Otome Game Review: Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight Line-

Welp this is the fandisk to Shiro to Kuro no Alice. It wasn’t good, so this will be a brief review.

Lover’s day: – So basically this is a bit of an after story from the first game. You can pick whether you see the after story from whether Airi/Luna  stays on earth or goes back to Wonderland. This will just be mostly my thoughts/commentary on each route rather than a summary.

Rain – I personally found the White World story to be extremely boring and the whole time they’re just picking their asses to be like ~is it ok for us to forget the other world and be here~ bullshit. So that was boring as  hell but the Black World route was more fun and we even got to see BUNNY RAIN! Hell even Airi taking initiative to fluff his ears was super cute and I honestly wish they had expanded more on that.

Minette – As usual the White World story was dumb and Minette vanished halfway through leaving Airi to just hang out with her friends and Nello as the bodyguard like ???😂 And after more of this bs she finally just goes to the Black World and gives him a birthday present hooray. I don’t even know what the point of all of this “distance makes the heart grow fonder” crap. It’s similar in the Black World except Minette is angry that he’s bombarded with work and can’t see Airi. Also I don’t understand why Minette has no problems making out with Airi in public but God forbid she try to spoon feed him some ice cream. 🤨🤔

Nello – The White world begins with the usual angst of Nello being busy with work to make time for Airi. They finally make time to go on some boring aquarium date, half of which is wasted caring for some lost kid. I thought his black world route would be better but instead he just angsts about being a douche in the last game. Ok. ಠ_ಠ He didn’t even get a single kiss cg in his after story whut.

Snow – I don’t know maybe I’m biased but I think seeing a future where Luna and Snow are a well known science team vs Airi, who was just here derp angsty little girl for no reason,is so much better?? While the scenario itself was nothing special the more mature interaction between Luna and her guy was so refreshing to see.(¬_¬) I was them surprised to see their wedding ceremony seeing how Airi didn’t get anything lol. Black world was a little less interesting where Snow just got sick and Luna worked hard to cook him porridge.

Kanon – Luna and Kanon run his hat store together in the white world. They get into a dumb fight because Luna wants to help him with the hat making and he’s like lol you can’t do anything don’t bother. Then they make a hat for some married couples anniversary. The black world after story is extra awkward cause Luna had to be turned into a baby so now Kanon is twice her age but still looks the same.

Jack – I left Jack, my best boy, for last but unfortunately by the time I got to him I was tired of this game. 😞 For some reason the game starts out the white world having Jack refuse to sleep with Luna despite them being lovers for so long. IDK why their relationship is back at square one after all this time and he can barely even call her by her first name without saying Sama. And of course he finally changes his tune when he thinks that she might get NTRed. So then he nearly assaults her, realizes what he’s done and runs away in horror. She chases him down in the park and they kiss and make up. In the black World, though he has no issues showing affection to Luna so I’m just?? What was the point of all the random shy crap in the white after story…😐 And then they get into a stupid misunderstanding because Luna is jealous that Jack spent time with Minette preparing fireworks for her. Such a deep and interesting plot. Way to make my fav boy’s after story so mediocre.


Another Line: This was an original story added to the fandisk that added nothing interesting to the game for me and felt like too much resources went into that instead of the after stories.

Quick let’s makeout while the cockblock is sleeping

So the basic story of another line focuses on the previous queen of Wonderland, Stella. She was in love with Humpty, who was a powerful wizard and during the sunset was the time when his magic was most potent. Because of the Alice power, she went crazy with jealousy and started executing pretty much every woman who so much as batted an eyelash at Humpty. Humpty, also known as Calmia, was then ready to kill Stella but she went crazy and exiled herself to this “other world” where she wandered for years until she finally returned to the Black World. There she met up with some people who wanted to kill the twin queens (Airi & Luna) and decided to go along with the whole thing cause she wanted to once again get rid of the sunset. Meanwhile Airi/Luna find shota Calmia who’s been turned into a child because he used up all his magic powers. As he gets some of his memories back he restores the broken mirror and then tells Stella that he actually loved her but was constipated with his feelings and never told her. And so Airi/Luna will live happily ever after with whoever’s route you’re on while Calmia and Stella rekindle their feelings or something (despite Calmia lookin’ like some 7 year old.) Overall until they revealed the truth about Calmia I was just “not another goddamn shota character” most of this story. The other plot point was a guy named Rui, whose mom went to the Black World, became Alice Lidell’s maid and got executed. After his mom was gone Rui’s life went to shit with his  family so he was bent on revenge to kill Alice’s daughters, Luna and Airi. Other than the main 2 plot points of Another line and shota fanservice (???) everything is pretty much interchangeable. This makes the consecutive runs of this extremely boring because the other world/joker mystery is already revealed to the reader so everything feels pointless because you already know the outcome. 🤦 By the time I got to the 5th round of this dejavu (Kanon route) I basically started force skipping any scenes that didn’t have Luna or Kanon in them. Would have been nice if they resolved stuff like showing Rui maybe reunite with his dad or Humpty grow up and reunite with Stella….but nope, they clearly didn’t even give shit to properly close the endings as long as ~bad guy is defeated and we live happily ever after~.

