App Review: Meiji Tokyo Renka High Collar Date


So I kept seeing the Meikoi twitter retweeting all these new CGs and my curiosity got the best of me so I downloaded their new app. Update: This app will end service on July 31, 2020.


The app basically lets you play both Meikoi games for free – with a catch. You get to read 1 chapter every 3 hours but once you “unlock” that chapter you can go back to it as many times as you want. So with that in mind you can basically just unlock 5 chapters a day, pile them all up and read at once – however note that any chapters with a choice will NOT let you unlock the chapter after it unless you pick a choice. I ended up just reading 5 chapters a day this way and it wasn’t too bad honestly. Full Moon (the original game + Iwasaki route) is actually fully voiced as well (except for heroine) so to me honestly this is a REALLY GOOD APP –  I was able to play Iwasaki’s full route with all the endings without having to buy the entire Vita port.


Now here’s the catch for the FD – Twilight Kiss. While you can buy currency to read the original game faster – the only way to read the fandisk is using an in-app only currency that you get from daily logins, and participating in events. Therefore, unfortunately my  review for the FD is gonna be delayed for like half a year as I collect these points to then be able to read a bunch of chapters later. (Each chapter requires 200 mile points). Additionally since the FD came out before the vita port, there’s no FD route for Iwasaki. On the topic of Iwasaki, I will be adding his route review to my original meikoi review on this blog rather than creating a new post.

Now they have also added an additional original story + 3 new characters. That said, it’s not very deep and it’s not fully voiced. It’s mostly for the purpose of doing these “date” events. What they DID do was go back and completely redraw all the sprites. Here’s a comparison:

The left is the original and the right is the updated version. While I do think some of the updated sprites are nice, there was something homey about the original sprites so I don’t like all of the new ones and I’m still getting used to it. Now I will explain how the “events” work.

Screenshot_20200127-170204Not gonna lie, it’s literal pay to win. You can basically use the pink currency (the one that refreshes every 3 hours) for free so once a day you can throw in your currency into the story gacha which unlocks 1 of the chapters on the right. Each guy has a Part 1 and a Part 2. Part 2 gives you the CG but there is a chance of getting duplicates!!! This is honestly REALLY shitty lol and your ranking literally depends on how many times you roll the gacha for these stories – aka it’s fucking stupid lmao are you kidding me. Unfortunately participation in these events is the ONLY way for me to collect the mile points to read the FD so every day I throw my 5 in and cross my fingers. So far I managed to unlock both parts for only Kyoka and Yakumo.

The updated sprites, and mini scenarios are just like an “extra omake to spend time with your meikoi guy” so it’s honestly not too bad. The only thing that sucks is I really have no tie-in with any of the new guys because I haven’t finished reading any of the new story chapters (due to lacking currency used in this event gacha).

Overall if you’re a meikoi fan, or looking to play the game for free, this is the app to do it. As usual you will need to get QooApp to download it because lol foreigner playstore block. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have the FD review 😂 Oh also one last thing is in my original review I had listed that this was owned by Broccoli who released the original PSP game and its FD, but I believe in the last 6 years Mages had taken over the franchise now and was the one who did the Vita port as well as this app.