Unboxing: Kenka Bancho Otome FD Animate Set

Apparently this is not a limited edition set therefore there’s no actual box 😂

Well uh what can I say….everything is kinda scattered. I was able to put away the clearfile, hang up the felt poster and put the buttons on my otome-shelf and I guess I’ll throw the drama CDs with my other drama CDs. Booklet though….guess that will get thrown with the Stellaworth ones lol. I’m actually kinda annoyed by the felt posters that Animate releases nowdays. I mean I guess I can see the good part is if they get dusty you can wash them, but also the bad part is they don’t really stay on the wall that well. Come to think of it my Code Realize poster is felt too….I guess that’s a thing now?? I haven’t heard great things about the FD but I’m still being positive that it’s probably better than the kusomatsu game that I am going to drop like a ton of bricks real soon ( ゚д゚ ).

9 thoughts on “Unboxing: Kenka Bancho Otome FD Animate Set”

  1. The felt poster looks very nice though! When mine arrives its probably just going to sit somewhere until I figure out where or when to hang it up lol. I’m surprised they dont have an actual limited edition with an actual LE box to make things more organized but… oh well it all looks really cute. I love your shelf full of pins haha.

    1. yea I guess it’s my fault for assuming all “animate sets” are also ~limited edition~ but it’s hard not to assume it since that’s how 99% of all other otome games have been thus far :s but yea the poster design itself is cute, it’s on my closet door now ( ˘ω˘ )

    1. I kinda just shove them into my bookshelf. I only ever really use them when I’m going on a trip and I need to bring documents like printouts of tickets/hotel itiniraries 😛 Like I took my code realize clear file to Japan with me 😀

  2. Wow I can’t believe they didn’t give you some sort of box. Idk that just seems really STRANGE :s?

    On the other hand, sorry to be a perfectionist about this but, do you know if you can iron those felt posters? We always iron all clothes here at my house so I was curious if ironing the poster could take away the fold marks? Wait is that why felt posters have become a thing now *dun dun DUNNNN* O_O?

    1. I’m actually not sure but I’m scared if I iron them I’ll burn them so I never actually tried lol. Maybe you can steam them ? I dunno it’s too risky to test xD

  3. Oh no… what do you mean by you ‘haven’t heard great things’..? Are my hopes for the only remaining anticipated otoge title for this year gonna get crushed too? First Norn9, then KLAP, now Kenka Banchou?? Q__Q

    There are so few good otoges nowadays that i’ve been putting hours into mobile otoges instead. Is the industry going under so soon after moving to the Vita? D;

    1. someone who finished the game + an amazon review said some of the routes were too “heavy/depressing” but I guess I’ll see when I get there. can’t be any worse than the last 2 kusoges I’ve sat through lol. I’m not interested in mobage, they usually can’t hold my attention for long so if that’s where otome’s are headed I’m likely exiting stage left.

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