Otome Game Review: Glass Heart Princess -PLATINUM-

Decided to catch up on some old backlog and realized I still never played this fandisk! I’m glad I picked it up since it really reminded me of how much fun the GHP team is and well now I’m really looking forward to their upcoming game (Trigger Kiss). Anyway the FD is split into a few sections – vacation trip, after story, 3P routes, side story and a story for Satsuki. For the vacation trip, because Kyoko was busy training her heart last summer she missed out on her high school summer activities. Her friend offers her special tickets to a private island resort and worried about her heart Kyoko wants to refuse….but Satsuki grabs them and says THIS YO CHANCE GUUURL. And so Kyoko and all her mans fly down for some hot summer events by the sea. The after stories are events immediately following the endings of the first game.

tenma01Asahina Tenma – For the vacation resort, Tenma hates the beach and the water so he feels crappy but has to be a good teacher & watch over everyone. They order 2 juices while resting but waitress is like YEA GURL I GO YO BACK and  gives them 1 glass with 2 straws.  They go into a flower field where she gets bitten by a snake so he sucks the poison out almost sucking her blood like his old habits ;P They go for a drive where he looks really hot with his hair up!!!! (◉◞౪◟◉`) On the last day of the trip he invites her to spend the night at the bar though she has non alcoholic drinks.  The after story takes place right before the “end CG” of the first game, where Kyoko has just become a vampire and has to get used to her new body.  Because new moon is coming up she’s unable to control her powers and it ends up charming both Shinnosuke and Satsuki. Tenma decides it’s best to keep her by his side so he has her stay in his room at the school so he can keep an eye out on her. If she can pass this new moon without sucking human blood she’s good to go – otherwise she’d get addicted to it and won’t be able to stop. While Tenma is away one night on mafia business, Kyoko wants to go out to get something from the convenience store but gets really hungry for blood. Some passerby lady sees her and Kyoko’s like mm blood and attacks her.  Tenma finds her and snaps her out of it and she freaks out saying she’s horrified at how she almost bit this lady.  And so on the night of the full moon Kyoko’s blood cravings go out of control and Tenma has to pin her down on the bed so she doesn’t run outside and attack people.  She loses herself completely and goes and bites him instead and he’s like yea go ahead guurl I’m all yours.

tenma02And so the next day she’s now addicted to his blood and has lost all interest in human blood (✧≖‿ゝ≖).  After this Tenma takes her to his night missions with him. For some reason Kyoko becomes a person magnet and she gets women, men and kids running after her to be their wife/oneesan/playmate etc lmao.  They go off to a hidden place away from everyone and he kisses her there until Gino comes to cockblock 😆 One of their missions they’re basically chasing these weird fog ghosts throughout the school and Kyoko tells them to GTFO.  Turns out they’re just Tenma’s underlings who are all jelly that Tenma’s spending all his time with his Kyo-chan. Kyoko suggests if they’re lonely, to enroll as students at the school.  Tenma then suggests that Kyoko become a teacher just like him. He tells her that if it wasn’t for her, he might go back to being a badass mafia man so he’s glad he can spend his life with her forever instead.  Many years later, Tenma has become the school president and as usual all the students are confessing their love to Kyoko as they graduate. Kyoko’s pwning Tenma’s ass and has him wrapped around her little finger. ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) It’s pretty hilarious but I feel like this route brings out Kyoko’s TRUE personality. Because of her Glass Heart syndrome it gives the appearance that she’s this weak & fragile heroine, but in fact she’s actually a do-S tsundere ojousama xDDD (of course Satsuki already knows this www.)

