Unboxing: Fortissimo Limited Box

No gonna lie, when I first wrote the title of this blog post, I unconsciously wrote “Brother’s Conflict” and the above is exactly why 😂

Honestly Otomate is obviously trying to get people to buy this game on the premise of “Hey remember BroCon?? It’s the same artist!! Also Fuuto!!” despite the fact that you can’t even go after Fuuto anyway lol. The BroCon clear file just confuses me though…what a strange bonus to give lol. “Yea all the new chars don’t matter here’s Tsubaki and Azusa and FUUTO!!!!!!!!!!!” 😂 Anyway this just going on the top of my to play pile I’m still trying to dig myself out of from last year.


6 thoughts on “Unboxing: Fortissimo Limited Box”

  1. late reply is late, just like my review for this game will be as I’m still trying to clear out last years games FML

  2. God, I swore it was BC XD they copied and pasted the characters? LOL I don’t even know what the game is about, but I hope it’s good! You deserve after so much kusoge.

  3. otomate may be pushing the brocon connection, but i liked brocon so i don’t mind LOL i do love fuuto so i was a little sad when he wasnt datable but i think it’s cause fuuto canonically will only love ema
    i do kinda want a route with futaba though, like it doesn’t even have to be canon (if that’s a thing in otome), just something where fuuto isn’t obsessed with his sister LOL

  4. Looking forward to your review. Thought about preordering this because of the Brothers Conflict connection, but then it seemed like it was pushing the BroCon connection a little too much. That file seems to confirm it. Although I must admit putting BB, PP, and ff on the bunnies was a nice touch.

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