It’s Been a Long Time – I’ve Reached Number ⑨

And so here we are 9 years later and this blog is not dead yet 😂.  The otome game world is going through a lot of changes right now with mobile dominating the market so the year has been rather strange as far as releases. It’s been rather quiet in the middle of the year and suddenly the autumn brought me more games than I can actually finish and my backlog is out of control. Let’s look back at what happened the past year.

  • E2 Roast – Well after everyone getting excited for Taisho Alice localization, E2Gaming came out and released a disaster with randos dubbing over all the voice actors, bad translation and a poor payment processing system. After getting flamed all over twitter and facebook, E2 closed their facebook page and disappeared from sight. Their owner was last seen doing translations on his instagram so seems like he’s still continuing….whether or not we’ll see a release again remains unknown. Any attempts to get Primula to take back the license and give it to a more competent localizer ended in failure so I think at this point we can probably give up hope for a decent localization for this game. What a shame, I wish such a good game didn’t get such poor treatment.
  • Otome game Kickstarters – Without going into names, I had a bad experience with an otome game kickstarter I supported which left a bad taste in my mouth on kickstarters in general. I’m probably never going to support otome game kickstarters again, but I’ll happily support a final release on steam or something instead.
  • Better Quality Localizations – Aksys brought a lot of otome games this year but at the expense of quality control. Catcrackers did a detailed spoiler and non spoiler post regarding the errors in collar malice and well…it’s pretty bad. Forget translation errors though, stuff like incorrect names, and text being inside the name box or outside the text box is just sloppy. Charging $40 for this kind of release is just ridiculous, and since Aksys doesn’t intend to fix or apply patches due to “cost” doesn’t appear like there’s ever going to be a fix for it. It’s a strange position for me to be in because I don’t really buy localizations of jp games I already own, but I like to encourage my non Japanese speaking friends to buy it. It’s pretty depressing to hear them play it and constantly complain about typos and bugs ruining the enjoyment for them. This localization drama has been a hot topic for a few months now so I get the feeling we’re not done seeing the end of it just yet.
  • Rejet is Mad – Iwasaki Daisuke, the CEO of Rejet went on a rant on twitter about how it’s too expensive to make games and that they’re losing profits because of piracy. The Japanese fans and viewers were annoyed because the blamed the lack of profits not on piracy but on the fact that Rejet produces the same boring content for years – I.e. idol/ayakashi/vampire drama CDs. And when they finally released a game (moshikami) it’s a traumatic experience that certain people can barely finish it. So no Rejet, while piracy is bad, you could work on putting effort into content other than idol drama CDs and shitty mobile game apps. They released a mobile idol music game which on the first day lagged so badly and the music game itself is just terrible – why in the world would I continue to support this?  Pretty obnoxious tbh.
  • Osomatsu Fujoshi got angry at me – Apparently taking pics of my B’s Log sent a bunch of them in a furious rage and they began tweeting at me to delete the pics. Seeing how there’s people who scan HD quality images from artbooks & magazines it’s pretty dumb to get mad at me at crappy cell phone pics lmao. Oh well Twitter has a nice block feature that I made use of. 😤 Although the amount of those who were happy to see the pics outnumbered the angry ones anyway so whatever.
  • Otome games direction – So where are otome games headed now? It’s hard to tell. Otomate seems to be putting a lot of their games on PS4 but there’s also a lot of mobile games dominating the market now. Particularly shitty gacha based games that bore me after a couple hours are doing really well so I guess I’m out of sync with the majority of otome gamers nowdays. I have a Ps4 and I gladly welcome the PS4 move because I sure love my 2D man on my big screen tv. A lot of people in Japan still live with their families though and are against this because it means playing in the living room tv with their entire family being able to see and it kills the “privacy” aspect for them.

And now it’s time for my yearly otome game “awards” 😂😂 As usual these are games that I played since the last blog anniversary – not necessarily games that were released in the past year.

The Bad

💩 Kusoge of the Year: Osomatsu-san the game ~Dead or Work!~ 💩

I think this video speaks for itself. The fact that I paid nearly $150 for this garbage that I couldn’t even finish. Hopefully Otomate learns from this, don’t release a character game and then remove 80% of the voices! (╬╬^益^)

💩 The Harvey Weinstein Award for Biggest Office Sexual Harassment: Office Lovers 💩

How about I put you into a room with an angry gorilla and see what happens

💩 The Twilight Award for Worst Vampire Game: Vamwolf Cross 💩

“Should I tell him about the big hairy wart growing on his manboob?”