kana01Hoshino Kanata – At the resort, they ride the banana boat together and Kyoko likes clinging to him but it totally flies over his head xD While they’re out exploring it begins to rain and so they find some abandoned shack and take cover. Since it’s cold Kanata suggests they strip and warm each other up.  Afterwards when the rain dies down they both let go and then Kyoko realizes Kanata isn’t  wearing any pants and passes out from seeing dat D. 😆 They go to some photo studio and dress up in weird outfits to take photos.  Turns out the outfits they’re wearing are actually wedding wear lol xD Satsuki takes lots of pics.   After taking the group photo, they watch the stars together and see some sparkling sea water. He wants to take it back and study but doesn’t have a container. Kyoko just tells him no need to study, it’s just some shiny plankton. In the after story, Kyoko’s heart has been androidafied but Kanata’s become human. The 2 of them are all raburabu ichaicha in front of everyone and make all their fellow college students all jelly.  Kanata’s alien buddy turns into a human form – aka its his “earth body” but he’s still up in space.  Kyoko and Kanata end up living in this “small apartment like space” just for the 2 of them lol and i guess the room absorbs their “energy” :lol:. The energy is needed to stop some giant asteroid from hitting and destroying the earth. Kyoko decides to go buy themselves more futons and sheets and they get mistakened for a married couple at the store lmao.  When they get back to their room he’s like “lets kiss, it’ll raise your heart beat”! She decides to settle for a hug but for some reason her heart doesn’t go all dokidoki!  When asking Satsuki for advice, she says that Kyoko must be getting “used” to it and needs a new way to spice up her love life 😆 Satsuki gives her a book of “ichaicha” tips to try out. They go on a date together and it makes her all dokidoki but because they’re not in that room it doesn’t do much lol. When they get back to the room her heart just doesn’t seem to move at all. She gets really upset but Konata comes down and tells her that Kanata has become human but his heart still needs to learn how to love.

kana02Kyoko then realizes the reason she wasn’t feeling up to it is because the whole time she can’t get all dokidoki when her ichaing depends on saving the world.  It gets worse when Kanata figures if he jumps on top of her and kisses her in the middle of the night it’ll make things better. He tells her that they can’t afford to screw around cause the world is at stake. Kyoko says she doesn’t want this forced crap even if the world is at stake, calls him a jerk and runs back to her room at home.  And so Kanata goes MIA and Kyoko runs around looking for him horrified that he may have gone back to his home planet again.  She finds Konata who shows her photos that Kanata took, not because he was told by his alien buddies but because he sincerely took interest in Kyoko.  He tells her that Kanata definitely loves her, and Kyoko cries. Meanwhile Kanata wanders around town sulking and bumps into Yukito who tells him Kyoko doesn’t really hate him and just said “I hate you” at the spur of the moment.  Kyoko finally finds Kanata up on the hill where they had parted last game and he tells her to look out – where he has the letters “I love you” written in the lights. They make up and he says that guess even the best of lovers have their fights.  So then they all realize they can just use Kanata’s old ship to blast the asteroid from space instead. Kanata tells Kyoko to come with him, and they will have to icha it up on the moon for the remaining energy :lol:.  And so they fly to the moon super fast  and he asks her to marry him. She of course says yes, and this sends her heart beating fast enough to energize the  LAZAR to kill the asteroid \( ^o^)/ . And so in the epilogue, 5 years later, Konata ends up living at the Himeno household in his shota form. The story of Kyoko and Kanata’s earth saving adventure has been turned into an anime movie written by Satsuki. The last 3 years, Kyoko and Kanata were visiting his home planet and have finally returned home to earth……with their 2 twin babbies lmao /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  Guess Kanata got the most game cause this is proof he’s the only one who got laid! 😆

yuki01Karasuma Yukito – At the resort, during the hiking part, they play with some baby lions and yukito’s like  (o;;;:´;Д;`:;;; p[。+゚:.萌え萌え.:゚+。]q  He then starts rolling around and cuddling with the baby lion lmaoo. He then plays with the other baby animals and is like ahh satisfied lmaoo. On  their free day he buys her a pink jewel bracelet and when she tells him it’s a symbol of love he’s like “oh then I guess I got it right” (✧≖‿ゝ≖).  On the last day of the trip they go out at night to watch the starry sky by the sea. In the after story, Kyoko walks in on Yukito changing at her place and is really confused 😆 It’s because he came to visit her, and Satsuki sprayed water all over him and he had to change his clothes XDDD (All to give ojousama some fanservice www.) Yukito and Kyoko are both going to college together but he works part time at some butler cafe in order to save money to propose to her. She makes him raburabu waifu bentos, and he asks what he can do to repay her…so she asks him to have a study session with him to improve his grades.  They end up ichaichaing and having him lie in her lap (✧≖‿ゝ≖).  One night Kyoko sees someone on a glider that looks like Yukito’s and thinks Yukito’s being a thief again. Turns out it’s someone named Kaito Eagle and the next day he reveals himself as Yukito’s cousin Kagari. He continues hitting on Kyoko and pissing poor Yukito off x’D No matter what they tell him, he refuses to believe Yukito and Kyoko are lovers and continues to NTR. Yukito suggests they go to a play to have some alone time from his stalker cousin but he manages to stalk them in there too.

