Otome Game Review: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Aka the English release of Bocchi Musume Produce Keikaku, I’ve decided to get Manga Gamer’s latest otome release! The story is about a girl named Ema, who is very conscious of her height and has been bullied most of her life, despite being the daughter of extremely wealthy parents. She decided to stay quiet and invisible in her high school life until she ran into Saito and Miki who crushed her plans. Apparently her looks are an inspiration for Miki, an aspiring fashion designer and he begs for her to be his model. Saito is on for the ride as the photo/videographer. Ema agrees to go along with it, until she realizes that Miki’s sense of design is in the BDSM/fetish wear category 😂 Not much of a spoilery post, mostly just thoughts on the game.

Saito – At first Saito comes off as this huge pushy douche who constantly insults Ema and calls her a stupid female pig. Eventually it seems like he’s just being a tsundere and he starts to warm up to her…until he realizes that Ema’s developed feelings for him. Suddenly all the cute stuff I like about tsunderes is gone and Saito literally carries her to a love hotel where the bang like it ain’t no thang.  The whole thing felt so jarring too because Ema has like no experience with guys and she even questions why she’s letting Saito have his way with her….but ultimately is like whatever lol and goes along with it. 😂 I mean the whole game is generally LOL but I guess it extends to the ero scenes too which kinda killed the romance aspect for me. It was actually developing pretty nicely but it felt like the R-18 stuff ruined it lol. Most of Saito’s route felt like laughs especially with that Michael Fors fashion designer bit and Ema’s BL fantasies. But ultimately it kinda ended up a weird note for me and honestly I couldn’t tell if Ema and Saito were actually in love or were just fuck buddies.  Actually come to think of it I don’t think he’s ever once told Ema directly that he loves her in the game (눈_눈).

Miki – Miki is supposed to be the Do-M to Saito’s do-S but he comes off as almost clingy and pushy near the end. Just like with Saito, at first Miki and Ema seemed to be hitting it off. Like I honestly felt so sorry for him, I mean his design taste was questionable to me, but he really sincerely wanted to succeed and really wanted Ema’s help. But even when Ema finally admits well he’s kinda cute and kinda sweet and they screw after the festival thing…it kinda goes downhill from there.  His dad is also a huge asshole which throws a wrench into everything and I feel like a lot of the route was spent trying to put a stop to him…until dad realizes who Ema’s parents are and bam suddenly all the problems are solved. Even the epilogue felt odd when Miki is mad that Ema is making more money than him as a model and how he seems to still be obsessed with his BJ Doll all this time lol. I mean I’m kinda disappointed as I thought Miki and Ema were really hitting it off but yea some of the ero scenes and some of the conclusions just left me like (눈_눈). Also even though I usually love do-M guys, the ero scene dialogue actually made me laugh in a sense where it just felt like they literally reversed the lines. Like the stuff a guy would say – Ema would say, the stuff usually the girl would say, now Miki was saying. 😂 Also Miki’s do-Mness kinda…disappeared somewhere along the way??? Like at the beginning he was like STEP ON ME but then it sorta went on the back shelf and he just was more clingy and whiny than anything else. That said Ema did develop better as a character in Miki’s route, since she went from a dark shut-in to a pretty self confident model. So that’s why in the end it feels like she’s the sensible one while Miki is still the same as he was. (Which is odd because he became kind of famous in America but then returned to Japan only to return back to his old self wtf.) On a completely random note, I love Shirai Yusuke and I love how he’s in more otome games 😍.

3P Route – I expected something more but honestly I don’t know why I expected more than a completely out of nowhere live stream orgy (well technically it was just a love confession while Saito & Miki were naked??) 😂. Honestly if anything I’m more impressed that Saito went along with it rather  than being like fuck this shit and walking out the door lol.  Actually in the other part of the 3P route branch where Ema wanted to drug & rape them (and failed) was so bizarre….like based on Ema’s character I never imagined she’d even want to do such a thing or be brave enough to even attempt to do something like that (;´・ω・)…And of course the entire stereotype of the dudes being like “oh cool we get to bang her now lmao, whatever let’s do it” rather than being horrified and pretty much ending things then & there. Well I mean I know the game is supposed to be humorous but this was borderline cringey.

Other Ends – I’m not going into details on every ending but I actually enjoyed all the random side endings a lot. They weren’t bad ends like “omg heroine dies in bloody murder” but were rather hilarious outcomes of picking the “wrong” choice. Some stuff included Ema joining a cult, become a TV celebrity, becoming a BL fanfic writer, becoming a pro wrestler….just crazy and fun stuff. I didn’t use a guide to get most of the endings, kinda just saved & picked stuff I didn’t pick before and managed to get a lot of them this way. Overall the comedy was the strongest point in this game and as far as a funny otome game, it definitely delivered.

Localization – I’m pretty picky when it comes to localizations. Norn9 was pretty unbearable to me, which is why I forced my husband to play it. Seeing the massive text bugs in Collar x Malice from my friend made me glad I never bought the English edition. The name changes in Code Realize also grated my nerves. Overall I prefer to play in Japanese because of being overly picky but I think overall bocchi musume was translated really well. Even some of the paraphrasing done in the game made it probably funnier in English than in Japanese so definitely props to that. The only thing that really bothered me was when the characters spoke English, the text at the bottom was in Spanish or French or whatever. I get that this was done in order to show that the characters are speaking in a “foreign language” but it came off more jarring than anything to me. It’s like I’m hearing English spoken, but the words are in Spanish so that was really weird to me. Other than that though (and a few “creative” word insertions here & there 😂), it’s a solid localization, something certain other otome localization companies could learn from. A little bit of QC goes a long way 🙄.


Overall if it wasn’t for the localization I would have just dismissed this as another shitty otome R-18 game. Tbh a lot of otome R-18 games to me are shitty because they’re just abuse and rape and rarely leave me with anything but disgust. Fortunately this game didn’t have either, and if the eroscenes bother you, the steam version allows you to turn them off. I bought my game on steam but you can download the R-18 patch from MG’s site for free afterwards. The R-18 scenes this time actually felt like they were unnecessary to me, I thought I’d miss out on any kind of romance or something but for the most part they were as much of a joke as the rest of the game (and some felt so repetitive I’d just skip through them anyway lol.) Also the anatomy in all of them was SOOOO bad. Honestly my expectations for otome game R-18 scenes are usually extremely low but man the way some of the bodies were twisted in these was awful 😂. Honestly art isn’t this game’s strong point, nor is the romance, but definitely the humor and gag endings.

The game overall gave me a bit more positive outlook on Calmia (who has renamed themselves like 3 times already with ever changing staff). They recently announced yet another one of those 1 girl 2 guys game (and the girl apparently is some princess who loves the sexy times? 😂) so I might consider buying the Japan version next time. Props to Mangagamer and Verde for the great job on the localization and do give this game a shot, if anything, the humor should be enough to keep you entertained for a few hours.



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  1. I still haven’t gotten this one yet, but I played the demo, and it was hilarious! Initially, I didn’t think comedy would be the game’s focal point, but it ended up taking me by surprise! I’ll eventually get the full version before the year is over.

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