Final Fantsy 14 x Final Fantasy 15 Collaborations


Gonna be trying to revive my MMO blogging once more since I’m dragging on my otome gaming lately (ignoring the fact that there just aren’t that many games to play period and my interest is kinda waning.) Today I will be talking about the FFXIV and FFXV collaborations, one of which began yesterday! This contains spoilers so beware!


So back in December there was a collaboration in FF15 WITH FF14 characters/items/enemies. It featured this catgirl coming to Noctis’ world from Eorzea and they needed to defeat Garuda and some  imperial soldiers. That said it seems like she kinda stuck around in FF15 after you finished the event and you could grind Garuda fight over and over, extreme version, to get the Garuda shaped weapons from FF14. I just kinda finished the story and concluded it there.


There was even some easter eggs such as the Fat Chocobo from FF14 and the in game areas included text stylized in the FF14 fashion.

There was also a Kenny Crow with a Paissa minion 😂😂

Anyway after this everyone had been asking “But what about the OTHER way!?” And so low and behold, we finally got the FF15 crossover event in FF14 which began yesterday and lasts for 1 month.


This time Noctis comes to Eorzea by accidentally getting teleported along with some bad guys from 15. He runs into you, the warrior of light, and you have a mini adventure with him by helping him push and repair his car, kill some bad guys, take selfies and even go camping together!


Eventually the Garuda from FF15 comes to ~test~ Noctis again, and of course with his powers granted upon you, both of you fight with Garuda and win!


As a reward for winning, Garuda offers Noctis a portal back to his home world. With parting of words of “Let’s hang out again sometime” Noctis gets into his now repaired Regalia and drives off into the light…where he sees a certain someone waiting for him. (*’ω`*)


And with this the event ended. As a reward for the event, you get Noctis’ outfit (for both males & females), and using MGP (a currency obtained at the FFXIV Gold Saucer) you can obtain Noctis’ hair, Triple Triad card and THE REGALIA. That’s right, this event basically HANDS YOU a free 4 seater mount. Most 2 seater mounts on mogstation cost $20-30 but now you can get a 4 seat mount for FREE! The car can also swim underwater and fly in the air as well. Anyone who is new to the game and just wants to quickly do the event, the game cash shop does have level jump potions that allow you to skip cut scenes/get to 50 immediately so that’s an option if you don’t think you’ll have time to get to 50 in 4 weeks time. I don’t recommend skipping scenario because I really do enjoy the FFXIV scenario (even if at the beginning its mostly stupid fetch quests xD).

Anyways me and my husband both got the car so we called our friends to ride with us 8D

And now below is a gallery of my some screenshots from FF15 x FF14 Collab:


And here’s some from the FF14 x FF15 one!

5 thoughts on “Final Fantsy 14 x Final Fantasy 15 Collaborations”

  1. Yessss FFXV is my trash ❤ Welcome back to MMO blogging can't wait to read more. I'll be going on a FF binge soon (hopefully) so this is pretty exciting to see. And RIP otoge. The market is pretty much dead and those mobage aren't worth the time or the money.

    1. thanks ^_^ I need to get through my FF games I bought on steam too but I figured I’d get my only 2 otome games out of the way first…dragging on KBO though because I can’t play it on my TV and holding a vita in my hands pisses me off if I’m at home lol

      1. Good luck with that haha and yeah I can feel you on that. Also was wondering if the events in the FFXIV game isa one-time deal thing? I’d love to get the game soon but am worried all of those XV events are timed and then I miss it all 😛

        1. Unfortunately this one is timed until the end of May 😥 so you’d really have to kinda join now. They did bring back other events at least 1 more time before but it’s not guaranteed so you never know really.

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