Otome Game Review: Iris School of Wizardry -Vinculum Hearts-

Aria is an orphan living alone in her parents’ house for the last 8 years. Her parents died in an accident when she was 10 and ever since she’s been taking care of the house and studying to be a wizard. It’s been her dream to enter the Iris School of Wizardry and well dreams come true when she gets accepted and her tuition magically paid by an unknown patron. She joins the Class X Society as well thanks to her turbo photographic memory. Right before she enters the school she adopts a black cat named Titi.

Clyde – Template oujisama that for some reason reminds Aria of her dad. 😩 Turns out he is a boy from her past who gave her a snow flower 8 years ago when he found her crying after her parents died. As usual he knew this whole time but of course she completely forgot until now! 😂 Oh and also they win the magic final exam, get picked as King and queen of the school and he Clyde reveals he’s the prince of Clarus!! Turns out he was an actual oujisama!!😂 And now Aria gets to be his queen the end. In the endless ending Clyde gets poisoned and goes into a coma. Aria visits him every day for many years hoping one day he’ll awaken. Weirdly before the whole bad end stuff kicked in, Clyde was really cute with the whole “baka😳” thing.. What a shame it was the bad end! 😂

Matias – Matias is basically Clyde’s bodyguard and bff for life. Must be awkward when your bff ntrs your first love amirite Clyde?😂 Matias also keeps giving Aria underhanded lewd comments followed by lol jk!😂 But turns out he has a crush on Aria like immediately too cause during the masquerade he uses it as an excuse to kiss her, even though she knows who he is. Unfortunately after that Ashley tells Aria that Matias is just a manwhore who plays with girl’s feelings. Matias apparently was beaten by his father and compared to his brother being the son of a wealthy family. He tried to run away once and got beat up badly up until Clyde saved him and taught him how to create a magic carpet that he could fly away on anytime. Unfortunately that incident has impacted his vision and it’s been regressing ever since. Apparently the blindness was because his dad beat him with a cane on the eye like wtf is this child abuse??😩 Aria then confesses that she was in love with him at the masquerade but knows that his strict father would never approve of her to be with Matias. After they win the exam and are picked as King and queen, he admits that he can no longer see out of his left eye. AND THEN THEY GO TO THE ROSE HOUSE AND BANG like wow poor Clyde got ntred hard in this one 😂. In the bad end Aria gets shot trying to visit Matias at the chivalric knights order.

A-Jay – A-Jay just appears to be love at first sight when it comes to Aria. He’s one year older than her cause he ended up having to stay back 1 year. Apparently he had seen Aria the year before at a used bookstore so he had a crush on her since then. He invites her over to his family’s summer home for a couple days and she gets to meet his parents and 2 siblings. One night Aria accidentally walks into him changing and finds that he has some kind of magic symbols engraved on his back but is too scared to ask him about it. A few days later he says he found a hidden door in the school’s basement so the two of them decide to check it out and end up porting to another world. While there they meet some yandere dude who nearly strangles Aria until A-Jay saves her and they run for it. Apparently the time is different there and somehow while they’re in this portal weeks pass and as they get out it’s already Christmas. A-Jay then confesses his feelingsn to Aria and kisses her on the cheek. After this Aria gets sick and when theb others visit her, Cyril tells her A-Jay has no family which confuses Aria since she met them over the summer.

For the final exam they recreate the world where they met that yandere dude Leonor. They actually don’t win first place or even place in the top10, poor guy. They don’t even get picked as King and Queen!!😩 At the graduation ball, A-Jay reveals that the family she saw was just an illusion and that his real family was killed by Cyrus Griffiths when he was 10. The magic symbol engraving is because of Cyrus but thanks to his father’s magic he was the only survivor. Apparently Cyrus was his father’s business partner who practiced dark magic and apparently the two got into some argument which ended up in the murder of his family and Cyrus too. In the epilogue A-Jay decides he will become a teacher at Iris school. In the bad end they both end up killed by Leonore in the basement.

Cyril – Cyril is the bratty shota who is really good friends with A-Jay. He loves cute things like stuffed animals but hides the fact that he has a heart condition that he needs to be on meds for to stop the pain. Apparently it’s a miracle that he even lived to see his 18th birthday. He just wants to enjoy his school life and graduate so he asks Aria to keep this a secret. And so because of his pure heart they’re able to fly high enough to win the school exam first place (poor A-Jay lol). They even both win King and Queen at the graduation ball! After graduation, before they leave the academy, Cyril confesses his love for Aria and kisses her. Several months later, Aria receives a letter saying that Cyril has died and she visits his grave in Aura. WTF how is this a happy ending 🤪. In the endless ending he dies in the floating garden right after asking Aria to kiss him. Some time passes and Aria becomes a teacher at the academy and runs into a student who magically looks and sounds like Cyril.