yuki02So this idiot continues to stalk them on all their dates and when Yukito plans to finally propose to  Kyoko…the moron thinks that the box with the ring is some dangerous explosive or something.One night while Kyoko and Yukito are studying and he gets ready to pop the question, moron Kagari bursts in his thief outfit, steals the box and challenges Yukito to a duel. He claims that Yukito’s brainwashing Kyoko and Kyoko’s like whut!? He also says that if Yukito refuses his invitation, he will spread the word that Yukito was once Kaitou Raven! Poor Yukito who quit being a thief now has to put his old thief clothes back on so that his moron cousin will be satisfied cause the doofus won’t listen to reason \(^o^)/. And so on the night of the duel, Yukito gets his sister to dismantle Kagari’s glider while he’s babbling nonsense to Yukito and Thief Glass Heart who comes as a distraction. After he crashes into a tree and Yukito gets his ring box back, Kyoko reveals herself to Kagari and Yukito shows him what’s in the box. He repeats that the two of them are lovers and gives Kagari a letter from their grandma. Grandma’s pissed that Kagari is being a complete idiot and tells him to fix up his ass and come back to her for training. To this Kagari runs off crying like a little girl.  And so after he’s gone, Yukito gives Kyoko the ring as a “late” birthday present but I still see it as an engagement ring because…..4 years later it’s the night before their wedding ceremony! Yukito sends one last ‘card’ to Kyoko saying he’ll steal her heart away as he comes on her balcony in his thief outfit. Meanwhile Kyoko is in her wedding dress trying it on while playing with her new puppy. The puppy is actually from the puppy that Yukito had saved 5 years earlier (*´ω`*). They smooch and live happily ever after.

shin01Masaki Shinnosuke – At the resort, they go snorkeling together and have a  seashell gathering competition. Afterwards while they go out hiking, they remember how the 2 of them had a treehouse when they were little. Kyoko remembers her dad would rage at Shinnosuke for “taking his childhood friend position” and how Kyoko would tell dad to GTFO their secret clubhouse. Later at night she goes with him to a shooting range which makes him giddy like a school girl. At the end of the day Kyoko injured her foot but insisted she was fine. However before the dance event, Shinnosuke comes into her room and ices her foot and gives her easier shoes to wear. He would normally stop her but he knows she was preparing for this event a lot. He ends up carrying her in his arms to the venue so she doesn’t have to walk, much to her protests. In the after story Shinnosuke’s been gone for a week saving the world from evil criminal organizations, and when he returns he and Kyoko ichaicha irritating both Satsuki and daddy 😆  In fact Satsuki and Dad get so sick of their ichaing that they get drunk one night while bawwing their heads off while Shinnosuke and Kyoko are on a raburabu date. So then news comes that Shinnosuke loses his “prince” status or something and Kyoko’s dad is like grr you’re not good enough for my daughter and I refuse to let you date her bwahaha. (And of course this never mattered in anyone else’s route lol). Dad says that he’ll give them “trials to pass” and if they pass he will approve of their relationship. He also gives Satsuki his black card to keep her off their back and she runs to go buy a buttload of otaku shit in Akiba www. Their trial is to be “equal” to each other, otherwise he’ll send Shinchan to Mars ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.

