so I can’t really help you on that end. I believe blue shield leads to the normal/good end while the hearts lead to the best end from the animation that I saw when I picked the different choices.

  5. Hi, I just got this game and it’s the first game I actually playing in the series. I have teams through the play throughs for the other games though. Can you tell me what the two bars that each character have mean? I know the heart means affection but what does the blue shield??? mean? Does it affect the ending you get?

  6. The Blood Rose garden thing will probably feel insignificant to new players, but in the Heart FD they actually mention how basically Vivaldi was a figment of his imagination based on his abused sister who died. So in that sense, the rose garden felt a lot more significant to me – who has played that game, but yea for the most part it was a nostalgia trip for old players of the other games lol.

    Normally Dee & Dum are combined as “one” you don’t really ever date them separately so I didn’t even know why they split their affection bars.

    And yea you’re right, game was way too short, compared to the other games it felt really underdeveloped. Even though Quin Rose had released games where you could effectively date like 10 characters, they felt meaty and developed but this one definitely falls short. I don’t think the 2nd game is going to fill in any gaps other than just allow you to date the other guys so in that sense I think you will be disappointed lol.

    And no worries I appreciate all comments 😀

  7. Hi, just a rando leaving a comment here… yay!
    I was a bit worried when I played it because my Japanese isn’t that good… when I played Quin’s route it felt like there was no chemistry or affection so, I thought I had missed something. Glad to no it wasn’t me, lol. As for the rest, Elliot getting a wedding end was great but the whole route was kind of meh, Blood just felt like ‘let’s be nostalgic in the rose garden’ and made me want to scream, “I’m just a new player so, this is seriously boring!” to the writers of his route and Lewis… honestly, that sort of character just annoys me but at least he had a spark with Alice more so than Quin. But really… I only had fun on Dee & Dum’s route. It was kind of weird how they had separate affection bars despite having affection raise at exactly the same time, is that normal in the older games?
    Ah. I haven’t actually played the older games any! All my knowledge is from the manga and anime. But this game was way too short! I actually played through all of the routes after only two nights… though I did rush it a bit because I had just gotten another game at around the same time that I was more interested in. It was really strange though… it kind of feels like they either cut a game in half or like all the guts of it were missing, yeah? If I remember correctly, I believe they intended to release both games on the same day originally… so, the extras being locked behind a ‘you’ve got to play through both to see this’ kind of lock just feels kind of rude to the players, right?
    Still… I must buy the second game!! I mean, Boris, yeah~? And I think Hannibal had more chemistry than Quin had with Alice, here’s hoping! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to buy the limited edition… hahaha…
    Ah, being a rando, I’m not really expecting a response. I just don’t have anyone to talk to about these games and wanted to unload a bit. Super sorry for taking up space, okay?

  8. I am still secretly hoping that maybe once you complete both games that omake that we can’t access will be some hidden Peter route. I can dream can’t I? I hope they have a character poll so I can throw my vote in for Peter lmao T-T

    And yea Quin sucks like what the hell was up with that guy. It’s like one of those hate relationships where they hate each other and they hate bang or something lmaooo. I thought the twins were cute but the whole push towards the “they’re kids” thing was really creepy to me. I never thought of them as kids in the other Alice games for some reason (maybe because once they turned into adults they didn’t seem as childish???) but this time they were definitely pushing the whole kids kids thing so yea it was a bit…weird for me lol. Elliot wasn’t as exciting I agree but at least he got a wedding end, the poor guy deserved it after all these years lol

  9. His ending is extra painful too like he’s there, he’s always there, but you don’t get to be happy with him aaaaaaaaaa
    Maybe gotta do some fanart or something later T_T

    PETER :((((((((((
    When the initial teasers was shown, Peter wasn’t even in it and I was like… RIP
    And when the website launched, I felt slightly better since at least he’s IN the game (despite no route).

  11. Heheh, thank goodness we got few scraps of Peter White and it made your day ❤ ❤ I also hugely agree, Quin is just WEIRD, i couldn’t help but like, inch away from the screen whenever he raved about religion and doing things to Alice suddenly without permission and none of their “romantic moments” felt even an ounce of uwu just , nani? As for your you mentioned its awkward to new players, i can agree, especially with Elliot and Blood Dupre, it clearly nudge nudge to the past wwwww, for the Bloody Twins it wasn’t awkward and quite an enjoyable route. I only liked Lewis, Blood Dupre and Twins x’D oof to Elliot but it was just meh.

  12. The idea of a Lewis Carol route at first glance seems… weird if they’re actually basing his character on him but I haven’t played it yet so who knows xD It’s a shame how Peter seems to have been put on the back burner, but it’s cool to see he has some content here. Thanks for answering my question about whether or not you could pick a version and be fine. I thought it would be similar to picking like Pokemon Pearl over Diamond lol

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