Keith – Keith is the stereotype do-S sensei template. He was thrown away by his parents so he doesn’t know love or feels he deserves it. Obviously it’s up to Aria to melt his cold heart while he attempts to stop another war from starting. Anyway eventually he warms up to her and turns out he’s only ¼ mage like she is cause his father and grandfather all married human women. He’s also out to take revenge on some guy who ntred his mom or something. He was the one who paid Aria’s tuition for the academy and tells her she can repay him by being by his side forever. Aria then enrolls in the academy where he’s the captain since the teaching job was just a temporary assignment.  In the bad end Aria gets kidnapped by that NTR guy and has black magic used on her in order to protect Keith and everyone, but in the end she dies I think?? Was hard to tell what actually happened.

Leonore – So yeah this guy showed up like a creeper in A-Jay’s route and oh goody I get to romance him now too!🤪 Not only does he trap her down there with drugged hallucinogenic food, he then handcuffs her for some BDSM play where he cuts her skin in various parts of her body and then licks the bleeding wound like some disbolik lovers reject. 😩 Things get weird though when Aria discovers that they both have matching necklaces given to them at birth/death of her parents. So then thanks to the necklace Aria is able to look inside his heart to talk to his real self. His real self tells her that there was a guy named Leonore who was jealous of him for getting accepted into the society and tried to kill him. He defended himself against Leonore’s dark magic and Leonore died. The price for using dark magic was that he lost most of his soul which is why he went cray and why the school principal Bishop locked him up in this dungeon. When Aria leaves his heart and returns to herself he says he remembers everything and that his real name is Iris. He’s been in this dungeon for 2 years with his stuffed rabbit that he had as a child… And acted like a child was too keep what remained of his sanity.

He tells Aria she has to leave before his sanity leaves him and he tries to kill her again. He says the only way to stop his Mr. Hyde Leonore persona is to kill him. He creates a special sword for her but after she stabs him with it it doesn’t kill him, it kills the insane Leonore persona and returns Iris to his normal self. As he returns to normal the crazy world he created with magic begins to crumble so they escape back to ISW. They go to the president’s office and turns out Iris was his son! 😂 Bishop also then reveals that Iris didn’t kill Leonore, but rather Leonore died due to being shitty and using dark magic. Also unlike in A-Jay’s route, instead of time going forward, it goes backwards and they come back right before Aria joined the society. Iris refuses to join the society but confesses that both in the dungeon and even now he’s been in love with Aria. Then I’m like ok time to do bad end and turns out HE’S ACTUALLY ARIA’S HALF BROTHER. Apparently Aria’s dad knocked up his lover but she had to marry someone decided by her family but had the baby and gave it to the principal for adoption…. And welp that’s Iris!😩 Wtf incest route.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Y I K E S the system of this game was HORRENDOUS. Auto-mode NEVER worked, skip mode you had to press and hold like some ancient quin rose game. The choice highlighting was backwards when you used arrow keys, and well let’s not talk about that “great” translation.

Who dafuq is Kate?!

While there was an option to play the game all in Japanese, I guess curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see just HOW bad it was. Honestly, it wasn’t THAT bad? It was still a step above google translate, and I did hear they had gone back and patched up some of the really horrendous translations. So at least on that note, the game was still readable in English save for a few hiccups here and there. As far as the story and characters….meh? Clyde, who I assumed was the main dude, being her childhood crush and all – was SO underwhelming. In fact the only time I thought he was cute was literally 5 minutes before I crashed into a bad ending. 😂 I liked Matias and weirdly enough Cyril. I thought Cyril would be the annoying shota type (which at first he was) but damn what the fuck was that endin!? Unexpectedly sad. Keith started out as a template and by the time he was finally likeable the game ended. A-jay was well rather creepy and Leonore well….

Fortunately I got this game during some Christmas blowout sale so it was only like $11 so it’s not like it was a huge monetary loss lol. The heroine, Aria, was really hard working and I do admire her effort to be the very best wizard like no one ever was, but her interaction with a lot of the guys was rather underwhelming, and in a lot of the CGs she was like O_O like some surprised fish. Actually kinda gave me Amnesia vibes lmao. Do I recommend this game? Maybe if it’s on a really HUGGGEEE discount sale and if possible, play it on something that isn’t the switch since the switch system really sucks hard.

If only this was her real personality rather than a translation gaffe.😇

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  1. man one route summary in and we get daddy issues lmao amazing. and then it gets even better with incest omfg LOL

    I almost bought this because I low key wanted to see how bad it was. I know Billy did a review on it but I couldn’t remember 100% what happened but damn am I glad I didn’t buy it now hahaha

    1. Yeah the whole time I’m what the fuck is it with all the dad comparisons 😩 then the incest blew me away because it was the bad end that reveals it like what if I never did the bad end…I’d literally never know this 😱

  2. 😵Oh wow this game writing looks like out of a very bad shojo manga, it’s so full of useless drama. And where did they see than a guy who die at the best ending is a happy ending ? (๑•ૅㅁ•๑) My goodness the translation seems to have been done by Google Translate it’s awful! even Aksys translation have consistency at least ugh! 😑

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