shin02Being equal means he has to treat Kyoko like his lover, rather than like his “master”. He fails miserably starting with the fact that he can’t decide how to even wake her up in a non butlery way 😆 He has trouble calling her Kyoko instead of ojousama. One day he comes up with an idea – to wear an electronic dog training leash to “train” himself to stop acting like a butler wwwwww. Everytime he says ojousama or wants to prepare 3PM tea he receives a massive electric shock looool. Kyoko then decides the best way to fix his butler habits is for HER to serve HIM instead. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ It works a bit too well and he becomes quite used to being her “master” but then he passes out from stress. The stress of holding back his desires to serve his ojousama and acting all ok with her serving him \(^o^)/. The doctor says Shiinnosuke is mentally brainwashed into BEING A BUTLER and Kyoko tries to desperately find a way to help him overcome this.  On the day her dad’s coming back, and Shinnosuke’s sleeping, she returns his pendant into his arms. He then babbles out ojousama which triggers his electric collar shocking both himself and Kyoko together. The shock is too much for her and she passes out on his bed and has a dream. In the dream there’s a flashback to Shinnosuke’s “adopt father” who was the butler for Kyoko’s family. In the past he was in love with Kyoko’s mom, but he could only stand back and watch her marry Kyoko’s dad as he continued to be her butler. He was able to hold back his feelings until he found out that she was dying and he just couldn’t handle it – so he ran away. That’s why he wasn’t around when Kyoko got kidnapped as a loli. He then gave this pendant to Shinnosuke and told him to forever be Kyoko’s butler. Loli Kyoko then made Kyosuke promise to be her butler forever & ever and if he broke the promise he’d get a 1000 needles.

shin03And so the next day at the mall they got separated and she considered this a “break of promise” and shoved a bunch of needles into him. (Omfg loli Kyoko was a demon child ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ ). Due to the shock (and pain) Shinnosuke completely forgot this and so did Kyoko which is why they couldn’t remember why he was so stuck on being her butler. Just then Satsuki returns from her trip with some nasty canned pudding. Kyoko and Shinnosuke eat it and the shock helps solidify his decision to quit being Kyoko’s butler and finally call her by her first name instead of “ojousama”. Just then dad comes back and Shinnosuke gets on his needs and pleads for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Kyoko rages at him for not telling her his plans but then accepts it making him happy like an excited little dog :lol:. And so 4 years later, Kyoko’s gotten drunk and hung over before her wedding ceremony and wakes up late. On top of this, the organization that Shinnosuke captured has escaped and tries to take Kyoko hostage on her way to the chapel! 😆 She ends up trying to shoot the guys’ car with a machinegun while wearing a wedding dress and nearly gets captured…until as usual Shinnosuke saves the day. He complains that he’s taken so much shit from her all these years that this is just the cherry on top xDDD. They say their vows and seal them with a kiss and hopefully live happily ever after lol.  Afterwards is a small epilogue of the pov of Kyoko’s mother before she died. The last thing she told Kyoko and Shinnosuke is to be happy despite inside she was angry that she was dying.  Since Shinnosuke’s route reveals a lot about Kyoko’s past it’s good to leave it for the end. It also made it feel like Shinnosuke is basically the OTP so playing Gai’s route after this was a bit awkward. (´・ω・`)

gai01Doumyouji Gai – Gai didn’t have anything but an after story in this one. Gai is now 18 and Kyoko is 26 and his route starts off with him in Kyoko’s bed cause hell they’re gonna be married anyway WHY NOT!? ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) He’s also extremely do-S and haraguro and calls Shinnosuke a hetare and forces both him and Satsuki to be his slave servants. He threatens Satsuki by saying he’ll burn her doujins loool x’D Meanwhile Kyoko can’t say no to him because she feels bad and thinks of what a nice shota he used to be, until her heart starts beating painfully once more. At a party she secretly attends for her job, some rich dudes hit on her but Gai comes and buys their companies and makes out with Kyoko in front of everyone. Obviously 18 year old has the maturity of a teenage twat and not only does it embarrass Kyoko, she also has a heart attack. The doctor explains to her that her glass heart syndrome has returned and Shinnosuke is pissed. He challenges Gai to a duel and says that if he wins, Gai will stop dating Kyoko. Gai says that if he wins, Kyoko will fire Shinnosuke as a butler. Honestly this could have all been resolved if Kyoko told her FIANCE about her heart problems instead of keeping secrets from him and pissing him off! He actually cares about her a lot and it hurt him that Shinnosuke and Satsuki knew everything but he was always left out. And so when Kyoko tries to run to stop the fight, she has a heart attack and Shinnosuke rushes to her side. In that instant, Gai takes the opportunity to stab him. He then realizes Shinnosuke was protecting Kyoko and Shinchan tells Gai that he cannot leave Kyoko in the hands of someone who only has tunnel vision. Gai feels like an asshole says he only wanted to be with Kyoko and then runs off dramatically.