💩 The Beating Dead Horse Award: Norn 9 Act Tune 💩

I have no idea who the hell was hired to copycat Teita’s art but please no more.

The Mediocre

😩The “As Seen on TV” Award for False Advertising: Code Realize FD 😩


😩The Snorlax Award for Laziest Heroine: Suran Digit😩

It’s one thing when the heroines are passive but this girl literally just spent most of the game sleeping in the club room or outside in the school park.

😩The 12-Sai Award for Most Juvenile Otome Game: Psychic Emotion 6😩

I don’t know how else to describe it but this game felt like it was targetted towards preteen girls. The Japanese text was also very juvenile feeling? This could actually be a great game for otome game beginners or those who don’t have a strong grasp of Japanese language.

😩The Biggest Brocon Award: Taisho Alice FD😩

It’s pretty enraging that it feels like oniichan had a more romantic route than Ookami-kun who didn’t even get a happy ending (´;д;`)ブワッ

😩The “I’ll be Back” Terminator Award for revived Quin Rose staff: Shiro to Kuro no Alice😩

✅ Tears
✅ Blood sucking
✅ Exposed Boob
✅ Dark dungeon room
Looks like we got all the angles covered, let’s release it boys! What a shame that the quin rose staff had to release a half assed chimera game that only had 3 good routes and only 1 of 2 good heroines.

😩The Extremely Late FD Award: Shinobi Koi Utsusu FD😩

2 years later I forgot what the hell happened and this is NOT the work of the original artist wtf. Also how dare you announce a PS4 port only a couple months after I finished this game! (╬╬^益^)

The Best

🎊Best Indy Game: How to Take off Your Mask🎊

Basically the opposite of office sexual harassment


🎊Best Galge & Longest Text Walls Award: Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai🎊

Honestly the best galge is default since it’s the only galge I played, but the story was pretty damn good and Naru is my favorite waifu. If you liked Taisho Alice definitely give this one a play – although be warned there’s a loooootttt of repetitive text.

🎊Best System & BDSM Award 2 Years in a Row: KLAP FD🎊

/slaps you with an oden stick

🎊Best Heroine & Still the Strongest Waifu on Earth: Kenka Bancho Otome FD🎊

🎊Best Comedy & English Localization: Bocchi Musume Produce Keikaku aka Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome🎊

🎊Best Sequel/FD: Nil Admirari no Tenbin ~Kuroyuri Enyoutan~🎊

Was pleasantly surprised how much better Tsugumi was in the 2nd game which improved the overall experience.

🎊Best Detective Story & Best Game of the Year: Sidekicks🎊

Extend’s first game was a snooze fest but they came back with a vengeance in Sidekicks. Although it’s unlikely that this game will ever get an FD or sequel it was still an enjoyable ride. I hear their latest game is good too so hopefully I’ll eventually get through my backlog to play it as well.

After Thoughts

I didn’t have a fanart corner this year because I honestly feel so shitty asking people to draw me stuff for free. Instead I’ll work in improving my own art so every year my header image can look a little less crappy. 😂 Due to mobile games rising in popularity and me having almost no interest in them, the gap between most otome game fans and myself grows bigger every day. I obviously don’t get as many hits as I used to and not as many comments. I had actually considered completely closing off comments because I end up getting more spam to clear out than real comments anyway, but I haven’t made the full decision on this yet. My posts are a lot less “controversial” now too, I’ve actually really toned down my rage from previous years and I’ve stopped trying to play “Every” game that comes out. Now I try to see if a game will have elements I will dislike and I generally tend to avoid it. Overall it’s been a lot quieter on this blog – with 1-2 reviews per month on average  and the fact that most people I think read twitter than my blog the motivation hasn’t been that high either. I’ve changed some of my post formats for stuff like FDs where I can’t be bothered to write a summary and instead I just write my thoughts. I think I only write summaries when there’s an actual involved story (like Nil Admirari FD) because otherwise I feel like a broken record especially with games where you got the 金太郎飴 problem. We’ll see what happens regarding PS4 and PS Vita otome games in 2018…my prediction is by 2019 Vita will be obsolete and most games will be on PS4 or mobile. I know D3P is trying Nintendo Switch but Nintendo has such weird rules regarding their content I can’t imagine this being a good otome game platform.