Well that was certainly disappointing and so boring it took me almost 2 months to get through it. A lot of kiss scenes weren’t kissing or had no choice but you’d see/hear kissing in the sound effects so it was awkward. The White world after stories had like kisses on foreheads or no kissing cg at all as if to be like white is the pure route while black is the naughty one which is so dumb seeing how they just bang in the last game anyway ??😩 There was also a lot of bloody bad ends in the original story arc. What is the point of having bloody bad ends in a fandisk anyway… seriously would rather have had more focus on after stories. I didn’t understand why they rated the game Cero D since nothing really looked or felt like it was very sexual or grotesquely violent except the bloody Cgs I guess. 🤔 For some reason everyone looked extra young in the cgs a lot more so than their sprites as well so I have no idea if they changed artists or what.

I mean look at Airi in this picture she looks like she’s like 8 years old.

Honestly I don’t even know what else to say because the last few otome games I’ve played have been so utterly disappointing. I was hoping that even if I didn’t like Airi’s guys I’d still enjoy Luna’s but everything was so half assed and boring I couldn’t even really enjoy Luna’s routes. They felt so O/C as if the last game never happened! If I end up not enjoying a single game that gets released in 2019 I think it’s probably time for me to throw in the towel. I can’t tell anymore if Otomate’s just not trying anymore or I’ve really just had my fill of otome games for the rest of my life. I used to play otome games and feel better, but the last few just either bore me or disgust me. Since Otome games are on their death bed with all the ports and mobages it’s probably a good time to jump off this ship soon anyway.


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  1. Gotta say I think you’re right about the otoge market having crashed and now it’s desperately struggling to stretch out the burning flames just a little more…
    If you’re interested the House of Fata Morgana is my favorite visual novel to date and the localization has been top notch. I honestly can’t rec it enough and if you enjoyed the tone of Nier Automata I honestly think it’s worth looking into.

    1. Thanks but I think I’ll go through my final fantasy games I bought on steam as I discovered they took up like half of my hard drive lol

        1. i haven’t played 13 yet but X uh….well i think your mileage may vary but I didn’t really enjoy it, particularly the stat building system and the idiotic trials. I have a review of it from a few months ago if you’re curious lol

  2. I haven’t played Shiro to Kuro no Alice, so I have like no context, but this FD sounds really shitty.

    And maybe it’s time for me to go back to galge and/or look further into BL and GL games. And keep getting older otome game titles.

  3. The fandisk seems mediocre, but I can’t help but be carried away by how gorgeous the art is. Like wow.

  4. This is actually very sad…I don’t know what’s happening with the otoge industry but I definitely agree that it’s gotten pretty mediocre. The only hope are non otome games with female protagonists that have romance…

    1. what’s happening is it’s main core audience has been eaten up by “mobage for women” lol (and I mean that in sense where mobage for women are just dudes having fun with each other and there’s no actual heroine or romance)

      1. Uuughhh, those games are so boring 🤦‍♀️ if I wanna see a lot of guys together bring friends I just watch a sports anime lol.

  5. The amount of mediocre stuff from Otomate recently makes me kind of sad. I hope they get their act together. I guess I’ll play ports of their older games or turn to other companies. Some of Ruby Party’s Neoromance games seem interesting.

    1. THey probably don’t make enough money off console games anymore to get their act together I think. Meanwhile they’re rolling in dough from the mobage so that’s where they appear to be concentrating their efforts.

  6. Out of curiosity, do you ever plan on making a review on Hakuoki Kyoto Winds/Edo Blossoms? I would really love to hear your thoughts on the new routes that were added.

  7. may i suggest you some other game? its called Steam prison Nanatsu no bitoku as far as i remember. mangagamer localized the pc ver but i recommend u play the psvita one cause on the pc ver they only have like 5 guys to date lol (6 route on psv ver). (*’▽’*)♪

  8. I really enjoy your blog! For someone like me that has little knowledge of japanese, but a big love of otome, it let’s me enjoy games I normally would have trouble with. I was wondering if you knew of any guide for a few of the one you reviewed like beleiver!, charade maniacs, Kenka Bancho Otome, KLAP!! ~Kind Love and Punish, Re:Vice[D] and sidekicks.
    ja panes guides are fine. Than you and keep up the good work!

    1. sorry I don’t remember what guides I used, please try using google and maybe there’s a recent one you can use!

  9. I’ve been secretly following your blog for years, and I really enjoy your reviews! I always look forward to them! I hope you will be reviewing Kenka Banchou 2nd Rumble and Variable Barricade. I’ve been looking forward to these two and I’m really excited for VB that I even pre-ordered it. I hope either of them don’t disappoint. 😦

      1. I’m heading to Japan soon for a vacation with that partly in mind, too (purchasing KBO2)! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it; seeing that most of the new titles sound like real kusoges. =/ If KBO2 turns out horrible as well… =(

        I’ve already thrown in the towel on otoges, sadly. Although it’d be sad to see you stop reviewing otoges, if it’s become a chore then it defeats the purpose of it being a hobby… So yeah, spend your time on something that ‘sparks joy’ for you instead. =D

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