gai02Kyoko is worried about Shinnosuke but he’s like “lol I had a stab proof shield on and the blood is just cinematic blood they use in hollywood, isn’t it realistic!?” プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ Kyoko grounds Shinnosuke from guns for 2 weeks and then goes off to find Gai. She finds him moping around saying he’s unworthy and so she gives him a hug realizing he’s no different than the gentle shota that she knew from 8 years ago. He says that he’s loved her all this time he was apart from her and Kyoko tells him she loves him as well.  She apologizes for “fooling” him 8 years ago, and then he ends up crying on her shoulder. Kyoko then tells him about her glass heart syndrome and then asks him to go on a date to make up.  The date is ok – except the fact that now Gai is afraid to touch Kyoko thinking he’ll give her a heart attack /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  Kyoko complains and he’s like alright guurl I’ma go back to my teasing so he turns her to face him and is like “lets make out lol”. It raises her heart rate but she’s awwwright with it. In the epilogue Gai and Kyoko travel before their wedding (to all sorts of Otomate game backgrounds www).  Kyoko’s heart disease has been completely healed, but instead she’s become a massive do-M for Gai xDDD. And so on their wedding day he promises to bully her happily ever after :lol:.  To be honest the route started well but when he went nuts about Kyoko it really put me off… Kyoko is quite forgiving but I guess playing this route after Shinnosuke just put a bad taste in my mouth. I think it would have been better to play this before Shinnosuke’s after story.

triangleTriangle Routes – Aka the 3P routes! Tenma & Kanata – they go to the amusement park while the alien commands Kanata to do everything he says. They end the night going to the ferris wheel while regretting that they missed going on the roller coaster. Tenma & Yukito – Yukito and Kyoko have to take supplemental swim lessons and the usual teacher broke her leg so Tenma has to take over. Unufortunately Tenma fuggin hates water so he randomly commands them to do random shit but teenagers + swimsuits cue awkwardness :lol:. So then they practice giving mouth 2 mouth to a dummy and when Kyoko tastes the mint gum on it that Yukito was chewing she’s like KYA KANSETSU KISS and then has a heart attack and passes out lol. Tenma & Shinnosuke: Kyoko, Tenma and Shinnosuke are at a summer festival where Tenma tries to catch the legendary DICK (Moby Dick?) of gold fish 😆 He fails to catch DICK (after yelling dick like over and over) and then some yakisoba stand guy asks them to take over cause he had too much shaved ice. Tenma ends up making yakisoba along with Shinnosuke while Kyoko hands them out to customers. Afterwards Shinnosuke and Tenma both get drunk and topple all over Kyoko like their personal body pillow ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \. Shinnosuke & Yukito: The 3 of them all go to the amusement park and Shinnosuke and Yukito fight on who gets to sit next to Kyoko on all the rides and stuff :lol:.  Kanata & Shinnosuke: Kanata asks Kyoko to teach him how to swim but Shinnosuke will not have any of this xD. He offers to teach Kanata in her place instead and throws a bunch of pirahnas into the pool プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. Kyoko rages at him and tells Kanata she’s gonna teach him because that will be safer xD. Unfortunately Shinnosuke still thinks he’s helping by creating a synthetic tsunami inside the pool to help Kanata “learn to swim better” ヽ(。_゜)ノ.  After the wave splashes everyone outside, Kanata suggests Shinnosuke join in to be “taught” how to swim by Kyoko lol.  And so she has a harem pool party with the 2 of them and eventually Kanata learns how to swim. Yukito & Kanata: They go to the summer festival together and Kanata tells them to all hold hands so they don’t get lost within the crowd. Because of some crowd of people Kyoko gets split up from there and goes to try to find them. Unfortunately she runs into a bunch of creepers but before they can do anything bad, Kanata and Yukito find her. They beat up the creepers and make it look like they were just passed out from being drunk.  And so the 3 of them make sure to hold hands tighter as they go to see the fireworks.