I didn’t mention games like FF15, Project Diva Future Tone or Taiko no Tatsujin which took a lot of my time this year but since they’re not otome games I didn’t include them in the award list.  Since getting a PS4 I’ve been a bit more open to non otome games and maybe at some point I will (force my husband to) finish Nier:Automata too. 😂

As usual I want to thank everyone who still reads this blog after all these years and those who leave comments either on here on through my twitter. It may not seem like a big deal but comments are a motivator for me and well honestly it’s just fun to discuss and compare thoughts on the games I play with others. Hopefully for those of you sticking with localization you get better quality next year for games like 7’Scarlet. For those of you tired of the bullshit, I wish you luck on your Japanese language studies 😂. And as always may we have less kusoge in 2018! And now as always I leave you with the yearly stats:

Top 5 Referrals (Ignoring Search Engines):

  1. Tumblr
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  3. Reddit (thanks r/otomegames!)💕
  4. Otome Games Wikia article about Kenka Bancho Otome
  5. Reverse Harem (thanks ;))💕

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Top Search Engine Results (Excluding obvious stuff like breadmasterlee or varieties of otome game):

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55 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time – I’ve Reached Number ⑨”

  1. yea I tend to slog through stuff to complete trophies but that osomatsu game was unbearable.

    haha I hope my new reviews would be more interesting but people keep coming back to the beaters! xD

  2. so glad that your blog stayed active for 9+ years!! I also find whatever things you post on twitter to be hilarious, please keep up the good work 😂😂 I definitely wanted to purchase that osomatsu san vita game but the reviews made it sound pretty lackluster and to top it off, for it to be ranked KOTY on your blog.. must be pretty terrible lolol
    Also I’m probably half the reason why your diabolik lovers posts get so much traffic.. your waifubeater posts are hilarious, I drop by once in awhile to have a good laugh 😂 Thanks as always and happy new years!

  3. I’m gonna cry my eyes out if this beautiful place of 2d men disappears with your beautiful imaginary talking in the back of head while reading your reviews. That just won’t be right ya feel?

  4. I’m glad my reviews have saved you some money 😂
    I’m a bit behind on my backlog but hopefully I’ll be catching up in the next few months that have almost no releases.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Congratulations on the blog’s birthday!
    I do not usually leave comments, but I love your posts! All your work and dedication with the blog is admirable. Whenever I’m interested in a game I’m looking for a review of you and wow, you do not know how many times you saved me! I saved a lot of time avoiding kusoges thanks to you. Well, when I did not find a review, I still interpreted it as a red card for the game.
    I hope 2018 brings more good games, we all need a break from bad games! Thanks for everything

  6. thanks for lurking 🙂 yea I’ve had times where I got frustrated at all the bad games so I mix & match my gaming now but that makes me pop out reviews slower than I used to lol

  7. hi and happy 9th anniversary!! im a longtime reader who’s been lurking on this site for a while but i just wanted to say thanks for reviewing all thse games, and i really enjoy reading ur blog!! seeing as ur not getting paid for any of this, i really appreciate the time and effort u put into reviewing (especially as something so underrated as otome games?) and ur angry rants always make me cackle (especially the table flipping @ the kusoges). That said tho, im really glad that u made the decision to not play every otome game-it would suck if something that started off as a hobby started being stressful for u (but hopefully 2019 will be a better year for games!)

  8. Thank you, Thank you for providing content on otome! Sorry, I just lurk but I love your reviews for the games that I can’t play because I don’t know Japanese lol XD
    I agree, mobage gacha otome games that include cookie cutter characters are boring.

