FFXIV: Elemental DC Mini Housing Tour

Since I have a character on Elemental DC, I decided to visit the houses of 2 popular Japanese decorators kocha and Nora Rappy. Gallery after the jump!

Overall lots of amazing and creative designs. The down side of course a lot of the houses had to have the basement and/or attic completely blocked off in order to fit all the creative design ideas. It’s quite challenging to be able to fit everything in with a limited numbers of items so that was impressive to see on its own. If you have a character on Elemental DC definitely check out all their houses. And of course be sure to check the twitter tag #ハウジング自由にみてってFF14 where Japanese players will post information about their houses for people to encourage them to visit.😀


4 thoughts on “FFXIV: Elemental DC Mini Housing Tour”

  1. I have 3 characters….my lala is actually my least played one. I mainly made a lala in order to get into the dwarf only (lala only) housing in shadowbringers XD

  2. Omg this is amazing!!! ❤ And you're a Lalafell now!! I want to get a house so badly (irl too rofl) but damn if they aren't expensive. I just reached the 2.1-2.55 grind and good lord. I had no idea DPS queues were as long as they are. One day I'll escape this hell and can start grinding for a house lol.

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