Side Stories – Side stories were basically little bits from the guy’s POV from the first game. For Shinnosuke, he babbles how he only wants to be the one to wake her up. Yukito rolls around in bed embarrassed that he and Kyoko have begun dating. Tenma recalls when he first met Kyoko and she beat up some dude hitting on her so he was like man what a badass ♡. Kanata tries to research some relationship books about where to move on with Kyoko and decides he’ll kiss her. Gai thinks about his time away from Kyoko and how he can’t wait to see her again and make her his.

satsukiSatsuki – Kyoko and her friends decide to throw a birthday party for Satsuki since it’s her 20th birthday (wow I thought she was way older lol.) Shinnosuke is supposed to prepare the food but when they go into the kitchen to see how he’s doing, the wall is splashed with chocolate that says “you’re next!” and Shinnosuke is MIA.  While he’s gone, his intruder system has turned on and there’s booby traps everywhere. The only way to stop it is to go into his room to turn it on, which is of course, full of traps.  While they try to dismantle Shinnosuke’s traps, Saki vanishes. There’s a flashback to when Satsuki was a loli, and some shota bullied Kyoko, Satsuki beat him up and made him cry プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵.  Eventually all the other friends vanish leaving only Satsuki and Kyoko. She takes some hit for Kyoko and says that she can finally repay the favor from many years ago. This favor was apparently hiring Satsuki as a maid because her family’s company went bankrupt and they were stuck with a huge loan. In addition, Kyoko’s father paid their loan off and gave Satsuki’s dad a job at his company. Well turns out the whole thing was a prank to scare Kyoko and all her friends and Shinnosuke were in on it…all so that Kyoko would tell Satsuki she “loves her” lol. She says she’s sorry but regrets nothing cause otherwise Kyoko would never say it to her ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ . And so everyone gathers around and Satsuki blows the candles off her cake and Kyoko remembers how when Satsuki first got the job, she ran outside all excited until Kyoko shot her….(´・ω・`;A). I’m kinda disappointed because I was hoping it would be a funny story about how Satsuki takes Kyoko to Otome road and they do something involving her otome game hobby. Oh well. ┐(‘~`;)┌


Harem End: At the resort trip Kyoko crushes everyone’s flags so Satsuki tells her she’ll give her a wonderful ending instead. She makes Kyoko put on a sexy dress and meet her man harem at a restaurant for dinner x’D. Satsuki proclaims that this is the harem end all GHP fans wanted and she should just enjoy herself ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ . This was certainly a way to end this game with a bang 😆


Well this was a fun little FD to pass the time. If I had actually sat done and marathoned it I’m sure I would have been done within 3-4 days but I kinda took my time playing it here & there lol. Still all the after stories were enjoyable as well as the triangle routes. Only thing I can suggest is playing Shinnosuke’s after story last, afte Gai because there’s something in Gai’s that kinda left a bad  taste when I played it after Shinnosuke’s. (´・ω・`) As usual Tenma is my favorite but I think overall everyone was really adorable (especially Yukito |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ ). And definitely don’t play this FD if you haven’t played the first game as it’s very much heavily dependent on the plot from the first game.

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  1. I… actually played Gai’s after Shin’s so yeaaaaa. although the FD is fun, for me Gai’s route is just “I’m older to marry you gurlll I’m awesome” and like you said, the maturity of a teenage twat xD he’s hot though loool but maybe because I’m not really into him since the first game.

    nonetheless great review as always! trying to get my otoge mood back from this game :’D

    1. I thought he was hot and all, and I Love Matsuoka’s deep voice but yea he’s really immature but well his age basically shows it lol. It’s amazing Kyoko didn’t act like a do-S to him like she did to Shinnosuke and Tenma xD.