  9. yikes this comment got caught by wordpress’ spam for some reason and I almost missed it!

    honestly I think I find myself lacking…something to do when I don’t have a game at least once a month to occupy me. sometimes I need a break from ff14 or something to read on my commute that’s not crappy US news xD I hope one day you get time to play some otome games then you can think back about all the kusoge reviews you’ve read here 😂

  10. yea it’s true sometimes i’m just like eh most people aren’t gonna really read it why do I spend time summarizing this kusoge…so now I only really summarize like you said to kinda remember for myself later lol.

    yea I’m kinda…amazed about DL too? Especially since a lot of others have reviewed it by now so I’d think I’d get hits elsewhere…😂 i guess this is why Otomate keeps milking it, the money just keeps raining!

  11. Happy 9th! Just wanted to say thank you for all your posts, reviews, and rants. It’s always a pleasure to see the email notification that you’ve updated something, and then I’ll snigger to myself, and keep it for before-sleep!reading.

    I don’t play as many, cough any really, otomes as I’d like because of time constraints, so I enjoy being able to experience the games vicariously through you with your snark and commentary. But that I also means I don’t have a reference point for the games, which is why I’ve never commented before. But thank you! I hope you still have many years ahead of wonderful games and selfishly hope that you never stop reviewing games even if you’ve mellowed! 🙂

  12. Happy 9th anniversary! If your blog has been quiet, my blog has been graveyard-silent www I can’t always read your reviews since the games are usually on my (eternal) backlog and I only play them much later – but thanks for always getting to them and posting your reviews first!

    I agree that there are hardly any comments received (for my blog included) so I’m a lot slower in my posts and sometimes just opt for non-spoiler reviews. If I do spoiler reviews, it’s when I want to keep a record of the games for myself. I guess what I want to say is that I’m mostly blogging for self-satisfaction now w

    I can’t believe DiaLov is still in your top search terms haha. I hope C:R or CxM or some other upcoming localisation/anime adaptation kicks it out soon.

  13. thanks for reading for so many years!

    I could be wrong i could be right…it was just an observation. but yea mobile games are generally gacha chuggers so I’m not a huge fan either!

  14. congratulations on the 9th anniversary! i’m kinda late, but i think better late than never applies in this situation! may there be many more years and games!

  15. I hope you’re wrong about Vita because mobile games generally suck. And I prefer to play otome games while I’m in bed on a nice small screen. Anyways, have a good holiday and thank you for the past 9 years! (Though I’ve only been around for 6)

  16. Yeah ok XD I shall draw you something sometime soon!I feel like hakuoki and dialover are cows not worth milking as well so completely understandable LMAO

  17. fortunately at least the heroines are getting above the Harvey Weinstein level but that kusoge I played was based on trashy mobage which are full of that stuff still lol

    I haven’t posted much on ff14 since doesn’t seem like my readers were really into it, but I’m looking forward to playing episode ignis! 😀
    I tell my husband to play that gyakuten yoshiwara game he bought on steam for 10 cents but he just refuses!

  18. thanks for the nice comment, I really appreciate it! (´∀`)💕
    and of course thanks for being such a long term reader!!

    I used to review pretty much every game but I think I’ve really been skipping certain games because N O P E (I’m looking at every hakuoki/dialover spinoff/port/fd whatever lol)

    for fanart you can always just upload to imgur or something and link here or just reply to me on twitter! 🙂 If you ever wanna draw anniversary fanart please feel free to do so before december 3 every year and I’ll add it to my post 😉

  19. Happy 9th Hinano. I’m still reading and enjoy your posts and sarcasm. Your site still makes me understand why 2-d plain heroines like to get man handled and Harvey Winsteined by chinny bishies(cos they pretty). The FF 14/15 posts are great and make me tempted to play constantly(I haven’t touched a ff game since 12), but content in experiencing ff vicariously through your lovely posts.

    I must confess I never thought I’d do this, but……I actually played a VN on my Vita. Doki Doki literature club is really good and I recommend you play this. try not to spoil yourself before playing. This and the game Undertale’s love of 4th wall breaking.

    Keep up the good work and tell that hubby of yours to post once in a while.