  2. That’s reminds me I need to finish the first game *A*, glad to see the FD is fun ^-^/ And Tenma sensei so so adorable uvu

    1. aha I just realized you got Tenma in your icon (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・゚
      and honestly if you just sit down you can finish both games pretty quickly!

      1. He is my bias in that game *cough*, luckily I will have 1 week holiday in July, I’ll use that holiday to finish all my backlog xD

  3. Wow this GHP FD looks really good i can’t wait to play the first game since I bought it. Although I have an unrelated question: If I wanted to play WoF should I play the first one or just play WoF 2 instead?

  4. Yeah GHP FD was definitely fun! I wonder why I remember reading that people were disappointed by it but I thought that the team did pretty well. Looking forward to Trigger Kiss too ‘cos of the team! Seeing that they’ll test everything out personally (including that kiss system lol). I just hope that they don’t get pushed to release immaturely by Otomate.

    1. really? I don’t see why the disappointment. All Otomate FDs are typically this much content anyway and I thought it was well done and entertaining :S
      (Then again lol people giving Chronostacia good reviews :lol:)
      And yea I love reading TK’s blog posts xDDD About the testing and all man I can’t wait for that game so much haha

  5. I cant wait to play GHP but I was only able to find the fd instead of the first game when i was in Japan..I guess Ill have to order it online since it makes no sense to play the FD first lol.

    1. lol yea definitely play the first game. there was so many references to it I had to re-read my review cause I had forgotten wtf even happened XD

  6. Thanks so much for the great reviews! I’ve been wanting this game ever since I first read about it here! Still trying to find a decent price for the the first game and the FD…

    1. you should be able to find a twinpack on amazon though its a bit pricey now.
      I think Rakuten books has it for $20 cheaper.

  7. what ever happened to your tumblr? i loved looking at your commentary and posts :<

  8. HI~! Thx for writing a review for this game!! I was going to play it, and I’m glad to see u like it

  9. This FD sounds pretty nice~ As always I’m cheap and tempted to play because the pretty art calls to me orz (a common problem for me with otomate games) But I think I should first finish the original games first like you said.
    Sorry for being off topic, I originally tried to comment on your review for the crappy heart remake but wordpress won’t let me…Are you getting any of the new Quinrose games? I can’t vouch for all of them, (my friend played the Snow White one and was super neutral about it-it’s not bad but it isn’t superb either) but I played the Twin world Alice one expecting to be ripped off and was pleasantly surprised! Most of the routes were cuteness overdose, Blood had lots of plot, and Peter got more porn than ever before lolz I knew you were a Peter fan, so I wanted to drop by and let you know that there are things in this game that would make you happy~ You can take a look at the CGs and judge for yourself.

    1. I’ve kinda been ignoring Quin Rose’s releases becuase they’re still stuck on PSP and I’d like to play more games on my Vita tbh :S
      Thanks for the insight about Twin World. I guess I’ll look into it if I ever have time to rip myself out of FF14 🙂

      1. Oh? You’re in luck (or not if their stories continue to not meet your standards) in that case. While they are still in the process of setting things up, QR is planning to make their newer titles playable on the Vita via PSN.

        From the looks of things it seems like all the new releases and Alice games with Fujimaru art will get that treatment. They didn’t include it back when the page was put up, but I’m sure the Clover remake announced recently will also be available on Vita.

        Random observation: I noticed that in the newer games the heroines are starting to get called by name too if you leave it at default…I wonder how Vita porting is related to that.

        1. I don’t really want them to make “psp titles on PSN” because its just a stretched out version of the PSP and it looks terrible lol
          I want them to actually make a game that’s FOR the Vita so the resolution is properly scaled 😛 So not really happy I guess haha.
          I haven’t really enjoyed any of the last few games of theirs I played, don’t know if it’s me or their writing has changed but it’s become boring & dull (and the yandere trope has become beyond irritating for me)…so I probably won’t be bothering to be honest (´・ω・`). I’m actually sad that it’s not until Twin World that they don’t call Alice by her name, that’s actually the one reason I’d be curious to play it lol.

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