  20. Hey there! I haven’t commented before but I just want to let you know that I really do enjoy reading your blog 😀 Not only is it the most entertaining class distraction but it’s been with me since the beginning of my journey to conquer 2D men 5 years ago and I remember I read your diabolik lovers (ugh…) review and ur love revo one (this was great) and somehow it became customary for me to read your summaries and thoughts of the routes for each game as soon as I complete them.. As weird as it is it was the best closure and consolidation method and I was pleasantly surprised to see that you review almost every game under the sun XD unless it’s because I can only play in english and chinese so my options are limited anyway XD But you’re definitely one of the snarkiest and funniest otome bloggers (and definitely my favourite!) in fact if you were a heroine I bet I’d enjoy the game LMAO whoops sorry for getting a little off tangent but I just wanna say that I’m really thankful for you n your blog and its legitimately one of the happiness of my life (is this too dramatic!!) but yeah… Stay cool dude you’re my hero and thank you for contributing to this niche ass fandom ❤ (btw uhh if i wanna draw breadmaster fan art someday mind if u leave ur contact method so i can send it to you thx :D!! )

  21. Thanks for being a long time reader! 🙂

    THe amount of gacha style games is crazy, I tried to get into them but I get bored so much, even more so when I roll (with my free coins) and I get nothing anyway lol.
    I just got a new TV and I have no regrets about playing my vita games on PSTV with it 😉

    and yea I do plan to get CxM FD, still bummed it’s not on ps4 but at least as long as its pstv compatible I can continue to play it on the big screen!

  22. Grats on the anniversary! I still love your blog and definitely check in every week or so for something new. This has been my go to blog for otome related games since …. I don’t even know how many years ago. XD Thanks for all your hard work!

    And I totally get your stance on mobile games. I don’t understand it. It drives me insane but I supposed Japanese people are okay with all the microtransactions considering just how many gacha-style mobile games there are. I still prefer the Vita because I can play in bed, but I’m not opposed to seeing all the dudes on the big screen either.

    Here’s to hoping Spike Chunsoft localizes Kenka Banchou in 2018!

    And quick question, are you planning on getting the CxM FD?

  23. Thanks for being a long time reader! And yea I get bored of mobage too…I try to keep up with them but I just stop caring and before I know it, it’s been a week before I logged in again.

  24. i srsly doubt your incomplete pics are gonna affect the sales of BsLog lol also BsLog, a mag these fujos arent gonna buy in the first place.

  25. thanks for being a longtime follower xD glad my raging blog was inspirational 😂
    people always tell me they like the kusoge reviews but man the pain sitting through those is something else… xD

  26. I’ve been following you since….since forever lol 😂😂 You were the one that inspired me to make my own blog and also the one that sparked my interest in otome.
    I’m unable to comment much since I can’t play any of these games, but I truly enjoy reading every review (especially kusoges haha)..
    Hope to see another year~

  27. Well the up side is with ps4 you can still do remote play on your vita! So I think it’s actually a nice way for both sides to be happy. I think the only legit kickstarters are the ones made by actual established companies not Joe Random who wants to create a game. Ultimately it’s even worse I think when you try to have a team of people who are on opposite sides of the world and try to convince them to meet your deadlines etc. Thanks for reading even if you don’t comment, I still appreciate it !

  28. I don’t really care that I trigger anonymous twitter troll accounts. I actually looked to see who the complainers were and they were accounts specifically made to rage/troll people so their opinion matters little to me.

  29. I guess your screenshots got on the wrong side of the purists bc there are some people who feel you need to pay to get those information and leaking that out is basically unfair to others who bought them. Your nonchalant response could have triggered them further bc usually ppl will take it down…

  30. I’ll forever be thankful to your blog for helping on my discovery on otome (your where to buy post was god-sent!) and all those summaries (thank you for all those bad endings list sparing me trauma). Seriously your blog has been my go-to to check if a game would be overall to my taste. I’m not commenting enough but I do read most of your posts <3. As far as transitions go I hope they will keep having a version on Vita since I personally like to cuddle with my 2D hubbies in my bed late at night, but I agree with you about supporting Kickstarters projects. I supported half a dozen so far and even years after only one got completed with so-so results. Sad considering there are worthy projects out there. In any case, here's to hoping to read you for one more year ^_^

  31. I’m not against mobages but they aren’t my cup of tea. I can’t handle their gameplay. Too much time wasted for so little and repetitive content…
    (Mystic Messenger is an exception🌚)
    I hope D3P can port some otome to the switch. That would be awesome
    Also, I’m really looking foward to Psychedelica even though Aksys otome game translation quality leaves much to be desired…
    Btw, I’ve been reading your blog since several years and I’d like to say this otome summary are really entertaining🌚🌚

  32. “quem sabe cozinhar” means “who knows how to cook” in Portuguese. And I don’t know why it is in your Top Search Engine Results *weird*
    Klap!! ❤ the best ever!!!
    I got Collar Malice but I didn't play it yet.

  33. these weren’t really spoilers, just like “scenario samples”. I think one pic was Ichimatsu holding a baby? But all the scenarios in the game are vapid pointless shit so it’s not like it was worth it in the end. I guess at the time people really anticipated the game and were super defensive?? Idk Japan is really weird about stuff like that, to me magazines are promotional material but I think in Japan they treat it the same as uploading a movie or game illegally or something

  34. lol that shit ain’t even worth comparing….also probably hearing the dub voices would make your ears bleed after an hour

  35. honestly I’d say it’s both? It’s annoying to get pestered about stupid shit so I dropped anything to do with Dialovers like a ton of bricks….but also I think a lot of games just fail to get a reaction out of me these days and I end up kinda sitting there stone faced wondering wtf I’m gonna even write about.

    yes…trigger kiss FD….binary star FD… will always live forever in my mind even though it will never happen at this rate lol

  36. yea I mean I follow a few cat blogs I’ve never commented on either (mostly cause they’re Japanese lol) so I understand being lazy about commenting xD I’m avoiding otomate’s split up PC releases….that never worked out well in the past and I fail to see how it will work out now.

  37. I think I’m less savage than I used to be but I will call out shitty heroines & characters none the less ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Yea I kinda uh..ignore Hakuoki…I can’t even remember why I used to like it…I used to be really into it but yea that’s ages ago. Thanks for reading for so long!

  38. yea I did a quick twitter search and saw a bunch of complaints along that line. I also enjoy my 2D men on a big screen ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. Oh yeah I forgot another thing: going through Taisho Alice right now and morbid curiosity suggested I compare with the “official English” for the hell of it, but after finishing Cinderella’s route NO. NEVER. PERISH THE THOUGHT. It’s far too nice to be mangled in any language.

  40. what why were the fujos mad u shared pics? were they game changing spoilers or were they afraid ppl werent gonna buy Bs log?

  41. My top referral will be you and Twitter, hands down, haha.
    “The Harvey Weinstein Award” ROFLLLL Timely. I kind of miss your rage from earlier years but was the tone-down a result of reader reaction or getting numb from the oversaturation of otome games?
    I have neither time nor patience with mobage either, and 1-2 reviews per month is faster than I get through my stuff. I gratefully use them as reference for what titles to get next, although I won’t need to for a while because HUZZAH BACKLOG OTL
    Who knows how much longer this hobby will last but as a longtime reader, here’s to 9 going on 10 and FDs that will never happen (T__T) and hopefully some of the Otomate Party stuff turns out good. Cheers!

  42. long timer lurker, first post. I always get excited whenever I get a new email notification from you; your reviews are pretty useful and hilarious. Thanks for another complete year!

  43. I don’t comment much, but I enjoy your tweets and blog very much. The only problem is that I tend to spend money because of you! 😀

    As long as you keep writing, I will keep reading!

  44. Congratulate 🎉 Your anniversary post is a delight to read 😍 I’m too lazy to comment but I love reading your blog. Wish your 10 anniversary post will have more good games. And I think otome games will head to PS4 and PC with otomate’s triangle projects or majestical majolica by new brand. And primula, honeybee, operetta, daisy2 still produces game for PC. And port later lol 😂

  45. LOVE that you are always so savage 😉 have been quietly passively following your blog since year 5 (have since kinda left the otome scene whoops ;P SO tired of the over-milking of every. single. hit. games. *cue flashback to every single hakuoki games made ever* :))) when will they sTAPH! We need original awesome content!) and you’ve always been as awesome as ever. Good luck on your otome adventures! Hope to the success of this blog! Will pop here and there sometimes, and till then adios~

  46. eh i didn’t realize some JPN disliked playing games on PS4 due to sharing the screen lol. I have a 2nd monitor so I don’t mind and I prefer my HD anime BFs vs vita unless it’s just the portability factor.

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